Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ouattara military helicopters with machine guns and lay siege to his palace Gbagbo

Abiyán/Barcelona.- Forces loyal to the winner of the presidential elections in Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, have continued in the early hours of Thursday to surround with machinegun fire from helicopters and the president's residence 'outgoing' Ivorian Laurent Gbagbo, after an unsuccessful attempt to force him out of his shelter found a strong resistance is last night.

According to French news agency AFP, a group of 200 men remain entrenched in the Presidential Palace where outgoing President Gbagbo held that refuses to relinquish power and flee the country. This source of information explains that soldiers loyal to Gbagbo not exceed a thousand volunteers.

U.S. sees democracy in Iraq an example for Arab countries

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, stated on Thursday at the American base at Camp Liberty, near Baghdad, Iraqi democracy, however imperfect, is an example for the Arab peoples are rising in recent months. "If you look at the turmoil in the region, many of these people would be happy if they were where Iraq is today," he told reporters at the Pentagon chief.

"Not everything is perfect, but it is something new and it is a democracy where the people have their rights," he said. The U.S. wanted to point out that "what has been achieved here (Iraq), thanks to great sacrifices by Iraqis, our soldiers and the American people, is truly extraordinary." Robert Gates met at Camp Liberty with 175 American soldiers involved in training security forces irquíes.

LIGHTING - The timing of Sarkozy's Gaullist

Salon Napoléon III, the Elysee Palace, 15 h 45. A door opens. According to one scene from the White House, a figure walks towards the desk. The pitch agreed and bowed legs, Nicolas Sarkozy has a rendezvous with history. In the afternoon of March 19, Paris is the center of the world. And the French president, the undisputed leader of the international community.

For once, the United States has preferred to stick to a supporting role. The hour is grave. As the whispers in the audience, there is talk of going to war. As the president addresses the world, the French aircraft flying over Libya. Sarkozy is at his best in crises. Impulsive and daring, quick and opportunistic, it is a poor sea captain oil, but a commander in the extraordinary storm.

North Korea denounced the Antarctic fish

Sydney (Australia) .- The Government of New Zealand today denounced the illegal fishing activities carried out by North Korean ships in the Antarctic marine reserves. The complaint was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Murray MacCully after reconnaissance planes sighted New Zealand Air Force two North Korean fishing boats in a protected area by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Living Resources.

What to do with the 57 million gallons of radioactive water Fukushima?

57 million liters of radioactive water accumulated in the Fukushima central to which is being used by hundreds of liters of the plant workers poured into the reactors in an attempt to cool your core. But what can you do with them? After the technicians managed on Wednesday to close the leak which were filtering liters of sea water, the problem arises now in Fukushima is where they are going to stop those who are still accumulating.

Italy granted temporary residence permits to immigrants from Tunisia

The Italian Government signed in the coming hours a decree to be granted temporary residence permits to more than 20,000 immigrants arriving in boats from Tunisia to the coast of Italy since the beginning of the year. This was announced Wednesday at the media the President of the Tuscany region, Enrico Rossi, upon leaving a meeting with the central executive at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Government, Palazzo Chigi, which addressed the distribution between the different cities of the undocumented.

CHINA - Change power in changing society

After twenty years of reform, because of the selfishness of communist power in the political field, also because of the dispersion of forces in society, one sees no political forces capable of changing the regime in the short term to within the system, no power like those suggested by enlightened Gorbachev did embody or Chiang Ching-kuo, while civil society is unable to form a political force sufficient to compete with the regime.

Gaddafi's forces expelled the rebels Brega

Ajdabiya. - The troops of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, have driven the rebels completely oil port of Brega, a correspondent reported Wednesday dpa from Ajdabiya, 80 miles east of that city. Antrincherados in Ajdabiya rebels were attacked last night by artillery Gaddafi. NATO planes flew over on Wednesday the combat zone without being involved in the fighting.

On the evening of Tuesday, the rebels' military commander, General Abdulffath Yunis, had accused NATO of failing to act with the strength necessary against the regime's military machinery. The Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for its part said that military operations against positions Gaddafi loyalists move to "sustained and relentless pace," according to the alliance.

