Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Italy suspended one year its plans to return to nuclear energy

Rome, (EFE) .- The Italian Government today approved the Council of Ministers for a moratorium suspending for one year its plans to return to nuclear energy production, the government said. The measure, which advanced yesterday by Minister of Economic Development, Paolo Romani, provides for a twelve-month pause in the procedures for installing and identifying nuclear sites in Italy.

Based on this moratorium, the deadline for defining nuclear strategy in Italy is now 24 months from today and not three months from the approval of the project as originally planned, sources said. The conservative government of Silvio Berlusconi and brakes, for now, his intention to produce this type of energy, nuclear alert after the power unleashed in Fukushima, Japan, after the earthquake and tsunami that struck the island last March 11.

Being a woman in the Arab world is to make a declaration of war

Joumana Haddad smokes a cigarette in the sun and hurried up the stairs. He smiles and says, in a near-perfect Spanish, which has the feeling all the time repeating the same answers. But in just a few minutes Joumana clear that words are their best allies in the fight, invisible but constant, for the freedom of women.

Published in Spain 'I killed Scheherazade' (Ed. Debate), an essay that seeks to dismantle all the topics on women in the Arab world. Question: We are witnessing a wave of change in the Arab world. How will these revolutions in the role of women? Answer: I am excited about what is happening and makes me feel proud.

RACISM - Black and Quebec, not easy

February 1969. There are forty-two years, a singular event shook the academic world in Montreal. Six students from the Caribbean were preparing for a protest against a professor of biology at the University Sir George Williams, now Concordia. Perry Paterson, they said, made them always fail because of the color black of their skin.

The protest, which began as a letter, had quickly taken on enormous proportions. Students, both black and white, stormed the ninth floor, the computer lab at Sir George Williams; computers are thrown out the window, the police conducts aggressive interventions. A fire broke out on the floor busy.

The possible fall of the Portuguese Government debt crisis raises interest

Lisbon .- The possible resignation of the Socialist government of Portugal, which can happen today if the Parliament rejects the new fiscal plan, pressure on the Lisbon Stock Exchange and raised the sovereign interests of the five and ten years. The spread of the Treasury Obligations (OT) at five years was up this morning to 7 basis points to reach 8.05%, a new record since the country's entry into the euro in 2002, while interest jumped to 10 years five basis points to 7.54%.

Former President Kuchma denies involvement in journalist's death

Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma on Wednesday denied involvement in the death of Georgiy Gongadze, a journalist close to the opposition who was assassinated in 2000, and said he is willing to go "all the torments of hell" to prove his innocence. "Honestly, I am calm because I do not feel guilty," he told reporters before his appearance before the prosecutor general for questioning about the death of Gongadze.

Earthquake and nuclear threats in Japan

Already heavily affected by the tragic consequences of the violent earthquake of March 11, 2011, the Japanese must also live with the nuclear threat. The series of explosions in central Fukushima Daiichi put them at risk of radioactive contamination. a critical situation that reopens the debate in Japan and worldwide, the relevance of all-nuclear.

Sale maritime surveillance aircraft with 12 soldiers to join the Libyan mission

Getafe (Madrid). .- The C-235 maritime surveillance mission will participate in the international arms embargo on Libya has game today, with twelve soldiers on board, from the air base at Getafe (Madrid) towards the base Decimonannu Italian (Sardinia .) With the addition of this aircraft is complete deployment of all Spanish naval and air assets earmarked for international operations in Libya.

Evacuate the facility by a new exhaust smoke into the reactor 3

The staff at the Fukushima nuclear plant has come to be evacuated on Wednesday after new black smoke detected in the reactor 3, the most dangerous of all to contain plutonium, as reported by the company TEPCO. Hours later, smoke began to fade, according to NHK. "We do not know if the smoke comes from the turbine building and the reactor containment building," said a spokesman for the company that owns the plant.

