Monday, March 7, 2011

COTE D'IVOIRE - The list of dead grows in Abobo

"Life was brutally arrested protesters for 6 of the Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and Peace (pro-Ouattara) March 3 in Abobo," the daily Abidjan. Then they demanded the departure of Laurent Gbagbo, they were slaughtered by pro-Gbagbo soldiers in this northern district of the economic capital. Since the disputed November 28 presidential election, violence had killed at least 365 dead.

A bodyguard of Gbagbo has also been abducted and murdered on March 2.

A survey puts the right-wing Marine Le Pen ahead of Sarkozy

Paris. .- The president of the far-right National Front (FN), Marine Le Pen, is ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy in the French preference for the post of president, according to a survey showed today. Marine, daughter of the founder and former president of the National Front Jean-Marie Le Pen, achieved 23% of likely voters, ahead of 21% to obtain both the current French president as the Socialist leader, Martine Aubry, the survey of newspaper "Le Parisien." The president of FN achieves that intention to vote for a hypothetical first round if it were held "next Sunday," according to the survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the newspaper, which published tomorrow, Sunday, but already in place later today Internet.

Robert Gates apologizes in Kabul killed nine Afghan children

The U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates on Monday reiterated Washington's apology for the deaths of nine Afghan children in a NATO air strike last week in an event called "setback." Gates, who is currently visiting Kabul, said the U.S. would be "well positioned" to begin withdrawing its troops in July, under a plan to hand over responsibility for security to Afghan forces in late 2014.

Is expected to make a joint press conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has arrived in Afghanistan Monday in a surprise visit at a particularly delicate time in the Middle East with the wave of protests in the countries of the Arab environment.

EGYPT - The Tahrir Square at the head of government, the route Essam Sharaf

"Essam Sharaf is the first Egyptian politician who, after protesting against the regime, was appointed Prime Minister," the Cairo daily newspaper. The army, which ensures the transition since the fall of Mubarak, February 11, was charged March 3 to form a new government. He replaces Ahmed Shafik, who is appointed by Mubarak before his departure, was challenged by the street.

Sharaf, briefly Minister of Transport under Mubarak, had joined the protests on February 8.

Dies Alberto Granado, Che's companion on his motorcycle trip through South America

La Habana. .- Alberto Granado, the friend and companion of the guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara in his youth on a motorcycle trip around South America, died in Havana at the age of 88, his family reported. Granado, born on August 8, 1922 in Cordoba (Argentina) and living in Cuba since 1961, died of natural causes, said his son Alberto Granado.

Cuban state television Granado defined as a "loyal friend of Cuba", and added that, according to his will, will be cremated on Saturday in Havana and his ashes will be scattered in Cuba, Argentina and Venezuela. Childhood friend of Che Guevara, was his companion on the journey of initiation in 1952 embarked on a motorcycle around South America, a journey that awakened the political consciousness of the Argentine guerrilla as he said.

The trial against Jacques Chirac

A former president ascended to the witness stand? Never seen before! And yet, is about to happen. This afternoon is expected to appear, before the chamber 11 of the correctional court of Paris, Jacques Chirac and nine other defendants in the case of fake jobs in the city of Paris. At 78 years, the former head of state faces charges of having participated in a scheme to divert money from municipal budgets to finance his political party.

UNITED STATES - Washington revises its policy towards Africa and Middle East

"The Obama administration is considering the prospect that Islamic governments are needed in North Africa and the Middle East, on the premise that popular revolutions which will take place there on the front of the stage a political class more religious," details the daily Washington. It has therefore undertaken to study Islamist movements in the countries concerned to establish their characteristics, "identifying broad ideological differences between, for example, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda," the newspaper said.

Thousands of Egyptians attacked the main headquarters of State Security

Cairo. .- Some 2,500 Egyptians today stormed the main headquarters of the services of State Security, law enforcement is the regime of Hosni Mubarak, in northeast Cairo, the official news agency, Mena. The demonstrators entered the building, located in Madinat Nasr district, to find important documents before their perpetrators being burned or destroyed, the source said.

The protesters chanted slogans such as "Where is freedom between us and the State Security?", "All the people said enough is enough, state security must be trampled" and "The main demand of the revolutionaries is that the Security State must fall. " Since this morning many people had gathered outside the building calling for the dissolution of these services and attempted to enter, but the Army had prevented the deployment of troops backed by armored vehicles and tanks.

The French Finance Ministry, the victim of a major cyber attack

The French Ministry of Economy and Finance has been the victim of a cyber attack "unprecedented," Paris-Match has revealed. According to a source close to the investigation, the Treasury would have been the main victim of hackers. Pailloux Patrick, the general director of the National Security Agency Information Systems, has admitted that the attack targeted the main documents relating to the presidency of the G-20 fracesa and international economic affairs.

