Friday, June 3, 2011

FRANCE - DSK forced to resign from the head of the IMF

"The pressure mounts for Strauss-Kahn is stepping down" as the London financial daily. The IMF chief will on May 20 when his indictment for sexual assault and unlawful confinement is confirmed in the United States. May 17 was held in Brussels a council of finance ministers from the euro area to which he should attend.

Participants showed their concerns. On the bottom of this scandal, Europe could lose the leadership of the IMF she held since 1944.

Again undermine NATO's military capacity Gaddafi in Tripoli

Tripoli / Washington. .- Fighter jets Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) conducted intensive attacks against targets in Tripoli and west of the Libyan capital. Said today the U.S. broadcaster CNN in Tripoli numerous explosions were heard shortly before midnight and at dawn. According to indications Libyan, was hit land near the Bab al Asisiya military depot.

Quoting a Libyan government official who wished to remain anonymous, CNN also reported that several targets were bombed west of Tripoli. A police station was hit during this attack and two policemen were killed, officials said. NATO extended its mission in Libya yesterday another three months until the end of September.

Displayed the bodies of 150 immigrants who were shipwrecked off the coast of Tunisia

A UN source has announced that they have found the bodies of 150 African immigrants off the coast of Tunisia. The bodies belong, almost certainly, for the 200 missing from a ship wrecked in that area. Immigrants, which could be up to 270, were on a fishing boat which faded. Another 570 were rescued. Iban in more than boat.

The illegal immigrants were mostly sub-Saharan and Libyan fleeing conflict with the intention of arriving in Italy. Carole Laleve, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has stated that the bodies were on "the coasts of Kerkenah" and that "the search operations are continuing." The boats full of immigrants encountered problems last Tuesday, about 20 miles Kerkenah while traveling to Italy.

BRAZIL - The head of football is Ronaldo!

One of the best players in the history of football, Ronaldo, nicknamed "Il Fenomeno", is also a champion of marketing. Few athletes have had so many advertising contracts and sponsorship, and even rarer are those who have demonstrated such a flair for working in the business world. Now, Ronaldo wants to use her many talents in the field to watch over the career of football stars.

Within a month of existence, its business, 9ine, already has in his tablets the principal figures of the new generation of Brazilian football. Neymar, the star of Santos [in the State of São Paulo], was officially hired by the agency of Ronaldo, and Lucas, who became an idol there is little in São Paulo, just being in his turn.

Spain sold military equipment to Gadhafi in 2010 for 11.2 million euros

Madrid .- Spain sold defense equipment to Libya in 2010 with a value of 11.2 million euros, delivered in full to the Armed Forces led by Muammar Gaddafi, but the main customer for this industry was Venezuela, which bought two ships monitoring for 212 million euros. In total, the report of the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade on the export of defense equipment, other material and dual-use technology, which has had access to Europa Press, Spain sold during last year military equipment worth 1,128,302.781 euros, more than 200 million euros less than in 2009, when sales of such material added 1.346 million euros.

The UN condemns the forced return to Libya of a girl raped by troops Gaddafi

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has denounced the forced return of the girl Eman Al Obeidi on Libya by the authorities of Qatar, on Thursday prevented boarding a flight to Romania, where he was to stay temporarily . This action violates international law because Al Obeidi has been recognized as a refugee by the UN agency, explained in Geneva its spokesman, Adrian Edwards.

Eman Al Obeidi late last erupted in March in a hotel in Tripoli where they were staying several foreign press correspondents to complain loudly that she was raped by several mercenary forces loyal to Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi. After that appearance, she was arrested, taken to a secret location and released three days later.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Ghana denies sheltering future coup plotters

Ghana's President John Atta Mills, has denied allegations that his country would provide a basis for the pro-Gbagbo, who would prepare a coup in Côte d'Ivoire. This reaction comes in the wake of an article published by the Ivorian daily Le Nouveau Réveil. Atta Mills reiterated that he wanted peace in Côte d'Ivoire.

He must attend the May 21 inauguration of Alassane Ouattara, alongside the Heads of States of the subregion. The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, is also expected.

