Friday, July 8, 2011

Albert and Charlene, honeymoon dream to forget the DNA test

A suite of 4,600 pounds per night  to convince the reluctant bride not to pack. It would be the fourth time in two months. According to the British press (in this case, the Daily Mail), this would be the solution adopted by Prince Albert of Monaco to persuade the newly married Charlene that their marriage can really work, in spite of three previous attempts to escape her, and she would have been caused by rumors that his father would like at least one other illegitimate child (but it speaks of two, the first 18 months, the other not yet born), which would add to Alexandre, 6 years, and Jazmin, 19.

Rumors of the death of the former president: Where is Jiang Zemin?

China is currently playing a bizarre game of cat and mouse game to watch. The occasion is the supposed death of former Party Chairman and State President Jiang Zemin. Last Friday, China celebrated the 90th Founding of the Communist Party. Actually a must for party leaders, current and former.

But Jiang Zemin was surprisingly not participate in the festivities. In the following days on the Internet circulated the alleged reason for Jiang's absence at the ceremonies: He was dead, the rumor spread like wildfire, which provided micro-blogs are so popular in China for a mass circulation.

TEPCO stops the cooling system at a nuclear plant for several sparks

The operator of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima Daini, near the central Daichi destroyed by the tsunami, stopped Thursday its cooling system in one of its reactors after the detection of various electrical sparks, as has been reporting agency Kyodo news. The plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power, hopes to be able to restore the cooling system in the plant's reactor number one Daini before the end of Thursday, according to Kyodo.

Murdoch announces the closure of the newspaper 'News of the World' after the scandal tracks

The chairman of News International, James Murdoch, announced Thursday the closure of the tabloid News of the World after the scandal of illegal wiretapping. The latest edition of British tabloid newspaper will be next Sunday. The scandal, which erupted in 2006, has been amplified this week to get debated in the House of Commons.

Scotland Yard revealed this week that in 2002 the News of the World, a flagship of the News International group and also one of the most money wins, pricked his mobile phone from a 13 year old girl who had disappeared from his home in Surrey County. On Thursday, the list of people stuck with the phone seems to have increased.

Olympic 2018 in Pyeongchang: The South celebrates the dream, the north is silent

Finally! The relief is high in South Korea. When the decision was announced in Durban, it was midnight. Nevertheless, already appeared in Pyeongchang first night revelers in the street, with banners, flags and fireworks. The mountain region is now coming to host the 2018 Winter Olympics to world fame.

Very traditional and modest gave some of the local residents said they felt "honored". "It's a dream come true", they heard from the capital's commentators. The dream had to wait a while to achieve. Only at the third application was Pyeongchang the contract, but the recent setbacks do not count anymore.