UNITED KINGDOM - 500 days before the London Olympics

The countdown has been launched for the London Olympics. A monumental clock was unveiled on Trafalgar Square on 14 March, 500 days before the opening of the competition. . The ceremony was attended by Lord Sebastian Coe, chairman of the organizing committee of the Olympics, Boris Johnson, mayor of the capital, and heptathlete Jessica Ennis.

The iron clock, measuring 6.5 meters and weighing 4 tons, was unveiled by the rowers Ady Pete Reed and Hodge, and sailors Ian Percy and Andrew Simpson. "Can you do better?" asks its readers the Daily Telegraph, launching a design competition to find a better design. The ceremony also marked the beginning of the sale of tickets for the Games.

Readers reject the Spanish participation in Libya

The international community has established itself, with differences on the military intervention in Libya. Countries such as Germany and Italy in Europe, Syria and Algeria from the Arab League, or China, Brazil and India have shown a reluctance to attack Libya. In Spain, has asked not to compare the war in Iraq.

On the one hand, passive inaction means that the killing of Gaddafi, on the other hand, the intervention involves the use of force in the internal affairs of a country, with negative consequences for the civilian population. Meanwhile, the Libyan dictator does not budge. What readers have opined about it? Toni Segarra Leo 'believes that war is always an expression of "destructive power" and we must change the paradigm and moral.

Gaddafi comes back on TV to harangue his followers: At the end we will be victorious

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has reappeared in public through a televised speech in which he has vowed to continue fighting and has encouraged his followers to continue fighting against the rebels and international forces to attack the country. Shouting "we will be victorious end," the Libyan leader has spoken to the people from his home in Bab el-Aziziya, in Tripoli, which was attacked on Sunday by coalition aircraft and has ensured that Libya "is ready for battle, either short or long.

BAHRAIN - Manama, instead of the Pearl is under the control of the army

At 6 h 10 local time (4 h 10 French time), one day after the proclamation of emergency rule, the military stormed the place of the Pearl, which camped for several weeks opponents. In air rising clouds of tear gas and black smoke emerges from the flames in tents. Four military helicopters and two from the Ministry of Interior fly zone.

The public hospital Salmaniya, transformed into an opposition stronghold, was surrounded by riot police.

The allies bombed the troops encircling Misrata gadafistas

Tripoli / Cairo - The international coalition aircraft deployed in Libya to enforce no-fly zone today has bombarded positions Gaddafi forces near the town of Misrata, between Tripoli and Sirte, reported the Qatari channel Al Jazeera. The rebels in the enclave, isolated from the rest of the country in revolutionary hands, have endured in recent days, the punishment of artillery accompanied by tanks and snipers deployed to prevent any movement of civilians and militants.

The violent suppression of protests in Syria leaves several dead and wounded

At least four people were killed last night in an attack on an ambulance near a mosque in the Syrian city of Deraa, scene of protests in recent days, Syrian officials said. However, the website opposing the Syrian regime "Akhbar Al Sharq 'offers a completely different version of the facts and that" security forces launched a bloody attack against about 1000 protesters who were against the Al Umari during am today.

SOUTH AFRICA - Junior Mandela of talk

The little son of Madiba, Mandla Mandela, criticized on March 15 the government's policy on essential services (water, electricity). While the Authority's representative was unable to give reliable figures on the water and all water-borne sewerage, the youngest member of the African National Congress (ANC) said that his party had promised that all houses would be equipped in 2014 ...

It was said, two years ago mainly interested in luxury cars, gets more and more prominent.

"I think there were no gas chambers"

Berlin, March 23 .- The controversial Bishop Richard Williamson, known for his statements Holocaust deniers and ultra-conservative member of the Brotherhood of Pius, will be tried this summer in Germany for incitement to racial hatred. The Court of Regensburg announced today the start of the proceedings against Bishop LeFebvrists and set a date for the 4th of July.

The trial for statements he made to a Scandinavian broadcaster should have been held last November but had to be postponed because the defendant changed counsel and new counsel needed time to hear the proceedings. "I think the historical evidence strongly speak against six million Jews were gassed intentionally in the gas chambers as a premeditated strategy of Adolf Hitler.

