Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Minsk metro explosion: 11 dead The prosecutor: "It is an act of terrorism"

An attack, the first in the history of Belarus. The terror struck the capital Minsk, with an explosion in the subway that makes eleven deaths and more than a hundred wounded.

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, whose offices are within walking distance from the scene of the explosion, did not rule out that the attack may have been organized abroad. Lukashenko has instructed the heads of the investigations of the intelligence services, the Committee for State Security, and ordered checks in all the arsenals of the former Soviet Republic.

A month after the disaster and as usual

Japan March 11 lived the greatest catastrophe in its history. A magnitude 9 earthquake caused a devastating tsunami that swept across the coast to Japan. 13,116 killed, 14,377 still missing and 150,000 homeless, according to the latest count by the police. But the biggest concern during these 30 days has been and remains the state of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant severely damaged by the tsunami and the earthquake.

The monarchy of Bahrain in turmoil

Since mid-February, Bahrain was the scene of demonstrations against King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa. Opponents have managed to occupy the place of the Pearl, located in central Manama, the capital of the kingdom, before being removed violently. Local authorities have been able to count on the support of Saudi intervention forces came March 14, put down the revolt.

The sovereign has arrested Sunni leaders of the opposition to collusion with foreign countries who are accused of supporting the country's Shiite majority.

Assange complaint to two journalists for the Guardian for libel

Sydney. WikiLeaks .- founder, Julian Assange said today the Australian television has accused of defamation for journalists David Leigh and Luke Harding, the British newspaper The Guardian. In an interview from the UK to the "7:30 Report" on ABC television in Australia, Assange said that the statements attributed to him both in his recent book "are completely false." Leigh Harding, research editor and correspondent in Moscow, respectively, attributed to 'WikiLeaks and Assange' the Australian computer's comment that if the informants mentioned in the documents about the war in Iraq are murdered, as part of its action and not should surprise.

Bloggers in the bull's-eye

Although the 'spring' erupted with force in Egypt and ended 30 years of the Government of Hosni Mubarak, his successors seem to still feel the fear of freedom. The military council that took power following the departure of the dictator has created "a dangerous precedent," according to a report by Human Rights Watch, arresting a popular blogger, Maikel Nabil, for criticizing the military.

Nabil, 25, was arrested March 28 on charges of "insulting the military hierarchy" and "spreading false information" on his blog questioning the interim government of the military. But unfortunately, the story of Nabil, who faces a sentence of three years in prison, is no exception. Leaders around the world have put in the spotlight these revolutionaries of cyberspace.

YEMEN - Washington should review its copy

At a time when the situation worsens in Yemen, Washington should carefully weigh its future actions rather than follow his natural inclination would remain loyal to Ali Saleh. Several options are possible, some of which could be implemented in parallel. Encourage the departure of Ali Saleh. Since the beginning of the wave of protests Yemeni, U.S.

policy has focused primarily on promoting peaceful dialogue between Ali Saleh and opposition leaders to reform the government in respect of constitutional law. Moreover, Washington has urged Ali Saleh to oppose violence and protect the protesters face to the security services of the government and the factions supporting the regime.

France detains delivery Gbagbo and Ouattara

Abidjan .- The French special forces have arrested the acting president of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, after entering his residence in Abidjan and have delivered to the leaders of the forces of presidential aspirant Alassane Ouattara. Ouattara has appeared in a televised speech and called on the Ivorian calm and an end to hostlidades between the sides.

Also explained that the outgoing president is safe and that the UN has in its custody. The facts have precipitated in midafternoon (Spanish time). The tanks of the French forces were deployed Monday around Gbagbo's residence. Ouattara loyalists entered the residence of former president and his arrest, Seguin Rev.

Rasmussen: We are concerned about the possible role of Al Qaeda in Libya long-term

The NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has acknowledged that the Alliance is concerned about the potential "role of Al Qaeda in Libya long term." Rasmussen has acknowledged that the terrorist organization is not playing a significant role at present in the area, but if the current civil war ends in a failed state, everything could change.

"Therefore we must do everything possible to achieve a political solution," he said. "Terrorists can get at the long-term instability." Rasmussen has also been suggested that the solution lies in a cease-fire "credible", "that can be checked effectively." Furthermore, she added that the cease-fire "should promote a political process to implement political reforms and meet the legitimate desires of the Libyan people."

