Thursday, May 5, 2011

UNITED STATES - Obama presents his solutions to reduce the budget deficit

The President of the United States will deliver a speech on 13 April in Washington in which he must define a strategy to reduce public deficits for years to come. The U.S. budget deficit expected to reach about 1 600 billion this year. This talk took place while the agreement with the Republican opposition to what is the balance of fiscal 2011 has not yet been formally endorsed by Congress.

Reached last week, this agreement has averted a budgetary shortfall in extremis.

Our humanity in six million pieces

David Grossman tells how, with about nine years old he was aware of what had been the Holocaust and the responsibility to remember the victims involved, he did not want responsibility and shook everything up to then had been his world. It was probably at the same age when I made contact, if it is true that a much lower level, with the crimes of Nazism.

I doubt the first time I read the Diary of Anne Frank to understand too. I got to read it over 11 times in a year, "pointed out the dates on the back-and even devoured the diary of his friend Hanna and her father looked statements Otto, the only survivor of the family. Much later, I visited the Amsterdam house where Anne was hidden until he was deported to Auschwitz.

Mubarak could be executed

Hosni Mubarak could face the death penalty if convicted of the crime of having ordered the repression that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators during the protests that brought an end to his Government last February. "He is accused, among other things, had given orders that killed demonstrators," said Mohamed Abdelaziz al Juindy, the new Egyptian Minister of Justice, during an interview with the 'CNN'.

EGYPT - Mubarak and his son in custody

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his two son, Alaa and Gamal, were detained on April 12 for a fortnight as part of an investigation into the use of violence against demonstrators. The judiciary said that "health reasons" had required transport to hospital Mubarak in Sharm El-Sheikh, adding that his interrogation would continue in that institution.

Since his resignation on February 11, Mubarak is under house arrest in this seaside resort on the Red Sea.

Netanyahu considers Palestinian reconciliation as a victory for terrorism

London. .- The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that the agreement of reconciliation between Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas is a "great victory for terrorism" and said it will never negotiate with the Islamic movement. "What happened today in Cairo is a huge blow for peace and a great victory for terrorism," Netanyahu said in London, where he meets with British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who will push for progress towards an agreement peace.

Attacked the convoy of Turkish Prime Minister

A police officer is dead and another was wounded in an attack on convoi Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The president had given an election rally in the city of Kastamonu, on the shores of the Black Sea, then flew by helicopter to the nearby city of Amasya, while his team was returning by road to Ankara.

Go through the Ilgaz Mountains, about 17:15 local time (one hour less in Spain), one of the cars in the convoy was hit by several hand grenades, immediately afterwards came under automatic weapons fire and burst into flames. One policeman was killed and two others were evacuated by ambulance, police sources said on CNN Türk.

ALGERIA - Students demonstrate in the capital

Tens of thousands of young Algerians marched April 12 in the streets of Algiers. From several universities and colleges, they protested against the downgrading of qualifications and poor functioning of the university, calling for the resignation of Harraoubia Rachid, Minister of Higher Education. The police violently dispersed the students, making a hundred injured.

The journal welcomes this engagement. Students "have succeeded where parties and other political associations have failed. They marched in the capital. This is the first time since announcing the lifting of emergency rule [February 24] that a march in Algiers. Whatever their number, the key is to have succeeded in marching through the streets of Algiers, who broke with this kind of event since 1991, "said the daily.

Armed groups abduct children for use as soldiers in Central African Republic

United Nations. .- The Central African Republic is the setting for "serious crimes" against children, due to the numerous kidnappings of children several armed movements performed to instruct them as soldiers, said today Watchlist. The coalition of NGOs today released a report in collaboration with the Center for Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) and alleging that Liberation Army (LRA) and other armed movements "Central kidnap children, instruct them in armed groups and deprive them of necessary humanitarian assistance.

Seven killed in an attack by Al Qaeda in Yemen

Seven people including four soldiers, were killed in an attack allegedly by the terrorist organization Al Qaeda in southern Yemen, as reported by witnesses and the official news agency Saba. Nine others were injured in the attack, which took place when armed men have detonated an improvised explosive device against a military patrol in a crowded market in the province of Abyan.

An Al Qaeda militant was also injured during the shooting that took place after the explosion. "I usually do not attack soldiers when civilians are around," he pointed a witness who wished to remain anonymous. Witnesses have seen the attack an act of revenge for the death of network leader Osama bin Laden.

Croatia - EU? What for?

"Pros and cons of joining the EU?" By the end of the year, the Croats should be called to answer this question. But after many obstacles on the road to membership, they are not interested in a Europe that they associate with their discredited elites, writes a columnist of Croatia.

