Monday, February 28, 2011

The EU adopted in "emergency" restrictive measures against Gaddafi

Brussels. .- The head of European diplomacy, Catherine Ashton, said today that the EU will take "urgent" measures against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya as the freezing of its funds, the travel ban and arms embargo on the same line of Security Council resolution from the UN. "The EU fully supports this resolution and to impose restrictive measures urgently," the High Representative said in a statement released this morning.

More than 20,000 aspiring doctor signed a letter of protest against Guttenberg

More than 20,000 applicants for the academic title of doctor has signed a letter of protest to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, by their attitude to the call 'cause Guttenberg' and his defense of the defense minister, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg to charges of plagiarism. In the open letter submitted through the Internet and initiated by thousands of students who are currently working on his doctoral thesis in the meantime had become citizens with the academic title of Ph.D.

TURKEY - The whirlwind tour of Sarkozy displeased Ankara

Nicolas Sarkozy is expected in Ankara on Feb. 25 to talk primarily G20, chaired by France. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has not hidden his displeasure, saying that relations between both countries deserve better than a quick visit. He would have preferred Mr. Sarkozy comes as President of France and not the G20, and for longer.

On the eve of the visit, the Turkish Minister of European Affairs, Egemen Bagis, claimed the right for Turkey to participate in EU summits.

Gaddafi harshly repressed in the West while losing control of the third-largest city

Rabat / Tripoli / Cairo. Ato .- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today amounted to 100,000 people the number of migrant workers in Libya who have fled in recent days of repression exerted by the Gaddafi regime against popular rebellion. UNHCR has set up emergency teams in the Tunisian and Egyptian borders to help local authorities and NGOs present in the field to address the humanitarian catastrophe.

Gaddafi tried to recover more than 1,000 million British banks has

The regime tried to regain Tripoli last week Libyan dinars for an amount equivalent to 900 million pounds ($ 1,053 million euros) which was deposited in the northeast of England, reported Monday the newspaper 'The Times'. According to 'The Times', the British finance minister, George Osborne, ordered to file a series of logistical obstacles to the output of that money while preparing for the freezing of assets of the Libyan dictator and his family in the UK.

Wikileaks - Assange can be extradited to Sweden

A London court has validated 24 February the extradition warrant issued by Sweden against the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. Accused of sexual assault and rape of two Swedes, Assange is under house arrest and 200 miles from London since mid-December. The Stockholm daily welcomes the fact that "rape in Sweden is also a crime in Britain." Julian Assange will appeal this decision to the High Court in London.

The UN unanimously approves sanctions against Gaddafi

United Nations. .- The Security Council unanimously approved a UN resolution imposing sanctions against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi and his environment, as the freezing of assets abroad, the travel ban and arms embargo. The resolution adopted by the fifteen members of the highest UN body also authorizes the International Criminal Court (ICC), based in The Hague, an investigation into human rights violations incurred in the Libyan regime.

The Egyptian army in Facebook apologizes for shooting into the air

The Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces apologized on his Facebook group by clashes of Saturday night against the demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo, blamed on "involuntary tensions between the Military Police and the Sons of revolution. " In the text, collected by Monsters and Critics website, entitled "An apology, and our credit allows us to broadcast it," the military command says it "will take all necessary precautions to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in future." According to information from the protesters themselves, the army fired into the air to disperse the crowd focused on the square, the focus of the protests that led to the fall of the regime of President Hosni Mubarak, to celebrate the first month since the start of the demonstrations, and knowing that they were violating the curfew remains in force in the country.

EGYPT - massive repatriation of Egyptian nationals in Libya

The Egyptian authorities announced on February 24 the establishment of an airlift with Tunisia to evacuate their nationals who have fled violence in Libya from Tunisia, tells the newspaper's website. Planes from airports Tunisian Jerba and Gabes. While Egypt has received permission to perform five daily flights to Libya, the newspaper said more than 15,000 Egyptians have already crossed the main crossing point between the two countries.

Kenny: "The bailout is bad for Ireland and bad for the EU"

Dublin, February 26 .- The leader of the conservative Fine Gael, Enda Kenny, winner of the Irish general election, said today that the European Union (EU) has to "listen" to the electorate and recognize that the terms of the bailout in this country are "bad for Ireland and for Europe." Speaking on Radio Television Ireland (RTE), the next prime minister announced that initiate contact with their community partners the next week to try to renegotiate parts of the agreement signed last December with the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Saharan celebrate its 35 anniversary

Brahim Chagaf has come from the Dakhla refugee camp, Azman has returned from Spain to join the cause of the Saharawi people has come from Zocimacha Aiaún in Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara. From all sides, the Saharawi have wanted to celebrate the 35 th anniversary of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic in the hope that the winds of change blowing in the Arab world to bring more democracy and freedom in the region.

NEW ZEALAND - Hopes of finding survivors are dwindling

Three days after the massive earthquake that struck the city of Christchurch, the authorities announced that more than 200 relatives of missing persons should prepare for the worst. A temporary morgue receives the 113 bodies already recovered, a toll that makes this earthquake the worst natural disaster in New Zealand last eighty years.

The Daily Christchurch publishes on its website the list of persons whose death was confirmed. Among them are several foreign nationals.

The Security Council postponed voting hours on sanctions against Libya

United Nations. .- The Security Council decided today to the UN several hours delay its vote on the resolution that imposed sanctions on the regime of Muammar Gaddafi and his environment by the bloody repression in civil protests against him. Diplomatic sources said that "the vote was postponed until after 01.00 GMT," because the delegation of China, a permanent member with veto awaits instructions on the voting of its capital.

The Court of Milan takes the process against Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset

The Milan Court Monday takes up a so-called Mediaset, the first of the lawsuits against Silvio Berlusconi will be resumed in the coming days after the partial invalidation of a judicial shield the president and the Italian prime minister is accused of alleged fraud tax. The first hearing of this new phase of the trial was suspended in April 2010 pending the Constitutional Court to rule on the law of legitimate impediment (last judicial shield Berlusconi), is scheduled for 0900 local time (08.00 GMT ) before the First Criminal Section of the Court of Milan.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Fighting in the West

"Fighting murderers yesterday in the west and Abobo," as the newspaper the day after violent clashes between former rebels, allied with Alassane Ouattara, and the army, loyal to the outgoing president, Laurent Gbagbo. Fighting took place around Zouan-Hounien, a town on the west. Each camp will refer the responsibility for the attack.

In Abidjan, 24 February clashes continued in the district of Abobo between supporters of Gbagbo and Ouattara. Hundreds of people fled for their neighborhood.

