Friday, August 19, 2011

U.S. and EU demand Assad to withdraw

The U.S. government and the European Union have called on Syrian President Bashar al Assad on Thursday for the first time explicitly to resign. President Barack Obama at the same time imposed by decree sharp financial and economic sanctions against the Syrian government.

Before the start of a hearing-Syria in the UN Security Council disseminated the White House, the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton as well as the governments of Germany, France and Britain agreed statements in which they are calling on Assad because of the violence against political opponents to resign.

Pakistan, a bomb exploded in a mosque

A bomb exploded in a mosque in northwest Pakistan, under the control of the clans, while the traditional Friday prayers. Local media speak of at least 20 dead and 70 wounded. The explosion occurred in the town of Jamrud, the capital of the region of Khyber: the militants in the area have been active for several years.

The UN evidenced crimes against humanity in the repression in Syria

The UN said Thursday that there are indications of crimes against humanity in the systematic repression by the Government of Syria's opposition and civil unrest. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released the report prepared by the mission she has researched extensively the situation in Syria, in which numerous cases of killings and disappearances, torture, illegal detention and harassment.

Libya. The rebels took control of the oil refinery in Zawiya

The rebels trying to overthrow the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi regime have managed to Thursday with control Zawiya oil refinery in the west, as has been testing a Reuters reporter . The refinery was the last point in this town near Tripoli remained in the hands of the regime's forces, which the rebels have achieved with this forward block the two main supply points of the government forces: Gary, 80 kilometers Tripoli, and Zawiya.