One dead in an attack on a convoy of bodyguards Erdogan

Istanbul. .- An officer was killed and another wounded today during an armed attack on a police convoy was returning from an election rally of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish television reported. Erdogan had participated in a rally in Kastamonu (northern Turkey) and, in due time, traveled by helicopter to another location on his tour of northern constituency.

A convoy of police cars that had participated in Kastamonu in protection efforts Erdogan returned to Ankara but unknown stopped the convoy and threw a hand grenade. The attackers fired "for a long time" and killed one policeman and wounded another, NTV reported.

South Africa ends up with lesbian rape

The more than 170,000 signatures collected worldwide to end remedial lesbian rape in South Africa have had a practical effect: the Justice Department has agreed this morning to create a special commission to address the matter as "serious and urgent" . Members of the judiciary, police and activists for gay rights work together to tackle this chilling and repeated occurrence of lesbians who are raped to make them heterosexual.

Belarus - Why this attack on the subway in Minsk?

Bin Laden was carrying cash and phone numbers sewn clothing

Washington. .- Osama bin Laden had 500 euros in cash and two phone numbers sewn into the clothes he wore when he was shot by a U.S. command, suggesting that he was "ready to flee at any time of the residence where he was hiding, Politico newspaper reveals today. According to the influential capital city, these details were revealed by the CIA director, Leon Panetta, to delegates at a meeting "classified" on Tuesday to inform Congress of the U.S.

Thousands of Islamists pray to the martyr Bin Laden

About a thousand radical Islamists gathered in Jakarta on Wednesday in a mass prayer to claim the figure of the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and accused of terrorism to U.S. President Barack Obama. Radicals gathered at the headquarters of the Islamic Defenders Front, the group convener and intends to implement Koranic law in Indonesia, and prayed for the "mujahedin" (Defender of the Faith) Bin Laden in a nearby mosque.

Côte d'Ivoire - Simone has been no help

God exists, and for everyone. Laurent Gbagbo, who was a perception of the most selfish, just to experience it. One whose campaign slogan was "We win or we win ..." was taken with his wife in the basement of the presidential residence, surrounded by among others his marabout and his evangelical pastors.

Shadowy figures who, like many others, had more faith in the safes of the President in God. A faith so any food. Could anyone believe that God would exempt indefinitely, let them continue their orgy of tears and blood man who at the beginning of his reign, said that a thousand deaths to his right and the left does not affect his work? It is already reported as well as a dangerous man.

Afghanistan suggests Pakistan could know where Bin Laden was hiding

Kabul, May 4 .- The Afghan government today suggested that Pakistan could know exactly where Osama Bin lived Ladenantes including the operation of U.S. Special Forces. UU. that ended his life in the northern Pakistani city of Abbottabad. "Not only in a country like Pakistan, with its sophisticated spy, even a very weak country with a weak intelligence service would have known who lived in a house near a National Military Academy", said the Afghan defense spokesman, Zahir Azimi .

Bin Laden had 500 euros in cash

Osama bin Laden had 500 euros in cash and two phone numbers sewn into the clothes he wore when he was shot, suggesting he was ready to flee at any moment of the residence where he was hiding, has revealed the daily "Politico." These details were revealed by the CIA director, Leon Panetta, to delegates at a meeting "classified" on Tuesday to inform Congress of the U.S.

military operation early on Sunday and Monday killed the head of al- Qaeda. Three congressmen, whose name has not released the paper, turn leaked the details to 'Political', although the White House has refused to confirm the information. According to sources, Panetta has given details about the money and phone numbers to answer a question about why Bin Laden did not have more safety equipment at the residence where he had hidden several years apparently.

IVORY COAST - Ivory Coast Growth in 2011

In the aftermath of the fall of Laurent Gbagbo, the American publication The Christian Science Monitorse looks at the future of Cote d'Ivoire. She asked several economists to give prospects figures, provided of course that the country finally found his composure. "Growth could accelerate impressively and wait 6 to 7% at the end of 2011," the newspaper said, noting that such a boom in post-conflict allow Cote d'Ivoire to enter in 2012 the group of fifteen countries in the world will experience the strongest growth.

Eight Spanish banks financed the bombs Gaddafi

Barcelona. .- La Caixa, Banco de Sabadell and six other Spanish banks financed the manufacture of cluster bombs built by the Spanish company Instalaza in 2007 that the Libyan government of Muammar Qaddafi Misrata used to bomb, according to a report says SETEM . This organization, which aims to promote collective transformations to achieve a fair world, today released a report denouncing the strong linkage of Spanish banks to the arms industry and has launched the campaign "Clean Banking.