BULGARIA - The return of the prodigal sons

"It's a good movie, but that's all." Thus the youth gathered in the association, here and there [Tam Tuk in Bulgarian], Bulgarian speak of the blockbuster "Emigrants" (2002) which tells the story of three friends who dream only of one thing : leave Bulgaria at all costs. They are nothing in common with the protagonists of the film, their goals and dreams.

And each call of the Bulgarian government for foreign professionals to address a particular problem of the national economy is a stone in their garden. Here and there is an association of young Bulgarians who have studied or still studying abroad. These are young people who are torn between returning to or staying away from home themselves.

China promised social improvements to the ghost of protests

Beijing. .- The Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, today promised social improvements to curb unrest in the inauguration of the National Popular Assembly (ANP, legislative), in a heavily guarded Beijing for the recent convening of "jasmine protests." Although such protests have hardly been followed and now only have served to confront the government with the foreign press, the truth is that their claims on the Internet appear to have been heard by Wen, whose promises to match the requests of the organizers: attention to corruption, social inequality or the high price of housing.

Sirte, the symbol desired by the rebels in their battle against Gaddafi

The city of Sirte has become one of the hotspots of the riots in Libya. Halfway between Tripoli and Benghazi, the birthplace of Muammar Gaddafi has been and remains a stronghold of the dictator, but the revolutionaries have set the goal made him determined to conquer and progress. The strategic importance of Sirte, which hosts a huge military base and several oil installations, we must add the symbolic value that holds for the Gaddafi regime.

EGYPT - The Opera also makes its revolution

Libya accused of spying on the three Dutch soldiers captured

The Hague. .- The Libyan state television accused of spying on the Dutch troops captured three midweek by Muammar al-Gaddafi's troops as they tried to evacuate two of their compatriots in the North African country, NOS radio reported today in The Hague. Three Dutch soldiers had landed by helicopter in the city of Sirte after takeoff from the warship "MS Tromp." Upon landing were captured immediately by militias loyal to the Libyan leader.

Protests in several Moroccan cities for democratic change

Hundreds of young people answered the call Sunday at the so-called 'Movement February 20' and protested in several Moroccan cities to demand democratic reforms in the country. In Rabat, about 300 people, mostly young, staged a protest in the center of the city where they shouted slogans such as "dignity, freedom, social justice" or "the people want a new constitution", and called for democratic change and reform social.

SWEDEN - Agreement with environmentalists on immigration

The Swedish government has agreed with environmentalists on immigration policy, reported the daily Svenska Dagbladet. He closes the door to the influence of the Democrats of Sweden, the xenophobic party, on this subject, says the daily.

Berlusconi wants to asist all hearings of his trial

Rome. -. The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi intends to participate in all hearings of his trial in Milan, which studies the causes of tax evasion, corruption and prostitution of a child witness, as his lawyers have argued that Saturday in Milan.

The rebels reorganize their advance on despite the harassment gadafista Sirte

Libyan rebels on Sunday had to retreat from Ben Jawad, where they were ambushed and harassed by aviation gadafista, moving back into the disputed town of Sirte, the hometown of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi. According to a correspondent for Al Jazeera from Ben Jawad, militants on board their vehicles off-road vehicles return to this town who evacuated this morning at the counter of aviation loyal to Gaddafi, backed by mercenaries and Tuaregs in the service of Tripoli, which maintain hostilities in the area.

INDONESIA - The price of a domestic life in Saudi Arabia

The Indonesian Foreign Minister said he had managed to collect, from various generous citizens, 261 000 dollars [187 000] donation to save a young Indonesian domestic sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. Darsem binti Dawood is accused of killing his boss by smothering with a pillow as he tried to rape her.

The victim's family ended her "forgive", sparing him from being executed, but it demanded 500,000 dollars in damages, payable for six months. In January 2008, another Indonesian domestic, Yanti Sukardi had been executed in Saudi Arabia for murdering his boss.

More than 10,000 police deployed to control protests in Saudi Arabia

London. .- More than 10,000 security forces have begun their deployment in the northeast of Saudi Arabia to contain more than 20,000 people are expected to take to the streets over the next week to demand an end to institutional corruption the country and, if necessary, to overthrow the Saud dynasty, which ruled there for 300 years.

The police presence will be especially active in the region of Qatif, which concentrates most of the country's Shiite population, and organizers of protests have already begun distributing photographs of armored police vehicles on their way to alert the population. The highway to the northeast are now virtually collapsed by the transit of hundreds of troops on board buses as they prepare to repel what Saudi Arabia has been called the Revolution Hunayn - referring to the great battle fought on the year 630 between Muhammad and the Bedouins - the national equivalent of the protests in the Arab world.

