Sunday, April 10, 2011

The author of the shooting at a shopping center was licensed arms Dutch

Brussels .- The alleged perpetrator of the shooting that took place yesterday in a shopping center in the Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn was a 24 year old member of a shooting club and licensed weapons, as reported today local authorities. The alleged perpetrator of the killing of seven persons, who committed suicide with a shot in the head after opening fire at the entrance of the mall, a young native named Tristan van der Vlis.

Seven killed in a shootout at a shopping mall in Holland

At least seven people have died in a shooting at a mall in the Dutch town of Alphen ann den Rijn, 46 km south of Amsterdam. The death toll in the incident is still tentative, since there are now three people hospitalized "in critical condition" and seven others wounded in varying degrees, local authorities said in a statement.

The shooting took place after noon on Saturday at the main entrance of the shopping center known as "Ridderhof", about 20 kilometers from Amsterdam, an area that was very crowded at that hour. The gunman has been identified as Tristan van der Vlis, a boy of 24 years who opened fire with a machine gun and then shot himself in the head.

The resurrection of Umarov

The leader of the separatist guerrilla Russian north Caucasus, Doku Umarov, is alive. So says the daily Kommersant, which denies that the Chechen terrorists died in late March shot by Russian security forces. The newspaper quoted Svoboda radio station, which this week received a call from the separatist leader himself.

Umarov said that, contrary to what the media had reported, was alive and in good health. He also promised a new wave of attacks against Russia. Radio that the newspaper said he spoke with the leader himself was Caucasian and not someone else imitating his voice: "I got off the phone with him on other occasions.

MYANMAR - An addition damn salt

Markets of Rangoon, the price of salt has soared in recent days due to heavy rain - unusual for this time of year - that fell on the salt marshes, reported the Mizzima News website dissenting. By last weekend, a screwed or a bag of 1.6 kg is dropped from 250 to 600 kyat (20 to 48 cents depending on the unofficial exchange rate which appears on the homepage of the journal The Irrawaddy).

An outbreak would have been compounded by an unprecedented demand for iodized salt from China, where it was rumored that he had to eat to protect against the radioactive cloud that could come from Japan.

Gbagbo's forces regaining ground in the streets of Abidjan

Abidjan. .- The forces for the outgoing president of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, has done it again with the control of neighborhoods in Le Plateau and Cocody, the economic capital, Abidjan, Efe reported area residents . This advance of troops loyal to Gbagbo has undermined the spirit of a portion of the population abiyanesa, who saw the speech last Wednesday of the president-elect, Alassane Ouattara, and control of its troops from these two key areas an indication the city return to normal.

Cameron, Save or populism?

David Cameron's visit to Grenada has not gone unnoticed in the British media. But do not think that that was the intention of the conservative premier, whose environment leaked to a handful of writers related the details of the trip and perhaps the photos waiting with his wife when boarding the flight of Ryanair.

Many Spanish have been positively surprised that a prime minister traveling in a low cost airline. Especially in light of the storm around the MEPs' decision to continue flying in first class. In the UK, however, the reaction was much more nuanced. In part by the skepticism of citizens to their political and partly because the British know the path and know that Cameron is a politician prone to dramatic effects and showmanship of his personal life.

Debate - The Leviathan exists, it is in Brussels

Gaddafi comes back before the public with a visit to a school in Tripoli

Rabat. .- The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Saturday visited a school in Tripoli by Libyan state television reported, whose pictures you can see the autocrat wearing a brown robe and sunglasses, surrounded by students chanting anti-Western slogans. This is the first public appearance since Qadhafi came out last Monday outside his home in Bab al Aziziya, south of Tripoli, to greet supporters gathered at the complex.

The testimony of Ai Weiwei's assistant points to an arrest for ideological reasons

One of the assistants who worked with the artist and dissident detained Sunday Ai Weiwei, was insulted and threatened during a police interrogation, reports the independent newspaper "South China Morning Post. The aide, called Liu Yanping and 30 years old, told the paper that was questioned in particular about the independent investigation conducted Ai on the influence of corruption in the collapse of schools in the earthquake of 2008 in Sichuan 5,000 children who died.

FRANCE - Nicolas Sarkozy on the verge of overheating?