NATO wants more counter-terrorism cooperation

The NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Wednesday felt "justified" operation against Osama Bin Laden carried out by United States and ended with the death of the leader of Al Qaeda. Rasmussen declined comment on the legality or illegality of the action ordered by Washington and congratulated the U.S.

president, Barack Obama, the "success" of it. "I think I speak for the vast majority of people around the world in expressing satisfaction that it has finally been brought to justice, having been responsible for the deaths of many innocent people," he said. The NATO secretary general also said it necessary to strengthen cooperation with Pakistan in the field of combating terrorism after al Qaeda leader was found in China.

UK - Kate and William, Lego version

The Danish toymaker Lego rescues the royalists looking forward to the wedding of Kate and William, her prince charming, which is scheduled April 29. The theme park Legoland in Windsor, Berkshire, England, has in effect established a small representation of the scene where the newlyweds arrive at Buckingham Palace, says the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet.

While the representation of the guests and the crowd of onlookers took only thirty hours of work and 10 000 small brick-colored, construction of the palace has required 500 hours and no less than 160 000 bricks. The inauguration took place in the presence of a dead ringer for Prince William, Andrew Walker, who is a former employee of the park ...

Abbe Russian coordinator of Al Qaeda's North Caucasus

Moscow. .- The chief coordinator of the network of Al Qaeda in the North Caucasus of Russia, Abdullah Kurd, has been killed in Chechnya during an operation carried out by Russian special forces, as reported by the National Counterterrorism Committee (NAK). Depending on the version of the Russian authorities, the militia came to Chechnya via Georgia to Pankissi valley.

"The terrorist was suspected member of Al Qaeda Arab groups led by the Emir Khattab, Abu al Walid and Abu al Urduni, international terrorists removed before the (Federal Security Service) FSB," says the NAK in a statement. Moscow Kurd Abdullah attributed to the organization of attacks that have killed both civilians and members of security forces, as recorded by the news agency RIA Novosti.

Taysir Alouni: Respect? people do not respect this

"There's something dark in all this. Until we show pictures of the body and the operation can not believe that Osama bin Laden has died at the hands of Americans as they say." The speaker is Taysir Alouni, a correspondent for Al Jazeera television and the only journalist who met during the war in Afghanistan, the world's most wanted man.

He says the news of the death of the leader of Al Qaeda not surprised because "it's something I expected at any moment." Of course, warns that without pictures, it looks like it is "a theater." Alouni theory is simple: "The date of the departure of U.S. troops in Afghanistan draws near, July 2011, Americans could not give closed the mission without a breakthrough.

SAUDI ARABIA - The dangers of policeman of the Gulf

Undoubtedly, the star Saudi lost much of its luster in the Arab world. In more than one country, people have turned the page and reject the influence exercised over Saudi Arabia's media, religion, economics and politics. She has lost ground in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, not to mention Egypt, which was nevertheless the cornerstone of its regional policy.

It thus pays the price of its foreign policy, which was to support repressive regimes against companies. On diets of breath and exhausted economies, she poured petrodollars, which made her the embodiment of such a reactionary policy that the Arab world had ever known. To compensate for its failures, it is now refocusing on its immediate neighborhood, namely the Gulf, with its mini-states and oil emirates.

Abbottabad Lawyers protest the operation against Bin Laden

Abbottabad. .- Tens of lawyers demonstrated today in Abbottabad (northern Pakistan) against the U.S. operation. UU. ended in this town with the life of the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden in the early hours of Monday. "We condemn terrorism, but we also condemn the U.S. action with the harshest words," he told Efe Tahir Faraz Abbasi, president of the local Bar Association and leader of the protest, which is the first that occurs in Abbottabad against the U.S.

The Greens, just three points Merkel

The first regional president green in Germany, Winfried Kretschmann, which became in March the government of Baden-Württemberg, is propped up with each passing week in the role of spearheading a nationwide offensive. In the latest poll of likely voters, released Wednesday by the Forsa Institute, the Greens maintained their upward trend and climbed one point to 28%, just three points Merkel's CDU, which gets 31%.

Kosovo - A Chair? Thank you United States!

The Presidency of Behgjet Pacolli, 28 March invalidated by the Constitutional Court, lasted only thirty-five days. This type of case is transforming our country into an oasis of despair and encourage our readers to think that "Albanians do not know how to hold a state." Moving on. The agreement signed between the two major parties has resulted in the election Kosovar [April 7] of a new president, former police officer Atifete Jahjaga.