"Nuclear? Do not know, do not answer

Go! Said on Tuesday that it would not write about the earthquake unless major developments occur, and although that fortunately has not happened, I'm here again. Journalism is a hormiguillo lagartijero. No sedative to heal. Major, no, but the tremors continue. One, on Tuesday afternoon, almost evening, on the island of Kyushu (there is Nagasaki), and two, now, just now, in Fukushima, which has not won for frights.

Japan changes its tradition funeral for lack of fuel

In some cities in Japan has begun to bury victims of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 due to lack of fuel for the crematoria, Nipponese media reported. The government Higashimatsushima city in Miyagi prefecture, the most affected by natural castástrofe, said he has purchased land to bury up to 1,000 bodies.

The mayor, Hideo Abe, said that funerals are a temporary solution and that the bodies will be cremated within two years. In Japan there is no tradition of burying the dead, but of incineration. According to the latest figures provided by the National Police, the earthquake and tsunami caused 9,079 dead and 12,645 missing.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Laurent Gbagbo politically isolated

"South Africa has officially row behind the position of the African Union (AU), which recognizes Alassane Ouattara as the sole legitimate president" welcomes the daily pro-Ouattara. Last week, the Gbagbo camp still existed an alliance with Pretoria. But today, the outgoing president appears more isolated than ever, and the balance of power on the ground so it is no longer favorable.

The pro-Gbagbo press, meanwhile, focuses on violence perpetrated by its opponents.

Palestinian teen killed five Israelis in Gaza shooting

The protesters again take to the streets in Syria

New day of protests in Syria, specifically in the town of Dera, south of the country, after yesterday thousands of people involved there at the funeral of a young man who died Sunday during protests. "He is holding a rally near the mosque of Al Omari," said one witness, who requested anonymity. In the mosque there are 300 injuries because the scene is transformed into a field hospital after the attacks of the last days of the police against the people.

PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES - Corporate events to end the divisions

Tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrated on March 15 to demand an end to divisions between the Palestinian Authority, which controls the West Bank, and Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip. "During the marches and sit-ins, they requested that national unity is restored and geographic relationships are established between the two entities as soon as possible," notes the newspaper in Ramallah.

The Allied offensive works and stops the attacks on Benghazi

London / Algiers .- Ajdabiya is the city where troops Tuesday Muammar al-Gaddafi and the rebels are fighting hard to maintain, according to the Qatari Al Jazeera network. Ajdabiya is 160 kilometers south of Benghazi. The ...

Cuba announces the release of the last two political prisoners of the Group of 75

The Cuban Catholic Church announced Tuesday the release of the last two remaining prisoners of conscience remained in prison from the Group of 75, as known to the opposition condemned the crackdown on the "Black Spring" of 2003. This is Felix Navarro and José Daniel Ferrer, as reported the Archbishop of Havana in a statement.

Felix Navarro, 56, was a board member of the opposition Movement for Democracy and Freedom in Cuba when he was sentenced in 2003 to 25 years in prison, the same sentence he received Ferrer, 40 years and belonging to the Christian Liberation Movement. Like other ten of his colleagues and released, Navarro and Ferrer had rejected the condition of exile in Spain to get out of prison.

PORTUGAL - Prime Minister Socrates puts his head at stake

"Sócrates threat to leave if the austerity plan is rejected," as the Lisbon daily. On 15 March, the Socialist Prime Minister announced on television that the word would be "returned to the people" if his new austerity plan, presented on March 11, was not passed in parliament where his party is a minority.

In the evening, the rating agency Moody's has lowered from A1 to A3 the debt rating of Portugal, skeptical of the government's ability to impose the austerity policy envisaged.

More than 325,000 people have fled from Libya to Tunisia and Egypt in a month

Madrid .- Some 325,000 people have fled to countries like Tunisia, Libya and Egypt since mid-February following the riots in the African country against the leader Muammar Gaddafi, as well as to Niger and Algeria, "a lesser ...