"Impossible is not French", told the Emperor Napoleon. Nicolas Sarkozy, he has dared the impossible. Faced with a difficult situation domestically and outside, he was not content to wait for better days. Overnight, the "diplomat of reconciliation", which had courted and supported the despot Gaddafi through the Tunisian leader Ben Ali, has evolved into a fiery freedom fighter.

Suddenly, once again, the French are ahead of them an international referee who does not remain helpless against the bloodshed ahead in Benghazi, and who knows how to use military force to show that there is a dictatorship limits. With the exception of the far-right National Front, all parties have praised Sarkozy for his intervention decided in favor of the civilian population Jamahiriya.

Grass fears an "eco-dictatorship" in the aftermath of Fukushima

Hamburg. Günter Grass .- fears that the nuclear disaster in Japan and other environmental issues arising in establishing an "eco-dictatorship", he told the German Nobel literature in an interview published today. What happened at the Fukushima nuclear plant is not the only problem: they are also "the exhaustion of resources, the end of growth, globalization, water scarcity ...

and all that is just as important," said the writer 83-year newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt. "My worst fear is that we end up setting up an eco-dictatorship. We would then have to live with a state of emergency regulations," said the author of The Tin Drum. Grass also launched a furious criticism from pro-nuclear policy followed in Germany by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Angela Merkel and her junior partner in government, the Liberal Party (FDP).

Two dead after the military crack down on a demonstration in Cairo

Two people died and dozens were wounded, medical sources said, after Egyptian security forces violently disbanded a demonstration Saturday in Tahrir Square in Cairo. According to witnesses, police attacked the demonstrators with tear gas and shots into the air near the Egyptian Museum. The deaths would be the first since the fall of Hosni Mubarak on 11 February.

The Egyptian Health Ministry has only confirmed one dead and 71 wounded. The head of the Central Department of Ministry Intensive Care, Dr. Khaled al-Khatib was quoted by state news agency MENA, said that some of the victims had gunshot wounds. Khatib explained that other wounded were treated with symptoms of respiratory failure, fainting, and various injuries such as bruises.

HAITI - A country eager to be led

Hippolyte Mirlande Manigat returned to the ranks of the University Quisqueya since March 21. His colleagues and students took pleasure in return. Before the elections, had announced a constitutional colors: it wants to remain the same teacher if she is elected to the first magistracy of the State. Michel Martelly [pop singer] has a piano and keyboards galore home.

A recording studio and longtime fans, converted into political support, marching all day long, within its walls, to meet him. Throughout the campaign, the candidate remained the artist he always was. While the results are slow in coming, let us not fear for the future of the two main protagonists in the presidential race.

Several injured in an explosion at a polling station in Nigeria

Lagos. .- Several people were injured in an explosion at a polling station in the Nigerian town of Maiduguri (north), while legislative elections are held in the most populous country in Africa. Police sources said the injured were security agents and officials of the polling place. The voting process for elections in Nigeria began today at 12.30 local time (11.30 GMT) after yesterday's violent episodes they occur in the days before.

Ten killed in a multiple collision in Germany by a sandstorm

At least ten people were killed and ninety wounded in varying degrees in a pileup of 80 vehicles, happened on Friday in northeastern Germany because of a sandstorm. German police said the accident occurred on the A19 motorway in the south of the town of Rostock, heading to Berlin. At least a dozen vehicles caught fire after the collision chain and many others were embedded in cars that preceded them, to stop suddenly while traveling at high speed.

Gaddafi Adjabiya and forces bombed the hospital evacuation

Ajdabiya (Libya). .- The rebels have ordered the evacuation of the hospital today to Ajdabiya, 160 miles southwest of Benghazi, the revolutionary capital, at the intensity of the bombing by the troops gadafistas, as he witnessed Efe. Amid a general rout the rebels decided to evacuate the medical facility for the harshness of the fighting that has also forced the abandonment of the city to Benghazi for the few families left in this strategic eastern country.

Mr. Bruni is pissed

United Kingdom - Carnival activist on Oxford Street

British activists - students, militant anti-tax evasion and anti-capitalist groups - have announced for Saturday, March 26 a series of sit-ins, occupations and popular assemblies intended to mark the popular opposition to the program restraint of government. In particular, they intend to occupy some "beautiful buildings" of the capital, causing the closure of dozens of shops and occupy Hyde Park for twenty-four hours.

