Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CHINA - The noose is tightening around artists

Censorship extends to China and key artists who have organized activities in support of Ai Weiwei, one of the major artists of the Chinese art scene, reports the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post. Wu Hongfei singer, rock band Happy Avenue, had to cancel a concert scheduled in Beijing on May 13.

The theme of the concert, "Ai weil" (love the future), was a play on words in honor of Ai Weiwei, who was arrested April 3 by the police. The authorities said he is suspected of economic crimes, but his family remains unclear where he is detained. Moreover, the artist Wang Jun and two colleagues were detained by police when they would organize a rally April 16 in the Arts District 798 in suburban Beijing.

Fukushima workers first enter the reactor 2

Tokyo. .- Employees of the company operating the plant in Fukushima, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), today entered the reactor building 2 of the Japanese nuclear plant for the first time since the explosion of hydrogen recorded in days following the tsunami of 11 March. As reported by NHK, four workers remained inside the building about fifteen minutes to check radiation levels and conditions of the site.

Scotland Yard detectives and spend 30 million pounds to find Madeleine

British police Scotland Yard detectives and spend 30 million pounds to investigate the case of Madeleine, the three-year British girl who disappeared in the Algarve in Portugal in 2007. The opening of a new investigation comes after the parents of Madeleine, the McCanns, demanded last week in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron an independent review of the case, still unsolved, and that the Scotland Yard commissioner Paul Stephenson claimed that the girl might be alive, reports the newspaper 'The Daily Telegraph.

BURKINA FASO - Warning! The people are no longer afraid of the military

Calm returned to the "country of honest men", but how long will it last? A question that any reasonable mind must arise under the government reshuffle carried out on April 21 and is far from meeting the aspirations of Burkina Faso. It does not upset the organization of power that wins since 1987, is the message that the discrete Blaise Compaore wanted to send to his people, communicating, April 21, the composition of his new government.

At least ten dead and 50 injured in a protest against NATO in Afghanistan

Kabul. .- Eleven people were killed by Afghan police firing to quell popular protests against a raid by NATO troops that ended last night with the lives of two men and two women in northern Afghanistan, according to various sources. The incident occurred in Taluqan, capital of Takhar province, where 2,000 protesters this morning took to the streets carrying the bodies of four people killed yesterday, told Efe the provincial governor, Abdul Taqwa Jawar.

The Egyptian military junta refuses to grant a pardon to Hosni Mubarak

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which ruled Egypt since the end of Hosni Mubarak, on Wednesday denied having studied the possibility of pardoning the deposed president, accused of embezzlement, abuse of power and use violence to try to suppress the riots that forced his departure. According to reports published yesterday in several local media, Mubarak is preparing a message to the nation to apologize to the people and publicly renounce their property in search of an amnesty.

Pakistan - The rape of Mukhtaran Mai unpunished

Nine years of combat have been for nothing: the Supreme Court of Pakistan dismissed Thursday, April 21 appeal by Mukhtaran Mai, a village of a gang rape victim June 22, 2002. Only one of six men named by the young woman as her attackers, the main accused of rape, scoop perpetuity. The other five were released.

Hometown Meerwala, a village in Punjab province, Mukhtaran Mai was raped in retaliation for illicit sexual relations with his younger brother charged at the time aged 12. Of the 14 suspects identified by Mukhtaran Mai, a local court had sentenced six men to death, but in 2005, the Lahore High Court acquitted five and had commuted the sentence of the main accused to life imprisonment.

Eight policemen killed in clashes in the Syrian city of Tel Kelaj

MADRID. .- Eight police officers were killed and five others were injured in clashes with pro-democracy demonstrators in the city of Tel Kelaj near Homs and Deraa, according to state news agency SANA. According to this agency, quoting a military source, the units of the army and security forces arrested several people belonging to "a criminal group that terrorized the citizens" and seized "a large quantity of arms and ammunition." The source explained that "in confrontations with criminals, eight members of the military and security personnel were killed and five others were injured." SANA reported that several criminals were killed and had arrested many others, without specifying any figures.

The Syrian opposition called a general strike and challenges the Asad regime

The Syrian opposition launched a general strike called for Wednesday, again defying the regime of Bashar Assad, under increasing international pressure. In the coming days, the United States will announce new measures against Syria. "This Wednesday will be called a general strike in Syria," said a statement posted on the Facebook page of the "Syrian Revolution 2011," protest movement engine delivered last March against the Asad regime.

