Friday, March 18, 2011

Yemen president Saleh imposed state of emergency

In Yemen president Ali Abdallah Saleh declared a state of emergency. The National Security Council had precipitated this decision for the whole country, Saleh in Sanaa said on Friday in front of journalists.

Previously, in an attack on government opponents after new details of rescue workers at least 41 people were killed. According to eyewitnesses Salih's followers shot from the roofs of surrounding houses to the tens of thousands of demonstrators who had gathered on a plaza in front of the university in the capital Sanaa.

LITERATURE - The novels that speak volumes about how the world works

To understand Russia's nineteenth century, is it better to read a history book, or War and Peace? The history book will tell you the facts, but you will Tolstoy perhaps a deeper understanding of things. It's the same in terms of contemporary politics: sometimes fiction can give us a clearer view of the facts that the documentary.

The informant and disturbing novel Hisham Matar, In the land of men [Denoël, 2007], and said the cruelty of Libya's Colonel Gaddafi a much more effective than any title of the press. In recent years, Western journalists have often yielded to the temptation to portray Gaddafi as a dictator of comic opera, with its ridiculous uniform, his endless diatribes and his muse he describes - in a document leaked by Wikileaks - like " his voluptuous Ukrainian nurse.

Thousands of Armenian opposition call for a revolution and the resignation of Prime Minister

Yerevan. Thousands of Armenian opposition .- focused today on the Freedom Square in the capital of this Caucasian country demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisian, and start a velvet revolution. "It's time to perform in Armenia a velvet revolution. But every revolution has its political evolution.

We will not resort to violence," said Levon Zurabián, coordinator of the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC). Opponents, who do not have permission to protest, made it into the square after the riot troops were cordoning off let them pass without resistance, according to Armenian agencies.

Why are you here to patrol?

Afghan Army soldiers who are stationed in Hafasiab military camp in southern Wardak province, about 70 kilometers from Kabul, they refuse to leave on patrol through the villages of the area unless accompanied by the U.S. troops. Yes they are willing to go it alone, however, to monitor the so-called highway number one, the main highway linking Kabul with southern Afghanistan, but do not even want to talk to walk where people live.

Capable of connecting an electrical cable external to reactor 2 in Fukushima

Vienna (Writing and agencies) .- Japanese engineers have managed to connect an external power cable to the reactor 2 of the Fukushima nuclear plant, but have not yet returned the flow of energy to the plant, according to the International Atomic Energy (IAEA). "The Japanese authorities have informed the IAEA that the engineers have been able to connect an external cable to the power supply unit 2," the UN agency said in a statement.

Gaddafi's forces bombarded the outskirts of Misrata

The troops of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, bombed to the ground in the early hours of Friday rebel positions in the roads leading to the city of Misrata from the west and southwest of the city, as reported by the rebel spokesman Misraty Sadun to the Qatari Al-Jazeera network. The spokesman said the bombings "have lasted for hours and thousands of victims", without specifying the exact number.

MOROCCO - Promises revolutionaries who commit the king

Salutary, therefore salute the reforms announced Wednesday, March 9 by King Mohammed VI opens a horizon institutional revolutionary as they might get the Morocco, neither more nor less, in the category of democratic states. Indirectly, the confession is brave but cruel. Indeed, it now requires that the king, certainly in line with his people, namely "the separation of powers," including an "independent judiciary", an executive-led "a Prime Minister fully responsible," "the moralization of public life "and" the guarantee of individual freedoms, "Well! All these ingredients do not exist in the kingdom despite an official rhetoric that does not fool anyone.

Health triggers a security protocol for travelers from Japan

Madrid. .- The Ministry of Health and the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) have developed a protocol for monitoring people arriving from Japan though, according to available data, "no Spanish would have been severely polluted the environment of the Japanese central" . The Government has announced the launch of this protocol in a manual distributed information to resolve questions of citizenship before the nuclear crisis in Japan, which explains that Spain has almost 900,000 doses of potassium iodide to reduce the effects of a possible radiation exposure.

