Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yemen: Many injured in protests in Sana'a

Thousands of Yemenis demonstrated on Wednesday against President Salih in Sanaa. Security forces of the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh have acted with full force against peaceful demonstrators in the capital Sanaa. They used the night to Wednesday firearms and tear gas, at least 80 people were injured, witnesses said.

Thousands of people had again demanded the resignation of Salih. Riot police intervened brutally, as she wanted to join the protest against the University of tribal members from a suburb of Sanaa. The secret, however, dismissed 33 members of the Yemeni Al-Qaeda offshoot from prison, reportedly from security sources.

France plans for Libya: fly only with the consent of the Arab League

The new French foreign minister Alain Juppe was only a few days in office has moved into the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe in Libya's policy position clear. In preconditions Paris is willing to participate in a no-fly zone. The first country has recognized the "Libyan National Council" of the insurgents in Benghazi and wants the EU summit on Friday will call for a general recognition of the board of Gaddafi's opponents.

Oil ports closed and Brig Ras Lanuf in frontline

London. .- The oil port of Ras Lanuf and Briga, located in eastern Libya, remain closed due to violence in the last week by fighting between rebels and the forces of President Muammar Gaddafi, said a source Reuters port authority. For its part, a rebel informant cautioned against Gadhafi attack oil fields is "wounded lion" as part of its offensive to regain control of cities that have fallen into the hands of opponents on both sides of the country .

More than 30 killed in suicide attack

New bloody morning in Pakistan. More than 30 people were killed Wednesday in a suicide bombing at the funeral of a militant anti-Taliban in Peshawar, northwestern Pakistan, as reported by the police. An official source at the hospital where victims were treated has set the figure at 31 dead. The funeral was manager of a renowned Pashtun.

"Dozens of people have been killed and the balance can increase," said a witness, who had counted up to 50 injured in the incident area. The attack comes a day after a car bomb explosion at a gas station in the city of Faisalabad, where 25 people died and 125 were injured. The Pakistani Taliban are making this series of attacks to show their rejection of the support given by the U.S.

Cairo: killed in violence between Christians and Muslims

A fire is burning at the site of clashes between Christians and Copts in Cairo. After the serious clashes between Muslims and Christians on Tuesday in Cairo to try the High Military Council, the government and the democracy movement, to reduce tensions. When violence in the slums Muqattam six Coptic Christians and five Muslims were killed, more than a hundred were injured.

China, one million dollars for a funeral

 - A Chinese businessman has spent almost a million dollars for the funeral of his mother. The Chinese press reports. Eight limousine covered with flowers and other luxury cars to transport family members, over 600 musicians divided into at least 20 bands and 16 golden guns fired blanks to bless the coffin, were deployed by the entrepreneur in the stage of school Xinhe Middle School, Wenling, in the eastern Chinese province of Zheijiang.

Libya: Gaddafi threatens rebels under heavy fire

Complex situation: The rebels appeared to come under increasing pressure from the international pressure on the Libyan dictator Muammar al Gaddafi takes for new attacks his militia continues to grow. The American President, Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron called for joint meetings in Washington to withdraw Gaddafi.

As the White House announced on Tuesday evening, both sides agreed, "accelerate the possible answers" plans for a series, even though this means NATO. These options included humanitarian assistance, enforcing the arms embargo and a no-fly zone. Obama and Cameron are in agreement that "the common goal in Libya immediate end to the brutality and violence must be the fastest possible resignation of Gaddafi and a transition to the aspirations of the Libyan people for freedom, dignity, and a representative government is just "said State Department spokesman, Philip Crowley, according to the television channel CNN.

ITALY - The "euro generation" has become big

She died in 2002. One hundred and forty years of loyal service wiped out by a young ambitious currency shared by 17 countries. Today's read - the unknown - no longer wooed by the nostalgia and collectors. The euro generation - young people who grew up with the new currency - unaware of its existence.

You think I exaggerate? Listen to proof the actor Federico Russo, 13. "Can you tell me about the play, Federico?" "That is an old currency." "But you've never heard in school, at home, or at your grandparents?" "No , never. " "There is nothing surprising about that," says a reassuring tone Stefano Caselli, professor at Bocconi University in Milan.