Off a bomb on a road between Dublin and Belfast

Belfast. .- Northern Irish police have turned off this Saturday, a bomb ready to explode "found in a van on the main route connecting Dublin with Belfast, a week after the attack allegedly perpetrated by dissident Republicans who killed a police in Omagh . Although no group has taken responsibility, police suspect may again be behind the attempted bombing of the IRA dissidents who opposed the 1998 peace process.

A ship arrives from Libya to Lampedusa in more than 500 immigrants

Two boats from North Africa with hundreds of immigrants on board arrived on Friday night on the Italian island of Lampedusa, after more than 24 hours of respite in which there had been no news of new landings. As reported by Italian media, the largest landing occurred shortly after 20.00 local time (18.00 GMT) from an old boat that is believed to have from Libya.

Italian television channel Sky TG24 issued late in the afternoon on Friday pictures of the boat, which, according to some media, traveled some 600 immigrants, mostly from sub-Saharan origin. The boat, which had also women and children, was sighted in the afternoon on Friday about 20 miles south of Lampedusa and then accompanied into port by boat from the Guardia di Finanza and the Port Authority.

LIBYA - Berlin confirms its position

Invited to discuss the trays of the second public channel ZDF on March 24, the German Minister of Development, Dirk Niebel (FDP Liberal) has strongly defended the government's position against military involvement Merkel of Germany in Libya and dismissed the argument - often made with the approach of regional elections on March 27 - for "electoral maneuver.

According tageszeitung, he lamented that "all non-military means have not been exploited" and that there is no strategy for post-Gaddafi. Moreover, he denounced the hypocrisy of the international coalition, finding "significant that it is precisely those countries that continue to source petroleum Libyan bombing blithely the country." Germany, she argues for a total embargo on oil deliveries.

Hundreds of Egyptians are entrenched in Tahrir after clashes with the army

Cairo. .- Hundreds of Egyptians continue today in the central Tahrir Square in Cairo in a clear challenge to the Armed Forces, after violent clashes this morning between protesters and the military. In this square, the epicenter of the revolution that ended the regime of Hosni Mubarak, are clear signs of shocks that occurred hours earlier when members of the army tried to disperse after curfew to those gathered there.

Israel continues its offensive and killed a leader and two Hamas militants

Further escalation in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and Palestinian militants shot at southern Israel. This morning, Israeli aircraft killed two militants and a leader of the armed wing of the Islamist group Hamas, the main objective of the military offensive launched on Thursday after their attack (with an antitank missile) against a school bus and seriously injured an Israeli teenager 16 years.

JAPAN - Residents of Fukushima, head (if you want)!

Now, residents within a radius of 20-30 km around the plant in Fukushima Dai-ichi are invited individually to evacuate, "said government spokesman Yukio Edano. "Although they were advised from March 12 to stay at home cloisters, the government advises evacuation due to the supply of essential commodities has become increasingly difficult to achieve," recounts the Asahi Shimbun.

Syria accuses infiltrators groups of protesters slaughter

Cairo. .- The Syrian Interior Ministry accused the group of infiltrators to shoot the demonstrations that took place Friday in various parts of the country against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Asad. "Some of inciting to violence, intruders and paid for by known external sectors infiltrated the demonstrators and opened fire indiscriminately in order to cause a division between civilians and police," says the ministry said in a statement released by the agency SANA news.

Internal documents reveal doubts about the safety of nuclear plants in the U.S.

Several internal documents of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have revealed the doubts among experts about security in some of the 65 operations centers in the United States. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS, for its acronym in English) has released the contents of emails in which asserts that "contingency plans have been reviewed to ensure they can work in the case of severe accidents." The same documents doubt whether the plants are ready to face a "prolonged slump power" to stop without running their refrigeration systems, as occurred in Fukushima reactor.

LIBYA - It's serious stroke in Benghazi

Bahrain's government could have arrested more than 500 opponents

Manama. .- The Bahraini Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) has indicated that the number of opposition activists detained in the Gulf country has already exceeded the 500 - among which there are 17 women - as well as 18 missing , as reported by Iranian television channel PressTV. Since the beginning of the protests in Bahrain, dozens of protesters have been killed and many more are missing.

The bodies of the missing are usually found days later. The president of BCHR, Nabil Rajab, said that, currently, one in a thousand Bahrainis being held for political reasons. In this sense, eyewitnesses have reported that state security forces conducted house to house to arrest the activists.