France prepared to attack Gaddafi's troops within hours

The Security Council approved a UN draft authorizing the creation of a no-fly zone in Libya, as well as taking "all necessary measures to protect civilians." The document, which excludes the military occupation of the country, is the first step for the air forces of countries like France or the United Kingdom begin their imminent attacks on areas controlled by the regime.

NATO has announced that it is "prepared to act" in Libya in an "international effort" if the conditions of your participation is essential, has a legal mandate and strong regional support. For its part, the European Union has called cooperation among key international actors, the African Union and Arab League to implement "as soon as possible" the UN decision.

Good accounts of President Piñera

The Head of State of Chile Sebastián Piñera took stock March 9, 2011 its first year in office as head of the country. This date coincided with the publication of the annual ranking of richest people in the world published by Forbes magazine. "The heritage of the president has increased by 200 million dollars in one year, from 2.2 to 2.4 billion dollars in one year.

It is now up to the 488th richest people in the world," writes Chilean daily La Segunda. For the second consecutive year is at the top of this ranking Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, whose wealth is estimated at 74 billion dollars.

The central situation is "very serious" but not worse

Barcelona (Editorial) .- By land and air. With military helicopters and tankers. Workers, soldiers and police have been played on Wednesday life throwing tons of seawater in a desperate attempt to cool the reactor number 3 of the Fukushima Plant (northeastern Japan), emitting high levels of radiation.

According to TEPCO, the company that operates the plant, attempts have not been in vain and has managed to introduce at least some water in nuclear fuel pools. After this operation, the operator has indicated that it has identified major changes in radiation levels around the plant, despite the steam that rose from the fuel pool.

So TEPCO, the company that manages Fukushima

"In whose hand is the central Fukushima? Who is managing the nuclear crisis are on tenterhooks the whole planet? The answer is TEPCO (The Tokyo Electric Power Co.), Tokyo Electric Company. A company that generates a third of Japan's electricity and is the largest energy provider in the country. It supplies more economically productive areas like the capital, Tokyo, and cities with greater population density.

UNITED STATES - Endgame in Wisconsin

The Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, ended up winning, reports The New York Times. After a month of demonstrations and maneuvers filibuster, Parliament finally passed in Wisconsin, Thursday, March 10, his law drastically reducing the bargaining rights of public employees unions. The Democrats do confess, however, not quite vanquished, the newspaper said New Yorkers: they plan to continue mobilizing locally as nationally.

U.S. limit the traffic on some sites to give priority to Japan

MADRID (Portaltic / EP) .- The United States Army is restricting traffic to commercial web pages up to deliver high bandwidth and making it available to the needs of Japan. Some of the sites recorded limitations are YouTube, eBay or Amazon. The earthquake disaster in Japan is making governments around the world, companies and organizations seek ways to assist the country.

Communications companies have made available their knowledge of the Japanese government to maintain communication networks in the country. The latest initiative in this direction comes from the U.S. military. The idea is to prioritize internet traffic related to Japan, as the current crisis following the tsunami has caused the demand for information and communications in the country Japan is very high.

The central focus speaks of progress and efforts in the plutonium reactor

About 130 firefighters trucks have traveled on Friday from Tokyo to Fukushima nuclear plant (northeastern Japan), where the radiation level has dropped after a cooling operation of the reactors. Several trucks have picked up the release of water into the building that houses the reactor number 3. After the water poured on Thursday about the reactor 3, Friday the experts will attempt to cool again, while going to try to revive the power to external cables to help cool it.

EUROPEAN UNION - Soon a new virtual member state?

Hungarians want to create a virtual state of minorities, says România Libera. Meeting in Brussels this week, the Council of Hungarian autonomy Carpathian Basin (the Hungarians of Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Ukraine) has launched the idea of \u200b\u200ban "alliance of minority autonomy of the EU [which could include Minorities Basque, Catalan, Scottish, vesicles ...] ".