GERMANY - The Greens, the minor party become very large

It is a revolution that will have repercussions throughout the country. The Greens are the big winners this Sunday elections. They have improved so much that they participate in government in Rhineland-Palatinate [with 15.3% of the vote, up 10.7 over previous elections, they will make alliance with the Social Democrats of outgoing Minister-President Kurt Beck] and even give the first minister-president [Winfried Kretschmann] in Baden-Württemberg, a state that was in the hands of the Christian Democrats for fifty-eight.

Reported the deaths of "hundreds" of people in Ivory Coast

Madrid. .- The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused forces loyal to the candidate for President of Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, the death of "hundreds of civilians" and the violation of over 20 women and girls in the west, and has ensured that the strength of the sitting president, Laurent Gbagbo killing nearly 150 people during their retreat from their positions on the west.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General launched a criminal investigation against Tymoshenko

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has launched a new criminal investigation against former prime minister and current opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, as announced on Monday the prosecution sources. Timoshenko, who resigned as prime minister after losing the presidential elections in February 2010 against Viktor Yanukovich, has been the target of two criminal investigations related to alleged misuse of government funds, charges it denies.

SERBIA - Belgrade under the spell of "Putin Serbian"

To believe the Serbian media, the "poutinomania" seized from Serbia during the visit of Russian Prime Minister in Belgrade on March 23. "Putin Serbian!" A headline in the tabloid Kurir, referring to the 30,000 people who cheered the Russian visitor at a football match at the Red Star stadium in Belgrade.

The prime minister was also greeted by hundreds of "fans" to Parliament, noted the daily Politika, while noting that they were mostly militants Serbian Radical Party (ultra-nationalist) or from various organizations of the far-right . "Vladimir Putin has visited Belgrade at no charge. The patriarch, the President, the Dean of the University of Belgrade, Nis bikers (south) and footballers ran after him to cover it with decorations, gifts, securities football shirts and "ironically the site of Pescanik opinion.

Japan will need more than 200,000 million to rebuild the country

Jairo Mejia. Tokyo (EFE) .- The Government and Japanese companies have begun to refine the details of a plan of reconstruction after the earthquake, which may need more than 200,000 million euros and will begin to take shape with a budget of 33,000 million. The Japanese government wants to pass as soon as possible an initial budget of 4 trillion yen (about 33,000 million euros) to begin a massive rebuilding in the northeast coast of Japan after the earthquake of 9 degrees on the Richter scale occurred just makes a month.

Libyan Rebels reject ceasefire accepted by Gafafi

The regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has accepted the "road map" proposed by the African Union (AU) to find a peaceful solution in Libya, as confirmed by South African President Jacob Zuma. Met Gaddafi in Tripoli on Sunday with a high-level delegation of the African Union government complex in the Bab Azizia, where she resides Libyan dictator.

"The delegation of Gaddafi has accepted the work plan proposed by the AU," he said in a brief statement to reporters in Tripoli. "The proposed solution is detailed in a statement," he said. According to the statement, read hours later by the Commissioner for Peace and Security of the AU, Ramta Lamamra, the 'road map' provides for 'immediate cessation of hostilities' in the country, a corridor for humanitarian aid and dialogue away from the Libyan government and the rebel National Transitional Council with a view to a future period of transition.

Norway - Let's not stress fish

Farmed fish under stress suffer from heart problems and their taste is thereby altered, reports the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, quoting a study by Ida Beitner Johansen, a doctoral student at the University of Life Sciences in Ås, town located 40 kilometers south of Oslo. So that the trout secrete more cortisol - the stress hormone - we put them in a pen with reduced dimensions.

The state of stress is accompanied by heart defects, a reduction in cell division - which has an influence on memory and behavior - and a lower quality taste. In humans, Aftenposten said, excess cortisol may be responsible for anxiety, depression, obesity or diabetes.

Demonstrations outside the meeting between the rebels and the AU in Benghazi

Benghazi. .- Almost two thousand demonstrators protest today against a hotel in Benghazi, where rebel leaders are meeting with the delegation of the African Union (AU) to discuss his peace plan, which Muammar Gaddafi has agreed, found in EFE meeting place. The protesters utter slogans against Gadhafi and show their distrust of the mediation of the AU, composed of the presidents of five African countries including South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and Mali, Amadou Toumani Touré.

Cambodia, in search of the ideal for women abroad

Less than 50 years with a salary exceeding $ 2,500 a month are, from now on, the minimum requirements to be met by any foreign man seeking to marry a Cambodian woman. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent an order to the Office of International Marriage to reject any suitor outsider who does not meet either of these two requirements in a move intended to prevent trafficking and ensure that the link is "honest" .