Oman: demonstrations reached the capital

In the industrial city of Sohar Oman have on the third day in a row mostly young Omanis protested against the government. They looted a supermarket on Monday and set him on fire. The army sealed off the city to prevent a surge in protests and from spreading to other cities. In the city of protesters blocked the roads to the port and the refinery.

Conflicting data are available regarding the number of demonstrators killed on Sunday. Security forces had cracked down on the 2,000 demonstrators with rubber bullets. It was a protester was killed, said Health Minister Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al Saidi. A doctor at the hospital told a news agency, however, six people were killed.

Obama: "Gaddafi must leave now"

Washington. .- The U.S. president, Barack Obama, today discussed the situation in Libya in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in which he said that the North African country's dictator, Muammar Qaddafi must now let go of power. "When the only way for a leader to stay in power is the use of violence against its own people, has lost the legitimacy to govern and should do what is right for your country leave now," Obama told Merkel according to a statement released by the White House.

Sixteen dead after falling from a high voltage cable on party crowd

At least 16 people were killed and 50 wounded today, dropping a high voltage cable of a crowd enjoying a celebration of Carnival in the Brazilian city of Bandeira do Sul, according to a police spokesman quoted by regional agencies. The tragedy happened on Sunday afternoon in the main square of Bandeira do Sul, a town of about 6,000 inhabitants in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais (southeast), which organized the last three different days in anticipation of the Carnival festivities.

IRELAND - The legislative form of denial

Some 3.1 million Irish to the polls for the Feb. 25 legislative sounding like a repudiation of the ruling party, which ruled the country for fourteen years. Fianna Fáil candidates (center) expect their "worst performance", tells the daily. Facing a huge deficit, Prime Minister Brian Cowen accused of failing to foresee the economic downturn, had accepted the international bailout of the EU and the IMF.

The former Libyan Minister of Justice announced that it will form a government opponent

Benghazi. .- The former Libyan Justice Minister Mustafa Abdulyalil announced today that the opposition will form a national unity government composed of civilians and military and said he intends to hold democratic elections in three months. Abdulyalil, who resigned this week in protest at the violent repression of demonstrations against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, told the Qatari TV station Al Jazeera that the government will have "a democratic framework." In a videoconference connection with Al-Jazeera from the eastern Libyan city of Al Beida, controlled by the opposition, the former minister said the cabinet will be formed to "respect all international agreements." He added that in order to form the temporary cabinet is maintained contacts with political personalities in the West, did not identify.

Chile moving vigil to remember earthquake victims

Candles of remembrance have seized around Chile on the anniversary of the earthquake. The central and southern Iraq have not slept. At 3.34 am it was a year since an earthquake of 8.8 on the Richter scale, the fifth most powerful in history, struck the center and south of the country and leave 523 dead, 24 missing and more than 800,000 homeless.

Most of the 'velatones', the lighting of candles in memory of the deceased, took place in the regions of Maule, Bío Bío and the Juan Fernández Archipelago, in places like Dichato, Talcahuano, San Juan Bautista or Constitution, most affected by the tragedy of last February 27, 2010. In Constitution, 361 kilometers south of Santiago, the acts were solemn.

ALGERIA - The state of emergency was officially lifted

Algeria has officially lifted on February 24 the state of emergency in force since nineteen years in the country. "The Presidential Decree No. 11-01, dated February 23, 2010 and waiving the state of emergency was published in the Official Gazette, thus signing the official end of an exceptional situation that lasted nineteen years, "the newspaper said.

Faced with opposition demands, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika promised February 3 to lift state of emergency declared in 1992 to fight against Islamist guerrillas.

Thousands of Moroccans calling for democracy despite the express prohibition

Rabat. .- Thousands of people from the "February 20 Movement" went peacefully today in several cities in Morocco to demand a "democratic constitution", despite the official warning that the protests are prohibited. In Rabat, a hundred people gathered in the square of Bab el Had, near the medina, and although the movement had announced it would head for the Parliament finally made one sitting.

LIBYA - The rebels march on Tripoli

While Western countries seemed to the hands of the far Zouara City, located 120 kilometers west of Libyan capital, was released Feb. 24 by the insurgents. The Gaddafi clan is to cut off his hand in Tripoli. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has accused al-Qaida yesterday to support the insurgents and to provide them "hallucinogenic pills".

He spoke in an audio message broadcast by Libyan television. The same day, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy called for "an immediate halt to the use of force." The Security Council UN meets today to discuss the Libyan crisis.

Saif al-Islam: "If they hear fireworks, do not confuse them with fire"

Tripoli. (Reuters) .- Saif al Islam Gaddafi, son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, says the streets of Tripoli are brimming with jubilant crowd throwing fireworks, Korean slogans for Gaddafi and celebrates its long-term. "All is calm", has told the small group of foreign journalists who have been entering the country with official permission.

"If they hear fireworks, do not confuse them with gunfire," said Saif. "Peace is returning to our country," said Saif al Islam Gaddafi, who called "lies" reports that certain media are spreading. He also denied that his father ordered to bomb civilians. "We laugh at this information", commented.

Serious disturbances in the Western Sahara in the 35 th anniversary of the Polisario

With the backdrop of 35 anniversary of the Frente Polisario, the Saharawi town of Dakhla has lived this weekend "serious and hard" clashes between pro-independence Sahrawi and Moroccan civil population, as reported to ELMUNDO. is from the former Villa Cisneros Bachir Lejfauni Sahrawi activist. Local authorities, through official news agency Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), were accused of rioting and vandalism to the "Polisario separatists, while organizations such as the Sahrawi Association of Victims of Human Rights Violations (ASVDH) blame them to "encouraged by Moroccan security forces." The conflict erupted on Friday between supporters of both attitude and as a citizen of the MAP 53, Hamid Charfi (vegetable vendor originally from Marrakech) was fatally struck Saturday by a Toyota Land Cruiser with five people inside .

U.S.: "Gaddafi may go into exile" Battle for Misurata air base

The exile to Gaddafi, "is a possibility." The opening of the White House. The spokesman, Jay Carney, said that "all options remain on the table, including the exile." In this case it is not clear however how this can link with the investigation into the violence in Libya, which could be opened by the International Criminal Court (ICC) within a few days, as stated by the ICC prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo.

EUROPEAN UNION - Lampedusa, an outpost in the storm

(A boat carrying migrants preparing to dock in Lampedusa, February 21, 2011, AFP) When they say, it's a little impressive, but this is exactly as if we were preparing for war. For Italy - which has already led one - is sort of a second Libyan war [the first, which began in September 1911 marked the beginning of the Italian colonization of Libya].

As a base of nose-story, C-130 provide feverishly evacuations parallel: on one hand, it removes the Tunisians Lampedusa and the other Italians in Tripoli, because now share either side of this little corner of the Mediterranean, all those who can flee, never to return. Warships en route to the Strait of Sicily to join the small fleet that crosses there already.