"The Hungarian diaspora and offer a virtual country ', with the same rights as the other 27, which will be backed by more than 40 million citizens," the newspaper said. Such "invisible country" will be the fifth in importance as the EU, and its creation is quite feasible. The Lisbon Treaty provides that such a European transformation, without changing the current borders is possible through a million signatures from 7 member states.

Benghazi is defended in two airstrikes against airport

The rebels managed to shoot down two Libyan planes air force Moammar Gadhafi after two attacks on the airport and military installations on the outskirts of Benghazi, announced the interim National Council. Vanguard was able to verify the existence of at least one downed aircraft in Sidi Mansour, aparententemente a Mirage F-1.

The other bomber might have fallen to about five miles south of that point in Buatni. Benina airport, about 20 miles from Benghazi, was attacked twice in the morning and two in the afternoon, suffering damage to the runway and the destruction of a commercial airliner of Air Libya. The airport remains closed since the start of the revolt against Gaddafi last month.

Exodus of foreigners in Japan

Thousands of foreigners have left Tokyo for fear of a radioactive leak from nuclear power plant in Fukushima, while most of the missions and operations have begun organizing to assist those who wish to leave Japan. Although local officials insist that radioactivity levels in the capital have increased but not alarming, the unstable situation in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, about 250 miles north, has led many to move away to the south.

THEATRE - Luc Damiba the committed

On the occasion of the Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights held in Geneva, World News Post met Burkinabe filmmaker Luc Damiba, president of the festival in Ouagadougou Free Movie Right.

Gaddafi threatens to attack aircraft and ships transiting the Mediterranean

Algeria and Tunisia. .- The Libyan Defense Committee, equivalent to the Ministry of Defence, warned that "any military action" against Libya "will jeopardize air and sea activities in the Mediterranean", according to a statement released by the official news agency Jana. Ships or aircraft crossing the Mediterranean, "whether civilian or military, will be defensive attack," the statement threatened the regime in Tripoli.

Gaddafi: We will arrive tonight at Benghazi and not have compassion

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has threatened in an audio speech broadcast on state television with "great bombardment" in Benghazi if the rebels do not surrender before this morning. "You are the last hours of this tragedy, will arrive tonight and will have no compassion," he warned. He has also compared the entry of Franco in Madrid during the Spanish civil war with which he intends to perform tonight in Benghazi.

DENMARK - Severe failures in the integration

The Danish Liberal-Conservative government has made repeated mistakes in its handling of applications for naturalization of stateless youth. The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption has indeed consistently rejected these demands, in violation of several UN conventions. The explanations on this issue this week by the Minister of Immigrant Absorption have raised as many questions they answered.

His report acknowledges that there was "manifest errors" that "can only regret", and it is also "very regrettable" that the Folketing [the Danish Parliament] do not have informed "much earlier". It does point, however, no charge. This left little alternative to Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Liberal Party) to dismiss as the "Minister of exclusion" Birthe Rønn Hornbech (Liberal Party) and to establish a commission of inquiry.

Northern Japan facing the other faces of tragedy

350 kilometers from Tokyo to Sendai are full of stories and postcards that reflect the consequences for the 8.9 degree earthquake that shook Japan on March 11, the resulting tsunami that devastated an entire village and generate vandalized much of the Pacific coast, and the latent threat of nuclear catastrophe product damage Fukushima nuclear power plant.

No chance of reaching the area on commercial flights, and the Shinkansen (or bullet train makes the journey in half an hour moving at 300 km / h) is still down. Major highways are only enabled for rescue missions, military troops or humanitarian aid. The only way up north on their own is taking internal roads extending the mileage between the capital and the north.

The battle of the heroes of Fukushima

They were already known as the "heroes of Fukushima." 180 men in shifts of 50 entering the central Fukushima and risk their lives to save others. Are your workers. That despite high levels of radiation have decided to remain at the foot of the canyon in a place that many describe as nuclear disaster.

But how do they work and what are their security and why they do it? All that is known is that there are 180 workers and that, not too long exposed to radiation levels, working in rotating shifts of 50 people. In addition, most are retired or nearing retirement age. Normally, nuclear emergencies, companies turn to their retired employees as volunteers.