53 important personalities present Israeli peace initiative

Given the dangerous deadlock in peace negotiations and a warning to the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, 53 Israeli figures presented on Wednesday in Tel Aviv a new plan. The creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel on the borders of June 4, 1967 (before the Six Day War) and with East Jerusalem as capital, are two of the main ingredients of the "Israeli Peace Initiative ".

Beyond its content and timing, the importance of the document lies in the signers. Among others, are former chiefs of staff of the Army (Amnon Lipkin Shajak) Mossad (Dany Yatom), the internal secret service (Yaacov Peri and Ami Ayalon), the daughter of the spiritual leader of Shas, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Adina Bar Shalom, powerful businessmen and even as Idan Ofer Yuval Rabin, son of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.


The introduction of the word citizen (gongmin) in China was also slower than the formation of civil society. Before understanding the concept, it was necessary for the Chinese traditional overcome an obstacle: the Confucian sages do not conceive that the individual in his relationship to others as a social unit consisting of: family, clan, state.

Chinese culture has no religious references to transcend the individual. To create the citizen, it was necessary to facilitate the empowerment of the individual.

Berlin calls for consultations to the Chinese ambassador over the arrest of Ai Weiwei

Berlin .- The German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle today called for consultations to the Chinese ambassador in Berlin, following the arrest last Sunday of the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, as he prepared to fly to Hong Kong. Westerwelle, who last week made an official visit to China, intends to transmit in this way, "directly to Beijing to get our message loud and clear", the demands of his government to "immediately release" of the artist.

Gbagbo in his bunker resists

When again his departure seemed a matter of hours, the outgoing Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo, still holds in his bunker under his official residence in Abidjan. This morning, after the failure of the negotiations on Tuesday, supporters of President-elect, Alassane Ouattara, started what they considered the "final assault" at the presidential residence.

However, the attack appears to have been repulsed, according to a Western military source. Late in the afternoon, Ouattara men said they had initiated new attacks. "[The talks] were interrupted Ouattara and the president decided to ask its military offensive to retake the redoubt against the president.

Taiwan urges China to release the famous artist Ai Weiwei

Taipei .- The Taiwanese government agency responsible for relations with China in Beijing on Wednesday called for the immediate release of famed artist Ai Weiwei and dissident, arrested on Sunday and whose current whereabouts are unknown. China must respect "the universal value of freedom, democracy and human rights," the council in a press release.

Ai was arrested by police in Beijing, Sunday, April 3, when he was about to board a flight to Hong Kong, which then should lead to Taiwan for a meeting Wednesday with leaders of the Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei . The president of the Council of Chinese Affairs, Lai Shin-yuan said at a press conference that the visit to Taiwan Ai had nothing to do with politics but with art.

German police are confronted with the shadow of his Nazi past

The German Federal Criminal Office (BKA) has introduced on Wednesday a study investigating the shadow of Nazi past continued to weigh on the institution once the World War II. The historian Patrick Wagner of the University of Halle, the study focused on analyzing the impact it had on the work of BKA's presence in the ranks of old officers who had been under the orders of the Nazi regime.

Even before it was known that the police between 1933 and 1945 had been one of the tools of repression of the Hitler regime. It was also known that 47 people admitted to senior officials in the BKA in the fifties had fought earlier in the dreaded SS. From this, Wagner was focused on the consequences that had for policing the presence of these elements in the ranks of the BKA.

UNITED STATES - Waging war, Obama Version

Throughout the months that led us progressively towards a military confrontation against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, Obama has delivered a true course on how a leftist government addresses the issue of war. There are about ten days, while the wind began to turn against the rebellious anti-Qadhafi, Obama seemed determined to keep the U.S.

away from civil war in Libya. In reality, the president was from the beginning willing to enter America into the conflict. He just wanted to make sure that we would in the multilateral framework as possible and that we would avoid the most of behaving like cowboys. His government succeeded.

U.S. prepares for the consequences of a 'no' to the budgets of 2011

The Government of Barack Obama's playing this Friday in Washington. That's when the U.S. Congress vote whether to accept the extension of the budget for the next six months of fiscal 2011 ending September 30. The worst case scenario, the rejection of the new budget funding, require the Government to close the tap of public money for an indefinite period.