A car bomb caused at least 11 dead and 50 injured in Pakistan

Islamabad. .- A car bomb exploded Tuesday in the city of Faisalbad, in eastern Pakistan, killing at least eleven people dead and more than 50 wounded, as reported by government and medical sources. The blast took place in front of an office of the Federal Investigation Agency in Faisalabad, about 120 miles west of Lahore, capital of the country's largest province, Punjab.

The explosion has demolished several adjacent buildings, damaged a recruitment center and destroyed a dozen vehicles. It is believed that a dozen people might have been trapped under the rubble, according to Subhan Ali, spokesman for the local government. "It was a huge blast was heard over six miles.

U.S. authorizes eight airports to launch flights to Cuba

U.S. authorities gave permission on Tuesday to eight airports in the United States to organize direct flights to Cuba. Airports licensed by the Department of Customs and Border Protection are Chicago O'Hare, Baltimore, Dallas / Fort Worth, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Atlanta and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

According ELMUNDO knew. is industry sources of flights to Cuba, the government still has not responded to requests from the airports of Mobile (Alabama), Houston (Texas) and Orlando (Florida). In a statement immediately, the director of the Ports Authority of Puerto Rico, Alberto Escudero, confirmed the approval and said that the Luis Munoz Marin Airport in Puerto Rico's capital, "meets all the criteria required by the authorities" of Washington to set up links with Cuba.

COTE D'IVOIRE - The African Union absent subscribers

We will have to take his misfortune patiently. The resolution that we were entitled to expect the Panel of Heads of State on Côte d'Ivoire is referred to later. The Council for Peace and Security of the African Union (AU) has granted a grace period of one month from this group of high level. What he has not done in a month, the panel will succeed there after the new term? Reasonably, this is doubtful.

Qaddafi could have offered the rebels to meet in the People's Congress to resign

Cairo. (Reuters) .- The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has offered the rebels on Monday demanded his resignation and that control various parts of the country gather at the General People's Congress - Libyan legislative body - to pave the way to submit his resignation with certain guarantees, as reported by the Qatari television network Al Jazeera.

The television network, has said that the Libyan leader has offered to meet the General People's Congress at the interim council based in the city of Benghazi, east of the country, called the Libyan National Council, chaired by former Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel Jalil. The representative body of the rebels, according to Qatari Television chain, has rejected the proposal for a meeting proposed by the Libyan leader to discuss his resignation.

2010 the deadliest year for Afghan

2010 has become the deadliest year for Afghan civilians since it began nine years ago the war between the Taliban and international forces, with 2,800 deaths, of which three quarters were killed by insurgents, as announced by the UN . This figure shows that, despite claims by military and government officials of the international coalition, the Taliban insurgency is intensifying, and even gaining ground in recent years, guerrilla actions beyond its traditional strongholds the south and east.

EUROPEAN UNION - A damaging confusion between philosophy and statistics

On the homepage of the Swedish insurance, the concept of insurance is defined as follows: "All insurance is based on the possibility to rely on a professional approach, on scientific methods of calculation to apportion risks in solidarity and so provide a community to provide financial coverage at a reasonable cost.

" Insurance is therefore the collective sharing of risk. The prerequisite is, however, that this distribution is governed by a little bit of realism rather than excessive optimism. Or, writes the Federation of Insurance: the method must be "professional." This means that it must be financially viable while relying on "scientific calculation methods.

The FARC kidnapped 23 workers of an oil company in Colombia

Bogotá. .- The Army attributed to the Front 16 of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) kidnapped 23 workers of the company's South American Estoration (SAE), subcontracted by the Canadian oil company Talisman, in a rural area of Cumaribo, located in the department of Vichada (this). According to sources consulted by the newspaper 'El Tiempo', at least seven guerrillas stormed oil facilities in the area of Port-au-Prince, forcing these workers into the jungle, where they were transported by boats along the river Uva.

U.S. officials met with Libyan opposition members

The Executive of Barack Obama has revealed that officials from the State Department and even the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Gene Cretz, have maintained contacts in recent days with members of the National Transition Council, the parallel government that leads the rebel opposition the country trying to overthrow the dictator Qaddafi.

Although were not disclosed many details of these meetings, the meetings took place in Cairo (Egypt) and Rome (Italy). This is the first to be produced with the United States since the constitution of the body opponent. The State Department spokesman, Philip Crowley, declined to identify those who had discussions with Cretz, and said the purpose of the meetings was to "achieve a greater understanding of what is happening" in the Arab country.