France - Patrick Bush, the former Le Pen may lead to loss Sarkozy

Provide temporary residence permits to Tunisians landed on Lampedusa so that they cross borders and settle in France: Paris, the very idea is blasphemy now that immigration has become an issue in the campaign presidential. Just read the recent speeches by Nicolas Sarkozy, in particular that of Grenoble (summer 2010): the Elysee then abandoned his idea of selective immigration to prefer the control of migration flows - in other words, an open war against illegal immigration and a zero tolerance for illegal immigrants.

Scotland Yard devoted 30 detectives to find Madeleine

London. .- The British police Scotland Yard detectives and spend 30 million pounds to investigate the case of Madeleine, the three-year British girl who disappeared in the Algarve in Portugal in 2007. The opening of a new investigation comes after the parents of Madeleine, the McCanns, demanded last week in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron an independent review of the case, still unsolved, and that the Scotland Yard commissioner Paul Stephenson claimed that the girl might be alive, today reported the newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

Elizabeth II paid tribute to the heroes of Ireland

There were no hand as Kohl and Mitterrand. But Elizabeth II and Mary McAleese on Tuesday offered a very plastic symbol of reconciliation. It happened in the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin: the place that pays tribute to those who gave their lives for independence. They rang for the first time the "God Save the Queen" and the king left a wreath of flowers in the shadow of the tricolor.

On the other side of the block, hundreds of nationalist militants shouting slogans against the act, which they consider an insult to the memory of the victims of the colonial past. They were few and poorly drained and sealed off by police not to reach the outskirts of Parnel Square. The nationalist party had convened and held banners Eirigi anticapitalist.

JAPAN - Finally, a Japanese robot in action at the plant in Fukushima

Japan might be at the forefront of robotics, the first missiles deployed in the precincts of the central Fukushima were of American manufacture. Japanese researchers have proposed their robots to TEPCO, the operator of the plant, but the electric company had found that they had not been adequately field tested, contrary to American missiles that have already served in Afghanistan and Iraq .

Freed Al Jazeera journalist arrested in Syria

MADRID. .- Dorothy Parvaz, Al Jazeera journalist who was detained for nearly three weeks shortly after arriving in Damascus, has been released and moved to Qatar from Iran, said on Wednesday the Qatari television station itself. Dorothy Parvaz, a seasoned journalist who works for Al Jazeera since 2010, was arrested on April 29 just after landing in Damascus, where he had sent the satellite television station to cover news of protests against the Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad.

Canada expels Libyan diplomats from five inappropriate activities

The Canadian government announced Wednesday the expulsion of five Libyan diplomats and said its activities in the country are "inappropriate and inconsistent with normal diplomatic functions." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada said in a statement that the five diplomats, who did not identify, and their families "should prepare for immediate departure" of the country.

"The activities conducted in Canada by five Libyan diplomats are deemed inappropriate and inconsistent with normal diplomatic functions," the statement said. The Canadian Government also explained that Ottawa has not cut diplomatic relations with Libya, "but we have stopped," he added, "the operations at the embassy in Tripoli." The expulsion came days after demonstrators for and against the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, the confrontation of the Libyan embassy in Ottawa.

TUNISIA - The Libyan refugees flocking

The situation in Libya has never been more critical than it is these days. The images we have reported a small country with fire and blood. And stories from some newly arrived refugees Libyan echo of unprecedented repression and monstrosities. These brigades are perpetrated by pro-Gaddafi and the bloody and ruthless mercenaries whose only other instructions than to vandalize, rape and kill.

Cities martyrs, and Misrata Zawia in particular, are only ruins and desolation, submitted during the first days of air strikes and heavy bombardment of artillery shells fired today. The residents in these cities live in terror, keeping their home as they leave for a trip necessities. Faced with increasing violence of the fighting and fearing the murderous madness of Colonel Gaddafi, demonic, spiteful and vindictive, many Libyan families in distress have left their homeland in fear for their lives and their children.