AFRICA - The king of beasts is in danger

The American fighters represent a threat of increasing the survival of African lions, a group of organizations concerned about protection of wildlife. Major causes of the phenomenon: the strong demand for trophies such as lion-skin rug, and the flourishing trade in certain parts of their body in the United States and the rest of the world.

With these factors combined with the violence of some people against these cats and reducing their natural habitat. "The African lions are an endangered species," laments Jeff Flocken, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW, International Fund for Animal Welfare). "The king of the jungle is in danger of extinction and yet the Americans continue to kill lions just for fun." According to a report from IFAW, over the last ten years, two thirds of the lions were slaughtered been sent to the United States.

U.S. and subjected to radiation checks of passengers and goods of Japanese origin

Washington. (Writing and agencies) .- U.S.. UU. has begun to practice radiation controls all passengers and goods coming from Japan, as has unveiled the Secretary of State for Security, Janet Napolitano. Napolitano has clarified that the checks are performed to prevent the possibility of some person or product being contaminated by the radiation given off by the central Fukushima, and not because they have been cases of radioactive contamination.

Fukushima City

The road leading to the city of Fukushima remains deserted, the silence broken only by the sirens of fire trucks that cross in the opposite direction. A poster adorned with spring flowers are invited to enter a place that everyone who has been escaped. Those who have left the street wear masks and protective in the intense cold waiting in endless queues in front of the few shops open.

"He had spent two days holed up at home and had nothing to eat," says the old Eiki while waiting their turn in front of the mall Nakago. Those who remain in their homes remain outstanding maps of radiation that is constantly displayed on television, showing the highest risk. Fukushima is outside the perimeter of 30 kilometers officially decreed by the government, but within 80 miles as the U.S.

FOOTBALL - Boussoufa finally signed with a club of Dagestan

Departing club Anderlecht where he played since 2006, the brilliant midfielder Mbark Boussoufa was announced in the club Terk Grozny, a team that plays in the Russian first division. Belgian media s'interrogeaint for several days on the reason for such a choice. But the Moroccan houeur finally took everybody by choosing at opposite another club championship Russian Anzhi Makhachkala, Dagestan located.

Not support a U.S. military presence in Libya

Washington .- U.S. support any international measure to address the crisis in Libya except the military, has said the "number two" of the Department of State, William Burns. In an appearance before the Foreign Relations Committee U.S. Senate, Burns said that at this time Gaddafi forces found about 160 miles from Benghazi, the stronghold of the rebels.

Increased radioactivity in Fukushima, the crisis remains serious

The crisis in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (Fukushima No. 1) remains "very serious." As said Thursday a spokesman for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), although the situation has worsened significantly since Wednesday, it has increased the radioactivity in the evacuation zone around the plant.

Indeed, high levels of radioactivity within the plant are hampering efforts to cool the reactor and return the power to Fukushima. In some localities that are within 30 miles of the plant in Fukushima, pollution has "increased significantly" in the last 24 hours, with levels up to 0.17 mSv per hour (exposure to 100 mSv per year is the threshold accepted by the experts to consider a clear risk of cancer), said Andrew Graham, special adviser to the director of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano, scientific and technical issues.

The last workers in Fukushima: heroes under attack by gamma rays

Much attention is currently limited to about fifty technicians, engineers, workers and firefighters, who sent the operator of nuclear power plant Fukushima almost as a last resort to the reactor site and in the building to avoid the worst: the melting of the reactor core and release by even larger amounts of radioactive particles.

LIBYA - The Libyan Libyans to speak

Revolutionary writing occupies a room in a building downtown, the insurgents, after driving out supporters of Qaddafi, have converted into a media center for human rights. There is even a "local calligraphy" where young Libyans invent new signs every day insurgency then they reproduce by hand. The window overlooks the spot where, each afternoon, volunteers flocked from all Cyrenaica gather to gain courage before going into battle.