LATIN AMERICA - Mercosur celebrates twenty years very quietly

The Southern Common Market, Mercosur, founded March 26, 1991 by Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, has not celebrated his twenty years, says O Estado De Sao Paulo. The integration of the region will advance more slowly than expected and many differences exist between member countries. The entry of Venezuela, approved in 2004, has still not been ratified, while many protectionist measures still hamper trade between countries.

The Gadhafi regime's forces bombarded Misrata

Cairo. The bombardment by the forces of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi on the town of Misrata, the main stronghold of the rebels in the west of Libya, has caused at least five dead and more than 20 wounded, officials said opposition to Al Jazeera. "At about two o'clock there was a loud explosion in Misrata," said rebel spokesman in the city, Abdel Basset Mezerik, the Qatari television network.

Berlusconi says he gave money to Ruby not to fall into prostitution

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has said that Ruby gave money to the young Moroccan who came to his parties when he was under age, to avoid resorting to prostitution. Speaking to reporters at the Criminal Court of Milan, where on Monday held a new hearing of the trial Mediaset, Prime Minister also referred to other processes that are open, as the Ruby case, which is charged abuse of power and incitement to prostitution.

INDIA - Dassault and the case of (small) pot of wine

Posin V. Rao, chief representative in India of the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault, had paid 20,000 rupees [317 euro] during the air show in Bangalore to get a better location for his band at the show. This was announced by the spokesman of the Indian army air stating that Mr. Rao was now persona non grata at the headquarters of the army.

An embarrassing case, when Dassault preparing to negotiate the price of the Rafale, it defends against five heavyweights world of aviation to get a tender launched by India for delivery of 126 combat aircraft. An investigation is underway to clarify the situation, the French group ensuring that the commander AK Thakur has actually proposed the contract to Mr.

27,500 dead or missing after a month of tragedy

Tokyo .- The number of victims of the "Great Earthquake of Eastern Japan, which met on Monday just one month, is closer to 27,500, with 13,116 dead and 14,377 people remain missing, according to recent data National Police. According to Nikkei news agency, many people observed a minute of silence Monday at 14:46 local time (7:46 in Spain), in the devastated region of Tohoku (northeast of Honshu Island) to commemorate the earthquake victims in ninth grade and the subsequent tsunami that devastated the area just a month ago.

The police arrested the chief leader of the opposition to the Museveni regime

Uganda's regime just arrest the main opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, he was about to start a protest march in Kampala, Uganda's capital, against the rising cost of living. Eyewitnesses told the Reuters news agency, Besigye was handcuffed and put in a police car. Just before disappearing, the leading critical voice against the regime of Museveni condemned the "flagrant abuse of human rights and the use of violence against innocent people." "He has been arrested after blocking a street.

French police arrested three veiled women in Paris

Paris .- The French police today arrested three women with burqa veil-one with another with niqab and hijab-third in front of the cathedral of Notre Dame in the center of Paris, according to EFE could verify there. The arrest occurred during a demonstration against the ban on wearing the burka (full Islamic veil) in public places in France, as entered into force in France today.

The demonstration was called by the association "Do not touch my constitution" and brought to an undetermined number of people in front of the cathedral, a place which many journalists attended and where he, as usual, many tourists. A police spokesman said the arrests were not the dress of women, the niqab reveals the eyes and is affected by the ban but the hijab frees her face but because he had not asked permission to demonstrate.

Evacuate workers Fukushima after another earthquake of 7.1 magnitude

Employees at the Fukushima nuclear plant have been evacuated following occur again a new 7.1-magnitude earthquake that has followed a tsunami warning for waves up to a meter that arose minutes after the earthquake the epicenter of the quake - 7.1 magnitude earthquake the agency said Japan and 6.6 according to the U.S., took place 22 kilometers from the prefecture of Iwaki, south of the nuclear plant.

CAMBODIA - 35 years later, an Air France flight to Phnom Penh arises

At 14:30 on Monday 27 March, an Airbus A340-300 Air France landed on the tarmac of the airport Pochentong the Cambodian capital. It is the first European airline to operate scheduled flights - three times a week - to Cambodia since the capture of Phnom Penh by the Khmer Rouge in 1975 and this flight could open the door to other intercontinental from Russia, Turkey or the United Kingdom, wrote the Phnom Penh Post.