What does this measure? In summary, some agencies, institutions or departments that rely on federal government money will have to lower the shade or full cut to fit the budget requirements of the script. Put in the words of The New York Times, "the National Zoo will close, but the lions and tigers will fed, Yellowstone and other national parks also closed.

Arrested a man in Scotland for the death of a Catholic policeman in Northern Ireland

Republican dissidents killed on Saturday with a sticky bomb Ronan Kerr: a young Catholic police. On Wednesday his colleagues have discovered a weapons cache in a garage of Ulster and have arrested a man for the crime in the Scottish town of Renton. Across the Irish Sea. For now, only known to be a man of 26 years.

One more than the police killed. But analysts assume that it is a member of the terrorist groups that refuse to accept the peace process in Ulster. The place of detention is important. Not so much for the crime on Saturday as the proximity of the royal wedding, which remains in a state of alert Scotland Yard officers, fearful that the Republicans want to gain publicity for a terrorist act that takes advantage of the global dimension of the event.

RUSSIA - Medvedev guarantor of national pride

Russia's reaction to major events of early this year that are popular uprising in Libya and the disaster in Japan to suggest that the foreign policy of our country begins to change. Even though our relations with Tokyo crossed their worst crisis in recent years [in November 2010, the visit of Dmitri Medvedev in the southern Kuril Islands that Japan has lost in 1945 but still does not recognize as Russian, a reignited the dispute between the two countries], Russia was one of the first countries to offer assistance after the earthquake in Japan.

Jordan joins the military mission against Gaddafi

On Monday a Jordanian plane loaded with aid for the people of eastern Libya, landed in Benghazi. As was learned this morning, was escorted by fighter Jordanian Air Force, deployed in a European base. Jordan follows in the footsteps of Qatar and became the second Arab country that joins the military mission on Gaddafi.

French sources claim that at an air base on the island of Sardinia have also reached aircraft of the United Arab Emirates. This reinforcement Arabic falls as rain in May on the NATO mission, most answered in Benghazi. The rebel military chief, Abdel Fatah Yunis, has criticized NATO for not doing enough.

The new threats of Fukushima

Little does the joy in the Fukushima nuclear plant. If this morning the company that owns the Japanese plant, TEPCO, announced it had succeeded in stopping the leak of radioactive water from the No. 2 reactor, hours after the world woke up with a report by U.S. technicians in collaboration with TEPCO, which warns that the threats now facing the plant are many.

The confidential assessment by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and seen by the newspaper 'The New York Times, said that the measures taken during the past weeks to monitor nuclear crisis will begin to have serious effects on the plant. Among the new threats that were mentioned in the evaluation dated March 26 emphasizes the fragility of the structures of the reactor containment, as when full of radioactive water are more vulnerable to break in the case of a replica similar to which has been since the earthquake of March 11.

Solemn - Evo Morales, President of Bolivia

France and the UN attack Gbagbo's residence in Ivory Coast

Paris. .- The United Nations-led negotiations and France to secure the resignation of outgoing president of Ivory Coast have failed "because of the intransigence" of Laurent Gbagbo, said Wednesday as the French foreign minister, Alain Juppe. "The negotiations that took place yesterday (Tuesday) between the environment Laurent Gbagbo and the Ivorian authorities failed because of the intransigence of Gbagbo," Juppe said in Parliament.

Two killed, 13 injured in a four-day riot at the main jail in Lebanon

The four-day riot at the prison in Rumieh, which ended on Tuesday after an assault by the security forces has resulted in the deaths of two prisoners and injuring 13, according to security sources have reported. The sources explained that one of those killed died when they exploded a hand grenade and the second killed this morning after suffering a heart attack.

Runieh Among the wounded in the largest prison in the country, located northeast of Beirut, there are nine prisoners and four policemen, the sources added. Police forces and the army stormed the prison Tuesday, after the failure of negotiations between the authorities and the prisoners, who demanded an amnesty and improved prison conditions.

Yoshiaki Nagata, chairman of the Osaka Prefectural Board - Relieved

"The earthquake in Sendai is a gift from heaven for the city of Osaka. It's really good that it happened. "The relocation of his mayoralty, which he opposed, is indeed canceled: the future premises were damaged by the earthquake.