THAILAND - Stopping traffic surrogacy

Baby 101 was the name of a company run by a Taiwanese citizen, identified by police as thename Siang Lung Lor. Particularly discreet in real life, the company conducts most of its activities through its website. This site is for couples without children - in Thailand and elsewhere - to whom he offered the services of women, young and pretty to wear "their" baby in exchange for a large sum of money.

Libya fracture stagnates

In the east and west, the rebels trying not to lose their positions: with despair. From downtown, try to snatch Gaddafi: repression. And outside, the world does not know yet what to do or know if the adjective of Libyan civil war. Three weeks after the popular uprising, the country has two different governments, two armies unequal territorial battle that has not moved too much, despite the attacks on Sunday, the opposition still controlling Misratah yesterday, the third largest city, completely besieged, and, on the eastern front, trying Gaddafi forces of Ras Lanuf not pass, with only 12,500 inhabitants.

Libyan opposition calls on EU to refrain from any military intervention

Libyan opposition's called the National Transitional Council today called on the EU to refrain from intervening militarily in the country to tackle the regime's offensive against the population. In a meeting with MEPs of the European Parliament's liberal group, Mahmoud Gebril, senior representative of the National Transitional Council has expressed his categorical rejection of international military intervention to "undermine the credibility of the rebels" and "be seen by the civilian population as a interference.

INDIA - A wedding exorbitant, but not mind-blowing

In India, the number of filled stomachs that we said a successful marriage. Kanwar Tanwar politician understands this by inviting 8,000 people to the wedding of his son who has joined Lalit Thursday, March 3 with Yogita Jaunapuria, daughter of a prominent politician. The ceremony was described by Indian media as "one of the most lavish weddings that India has ever known." According leTimes of India, the total cost amounts to 1 billion rupees (16 million euros), while the Mail Today about 39 million euros.

That Hamas is going to hell!

At the entrance to Gaza, the Palestinian side of Erez, someone dared to translate the following painted on the walls: "CTRL + ALT DELETE. We need a RESTART." It appears that cyber-dissidents are in the Gaza Islamists, inspired by the hurricane that sweeps the Arab world and also expect it to hit land.

"Repression of the Hamas government in Gaza, will not serve anything," he says defiantly a group of young Palestinians living in Gaza and increasingly dare to stand against the theocratic regime, which according to them press and limits. When in June 2007 saw the Hamas coup, which ended the government of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, the area had a network of very basic and primitive Internet.

France suspends the Year for Mexico by Florence Cassez

The French organizers of the Year in Mexico in France said Tuesday they have found it impossible to continue with the events planned to promote Mexican culture in France in 2011. The French Institute, responsible for organizing the Year of Mexico, and said in a statement after weeks of diplomatic row between Paris and Mexico for the case of Florence Cassez, gala citizen sentenced to 60 years in prison in Mexico for kidnapping.

SAUDI ARABIA - The Saudi Shiites rally

"Calls have been launched on a Facebook page for a 'day of anger' March 4 in eastern Shiite-dominated Saudi Arabia ', reports L'Orient-Le Jour. The day before almost a hundred Saudi Shiites had already organized a rally in the same region of eastern Saudi Arabia where most of the oil wealth of the kingdom, demanding the release of prisoners "who were detained without charges or trial." Among these people is "Sheikh Al-Aamer arrested Feb.

Obama restores military commissions to try Guantanamo prisoners

Washington. .- The President of the United States, Barack Obama, declared in an executive order restoring the military commissions, which had been suspended at the beginning of its mandate, to prosecute some detainees held at Guantanamo. In a statement distributed by the White House, Obama said this and other measures "will extend our ability to bring terrorists to justice, provide oversight of our actions and ensure the humane treatment of detainees." The measure for Obama having to re-admit the difficulty of closing the prison, the first commitment adopted after coming to power in January 2009.

Released 22 of the 23 hostages the FARC kidnappings attributed to the

Freed up military pressure 22 of the 23 employees of a subcontractor of Canadian oil company Talisman kidnapped on Monday in eastern Colombia by suspected guerrillas, who took as "human shields" to a hostage, the army said. Mass kidnappings like this one, attributed by the authorities at the front 16 of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), were not recorded in this country since January 2008 when the guerrillas retained 30 tourists in the department of Choco, which borders Panama.