Merkel wants to unify the pension and holidays in the EU

Berlin. .- German Chancellor Angela Merkel, wants to unify the retirement age and vacations in different countries of the European Union (EU), including Spain, given the great differences that exist. Chancellor last night criticized the early retirement and holiday periods in some countries in an act of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), who presides in the town of Meschede, in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Mubarak waiver of his property and trying to be free

The Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, in custody since last April 13 for illicit enrichment, has given up all their assets to achieve their release, according to the state newspaper "Al Ahram." The digital edition of the newspaper said, citing unnamed sources, that the exmandatario today signed a document that transfers its assets and properties in Egypt to the public coffers.

The sources said that with this resignation the president, who is provisionally in the hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh last month after suffering a heart attack, seeks to achieve his release. This news coincides with the announcement that Mubarak will soon direct a message to the nation to apologize to the Egyptian people and publicly renounce their property, according to judicial sources confirmed.

GULF STATES - You said "cooperation"?

The Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar] is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of its founding in 1981. Everyone agrees that the Gulf countries, if not all Arab countries should unite in one form or another. Everyone agrees that the unit would be a source of power, would strengthen the economy and ensure a more prosperous life for the population.

Al Qaeda to the Egyptian named Saif al-Adel as a successor to bin Laden, according to CNN

Washington. .- Al Qaeda has named as interim leader the Egyptian Saif al-Adel, 50 years and led the Egyptian faction of the terrorist network founded by Osama Bin Laden, CNN reported Tuesday. Saif al-Adel, who is also known as Muhamad Ibrahim Makkawi, has been chosen temporarily to the nervousness of the community "jihadist" by the lack of formal announcement of a new chief, according to CNNEl U.S.

The end of the code of silence?

Anne Sinclair spoke swiftly: "I have believed for a second sexual assault allegations hanging over my husband. I am convinced that it will be proven innocent." The wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn knows the Meccans who breathe life to the news. You might even, in time and solvent legal team, repair the image of President of the IMF.

Its main attraction is to impose the sharp strength of who can play with the camera. Tell your friends that will make the cause a battle at close range. Who knows but also, return of the trials, a dazzling future sales success. At sixty-two, the same age as Strauss-Kahn, is one of the most famous journalists in France.

BOLIVIA - A "Museum of the Revolution" in the hometown of President

The head of state Evo Morales announced April 21 the construction Orinoca, his native village, a "museum of the Revolution" dedicated to decolonization, the "liberation" of the Andean peoples and work his government. Orinoca is located 450 km from La Paz in the department of Oruro, on the plateau of the Altiplano.

According to the Bolivian newspaper Los Tiempos, the cost of this museum will be three million. "It will be a museum of cultural and democratic revolution, where students [...] may conduct research, studies, access to documents on the process of national liberation," said Morales at a meeting held in Orinoca with local authorities and groups of students.

Strauss-Kahn, guarded in prison for fear of committing suicide

New York. .- Managing Director International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is under special surveillance in New York prison where he is boarding while awaiting trial before the fear of attempting suicide. "The prisoners' medical records are confidential, but the New York Department of Corrections is always the same safety and security protocols to any detainee who is found the risk of harm to self or others," he told Efe that New York institution spokesman Stephen Morello.

Authorities monitor Strauss-Kahn for fear of committing suicide

Managing Director International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is under special surveillance in New York prison where he is boarding while awaiting trial before the fear of attempting suicide. "The prisoners' medical records are confidential, but the New York Department of Corrections is always the same safety and security protocols to any detainee who is found the risk of harm to self or others," he told Efe that New York institution spokesman Stephen Morello.

TEPCO said it could be a new leak of radioactive water into the sea in Fukushima 1

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), the company that operates the nuclear power plant in Fukushima 1, the most affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami which met two months now, has indicated Wednesday it may have found a new water filtration radiation into the ocean from the plant, this time from the reactor 3.

TEPCO had previously reported similar leak in the reactor number 2, got sealed with various substances, including liquid crystal. A company spokesman told reporters that an employee has found water from a pool of reactor number 3 near the ocean. The spokesman said he still can not confirm if it really is producing a water leak into the sea and are conducting trials to investigate.

THAILAND - struck and killed in the Thai-Cambodian border

Armed clashes between Thai and Cambodian erupted on April 22, despite the cease-fire, reports the site daily. He said the fighting had killed four people on the Thai side. After this last incident, governments were immediately blamed. "I think Cambodia is to take control of temples at the border," said Thai Minister of Defence.

Analysts said the border dispute in the area are used on both sides to exalt nationalist sentiments.