Struck a wagon of the Carnival: 16 dead and 55 wounded in Brazil

At least sixteen people were killed and more than 50 were injured during a Carnival parade in Bandeira do Sul, a village of 6,000 inhabitants in the state of Minas Gerais, south-east of Brazil, 427 km from Belo Horizonte. The victims have been electrocuted by a fallen high tension cable on a "power trio", a truck load of people and amplifiers that goes through the streets playing marches and songs of "Carnaval." "Someone made from a coil, an artificial fire, which cut the cord - said Daniel de Oliveira, director of Carnaband, a pre-carnival party in the country which brought together more than 10 000 people - The power cord has fallen on truck that was completely packed with people.

U.S., France, UK and Canada turns its back on Gaddafi

Washington .- The United States imposed sanctions on the Libyan government yesterday and said that the legitimacy of leader Muammar Gaddafi has been "reduced to zero." In response to the bloody repression of the Libyan leader to revolt against his government, President Barack Obama signed an executive order freezing the assets of Qadhafi, his family and officials, as well as the Libyan Government, the central bank and the country SWFs.

An entrenched Gaddafi says Libya is completely calm

After losing the east and west at the hands of the popular rebellion, Muammar Gaddafi also seems to have lost 'the North': In a television interview with Serbia 'Pink', the Libyan dictator said that the country is "totally calm" . Asked by the channel exclusively Serb accused Gaddafi back to Al Qaeda of being behind the "terrorist gangs" that have revolutionized the population against the old regime, and said the "small group" of opponents "has been fenced" by loyal troops.

ARAB WORLD - The roots of Islamism Jacobin

Recently I had occasion to reread the book of Sayyid Qutb, the ideologue of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood [hanged in 1966] titled "Milestones on the road." Specific points that I had not noticed thirty years ago this time have caught my attention. Indeed, why not see Jacobin radicalism that emerges from the works of Qutb?! It is thus quite striking resemblance between radical political projects, be they secular or Islamic.

Seven killed in riots in Yemen

Aden .- Up to seven people died and fifty were wounded by gun fire during protests on Friday in the Yemeni city of Aden, as reported by medical sources said Saturday. In total 24 people have died since the outbreak of the February 17 protests against the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, mainly in the south.

The president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh said today that the Yemeni people will strongly support the armed forces and police to protect his regime from any conspiracy. "We are confident that our people and their great national institution (the army and police) will abort any plot," the president said in a speech at a meeting with senior commanders of the armed forces and security services in Sana'a .

Alain Juppe in French diplomacy replaces the resigned Alliot-Marie

Michèle Alliot-Marie has endured to the end. The Foreign Minister of the French Republic did not understand, or would not understand, why the President called for his head after successive blunders that starred a few weeks ago, in relation to the crisis in Tunisia. In the end, to the inevitability of retirement, the veteran politician of the UMP has chosen to seek the settlement of its own accord to avoid the ignominy of dismissal traumatic.

SAUDI ARABIA - What resistance against the winds of change?

After three months of absence, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz returned to a country where the reformers, inspired by Egypt, calling for more openness and equality. In Riyadh, tongues wag.

Egyptian demonstrators Tahrir again last night after riots

Cairo. .- Hundreds of protesters again occupied the central Tahrir Square today after they were expelled by force last night in a riot with military police authorities promised they would not repeat. Carrying banners and flags to half this afternoon were hundreds of people that had settled there, the epicenter of public protests forced the February 11 resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

"Sitting up to topple the regime of truth" and "That fall, dropping the regime," the posters said two protesters who were gathering in a circle of grass that occupies the center of the plaza, as could verify Eph. This focus is part of attempts to speed up reforms after Mubarak's resignation and change the government.

The revolution will expire in the coming days

Abdelhafiz Ghoga, new spokesman for the National Council of Libya (CNL) has stated that this organization that claims to be an embryonic transitional government and to integrate representatives of all cities "liberated" the country-that was his expression, is opposed to any foreign intervention even if it is to help the revolution.

"We are totally against any military intervention in any country whatsoever. The rest of Libyan territory will be released by the Libyan people," said the lawyer, known for his activity in Benghazi for human rights and which now becomes the new face of the provisional authorities in areas loyal to the popular revolt.

Arab Revolt - petty Europe

This Europe is not up to the ongoing revolution in North Africa and the Middle East. Silence and inaction which were received with demonstrations that toppled the dictatorship of Ben Ali and Mubarak is in addition to this the lukewarm reaction to the massacre perpetrated by the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

When a tyrant is launching its tanks and its air force against citizens who demand his departure and that there are already dead by the hundreds, it is simply disgraceful to call for restraint in the use of force. The crimes these days are not the first guilty that Qaddafi, but those he has perpetrated the most shameless.

Prevented the first manifestation of the lifting of emergency rule in Algiers

Samir KnayazArgel. .- Even when it has not attracted large masses, just a hundred people, "the first demonstration to demand regime change in Algiers after the lifting of emergency rule was prevented by force by hundreds of riot police. Convened by the opposition party Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) of Said Sadi, the march was from the Place des Martyrs in Algiers, at the foot of the old Kasbah, passing in front of the seats of Parliament and Senate, and end about four miles away, in May First Square, renamed "Place de la Concorde Civil." The RCD thought to organize your event without impairments as the state of emergency, which banned such protests was lifted on Thursday by decision of the president, Bouteflika Abdelziz after 19 years, but it was not the case.

The complicated task of rebuilding the area hardest hit by the earthquake

By the way we receive, trying to keep his distance, Soledad means that something is wrong with the women of the emergency camp. The Chileans from all walks and kisses greet those we reach out as if we were a couple of foreign diplomats. The head of reconstruction in Bio-Bio, the region most affected by the earthquake of exactly a year ago, knows enough to know that something was hidden and that something is surely the visit of a politician.

Alliot-Marie's resignation

Too close to Ben Ali: Alliot-Marie, the French Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie will be explained, according to government sources on Sunday morning her resignation. As the news agency AFP on Saturday learned in Paris, Alliot-Marie wanted to step down after returning from Kuwait. The Foreign Minister was due to their contacts with the environment of the Tunisian President Ben Ali ousted last come under severe pressure.

Sacramento: the first supermarket opened in cannabis

They've dubbed "the Wal-Mart grass," because it is the largest retailer of products related to cannabis. Last Saturday in Sacramento, California, opened a retail chain of franchised Wegrow over 10 thousand square meters where you can buy everything you need to grow a marijuana plant in the house.