Japan, in the hands of 180 technical

A cornerstone of Japanese education is the identification with the community, especially at work, a loyalty that results in discipline and dedication, and that means, ultimately, sacrifice for the good of the group. The group, in this case, what are the millions of people would be exposed to radiation in case of a total collapse of Fukushima Daiichi, and slaughtered are 180 technicians who do everything they can to cool the reactors at the plant.

Rasmussen asked the UN agreement to curb Qadhafi's victory

The NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Thursday urged the UN to achieve an early agreement to intervene in Libya and to avoid "unacceptable" victory of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi against the rebels. "If Gaddafi imposed, will send a clear signal that violence works. That would be unacceptable from a humanitarian and democratic," Rasmussen said in his profile on Facebook.

The NATO secretary general warned that "time is running out" to decide a show and said that the Alliance is "ready to protect civilians from attacks by the regime." The allies will intervene, Rasmussen recalled, whenever there is "a demonstrable need a clear legal basis and strong regional support." These three conditions were set last week by defense ministers of the organization to give the green light to military action in Libya.

CHILE - The government promises to seek "consensus" on the graces of military

Superscript 9 March a plan to fight against prison overcrowding, the chairman Sebastian Piñera expressed support that former soldiers convicted of violations of human rights committed during the dictatorship (1973-1990) can also enjoy Thanksgiving or reduced sentences. Faced with criticism of this idea, Ena von Baer, \u200b\u200bspokesman for the government, said authorities would flounder on the project in the absence of a "broad national consensus."

Foreign recommended to go to the embassy if you have trouble getting out of Japan

Barcelona .- The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Trinidad Jimenez, has recommended that about 2,000 Spanish that are currently in Japan that if they have trouble leaving the country scheduled to come to the Embassy in Tokyo. At a press conference in Beirut with his Lebanese counterpart, Ali Chabi, Jones has insisted that "no Spanish at 100 km" of the Fukushima nuclear plant, which has been severely affected by the earthquake last Friday.

The twins were never Swiss Italy

Police in Switzerland, France and Italy have at last a reliable clue in the case of Livia and Alessia, the Swiss twins missing since Jan. 30. A photograph taken on 2 February in an A7 motorway toll in Nice, reveals that the father of the children traveling alone in his Audi A6 in the direction of Italy.

Published on the website Tgcom, the image belies the evidence they claim to have seen Livia and Alessia in Italy between 2 and 4 February, Matthias Schepp day committed suicide by jumping into the train tracks. This test narrows the territory more small search of 6 years and that helps the police to focus their efforts in Switzerland, southern France and Corsica.

COLOMBIA - President threatens multinationals tried to pay ransom

Two days after the release of twenty-two of twenty-three employees of a subcontractor of the Canadian oil and the Colombian Ecopetrol Talisman, removed within twenty-four hours earlier, the Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has threatened to expel multinational companies operating locally if they were willing to pay ransoms to illegal armed groups in exchange for the release of employees taken hostage.

Ban recommends extending one year the mandate of the UN in Afghanistan

United Nations. .- The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, today recommended the extension for a further year the mandate of the international organization's mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), pending the completion of the transition process agreed between the Government of that country and its international partners.

In its latest report submitted to the Security Council of UN on the situation in Afghanistan, Ban reiterated his support for the conclusions of the Conference of Kabul, which was evident the commitment of the UN and NATO with the transition in China and highlights the work of UNAMA in this regard.

Gaddafi doubles its recent offensive in rebel-controlled enclaves

The siege of the second rebel stronghold Gaddafi, the Benghazi, the second largest city, continues. Warplanes on Thursday bombed the airport in Benin, about 10 miles west of Benghazi, he assured the rebel Colonel Adel Al Jazeera Borassi. Antiaircraft machine guns firing incessantly and the situation in the city of Benghazi is absolute chaos.

There is a huge black smoke into the sky from the target area of \u200b\u200bthe bombing. All the shops are being closed by their owners, according to the correspondent of THE WORLD sent to the area, Javier Espinosa. According to a witness quoted by dpa, in the city of Benghazi, the rebels shot down two fighters of the regime, one of which had bombed the international airport of the city.