IMF denies having "maintained contact" with Strauss-Kahn after arrest

Washington. .- The International Monetary Fund (IMF) today denied having "had contact" with its managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, "since his arrest" on Saturday in New York accused of sexually assaulting a waitress at the hotel where he was staying. However, the IMF spokesman William Murray, acknowledged in a statement today that "obviously, it is important to contact him in due time." He indicated that the Fund is aware of the widespread speculation on the situation of the Managing Director, "but has" no comment to add more to the IMF Executive Board was informed informally of the events after his arrest.

LIBYA - The U.S. more involved in the conflict

The Minister of Defense Robert Gates announced April 21 that two armed drones would be permanently committed over Libya alongside the international coalition forces. Columnist David Ignatius regrets this decision which he calls a mistake. These drones are "a weapon that, for many Muslims, became the symbol of the arrogance of American power," writes David Ignatius.

The United States ended their bombing missions to Libya in early April.

The last representatives of the Parliament of Bahrain Shiites leave their positions

Bahrain's parliament has accepted the resignation of the last seven members of the Shiite opposition, who have taken the decision to leave to denounce the repression of demonstrations in favor of democracy. According to the official news agency BNA, this measure has been adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, after a letter of its chairman Khalifa Al-Dhahran aimed at Shiite MPs remain unanswered.

PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES - Towards the recognition of a Palestinian state by the EU?

According to France, "the EU would recognize a Palestinian state," the Israeli newspaper ad, after the visit of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Paris, where he was received by President Sarkozy. The newspaper quotes the ambassador of France to the UN, who said that this recognition was investigated by France with its European partners, "from the perspective of creating a political horizon, able to revive the peace process." To date, one hundred countries have already recognized the Palestinian state.

The banker and the waitress

I do not understand why all the shock, disbelief and astonishment at the alleged sexual offense Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the only novelty is that the events described, once jealously guarded in the laundries smoking luxury hotel today aerated publicly. I do not understand those who snort at the "adversarial system" U.S..

UU. and his hunting dogs, as if they did not know that in New York for smoking a cigarette in a park you can end up in handcuffs, or those who are shocked to learn the details of the love of luxury Strauss-Kahn, emphasizing how far is lifestyle is the socialist ideology. I think the more erratic the insistence on linking the crimes and the lack of ethics and political affinity, as if the ideology involved some type of security that would curb the criminal, the corrupt, the amoral.

Turkey warned of the dangers to the new flotilla to Gaza but will give free rein

Turkey has warned the Turkish pro-Palestinian activists from the risks of trying to break the arms embargo to which Israel has subjected Gaza. However, the Ankara government believes that these groups are beyond the control of government, as said Tuesday the Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmed Davutoglu.

Turkey asked Israel that prevented the activists who plan to join the international fleet next month, in an attempt to repeat the facts that Israeli soldiers forced to address the Mavi Marmara and the Turkish killing nine May 31, 2010 . "We will advise our citizens about the possible consequences," said Davutoglu in a Turkish television channel.

EGYPT - The streets and squares will disappear Mubarak

"The Department of Transportation is preparing to change the name of the subway station Mubarak," reported the daily Al-Masri Al-Youm. April 21, the Cairo court has decided the name is deleted from Hosni Mubarak and his wife Suzanne of all places, streets and public institutions in the country. Metro station in the capital could be renamed "The Martyrs" or "25-January", in homage to those killed during the revolution.

Strauss-Kahn argues that the "encounter" with the waitress was consensual

New York. .- Benjamin Brafman, a lawyer defending former French Minister of Industry and Economics, said that the alleged assault could have been a consensual relationship, as published in the New York Post. "The evidence, in our view, not consistent with a meeting by force," said Brafman, known for having represented in court proceedings to American music stars like Michael Jackson and rappers P.

Tripoli willing to compromise if the rebels and stop NATO bombing

Representatives of the regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi on Tuesday were willing to comply with UN resolution 1973 if the rebels holed up in Benghazi and NATO cease its bombing. "We were told that Tripoli is ready to fully meet the demands by the UN resolution 1973," said Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, told a news conference.

Lavrov made the remarks after talks in Moscow with a delegation of Libyan official, who also expressed his desire to "study the ways proposed in the roadmap developed by the African Union." At the same time, he said, representatives of Qaddafi put as a condition "that similar steps den insurgents and NATO to stop bombing" the territory of the North African country.