The store does not sell drugs, but allows customers to learn the techniques of cultivation and buy those products are natural and artificial help to rapidly grow marijuana plants. These are present in the store, but can only be 'admired' by customers. In California, the medical use of marijuana is legal, as it continues to be banned "recreational" substance.

Russia: Man blows himself up in Moscow in the air

With a hand grenade, a man in Moscow in front of a department store was blown up. The 41-year-old had announced shortly before the suicide, his son by phone, police said on Saturday, according to the Interfax news agency. Reason for the desperate deed was probably a family dispute. First, an attempt had been feared after the end of January had killed terrorists from the North Caucasus at the Moscow airport Domodedovo in a suicide attack 37 people.

Kenny is Premier: Ireland to vote for the change of power

Ireland's choice winner: Enda Kenny, the Irishman put in the serious economic crisis to a new government. As expected, they have voted out the incumbent government party Fianna Fail economic liberal Prime Minister Brian Cowen. Newly come to power on the green island, the conservative Fine Gael with the nominee for Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the top.

After the counting of nearly 40 of the 166 seats in 43 constituencies are largely confirmed the prognosis. Kenny scored in his constituency Mayo the best individual result so far with more than 17 000 votes. The final result was after a marathon count only expected on Sunday. Election in Ireland: Some polls had seen the party Fine Gael at almost 40 percent after predicting on the basis of election surveys, the law-and-order party does nationally to more than 36 percent of the vote.

Rebellion in Oman: the government building on fire, two dead in the streets

LONDON - The government building and police station in Sohar are on fire. The witnesses said. The city was the scene of a demonstration to demand new reforms resulted in blood: two demonstrators were killed when police fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.. During the clashes five other people were injured and some vehicles on fire.

The parade was attended by at least 2,000 people. The official news agency ONA has confirmed that the event has taken place, speaking of an unknown number of casualties. The country, which borders with Yemen and Saudi Arabia is ruled by Sultan Qaboos bin Said since 1970.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ban calls on Security Council "concrete actions" against the Libyan regime

United Nations. .- The Council of the UN Security today began an emergency meeting on the situation in Libya with an appeal from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, to take concrete actions to stop the bloodshed in the North African country. "It is time that the Security Council considers action. The next hours and days will be decisive for the future of Libya as well as for the entire region," said the UN chief also informed that the number of killed in Libya can reach thousands.

Who controls the coast and the cities of Libya?

The popular uprisings threaten to overthrow the government of Moammar Gadhafi, who has lost most of the coastal enclaves from which oil and gas exports from Libya. From west to east, this is the list of major cities, whose population has grown mainly in the nuclei where they are located, energy infrastructure.

Libya, the third largest oil producer and leader in the African reserves, before the riots drew about 1.6 million barrels a day. Controlled by the militias of the opposition, as exiles who have fled to Tunisia. Control unknown. According to witnesses who arrived in Tunisia, could have fallen into the hands of civilians, but this information has not been corroborated.

ANIMATION - The "handmade" triumph

In these days of digital revolution where you turn short films on mobile phones and entire movies based special effects, animations done manually frame by frame (stop motion) make a splash on the Internet. Whether movie scenes recreated with Lego pieces or the story of two baby teeth told through a series of photos, these are projects analog, sometimes childlike simplicity, even if their implementation so much work.

U.S. announced the imposition of sanctions against Libya

Washington. .- The U.S. Government. UU. impose unilateral sanctions against Libya, and seek to coordinate international sanctions against the use of violence by the regime of Muammar Qaddafi, announced today the White House. In his daily briefing, the White House spokesman, Jay Carney, said that while it is still finalizing the process of imposing sanctions, already has frozen arms sales to Libya, until now under consideration, and " very limited "military cooperation between the two countries.

Obama: Gaddafi must leave now

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has analyzed the situation on Saturday in Libya in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which has ensured that the North African country's dictator, Muammar Qaddafi must now let the power . "When the only way for a leader to stay in power is the use of violence against its own people, has lost the legitimacy to govern and should do what is right for your country leave now," said Obama Merkel , according to a statement released by the White House.

The White House claimed the integration of gays by appointing director of a gay Social Secretariat

Washington. .- The White House announced today the appointment of Jeremy Bernard, who was until now an adviser to the embassy in France and is gay, as director of Social Ministry, which organizes social events presidential. The appointment has a special meaning because it comes days after Barack Obama made public through the Attorney General would not support the law against gay marriage.

He said the U.S. president, Barack Obama, in a statement, "Jeremy heads our vision of the White House and the People's House, which celebrates our history and our culture in a dynamic and inclusive." Before moving to Paris last year, Bernard worked in the White House as a liaison with the National Endowment for the Arts, between 2008 and 2010.

The former Libyan Minister of Justice announced that it will form a government opponent

The former Libyan Justice Minister Mustafa Abdulyalil has announced that the opposition will form a national unity government composed of civilian and military, and that three months was held democratic elections. Abdulyalil, who resigned this week in protest at the violent repression of demonstrations against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, has told the Qatari television network Al Jazeera that the government will have "a democratic framework." In a videoconference connection with Al-Jazeera from the eastern Libyan city of Al Beida, controlled by the opposition, the former minister has said that this cabinet will be formed to "respect all international agreements." He added that, with a view to the formation of the temporary cabinet is maintained contacts with political personalities in the West, which has not identifiable.

JAPAN - Something is rotten in the kingdom of sumo

After the match fixing scandals, the Japan Sumo Federation (SJF) has decided to cancel the tournament to be held in March in Osaka. Despite suspicions of trickery that has long hovered on the sumo federation had hitherto always denied the rumors. This time, the physical evidence existed. This is some text messages exchanged between rikishi [wrestlers] and discovered by police during the investigation conducted last year on sumo wrestlers who participated in a bet secretly organized by the mob.

Libya's ambassador to the UN said that Gaddafi "is crazy"

New York. .- The Libyan deputy ambassador to the UN, Ibrahim Dabbashi, assured on Friday that his country's leader, Muammar Gaddafi, who pleaded to in absentia this week, "is" crazy "and will not be captured alive. "It's crazy and mentally not stable," he said. "Endure until the last moment, until they kill or commit suicide," he added.

He also stated that Libya will probably soon interrupted oil exports for security reasons, but said the sector "is in good hands under the control of people and suffer no harm." Besides, Dabbashi Security Council urged the UN to take action "immediately" by imposing sanctions against Gaddafi and other Libyan leaders.

France temporarily suspended the activities of its embassy in Libya

France has decided to temporarily suspend the activities of its embassy in Libya and repatriate the embassy staff by the violence generated about protests against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed that a special flight of the Air Force pulled out of Libya on Saturday to 122 people, 28 of them French and other foreigners, among whom was "the embassy staff, including Ambassador" .