Mladic, entered a prison hospital in The Hague

Barcelona (Editorial and agencies) .- Ratko Mladic is admitted to the prison hospital in The Hague which is under surveillance since Tuesday was transferred from Belgrade. The former Bosnian Serb general faces Friday at his first hearing before the judges of the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, where he read the charges brought against him and will have the opportunity to plead guilty or innocent of them.

Ten days in jail for using the toilet Mugabe

It is not clear if sacrilege or impairment of facilities, but the Zimbabwean Alois Mabhunu Sergeant was sentenced to ten days in jail, after spending three weeks and stopped at a police station, to use a toilet reserved for the President Robert Mugabe. "He yielded to the call of nature forced the guards to turn away and went into the bathroom only installed for the enjoyment of the 87-year old leader in the International Trade Fair in Bulawayo," said South African newspaper Mail & Guardian.

MEXICO - More than 500 illegal immigrants hidden in lorries

Chiapas police, border state of southeastern Mexico, were discovered May 17 a group of 513 immigrants "from Latin American and Asian." "They were traveling in inhumane conditions aboard two trucks bound for the United States," said the daily. According to official estimates, some 500,000 people, mostly from Central America each year embark on a perilous journey from Mexico to try to rally the United States.

Chile investigate the death of Pablo Neruda

Santiago de Chile .- The Chilean Justice admitted the complaint filed by the Communist Party (PC) to investigate if the poet Pablo Neruda, who died on September 23, 1973, was killed or died due to his cancer, reported Thursday judicial sources. The trial judge, Mario Chariot, who also heads the inquiry into the death of President Salvador Allende (1970-1973), ordered to carry out all the measures requested on Tuesday by the PC, among others, that is cited declare the driver of the poet, Manuel Araya Osorio.

Butcher of Srebrenica begged to be killed while he was hiding

Ratko Mladic not stand the pain and decided he did not want to live. In 2006, the man accused of genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia had been a fugitive 11 years. He suffered from kidney stones that caused a sharp pain, which led him to order one of his aides to end their suffering by killing him.

"We could not take a doctor to treat him," said the former aide, who declined to give his name because he still faces legal proceedings. "We gave him some painkillers, but it was so much pain that he begged us to kill," he said. The refusal of the supporters of Mladic to end his life was one of many episodes secrets fled his years and ended with his arrest last week.

TURKEY - On the Syrian track, Ankara crossfire

"Turkey advises U.S. to allow more time to Bashar al-Assad to reform" and "Damascus is said offended by Turkish Prime Minister": the headlines of the daily show the Turkish difficult posture adopted by Turkey. Anxious to see the region destabilized by the collapse of the Syrian regime, Prime Minister Erdogan was careful to call the departure of El-Assad.

But in his entourage, we compare the repression of opponents to the Syrian Iraqi Kurds formerly led by Saddam Hussein.

Merkel Zapatero apologizes for 'cucumber crisis'

Madrid .- German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed Thursday that the prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, that his country will study formulas in the framework of the EU to compensate farmers affected by the crisis Spanish cucumbers. Merkel and Zapatero have held a telephone conversation Thursday in which the chancellor has deplored the damage done to the Spanish producers of vegetables, according to the Moncloa Palace in a statement.

The street battles come north of Sana'a and Taiz sow chaos

Thousands of tribal fighters trying to take the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Thursday, where clashes between supporters of Ali Abdullah Saleh and his detractors have reached a critical point. Meanwhile, they have become to mobilize demonstrations against the regime of Saleh for Friday, both in the capital and in Taiz, the main city in the south west, which was broken up a permanent protest on Monday by police.

IRELAND - A royal visit is highly symbolic

It is "a time of healing," the salute in a Dublin newspaper, the most widely read of all Irish newspapers. Queen Elizabeth II arrived May 17 for an expected visit to Ireland, the first by a British monarch since independence in 1921. She went to the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin and bowed before the monument to the heroes who died for Ireland, "a symbolic act of historic reconciliation," the newspaper said.

A protocol error Berlusconi with the King turned the minds of the Italian press

Rome .- The Italian press has criticized Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a "blunder", as the newspaper Corriere della Sera, which has led the president to King Don Juan Carlos, who has attended this Thursday parade hosted by the Italian Armed Forces as a commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, today, June 2, holiday in the country on occasion of Republic Day.