U.S. achieves an extension in extremis to avoid government shutdown

Republicans and Democrats buried the hatchet when there was only an hour for the "cerrojazo" the federal government for lack of funds. The two parties finally reached an agreement for the fiscal 2011 budget includes a cut in public spending of 38,000 million dollars, the largest in recent U.S. history.

"I have the pleasure to announce that the Washington Monument and all government offices will remain open," said Obama, with the obelisk illuminated in the background, at the time of his ambivalent blessing to the deal shortly before midnight. The agreement prevented the paralysis of the administration feared that would have left empty ministries, museums, national parks and thousands of federal agents throughout the country, in a sequel to "cerrojazo" of the Clinton era (only services "emergency" air traffic controllers to the soldiers in line of fire would have continued in their posts).

PORTUGAL - Against austerity, one solution golf!

The Socialist government's intention to reduce from 23 to 6% VAT on playing golf is a source of pride for golfers and a shame for trade unionists. A group of people with low collective organization, incapable of doing demonstrations or participate in negotiations, manages to be more effective in meeting its legitimate aspirations that united CGTP and UGT [CGT Portuguese General Union of Workers - close to the socialists - are the main trade union confederations in the country].

TEPCO built a steel wall to stop the radiation in the sea of Fukushima

Tokyo. .- Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, began today to install a steel wall to prevent more water from leaking radioactive material into the sea, local news agency Kyodo. TEPCO will try and plug an outlet to the Pacific Ocean connected to the reactor 2, which was taking water used in the turbine building when the system worked properly.

Now, technicians are concerned that through this channel is highly radioactive water is leaking into the sea, so the block with seven steel plates and a plastic mesh of 120 meters wide. On Wednesday, TEPCO operators managed to stop a leak highly polluting discovered four days earlier in a pit of Fukushima Daiichi plant near the sea, the levels of radioactivity in the ocean have remained high, although down from a peak of 7.5 million over the legal limit.

Build a steel wall to stop the sea of Fukushima radiation

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant, has begun installing this Saturday a steel wall to prevent more water from leaking radioactive material into the sea, local news agency Kyodo. TEPCO will try and plug an outlet to the Pacific Ocean connected to the reactor 2, which was taking water used in the turbine building when the system worked properly.

Now, technicians are concerned that through this channel is highly radioactive water is leaking into the sea, so the block with seven steel plates and a plastic mesh of 120 meters wide. On Wednesday, TEPCO operators managed to stop a leak highly polluting discovered four days earlier in a pit of Fukushima Daiichi plant near the sea, the levels of radioactivity in the ocean have remained high, although down from a peak of 7.5 million over the legal limit.

GERMANY - Stuttgart happen to red and green

According to a survey conducted from March 16 to 22 for RTL and the site's online magazine Stern tells Die Welt, a "historic change" is taking shape for March 27, when elections are held in Baden- Württemberg. The current center-right coalition and the Liberals (CDU-FDP) does not exceed 43%, while the opposition Red-Green (SPD Social Democrats and Greens) climbs to 48%.

Worse yet for the current "black-yellow coalition" of CDU reached 38% of voting intentions, but the FDP does not exceed 5%. It may therefore not be represented in the regional parliament. After the protests against the infrastructure project Stuttgart 21 is the nuclear disaster in Japan, analysts said, propelling the Greens at 24%, tied with the SPD.

Republicans and Democrats reach agreement to avoid the 'close' the U.S. Government

Washington. (EFE) .- The U.S. president, Barack Obama said today that the agreement reached by leaders of Congress on the federal budget includes "the largest annual cuts in the history" of the country. "Congress, on behalf of all Americans, has now reached an agreement to avoid paralyzing the government," he said in a televised statement from the White House, which acknowledged that some of the cuts approved "will be painful and would not have been in better circumstances.

A cold blood in a French village

The story could have been signed in mid Truman Capote and Norman Mailer: the cold blooded murder of a family and an executioner's song dubbed 'the eternal guilty' but whose guilt over a decade later, is still in doubt. The French version of the real story that Capote was occurred in 1994. As in the book, a family was brutally murdered in a small town of 1,500 inhabitants.

In this case the Klutter family farm is located in the countryside of northern France (La Sarthe). On the morning of September 5 the family's nanny Leprince discovered the bodies of marriage and two children stabbed and sewn. The baby escaped the massacre only the couple, two years since then under the tutelage of a caregiver.