LIBYA - Something's stirring at the London School of Economics

"On 3 March, the director of the London School of Economics (LSE), Howard Davies, has resigned following revelations reports of donations received by the famous school from the Libyan regime," reported The Guardian. The sum is estimated at 2.2 million pounds [2.5 million]. A committee was tasked to conduct an inquiry "to examine the relationship between the LSE and Libya.

A new regulation on international donations should also be developed by this commission."

NATO to maximize the AWACS surveillance on Libya

Washington. .- NATO has decided to extend the 24-hour flights AWACS early warning surveillance and control of Libya, while debating whether to impose an air exclusion zone, reported the U.S. ambassador. UU. to the Alliance. In a conference call, the diplomat, Ivo Daalder, said that NATO decided today to extend the 24-hour surveillance system and AWACS can detect aerial activities and movements on the surface over long distances.

The women's revolution

Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain ... The Arab spring as the main pillar has been women. They have not been content to join the demonstrations, but have been an active part of them, organizing and leading the protests. Beyond the topic in the West have of Arab women, mothers and daughters have been together in the key events that have toppled regimes in Tunisia and Ben Ali Mubarak in Egypt.

In Yemen, a woman, Tawakul Karman, emerged as a spokesman for the disinherited. In Bahrain, the women wrapped in their black robes staged demonstrations and challenging the moral laws of the conservative emirate sleeping rough and praying outdoors. Fatima Mernissi crumbled in his book 'The Harem in the West' the myths of these veiled women here confine into submission and silence.

EGYPT - The opposition candidate named Prime Minister

"The army has fulfilled the wishes of the demonstrators in Tahrir Square," says Al-Hayat. March 3, Ahmed Shafik, who was appointed Prime Minister by President Hosni Mubarak a few days before his departure on February 11, resigned. The Supreme Council of the armed forces quickly appointed in his place a civilian, Essam Sharaf, an engineering professor at Cairo University and a popular figure among the demonstrators.

The Libyan revolutionary launch their web

Benghazi (Libya). .- The interim National Transitional Council (QNA), the governing body of the Libyan rebels, opened its website (www. ntclibya. Org), a day after launching his twitter, which in less than 24 hours with 3,630 followers. The revolutionary new technology used to circumvent the media blackout that uses the government of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and use the web and twitter as a communication tool The site offers two versions, Arabic and English, but offered nothing more serious difficulties throwing very slow access and navigation.

Zawiya rebel resistance, on the verge of collapse

Muammar Gaddafi's regime has intensified its air raids on Tuesday and ground assault into the city deZawiya-the rebel-held enclave close to the Libyan capital. Using heavy artillery and, according to witnesses, "at least 50 tanks," the colonel loyal to attempt to crush resistance in the city and stop the rebels, stuck in the port city of Ras Lanuf since Sunday.

The ultimate fate remains uncertain Zawiya. Witnesses quoted by the Associated Press say the city has fallen and maintained that the brutal crackdown of the army and air force loyal to the dictator have come to break the last lines of defense of the rebels late in the afternoon. In Tripoli, the government already gives the battle won, and ensures that the resistance is only a few dozen people.

Chile - the hard right celebrates its martyrs

Chirac's trial pending the constitutional challenge presented by the defense

Paris. .- The trial of French president Jacques Chirac for corruption when he was mayor of Paris closed its first day today with the risk of being suspended for months, if tomorrow is confirmed the constitutional challenge raised by the defense. In this case, described as historic for being the first time he could sit on the bench a former Head of State Gallo, Chirac is accused by the establishment in the municipality of the capital, between 1992 and 1995, 21 non-existent jobs to raise money for his party, the conservative RPR.

The assault on union power extends to the states of Indiana and Ohio

By order of a judge, thousands of activists peacefully evicted last Friday the Wisconsin Capitol, where they had camped a couple of weeks. However, the swords remain high in the conflict between the Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, with the unions of state officials. Far from resolved, the labor and political battle has spread to the neighboring states of Ohio and Indiana, whose governors intend to approve a proposal similar to those of Walker.