Berlusconi says he gave money to Ruby not to fall into prostitution

ROME .- Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, said today that gave money to Ruby, the young Moroccan who came to his parties when he was under age, to avoid resorting to prostitution. Speaking to reporters at the Criminal Court of Milan, where on Monday held a new hearing of the trial Mediaset, Prime Minister also referred to other processes that are open, as the Ruby case, which is charged abuse of power and incitement to prostitution.

Police arrest brother of former President Ben Ali

Slah Ben Ali, brother of former Tunisian President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, was arrested Sunday by police, as reported by the Tunisian news agency TAP. Slah was arrested by agents of the National Security units in a villa in the coastal town of Sousse, south of the capital, state media said, citing a statement from the Tunisian Ministry of Interior.

The Tunisian president's brother had fled three search warrants for national security services, according to this source. The agency does not specify the reasons for the search and seizure by the Tunisian authorities. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia escaped last January 14 in full revolt against his rule and left the country with his wife Leila Trabelsi refuge in Saudi Arabia.

INDIA - New police intimidation in Chhattisgarh

The climate is always extremely violent in southern Chhattisgarh in central India, a region where Maoist guerrillas are active. On 26 March, a crowd of police and former members of the militia Salwa Judum attacked the religious and non-violent activist Swami Agnivesh, when he went to Chintalnar, a village burned by paramilitaries early March.

Swami's car, who advocated a peaceful solution to the conflict between the government and Maoists was stoned while protesters shouted: "Where were you when the Maoists have killed 76 paramilitary last year?" Indian rapporteThe Express. The event actually seems to have been organized by local authorities.

The pope imposes a psychiatric cure the former bishop of Bruges pederast

Pope Benedict XVI has demanded that the former bishop of Bruges Roger Vangheluwe, who confessed to sexually abusing one of his nephews in the sixties, follow a strict "psychiatric and spiritual healing" to overcome the problem, but for now, no him away from the Church, the Flemish press reported today.

According to the online editions of the Flemish Het Laatste Nieuws rotary, De Morgen and De Standaard, the punishment imposed on the Vatican this weekend Vangheluwe, 74, whose exact whereabouts are unknown, is that the former cardinal leaves Belgium "definitively cured" of his illness and that, in principle, return to the small country of Benelux.

SOUTHEAST ASIA - A select club against trafficking in human beings

Israeli Foreign Minister error create a cease-fire with Hamas

Jerusalem .- The Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said Monday that the truce with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which has considerably reduced the escalation of violence in the area, is wrong and goes against the national interests of Israel . "Hamas is fighting a war of attrition against us," Lieberman said this morning in a radio interview in which he said that his country can not afford a situation in which "they decide when there is no truce and when the area heats up," to the newspaper "Jerusalem Post" in digital.

France banishes Burqa

From Monday the lives of nearly 2,000 Muslim women in France change substantially. They can no longer go to the supermarket or the movies, nor walk in the famous gardens of Luxembourg, at least not if they are covered with the burka or the niqab. France will be the first Western country to impose the ban on Islamic Burqa in public space.

Nicolas Sarkozy's government passed the bill despite the threats from extremists. The most celebrated French ban. Like many politicians, the people see that kind of Islamic dress as a symbol of oppression of women and as a banner of fundamentalist Islam. Only one MP voted against the bill in the Senate.

NORTH KOREA - The unforeseen impact of the disaster Japanese

China accuses U.S. of "violating" human rights

Beijing .- China countered the U.S. over allegations that he has led in recent days at the repression of Chinese dissidents known for presenting a report that Washington also blamed for violating human rights and use them as a weapon "hegemonic." The report of the Chinese State Council (Executive), published two days after Washington launched an on violations of fundamental freedoms around the world, the U.S.

Life imprisonment for the Australian who killed his daughter by throwing a bridge

Australian justice sentenced Monday to life imprisonment to a man who murdered his four year old throwing from the top of a bridge in the city of Melbourne in front of her two brothers, local media reported. During sentencing, the judge of the Supreme Court of the State of Victoria, Paul Coghlan, do not hesitate to describe as "horrendous" crime committed by Arthur Freeman.

"The fact that launching your own four year old daughter from a bridge over 80 feet can not be (a crime) more horrible," Coghlan told ABC radio said. According to the ruling, Freeman will spend 32 consecutive years in prison without parole, which runs until 2041. The incident occurred on January 29, 2009 in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria state, while Freeman took his daughter Darcey on her first day at school.