Great fire in a building Egyptian Interior Ministry

A large fire broke out Tuesday afternoon in a complex dependence on Egyptian Interior Ministry in downtown Cairo, before which he had shown little before thousands of police. Has left at least two wounded. "The fire broke out in the ministry's Communications Center and several fire crews trying to suffocate to prevent spread to other places," said one witness.

The state news agency Mena said the fire started in the roof of the Communications Center of the Police and the flames spread across three floors within the complex of the ministry. "It's a major fire," added the witness. Several Military Police officers control access to the building and suspended vehicular traffic to facilitate the work of firefighters.

GERMANY - Seven nuclear reactors shut down

March 15, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the permanent closure of a reactor plant Neckarwestheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Commissioned in 1976, he was the oldest nuclear reactor in the country. Six more reactors, among the oldest in operation, will be closed for three months, the time to conduct a "security control".

Faced with the nuclear disaster that struck Japan, Berlin announced March 14 a moratorium on its decision to extend the life of some plants.

Nigeria criticizes the lack of attention to the civil war in Ivory Coast against Libya

NATO transferred seven areas of Afghanistan to the Afghan army and police

The Afghan army and police alone are responsible for security in seven areas of Afghanistan from July, initiating the so-called transition plan that provides for the Afghan security forces alone assume control of certain areas of the country , gradually. This was announced on Tuesday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, at a rally in Kabul, who has attended much of the Afghan Government and Members of Parliament and staff of the Afghan security forces.

URUGUAY - Montevideo recognizes Palestinian state

Uruguay has accepted March 15 Palestine as "independent state", following the recent example of other countries in South America, including Brazil and Argentina. "The formal relations between the two countries should be established on March 28," said the newspaper of Montevideo. The Uruguayan president, Jose Mujica gave the Palestinian ambassador in Argentina, Salida Muaggat, an official letter in which he particularly expressed "the firm commitment of Uruguay for the peace process in the Middle East" .

The five fighters made the first Spanish Mission in Libya

Clashes between troops and rebels in Gaddafi Ajdabiya

Ajdabiya, 160 kilometers south of Benghazi, is the scene of fierce clashes between troops of Muammar al-Gaddafi and the rebels, according to the network Al Jazeera. Meanwhile, in western Libya, Zinta, at least 10 people killed in a bombing Gaddafi's forces. According to the rebel spokesman Adel al Zintani, Gaddafi's forces used heavy artillery to try to penetrate to the center Zinta, a town some 160 kilometers east of Tripoli.

ISRAEL - Interception of Iranian arms bound for Gaza

"The Israeli navy intercepted on March 15 some 50 tons of Iranian weapons on a ship that was en route to Gaza," the newspaper reported in a Tel-Aviv. "She said it had among others put their hands on-sea missiles that would have allowed the Palestinians to reach ships docking in the port of Ashdod or oil deposits." The ship flew the Liberian flag.

The discovery of manuals fa that put the Iranian authorities on the track.

Yemen's president says he will leave office at year's end

Cairo (Editorial / Agencies) .- Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, warned that any attempt to give a coup to take power will lead the country into civil war. The country's president has confirmed his intention to leave office "before the end of this year," Saleh was speaking during a meeting of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, a day after the considered number two Army general Ali Mohsen division, announced his support "to the people's revolution and its demands," EFE reported.

No agreement on NATO to take command of the bombing of Libya

Neither the U.S. pressure and threats of Italy have taken effect and NATO still agree to assume command of the mission against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Atlantic sources confirmed to this newspaper on Tuesday that no agreement was reached between the ambassadors of the 28 allies to participate in the imposition of the no-fly zone in Libya.

For the moment, as planned, the Alliance only mobilize its forces in the Mediterranean to monitor arms trafficking so as to respect the embargo imposed by the UN and the EU. After the meeting, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, secretary general of NATO, confirmed that the military has already released the order for the ships and aircraft in the Central Mediterranean, "monitor, report and, if necessary, intercept ships suspected of carrying illegal weapons or mercenaries.