The Court postponed the trial of Milan Berlusconi for the 'Ruby case' until May 31

Rome. .- The Court of Milan has delayed the process brought by the Office of the Lombard capital against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, for child prostitution and abuse of power, called 'Ruby case' until May 31, according to the newspaper 'La Repubblica'. The process had begun on Wednesday, but at the time of opening were not in the room or Berlusconi or young Moroccan Karim El Mahroug, popularly known as 'Ruby'.

The prosecutor of The Hague wants to investigate the massacres in Ivory Coast

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, announced Wednesday that it wants to open an investigation into the "massacres committed in a systematic or widespread" in Ivory Coast. The prosecutor's office conducted a "preliminary review of the situation in Ivory Coast and then the prosecutor will ask its own initiative, the Pre-Trial Chamber to authorize him to open an investigation," said Moreno-Ocampo said in a statement .

Mansoureh Shojai, Iranian writer exiled in Germany - Fighting

250 migrants missing after falling into the sea off Lampedusa

Rome. .- The Italian Coast Guard has found that at least 15 bodies have been recovered and identified on the high seas, of the 250 immigrants who are missing after the boat they were traveling capsized today about 39 miles south of the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa. According to Italian media reports, the barge traveled about 250 people, of which 47 have been rescued, while continuing to search the work of other passengers.

The EU imposes new sanctions against the regime of Gbagbo

The European Union has imposed new sanctions against the "illegitimate regime of Laurent Gbagbo" Ivory Coast, which include a ban on financial stocks and buy out loans. These new sanctions were approved "in view of the seriousness of the situation" in the African country, where Gbagbo's refusal to surrender has given rise to a new offensive against his residence by the forces of President-elect, Alassane Ouattara, in the city of Abidjan.

Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan dictator - Determined

France will continue pressing the UN to go Gbagbo in Ivory Coast

EFE. (Paris) .- The French foreign minister, Alain Juppe, said today that his country will continue pressing the UN to Laurent Gbagbo to give up the resistance and go, and insisted that the only thing that can negotiate has been strongman of the Ivory Coast are "conditions of his departure." "Gbagbo has no alternative," emphasized in an interview with France Info radio station Juppe, who has seen his "stubbornness is absurd" and that has to recognize the president of Ivory Coast recognized by the international community, Alassane Ouattara .

L'Aquila, in ruins two years after

At exactly 3.32 hours in the morning of April 6, 2009 a powerful earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale struck the town of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo region in central Italy. Left in its wake 309 dead, more than 1,600 injured, 65,000 homeless, 10,000 million euros in damages and a pile of rubble everywhere.

But two years after the terrible earthquake that the situation has not changed much: L'Aquila is in ruins, there is rubble everywhere and reconstruction efforts have barely started. Even the hospital of L'Aquila shows a very different exhibiting hours after the shock that destroyed the city some of its corridors are filled with rubble, several operating rooms abandoned and languishing sophisticated medical devices packed powder .

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, vice-chairman of the Duma (ultranationalist leader) - Alarmist

"A new phase of the third world war is unfolding before our eyes," he says about the intervention in Libya. It provides "an annihilation of Muslim countries, total control of oil resources by Europe and the United States, an abrupt weakening of China and Russia." (Neft Rossii, Moscow)

The Pentagon calls start "as soon as possible" a negotiated transition in Yemen

Washington. (Reuters) .- The Pentagon has asked to undertake "as soon as possible" a negotiated transition in Yemen, but so far has not reduced the crucial military aid offered by the Yemeni government, as reported by the U.S. military. "Obviously the situation now is difficult. The more they fester, will become more complicated," admitted the Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell.

For this reason urges Washington to start negotiations soon, but gave no further details Morrell. Other anonymous sources and U.S. officials reveal that the objective is an agreement between the Yemeni government and the opposition, resulting in the progress of the current president, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The beauty of a newborn

Scientists have long made the same question. What conditions more like a human being? Genetics or environment? Thomas Balmes documentary that will premiere on April 29 has been tested. He followed the first year of four babies in places as diverse as land Mongolia, Nigeria, United States and Japan. Ponijao of Namibia will never crawl a pristine land as Hattie in California, while Mari walk by Japan under the umbrella, Mongolia Bayar has to inspect his own.