CHINA - Chinese version of Twitter and charitable

It all began in a totally casual in appearance. January 17 to 14 h 20, after receiving a private message, Professor Yu Jianrong has suddenly decided to open a new conversation about him microblogging Weibo. "What a disgrace! Yang Weixin, a 6-year-old native of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, was abducted in 2009 and deliberately mutilated to go beg in the streets.

In early 2010, a user has noticed a street in Xiamen and took pictures. Today, it is not known what became of him. The call for help on the really challenged me, "he wrote and published. Followed the link to a message posted by the mother of Yang Weixin on the forum to serve the citizens of Fuzhou.

Tunisia hold elections before the end of July

Tunisia. Transition .- The Tunisian Government today announced the call for elections in the country "than the middle of next July", according to a statement released by the official news agency TAP, which does not specify whether legislative or presidential elections are. "The Government has examined the political terms and has decided that consultations with various political groups should not exceed half of March," the statement said, adding that "the elections will be organized as a peak in mid July 2011." The Transitional Executive Tunisian Ghanuchi led by Mohamed, has been strongly contested in the country and tens of thousands of protesters demanded today in the center of Tunisia for his resignation in full.

Three killed in protests against the Transitional Government of Tunisia

At least three people were killed and 85 injured in a riot in the Tunisian capital between police and protesters demanding the resignation of the transitional government. According to Interior Ministry sources, the three killed were civilians who were among the demonstrators. In addition, more than a hundred people have been arrested, "essentially by acts of vandalism." The movement of people and vehicles Burghiba Avenue, the main thoroughfare of the capital of Tunisia, has been banned throughout this weekend, the agency TAP.


Technically, Weibo is nothing that the Chinese version of Twitter. The difference is that the U.S. microblogging site is a free tool, while Weibo is controlled by the Chinese authorities. Instead of simply prohibiting the tool, they chose to Sinicize to better control it, just like the Internet. Result: Weibo supplant Twitter in China.

End 2010, there were over 100 million Chinese microbloggers. 2010 was named the year I Weibo!

Growing international pressure against Gaddafi

Barcelona. .- The Libyan revolt has alerted half the world. Not only for being the bloodiest of the rebellions in northern Africa, but by the importance that the Libyan oil for Europe: Four-fifths of Libyan oil ends up in the old continent. So-economically, militarily and diplomatically, Libya is the first item on the agenda of the day.

Thus, the U.S. Government. UU. impose unilateral sanctions against Libya, and seek to coordinate international sanctions against the use of violence by the regime of Muammar Qaddafi, announced today the White House. In his daily briefing, the White House spokesman, Jay Carney, said among other things EE.

The Catholic Church announces the release of nine political prisoners in Cuba

The Catholic Church in Cuba has announced the release of one of the dissidents of the Group of 75 which rejects exile in Spain, and the release and transfer to Madrid from eight other prisoners who do not belong to that group. The Archbishop of Havana, said in a statement the next release of Diosdado González Marrero, one of six prisoners of the Group of 75 who were in jail and was sentenced to 20 years in the crackdown against dissidents in 2003.

Berlusconi made a joke about himself and compared with Franco

Rome. .- The Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, said jokingly that he is a dictator and leader Francisco Franco reminded during a press conference at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Italian Government. The joke came when a journalist from the satellite television channel Sky TG24 gave the agent an envelope with an invitation to attend a televised political debate.

Berlusconi, having accepted the envelope, he replied: "I am a dictator, right? So I say as did General Franco, when receiving said things like, 'Well, thanks,' and then he added: 'The Fire' ". During the press conference, which presented the Foundation Franco Zeffirelli, the Italian prime minister also joked about the Ruby case, which will be tried on April 6 for two cases of abuse of power and incitement to prostitution minors.

Spanish in search of El Dorado

At 79 years, Juan Otero has seen the marvels and miseries of the lost world. The isolated area of mountains dotted with prehistoric-known as tepuis, "that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle immortalized in his book The Lost World. Galician from Ferrol This would be a sailor. He completed his studies in Barcelona Marina Mercante fifties, and became part of the crew of the training ship Juan Sebastian Elcano.

IRELAND - Go vote and then return to tighten their belts

Hope, integrity and realistic promises are rare commodities in the Republic of Ireland, who will know her 31es February 25 parliamentary elections. However, the anger swells. During the heyday of the Celtic Tiger, the Irish had felt rich for the first time in their history. But the tiger declined and then collapsed.

The new government will inherit huge debt, caused mainly by banks and property developers addicted to speculation, debts that the state guarantees, which would necessarily lead to its bankruptcy. For many, the cessation of payment is inevitable, even desirable. No riot has broken out, but a dull anger brewing in the streets of central Dublin.

Gaddafi appears by surprise in Tripoli's Green Square: "I am one of you"

Barcelona. (Writing and Agencies) .- For the third time in four days, Gaddafi has turned to his supporters. This time it has been in Tripoli's Green Square, at the time that the capital is already the scene of clashes between supporters of the regime and opposition forces, who already control the east.

Gaddafi, in a broadcast by Al Jazeera discruso has again appealed to his manhood encorajinar Village for their supporters. "I'm one of you. I applaud your courage, your courage," he said in a speech without further argument that his own harangue, which lasted just over five minutes. Amid cheers from his supporters, a strong warm Gaddafi has concluded his speech by encouraging his people to "dance and sing, rejoice", the ruling still insisted on his theory that the rebellion is fostered by "foreign forces", "Let to respond to any alien, as we have done before in the past.

The Egyptians back to Tahrir Square and the army accused of betraying the people

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces denied on Saturday that Egypt has given orders to the military police to attack protesters in Tahrir, calling the incidents in Cairo's central square "unintended clashes." The military junta ruling the country since President Hosni Mubarak resigned on February 11, made the announcement in a brief statement posted on his Facebook page.

The note comes after the police violently evicted hundreds announces that it intended to camp on Friday night in the Plaza de la Liberación. The place, the epicenter of political protest that ended with the Mubarak regime, was freed after the overthrow of president. However, on Friday, tens of thousands of people protested in the square asking for faster political change and accusing the military of not keeping their promises.

TUNISIA - Mohamed Ghannouchi scares

Ghannouchi, I was still a child when your followers terrorized their fellow citizens by spreading vitriol on their faces. I was a kid, but I still remember. A few smiles before the television cameras and a few stunts do not make me forget, nor will I forget the decades of statements, position papers, but a single political project.

The tree of communication and computation and electoral politician does not hide the forest of the back of your mind and your ideology. However, the biggest travesty is the supposed progressiveness of thought and reformism of the alleged political project of your party. What a joke! Plastic surgery had its effect, but under the guise of fundamentalism remains glossy.

Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, the French hostage released in September 2010

Barcelona. (Editorial) .- A French citizen kidnapped along with four fellow last September in Niger by members of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has been released, according to various agencies, citing a statement by a minister of the Government of Togo. Larriba Françoise is cancer-stricken wife of one of the miners, the Jean-Claude Madagascar and Togo Rakotorilalao Alex Awando.

Also, a citizen of Togo and another in Madagascar have also been released. The release came in last night, the Elysee Palace said in a statement that the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, he moved his gratitude "to the Niger authorities, as well as those who have participated in the liberation, in particular companies Areva and Vinci-SATOM "without giving further details about the events.

Gaddafi's family first recognized a desire for change in the riots

Seif Al-Islam, a favorite to succeed his father Muammar Gaddafi in front of power in Libya, has acknowledged for the first time that exists in the country "an inner willingness to change," which has led revolts against his father, but he insists that "the incentive comes from abroad", who "manipulated" the population.

Gaddafi's son said in an interview with Al-Arabiya no choice but to maintain the regime of his father: "What is happening in the country has opened the door to all options, including civil war." The "dolphin" Gadhafi accuses the leaders of the revolution as "terrorists." "They do not want a constitution.

PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES - The sad experience of Gaza

Gaza was already known as a very traditional and conservative society well before Hamas took control does [June 2007]. Its population is dense and composed primarily of Palestinian refugees who have long suffered from poverty and a sense of abandonment. But since his coup, Hamas has stepped up its efforts and activities to Islamize the social life of Gazans.

The process of Islamization is implemented by the Hamas government and its security apparatus, as well as by groups of da'wa [Islamic sermon], who go door to door urging residents to adhere to Islamic laws and adopt the hijab and the traditional dress. Hamas does not merely impose the Islamic social codes in everyday life: it also has its grip on the social, educational and religious indoctrinating the people and inculcating Islamic values.

Spain will ask NATO to deploy aircraft and ships off the coast of Libya

Madrid .- The Minister of Defence, Carme Chacón, today asked NATO to the deployment of AWACS surveillance aircraft early warning and the concentration of vessels to strengthen surveillance in the waters of the Central Mediterranean, off the coast of Libya. Defence Ministry sources have told Reuters that Chacon will make this request through the permanent ambassador of Spain to the Atlantic Alliance, Carlos Miranda, at the special meeting called for this afternoon by NATO.

A restaurant sells milk ice cream

A London restaurant located in Covent Garden, offers a new ice cream made with breast milk, which they have named 'Baby Gaga', as reported by the BBC on Saturday. The dessert, made with donations from a mother named Victoria Hiley, served with a biscuit and an optional jet Calpol (brand of a drug with paracetamol for children) or Bonjela (for mouth problems gel), according to the source.

Hiley, 35, said that if adults understand what is tastier than breast milk, new mothers would be encouraged to breastfeed. Hiley donation is pasteurized before being used to make ice cream, then it is beaten with Madagascar vanilla and lemon zest. The end result is 14 pounds (16.5 euros).

POLICY - Turkey remains a secular country

Since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in Turkey in late 2002, the media have struggled to find a suitable adjective to describe it. While the AKP is to be called "conservative" and clearly states that it "is not a religious party", the current definitions adopted by the press range from "mildly Islamic" to "pro-Islamic" by the way by "Islamic trend" and, at critical moments, merely "Islamist".

New protests in Tunisia demanding the resignation of the government

Tunis, February 25 .- Thousands of people gathered today at the Government Palace in the Medina of Tunis city center to demand the resignation of executive transition and Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghanuchi, according to EFE found. Moreover, the Tunisian authorities have now strengthened emergency medical device along the border with Libya in anticipation that refugees continue to arrive from that country.

A man blows himself up in a supermarket in Moscow

A man has died at the entrance of a shop in the northeast of Moscow to make a grenade he was carrying, according to Interfax news agency reported, quoting police. The man died on the spot. "The man parked his jeep in the car park, has begun to walk toward the entrance, has mumbled something unintelligible and then the ring has thrown a grenade exploded," say some tesgigos.

Since early this year, when there was a suicide, caused by a student on the Ingush-International Terminal Moscow's Domodedovo airport, which killed 35 people and left more than 130 wounded, the city lives in a permanent state warning. In recent weeks, two shopping centers in the Russian capital have been evacuated by bomb alerts, which later proved false.

POLITICS - Another Middle East

Will we witness a "new Middle East"? Ghassan Salame. No. The term "New Middle East" has become a foil for serving political projects imposed from above and obeyed geopolitical considerations. What happens today is instead the result of pressure from people, and especially youth. So anything else. This is just the beginning.

Other changes will occur even more significant and will affect the way we govern in different Arab countries, even where there has been no rebellion. If you look closely, we notice that all Arab countries have experienced changes in recent weeks to varying degrees in the organization of power, to prevent a rebellion or an attempt to stem the tide.

Italy is planning a military intervention in Libya

ROME .- Italian Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa, announced that his department "has provided military intervention" to get blocked Italian citizens and only hopes "the Foreign Ministry's approval" to carry it out. On Thursday, the Ministry of Defense sent two C-130, one military and one belonging to the Italian airline to repatriate more than 200 Italian and European citizens were still in Tripoli and in the city of Sheba.

The conservative Enda Kenny would win in Ireland but would not achieve an absolute majority

The Irish voted on Friday for change. This is confirmed by the only poll to exit polls commissioned by the Irish public broadcaster unveiled a few minutes before the start of the recount in 43 constituencies in the country. The survey sheds no big surprises: the election the Conservatives would have won the Fine Gael but without an absolute majority and its leader Enda Kenny should negotiate his position to govern.

Holiday to Tunisia: Sarkozy will want to replace Foreign Minister

In France, Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie has appeared in France before they are replaced Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie has appeared before their separation. Citing government sources said on Saturday President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to replace his load had become Secretary of State no later than the beginning of the week.

The most important candidate for defense minister Alain Juppe its successor is named. Alliot-Marie has come because of conflicts of interest in a vacation at the beginning of the Tunisian revolution in a credibility crisis. She had at that time the beleaguered Tunisian leadership offered police assistance and to fly from one of the former leadership close friends in his private jet leave.

No-fly zone over Libya: Open questions for May and Can

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen: would a no-fly zone over Libya fall within the range of uses of NATO on Tuesday the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Libyan UN Mission in New York was still a lonely furrow: Ibrahim Dabbashi spoke of an "incipient genocide" in his home . The United Nations called for the renegade diplomat should adopt a no-fly zone over Libya.

Alarmed by reports that Gaddafi's air force has bombed protesters, others have joined the appeal: the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Pillay, former British Foreign Secretary Owen and - most important voice than before - French President Sarkozy. On Thursday evening, called the White House spokesman as a no-fly zone option that is on the table.