Gaddafi attacks a civilian evacuation in the port of Misrata and leaves five dead

Beirut. .- At least five people were killed on Wednesday as a result of shelling of Muammar Gaddafi forces against Misrata port area in western Libya, according to a spokesman for the rebels. The attack followed the arrival of a ship of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to evacuate wounded civilians and immigrants, and victims are some of the people awaiting evacuation.

"The bomb has caused casualties, among Libyans and other nationalities who were waiting for evacuation," a spokesman told Reuters the rebels, Gemal Salem. "At the moment we have five dead and ambulances have arrived on the scene to transport the victims," he said. The boat chartered by the IOM to evacuate thousands of African and Asian immigrants and civilians wounded in combat on Wednesday managed to dock at the port of Misrata, the only city that remains under rebel control Libyans in the west.

The operation ended with Geronimo

So said the CIA director, Leon Panetta, the U.S. government the death of Geronimo, the code name of Osama bin Laden, "enemy killed in action" ("Enemy Killed In Action ', in English). And so it has 'The New York Times', which reflects in detail the details of the operation. According to the newspaper account, for years, the hunt for bin Laden was as intense as ineffective.

Until last July, when Pakistani serving the CIA chased a white Suzuki among the bustling streets near Peshawar, and noted the registration. The man who was riding in the vehicle was the most trusted messenger of Bin Laden, and during the following months, the CIA did not lose the track.

France - When the burqa criminalizes mask of Zorro

There was a time when Shazia Mirza, a British comedian of Pakistani origin and Muslim, played a character wearing a hijab. She no longer does. But she always has a good reply about the veil. "All my cousins in France wear the burqa. It's great. It allows them to share the same pass for the bus. "They can do more.

For France has tightened the screws. Nicolas Sarkozy and his friends, the burqa is not a joke. C ' is dangerous and illegal. Women who take the burqa and the niqab (face veil most commonly used) will not really be arrested on the spot by the police. But if they appear in a public space face hidden beneath a veil, anyone has the right to ask them to discover - or leave.

EU debating whether to reinstate the borders before the arrival of immigrants

Brussels .- The European Commission (EC) today introduced a set of proposals to improve the functioning of the Schengen agreement, which include the ability to reintroduce border controls between member states to deal with situations like the arrival of a wave of illegal immigrants. The ideas are part of a communication on immigration adopted by the College of Commissioners and will serve as a basis for discussion among EU countries.

INDONESIA - Fresh milk for babies

Noon. Ramdariani Amanda, 25, awaits the steed of breast milk in his office, located in the district of Slipi in West Jakarta. Once it arrives, Amanda assigned a small bag containing a bottle filled with her own breast milk and he pays his race. Feri, courier company Express Arga Nirwana, hastened immediately to his motorcycle and place the bottle in a cooler.

After collecting bottles in various other offices along the Avenue of General Sudirman (Central Jakarta artery housing the headquarters of many large companies), Feri delivers subscribers at home, where nannies accusing good reception the valuable commodity. Two months ago that Amanda is subscribed to the service delivery of milk, she discovered the Internet and through a TV show.

France "revive" the bottom of the Atlantic bodies Rio-Paris flight

Paris .- The French Government has confirmed that between today and tomorrow will start the first attempt to recover the bodies that remain in the Air France Airbus at the bottom of the Atlantic, at 3,900 meters deep. Be the first operation to recover the remains of the bodies of the passengers on Flight AF447 Rio de Janeiro-Paris Air France crashed into the Atlantic on June 1, 2009.

The French authorities hope to bring to the surface the remains of the plane crash and remains in a plain in the bottom of the sea and whose crash killed 228 passengers. The operation to "revive" the bodies was done by a robot submarine and a French Navy has been used in recovery operations of the two black boxes that will available in Paris in the coming days and to be considered by the authorities investigate the causes of the accident.

Rockets forced the exodus Gaddafi in Libya

The army of Muammar Gadafilanzó Tuesday a barrage of rockets on the rebel city of Zinta, in the western mountains. Thus, it has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis and forced thousands to flee the country. For its part, NATO officials met Wednesday in Brussels to review progress of its operations, evaluations rejected talk of a deadlock in the battlefield, despite intervention.

Different countries of the Alliance will meet Thursday in Rome, to help ensure financial rebels. Libyan regime opponents claim that 40 rockets hit Zinta and that the arrival of humanitarian aid from Misrata has been hampered by the soldiers pro-Gaddafi. A rebel spokesman said the fighting has reignited in the eastern suburbs of Misrata, but the intense bombing of NATO aircraft appears to have regained the port key to controlling the city.