Berlusconi, King does not play

On the day of the celebration of 65 anniversary of the Italian Republic, the press 'Belpaese' highlights a new blunder starring Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Shortly before the Carabinieri parade began at the Imperial Forum, 'Il Cavaliere' rose from his seat and walked to the King, who witnessed the event along with many other heads of state.

Berlusconi exchanged some words with the King, asking about his health, and in doing so touched her arm. Shortly after he sat down. Then, President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, Berlusconi approached and whispered something. At that time, the Italian prime minister he spoke with Don Juan Carlos, this time without touching.

PAKISTAN - Prime Minister Gilani seeking Chinese support

May 17, Yousuf Raza Gilani has started a four-day visit to China. "Beijing assures full support," as the newspaper of Lahore. "Without fault" is the term used by Jiang Yu, spokeswoman of Chinese Foreign Ministry, about the involvement of Pakistan in countering terrorism. "Pakistan is a victim of terrorism," he said.

Washington has again criticized the role of disorder Pakistan after bin Laden was executed May 2, 2011, near Islamabad.

World leaders suggest legalizing cannabis

Barcelona / Washington / New York (Writing and agencies) .- The World Commission on Drug Policy, a high-level group of experts brings together world leaders including former UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, and former Latin American leaders, among others, believes that the "war on drugs" is failing the world and urged countries to consider taking steps to legalize cannabis as an attempt to undermine the power of organized groups.

NATO again bombed Tripoli

Combat aircraft of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) conducted intensive attacks against targets in Tripoli and west of the Libyan capital. As reported on Friday the U.S. broadcaster CNN in Tripoli numerous explosions were heard shortly before midnight and at dawn. According to indications Libyan, was hit land in the vicinity of Bab Al Aziziya military depot.

Quoting a Libyan government official who wished to remain anonymous, CNN announced that they were also bombed several targets in the west of Tripoli. It was reported that a police station was reached during this offensive and two policemen were killed. NATO on Thursday extended its mission in Libya for another three months until the end of September.

DEBT CRISIS - Ireland to the sinking

Ireland is on the brink of ruin. Six months after the bailout of 85 billion euros orchestrated by the EU and the IMF, while the Irish government debt is ranked just a notch above nil and that the rush to Irish banks began to threaten private accounts, one would think that the rescue operation launched last November has already failed miserably.

Instead, at least from the perspective of the architects of the ECB, it was a resounding success. One thing you should understand about the bailout Irish. He did not aim to recover sufficiently to finance the country that the government can resume borrowing in bond markets at reasonable rates.

Syrian opposition rejects foreign military intervention in the country

Istanbul - The Syrian opposition agreed during a meeting in Turkey to support popular protests against President Bashar Assad rejected foreign military intervention and ruled out forming a transitional council similar to the Libyan insurgents, said Thursday one of the participants. For three days, members of the main Syrian opposition groups discussed in the Turkish city of Antalya, the principles of the fight against al-Assad.

The polls give the conservative victory in Portugal Pedro Passos Coelho

All polls give victory to the conservative Pedro Passos Coelho, with more than 35% of voting intentions, so that the Social Democrat leader on Sunday could become the next prime minister of Portugal. Still, the socialist José Socrates, even though Luso chief executive office, does not throw the towel last night in one of the latest campaign actions called the "vote" to voters that his party left to recover lost support over the past few months.

Arrested the head of the Russian military medical service for corruption

Moscow .- The head of the military medical service of Russian army, Major General Alexander Belevitin, was arrested on suspicion of corruption, announced today the Russian Defense Ministry. "As part of the case brought in the Military Department of Education Committee on suspicion of crimes of corruption has been arrested Belevitin Major General Alexander, head of the military medical service and director of the Kirov Military Medical Academy," a spokesman that ministry, quoted by Interfax news agency.