JAPAN - Radiation Alert

"The radiation over a very wide area." The conservative daily Japanese uses very large fonts to express his fear that a radioactive cloud hit populated areas and not evacuated. In a text quite violent, the head of his political service involves the authorities and wondered why they did not take the decree required state of emergency, he said, the situation in the Central Fukushima Daiichi , located 250 kilometers northeast of Tokyo.

Replica of 6.6 degrees near Fukushima

New York. .- The United States Geological Survey (USGS, for its acronym in English) has reported on Tuesday an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 degrees on the Richter scale in the sea near the coast of Honshu, the island Japan's largest. It is the third strong earthquake has occurred in the last two and a half hours near the epicenter of 9 earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, according to the USGS.

Restore electricity in part of the reactor 3 from the central Fukushima

Electricity has been restored in part on the control room of reactor 3 of the Fukushima nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, as said Tuesday the public broadcaster NHK. Could turn of the electricity in the control room of the damaged drive thanks to a foreign power, as reported by Jiji news agency. The devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11 left without power reactors which caused the stoppage of fuel cooling systems led to a series of accidents involving radioactive leaks.

GREECE - Give youth a chance

The famous e-mails the "banker" who announced the bankruptcy on March 25 [day of National Day and the upcoming European Council] and the return to the drachma sow doubt in a social body already skeptical. The illiterate of the net and neophytes who swallow the "explanation" of the mysteries of the universe massive transfer this e-mail, spread this rumor stupid and sowing panic.

Of course, the mail of the Apocalypse is planted on land ready to accept it and make it bear fruit: according to the survey agency's Public Issue, insecurity and pessimism about the future of the Greeks beat records. Nine out of ten Greeks feel threatened, eight in ten believe that we are going in the wrong direction, seven in ten believe that their situation will get worse.

Israeli attacks in Gaza: 8 dead including two children among the victims

Tension rises in the Gaza Strip, where at least eight Palestinians were killed in two separate Israeli attacks. Shots fired by a tank against a house in a neighborhood east of Gaza have claimed five victims, including two children. "At least five martyrs were killed by shots fired at some young men playing football in the neighborhood of Shajaiya," near the border with Israel, said Selmiya Adham Abou, head of emergency services in territory controlled by Hamas.

Radioactivity in the sea off Fukushima New shocks, 21 thousand people dead or missing

TEPCO, the company of Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, noted, "radioactive material in sea water" near the center. The Kyodo agency reported. In particular, radioactive iodine was detected at a level 29.8 times higher than the permitted limit.

But it is not only the sea: the level of radioactivity increased significantly across the area near the power plant, according to a statement from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Tokyo, while stating that the levels are not likely to pose a threat to human health. The increased radioactivity is due to the rain of the past two days, said an official.

U.S. fighter crashes in the rebel zone in Libya

London .- An aircraft F-15 U.S. Army has been found crashed in the Libyan area controlled by the rebels to the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, but its pilot, who would be with the rebels, is safe, reports the British newspaper Daily Telegraph. The newspaper's special correspondent Rob Crilly points out in his Twitter account @ robcrilly that the pilot would have had to make an emergency landing after suffering a mechanical failure last night, while engaged in military operation to enforce no-fly zone over Libya adopted by the UN.

Only six years in prison for Ivan the terrible

The last Nazi war criminal tried in a German court has been sentenced to less than two weeks in prison for each of their deaths. This is John Demjanjuk, found guilty of 28,060 charges of complicity in murder as a guard at the Sobibor concentration camp and a Munich court has just sentenced to 6 years in prison, will not be met because of his advanced age.

Demjanjuk, 90, has managed to repeatedly delay the trial for 16 months, citing health problems. His lawyer, Ulrich Busch, after failing with its strategy to deny the true identity and claim that Demjanjuk was never awarded to the camp of Sobibor, had flooded the court in recent months with motions seeking further evidence and witnesses.