Assets should be frozen, America imposed sanctions against Libya

Residents carry the coffin of a have been killed in the protests against Gaddafi man through the streets of Benghazi Even before the United Nations and the European Union, the United States imposed sanctions against the Libyan leadership. The measures are aimed against the regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi, not against the Libyan people, Barack Obama said on Friday evening in Washington.

The continuing violence, constituted an "extraordinary threat" to national security and foreign policy interests of America's national On the orders Obama to the fortunes of the leadership team will be frozen at Gaddafi, including those of children of the leaders and all persons involved in human rights violations against government opponents were.

Tunis: three dead in clashes in the center

Three people were killed Saturday in clashes erupted between protesters and police in downtown Tunis. This was announced by the Interior Ministry in a statement. The police launched tear gas and fired several warning shots as protesters hurled stones. Servants of the anti-riot units and others in civilian clothes, most hoods, tried to repel the demonstrators.

Human Rights: UN recommends suspension of Libya

Account closures and travel bans on the Libyan leadership to leaders al Gaddafi? The UN Human Rights Council has unanimously recommended the suspension of Libya from the Board and ordered an investigation of violence against demonstrators in the North African country. Earlier, in the emergency meeting of the Council in Geneva on Friday renounced the entire Libyan UN Mission of leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Egypt, the police charged the demonstrators

It began as just another peaceful invasion of Tahrir Square, now ritual on Friday, to remind the General that they must not betray the Revolution. It was transformed in the early hours of Saturday in a violent clash: military police armed with tasers and batons, their faces covered by masks, stormed the 2,000 demonstrators remained after midnight to ask, especially, the removal of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, "residue of the old regime." The officers of the armed forces then fired into the air and someone among the protesters fell to the ground, witnesses said, while others among the mackerel ways brutal military tents erected again in Liberation Square, as in the days of the uprising when the 'huge open space had become a village inhabited well at night.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former boss of the Yukos oil company

"Believe it or not, but I really feel for Viktor Danilkine," said the former Russian oligarch, in prison since 2003, about the judge who sentenced him at his second trial in late December 2010, a penalty total of fourteen years' imprisonment. The assistant judge, Natalia Vassilieva, has revealed that the verdict was dictated by the Kremlin.

Philippines will pay $ 1,000 to victims of the Marcos dictatorship

It's been a quarter century. Many Filipinos have already died, others are retired or about to enter the third age, but surely they all had a feeling of satisfaction yesterday when they heard the news that would be compensated for having been victims of the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, who chaired Philippines with an iron fist between December 1965 and February 1986.

American lawyer Robert Swift announced yesterday that the 7,500 Filipinos who in 1986 reported being victims of the repression of the Marcos regime will receive $ 1,000 each from next week. This figure, which in Western settings may seem a pittance, and more if one takes into account the damage done and the time has passed, no longer a small fortune in a country where one in three people in a population of 94 million live on less than a dollar a day.

Wisconsin makes the first move to cut labor rights in U.S.

The state of Wisconsin, in the northern United States, has taken the first step to cut labor rights of public employees to approve on Friday the House of Representatives a bill against thousands of people protesting for weeks. After the House approved the project this morning, in a stormy session that lasted 61 hours, the measure passes the Senate, where however not able to vote until they return 14 Democratic senators who left the state for days to avoid quorums.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shimon Peres President of Israel

The Security Council decides today whether sanctions Gaddafi

New York .- The Security Council UN meets on Friday to discuss the deteriorating situation in Libya and discuss the possibility of imposing sanctions on the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, Efe said diplomatic sources. Those same sources said that it is expected that the same meeting a representative of the United Nations Secretariat report to the 15 members of the highest international security developments in Morocco.

The protests forced to remove the racist anti-abortion poster in New York

Just over 24 hours in New York's Soho endured the controversial anti-abortion poster with the image of a black girl and the message that caused a flurry of protests: "The most dangerous place for an African American is the womb" ... Lamar Advertising Company gave in to pressure and withdrew the bill on Thursday night, although the Texas Association Life Always had paid to maintain the fence for three weeks in the corner of Sixth Avenue and Watts Street.

Not Islamic, just Islamic

Kadhafi on Tuesday 22 February, says he does not want to cede power and be willing to "sacrifice themselves and [to] fight to the last drop of blood." But, if we find martyrs, if anything his opponents that we should consider, on which the Libyan leader did not hesitate to send bombs and heavily armed militia ...

Despite this senseless use of force the regime of Colonel - the "mad dog" as Reagan called in his time - hangs by a thread. His ministers and ambassadors return their jacket, army units came to terms with the rioters and the heads of two of the largest tribes, Al and Al-Warfalla Zouaya, called for a change of government.

About 20 Spanish remain pending leave Libya

Madrid .- About 20 Spanish stay in Libya waiting to leave the country, but are scattered throughout the territory of Libya, said today as the director general of Consular Affairs, Santiago Cabanas. Cabanas, told reporters after the arrival this evening at Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) of the plane of the Spanish Air Force sent to Tripoli to evacuate some 40 Spanish, said that despite the instability in the country is confident that last nationals to leave as soon as possible.

Thousands of Jordanians are demonstrating to demand political reform

Thousands of Jordanians came back to the streets of Amman and other cities after Friday prayers to call for political reforms, including the dissolution of the lower house of Parliament. The main demonstration took place in the capital and left the Great Mosque of Hussein, which gathered opposition leaders, trade unionists and independent activists.

Participants in the march chanted slogans to demand political reform, the closure of the Israeli embassy in Amman and the restoration of the 1952 Constitution, which envisaged the formation of representative governments. The protesters also chanted slogans and raised banners in support of the uprising against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, where they have killed thousands of people in the brutal repression by the authorities.

INDONESIA - Bali engorged

Traffic jams that paralyze day and night the main axes of Bali, especially between Kuta, Denpasar, Nusa Dua and Aéoroport may scare away tourists, warned the Jakarta Post. The number of vehicles increases each year of 12.42%, against a growth of 2.28% of road network. The 3.9 million Balinese use 1.55 million vehicles including motorcycles 71.81%, 19.39% of passenger cars, 9.1% of utilities and only 0.88% of vehicles in transit.

Three million Irish Parliament's 165 seats elected

Dublin .- Just over three million Irish are called to the polls today in a legislative election in which 556 candidates are eligible for the 165 seats that make the parliament of the Republic (the "Dáil") in Dublin. Schools in the Republic of Ireland opened at 07.00 GMT for the electorate to elect their representatives for the next five years in the 43 districts of the country.