Snipers and Syrian security forces kill 11 civilians in Rastan

Syrian forces on Thursday killed more than a dozen civilians in Rastan, according to reports from human rights activists. This is the fifth day of siege experienced by the city in central Syria and in whose streets have expressed their citizens against the regime of Bashar Assad. It is estimated that a total of 15 people were killed by snipers and security forces when they attacked several neighborhoods in the town of 60,000 inhabitants and located north of Homs.

CANNES 2011 - The tribute to the Egyptian revolution missed

This year, the 64th Festival de Cannes welcomes Egypt as guest of honor and salute and the overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak. This is the first initiative of its kind in the history of this prestigious competition, which ends Sunday, May 22 To pay tribute to the Egyptians, a film involving ten short films will be screened May 18 Title 18 Days, this collective work evokes the revolution from its infancy, January 25, 2011, until the departure of Mubarak, February 11.

Nepal recognizes gays and transvestites with a genre census

Kathmandu (Nepal) (Writing / Agencies) .- When the population census takers went door to door visiting 5.6 million households in Nepal this month, collected information not only of men and women in this country, but also the so-called third gender, according to the U.S. television network CNN. In an unprecedented move, the Central Department of Statistics of Nepal is officially recognizing gay and transgendered people, which is perceived as a great victory for equality in a country that decriminalized homosexual relations three years ago.

Paris proposes a peace conference on the Middle East

France is ready to organize a conference in Paris, before the end of July, to resume the peace process in the Middle East, as declared on Thursday the foreign minister, Alain Juppe, who was in Ramallah, West Bank -. Juppe proposed this meeting the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and President Mahmoud Abbas.

On Thursday afternoon is also scheduled to discuss the matter with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "If we receive a favorable response to this initiative, we welcome the Quartet, EU, UN, U.S. and Russia in Paris before the end of July. This conference will not be a simple meeting, but could become a broader political conference which will decide the negotiating process, "said the French minister.

King attended the parade in Rome for the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy

ROME .- The King Juan Carlos has come at ten o'clock on Thursday at Rome's Ciampino airport aboard a Falcon 900 Spanish Air Force to attend the military parade to be held from eleven am in the Imperial Forum in Rome on the occasion of 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy. Along with the King has traveled the Third Deputy Prime Minister, Manuel Chaves, and the head of the Royal Household, Alberto Aza Arias.

Former Mossad chief took the floor in opposition to an attack on Iran

Meir Dagan has always been known to speak little. When in 2002 he became head of Mossad, this rare quality in a country like Israel has become an obligation renumbered. After nine years in the shadows and giving his opinion only on the forums more restricted and secret, Dagan is now considered "compelled" to speak.

And to criticize, warn and advise on public controversy and provoking the anger of the Israeli government, aware of the strength of each word that comes from the mouth of the former spy number one. "The current situation in Israel is similar to the days before Yom Kippur War. I do not want another war in my mind as of 73.

ITALY - No miracle for Berlusconi in Milan

"The axis of the North" - if by that we mean the political alliance [between the People of Freedom, center right, and the Northern League, extreme right] - suffers and appears suddenly in a precarious balance. In Milan, the ballot is certainly a humiliation for the outgoing mayor, Letizia Moratti (People of Freedom, Silvio Berlusconi's party), but especially a true personal and political blow for Berlusconi, who had made the elections a referendum on his person and government [is the first time in fifteen years that Berlusconi is the right tie in Milan, traditional stronghold of the Chairman].

The UN accuses Libyan both sides committing war crimes

Tripoli (Writing / AP) .- The forum of the UN Human Rights said on Wednesday that the reconnaissance mission has concluded that Libya's Muammar Gaddafi forces committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. He added that they have found some evidence of war crimes committed by the opposition forces, according to French news agency AFP.

"The Commission has concluded that they have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity by the forces of the Government of Libya", said in a statement on the Human Rights Council. "The Commission has received some reports of facts that point to the commission of international crimes by the opposing forces.

An attack on the border with Afghanistan leaves 60 dead

At least 60 people have died since Tuesday in an attack some 170 militants against a police checkpoint in a remote area of northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border, police said. Among the dead there are 22 police officers and other security force separate from the Army, 'Levies', between 35 and 40 insurgents and three women, according to a police source in Upper Dir district, where fighting took place .