IRAQ - There is anger here, too

"Since early February, the Iraqis have organized several events in a score of Iraqi cities across the country, during which several people died in the fire service agenda," notes Al-Quds Al-Arabi. "The new Iraq headed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, is in second place, after Somalia, in the ranking of most corrupt countries by Transparency International.

The lives of Iraqis and public service delivery are poorer in the Arab world, "the pan-Arab daily.

Netanyahu ordered the dismantling of illegal settlements in the West Bank

Jerusalem. .- The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ordered to dismantle those structures in settlements and Jewish enclaves built on private Palestinian land in the West Bank before the end of the year, his office announced today. The decision, which, as explained by the Office of the Prime Minister, seeks to reduce the number of such enclaves, responding to a lawsuit filed by the Israeli peace organization Ajshav Shalom (Peace Now) to be dismantled six of them erected in the territory Palestinian.

Jacques Chirac, for now, will not sit on the bench

The Paris court on Tuesday announced the postponement of the trial of former French President Jacques Chirac, after accepting the constitutional motion filed by the defense lawyer, Jean-Yves Le Borgne. The trial, presided over by Judge Dominique Pauth, has been postponed to a date "around June 20, because the arguments presented by counsel are political in nature 'serious'.

78, the former head of state, not yet appeared in person to the court. He is accused of having awarded seven government jobs to people who actually worked for his party, and in 21 cases to political friends in 1990 when he was mayor of Paris and leader of the RPR. The indictment includes two different research connected with the granting of employment, one located in Paris and another in Nanterre, near Paris.

RUSSIA - Dmitry Medvedev, the "tsar reformer"

On the occasion of the celebration marking the 150th anniversary of the abolition of serfdom in Russia by Czar Alexander II, President Medvedev has restored its reputation manager "modernizing" and "liberating". In his speech in St. Petersbourg, he explicitly included in its policy of continuity of major reforms driven by Alexander II in the nineteenth century, says Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

"In trying to develop democratic institutions still quite infancy, develop the economy and change the political system, we continue the momentum that began a century ago and a half," he said. "The nation is a living organism, not a machine. It can not rely solely on the reproduction of old ideas and the 'tightening screws", he added.

Obama warns supporters that Gaddafi will answer for their acts

Washington / Brussels. .- The President of USA. UU., Barack Obama warned supporters today to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to answer for their acts and the use of violence against the rebels, and acknowledged that the military option is still under study. "I say to those who are with him, that depends on them make the decision about how they want to operate from now on," Obama said during a meeting with Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, said that while the military option is still being considered by NATO allies.

Ivory Coast head up

Ivory Coast remains embroiled in political turmoil that erupted in late November, following presidential elections, elections that ended with the two leading candidates, Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara, proclaiming victory, resulting in a power addition bicefalia a mess today, three months later, threatens to turn into civil war.

Cocoa (a product that attracts the highest rate of foreign exchange) has become the latest battlefront. On Monday the outgoing President Gbagbo ordered the government to "take control of all cocoa purchases and exports (up to now in the hands of multinationals), a gesture to the opposition was Ouattara, internationally recognized as the legitimate winner, announced a temporary ban on seed exports, hoping to cut off the supply to its rival.

France: Chirac process was postponed until June

Former French President Jacques Chirac was not since the trial started on Monday appeared personally in court. The trial of former French President Jacques Chirac has been adjourned shortly after it opened in June. Until then, it will be decided on a constitutional issue, which had argued the lawyer for a co-accused.

The judges said Tuesday in Paris. Content is about the limitation of criminal offenses, if two procedures are combined. Chirac was not since the trial started on Monday appeared personally in court. He is charged with a Veruntreuungsaffäre from his time as mayor of Paris in the nineties.

Libya: New offensive against rebels

An insurgent operates a machine gun as an air defense. Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi has launched a new military offensive against the insurgents in several Libyan cities. Combat aircraft flew raids on rebel positions in Ras Lanuf, as the Arabic channel Al-Jazeera reported on Tuesday. Battles were also reported in Misurata, Al-Sawija was under artillery fire.

NATO stands ready for a possible intervention in the North African country. AWACS reconnaissance planes to monitor the military activities of the Gaddafi regime is now around the Clock. Paris and London want to push through a resolution in the Security Council the establishment of a no-fly zone against the Libyan air force.