As the polls show as the winner main opposition party, the conservative Fine Gael (FG) of Enda Kenny, the other Irish parties have called for massive participation of voters to prevent the election of a government with absolute majority . The latest polls gave the FG about 40 percent of electoral support, which could leave you very close to the 83 seats that can govern alone.

Rolling Stone puts another top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan in the pillory

As if it were a curse, the magazine 'Rolling Stone', which in June published an article which led to General Stanley McChrystal to resign as chief commander of international troops in Afghanistan, is once again on the cusp of a military command American in China, with the publication of other information in scandal.

In its latest issue, the magazine says that Lieutenant General William Caldwell, chief of training of Afghan security forces is, the second most important military command in Afghanistan after Gen. David Petraeus, who took the witness McChrystal - would have forced a U.S. military unit specializing in psychological warfare and intimidation tactics to intimidate and manipulate enemy psychologically to U.S.

INDONESIA - In the Moluccas, the return of sago

The government wants to reduce dependence Moluccan population in respect of rice and intends to return to the traditional use of sago, a starch produced from the trunk of the sago palm. There is a variety of palm grows abundantly under the canopy of the rainforest, the daily Kompas said. Moluccans consume on average 80 kilos of rice and 55 of sago.

Each year, the archipelago consumes 120,000 tons of rice, but it produces only 70,000 tonnes. On the trunk of sago palm can be up to forty tumang extracts, measurement of sago sold 20,000 rupees each [1,8 Euro] which can feed a family for a week.

Shot dead one of Mexico's most wanted drug traffickers

Ciudad Juárez. .- A senior leader of a group of drug traffickers in northern Mexico, and by whom the Mexican authorities offered a reward of 5 million pesos, was shot dead during a clash with the Federal Police in the city of Chihuahua, reported the Attorney General. Luis Humberto Peralta Hernández El Condor was considered a leader of the Juarez cartel, antagonistic group of the Sinaloa cartel, with which much of the disputed border between Mexico and the United States strategic for drug trafficking.

The most dangerous place for an African American is the uterus

A black girl with innocent eyes and pink dress, look for pedestrians and motorists from a billboard as asking compassion. Above it, the sign proclaims bluntly: "The most dangerous place for an African American is the womb." The ad, paid for by the anti-abortion group of 'Texas Life Always', has brought the dispute to the streets of New York.

Democratic Councilman Charles Barron has been the first to denounce as "racist" and asked the City Council to intervene to remove from view. The fence is, however, provisionally for three weeks at a strategic crossroads with heavy traffic in SoHo on Sixth Avenue at Watts Street. "I agree that we have gone too far, but the situation has come too far," argued the Rev.

CHINA - organ traffickers could face the death penalty

The official daily said that the criminals prosecuted for trafficking in organs could in future be sentenced to death. A text to that effect, presented in Parliament on February 23, is under consideration until 25 February. Organ trafficking is so far prosecuted only as a commercial activity illegal.

Persons convicted of trafficking could now be imposed sentences ranging from ten years' imprisonment to death because their crime is treated as a homicide.

Syria may be building a nuclear reactor

Washington. .- Satellite images expose an alleged Syrian nuclear facility to convert uranium, which would provide further evidence that Damascus could have pursued a nuclear program before the Israeli bombing in 2007 of alleged Al Kibar reactor, said U.S. center ISIS. The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) in Washington, showed pictures of the place on its website, after the German newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" revealed that Western intelligence agencies suspect Syria may have built secret facilities 15 kilometers east of Damascus.

The EU agreed to an embargo of arms to Libya and freeze the assets of Gaddafi

The European Union agreed on Friday to impose an embargo on arms sales and assets freeze and travel ban for Muammar Gaddafi and his family, as recorded by the source agency dpa German Foreign Ministry and also AFP news agency from Brussels, that reporting does not identify the source and only talk that is a diplomatic source.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany, the measure of punishment was consensus among the twenty-seven in response to Libya's brutal crackdown on opponents, and will be formally enacted in early next week. The freezing of assets and prohibition of entry into the EU and were imposed several weeks ago Tunisian leader Ben Ali and his associates.

BRAZIL - Former President Lula in the sights of justice

On 22 January the prosecutor asked Brasília opening proceedings against Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, for misuse of public funds. He requested the freezing of assets of former Brazilian President. In its official request, the prosecution accused Lula in power from 2003 to 2010 and who was his Minister of Social Welfare, Almir Lando, have used public funds to finance a political campaign in 2004.

Final day in Libya

Barcelona. (Editorial) .- Today could be a crucial day for the future of Libya, which is undergoing a crisis following the bloody uprising against the dictator Qaddafi. For now expected a large opposition rally in Tripoli, a bastion of the regime, which could be crucial to swing the balance in favor of one side or the other.

The rebels have already taken, as difficult to compare information coming from inside the country, the eastern part of the country, cities such as Benghazi, the second largest in the country. But yesterday the decline was also known in some Western cities, as Zuara or Zawiyah latter only 50 kilometers from the capital.

Massive demonstrations demanding the resignation of the president of Yemen

In Yemen on Friday have increased the manifestations of "pincipio the end" of the regime of President Ali Abdallah Salah. Two of them have settled in Aden, south of the country, with one dead and 30 wounded by gunfire from the police. In the capital, organizers say 100,000 protesters have gathered for the prayer group in front of the University of Sanaa where students have camped on a permanent basis to demand an end to the regime.

Muammar el Gaddafi, "We will fight and we shall overcome"

In a speech in Tripoli, Gaddafi calls his followers to fight on Libyan leader Muammar el Gaddafi has again shown to the public on Friday and called on his followers to armed struggle. "We will fight and we will prevail," Gaddafi said, according to television pictures spread on the green square in the capital Tripoli.

The weapons caches in the country would "open to arm the entire people." Also assured the ruling for more than 40 years in power to the people "love Gaddafi". After the speech, there were clashes in the evening again.

New wave of displaced persons in Darfur

On February 26 is the eighth anniversary of the conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan where, as stated in the annual "Italians for Darfur," the situation has plummeted in recent months: follow each other bombings and attacks on villages close to the North from which they flee in the thousands, many of whom are still without service.

" Because of the failure of the peace agreement of 2006, signed by one rebel faction in December last year have resumed bombing of much of the region - said the president of the organization, Antonella Napoli, presentation of the Report and new video of the international campaign Sudan 365.

CAMEROON - February 23 Chronicle of a ordinary Douala

"Despite the crowds of a few politicians quickly dispersed by police, city residents have quietly gone about their business on February 23," reports the government newspaper. He announced that a day is still "ordinary" in Douala, the economic capital of the country, despite calls to protest launched by the opposition.

It hoped to shake the regime of Paul Biya, in power since 1982. Other sources are reports of police violence against multiple opponents.