The soldiers fired to disperse protesters at the Security Headquarters

Hundreds of protesters tried on Sunday to break into a security headquarters of the State in Cairo, which forced the Army forces deployed around shooting into the air. The soldiers fired shots to try to disperse the demonstrators who gathered outside the building from the south with the intention of entering it, as other groups did the day before in Cairo and Alexandria.

At first the demonstrators was small, but as the day progressed hundreds of people joined the protest. "The people want the fall of the regime and the collapse of the State Security" shouted the participants in this demonstration during which at least a dozen people were arrested. Those arrested were brought into the Interior Ministry building, adjacent to the headquarters of the security apparatus and near Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the revolution on January 25 that forced the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

CHINA - Taxes yes, but what for?

Each of us pays taxes or fees. When we phone when we light a lamp, when we buy something at the supermarket, we pay taxes, which are used for government spending. It must obtain our agreement to use the money raised, but the opinion of the population is not easy to assemble and therefore, he has difficulty monitoring the government action.

For example, I personally do not agree with certain expenses incurred by the government, while other citizens approve. We have no way of determining whether the use of this money is justified. These are areas where I do not mind if my money is used and the areas where I do not want it to be.

The British Army is ready to develop "humanitarian operations" in Libya

London. .- The Ministry of Defence in the UK has confirmed that British troops are "waiting" to receive the order to start a mission of a "humanitarian law" in Libya, as reported by Sky News, in a "coordinated effort "to deploy in eastern DRC diplomats and a team of specialist advisers, charged with coordinating the offensive by rebel forces against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The MoD has stressed that the ultimate goal of the mission will be to protect civilians and said that its soldiers will not enter into combat if they are not subject to direct attack. Last night, government sources on condition of anonymity, and pointed to the newspaper 'The Telegraph' that London was considering to include in this deployment, special forces and MI6 (British intelligence service), within a mission , externally, would be presented as a purely diplomatic effort.

Opposition rejects dialogue with the British Mission for trespassing

The diplomatic mission sent by the United Kingdom to negotiate with the rebels in their struggle to force out of power Gadhafi concluded wrapped in a sense of failure. Not only achieved their goal but ended up being held by militants of the opposition to arrive unexpectedly to a land under its control.

The team has already left the country empty-handed after the rebels rejected any negotiations with British representatives in finding that he had entered "illegally." "We welcome any British delegation, but has to be officially," said rebel spokesman of the National Council in a press conference he gave in the city of Benghazi in the east.

Rebels advance to doubles Gaddafi Sirte and the siege on Al Zauiya

Benghazi. .- The Libyan rebel militiamen moved today to Sirte, Gaddafi while forces stepped up their harassment of the rebel town of Al Zauiya, 92 kilometers southwest of the capital, where more than two hundred people have died, hospital officials said. The Agila, Ras Lanuf and Ben Jawad, the latter at 160 kilometers east of Sirte, have fallen under rebel control in recent days, after forces loyal to Gaddafi on Wednesday launched an unsuccessful offensive against the enclave Briga oil in the hands of the opposition.

The Afghan rebel against Obama for civilian deaths

Hundreds of people marched Sunday in downtown Kabul against the killing of civilians by the action of the international troops deployed in the country. Recent weeks have been particularly ominous in this regard, especially in eastern Afghanistan, while international attention focuses on the riots in the Maghreb and the country has ceased to occupy the headlines in the media.

The governor of Kunar province, Wahidi Fazlullah, denounced the February 20 death of 51 civilians, mostly women and children, following a raid by international troops. The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) announced it would open an investigation. A day later, on February 21, ISAF admitted mistakenly killing "civilians", without specifying the number, in another neighboring province, of Nangarhar, also for a bombing.

Protests and arrests at the start of the National People's Congress of China

Beijing. . - At the beginning of the annual full session of the National People's Congress of China (ANP) were conducted Saturday two acts of protest, where they were detained at least three men and a woman around Tiananmen Square. A man holding a banner that read "The Communist Party should resign," before being restrained by police, a witness to the agency dpa.

In another incident were arrested two men and a woman. A man had tried to pass the police blockades to reach Tiananmen Square. Beside her, a woman held a sign aloft. Apparently they were three people who wanted to protest injustice. A dozen uniformed security forces and civil immediately intervened and took the lead to three people.

Strike Gadhafi troops in several cities in eastern Libya

Several cities in eastern Libya, Ras Lanuf, Tobrouk Misrata and until now in rebel hands, have been renewed attack by forces loyal to the dictator Muammar Gaddafi. State television says the system has recovered these enclaves. However, the televised message Gaddafi regime is being denied by opposition forces.

The rebels deny having lost control even confirm that they are being bombed by Libyan aviation Bin Jawad reports from there, Javier Espinosa, special envoy ELMUNDO. is what has led them to retreat to the square of Ras Lanuf oil. According to state television reported, Al Libya, this morning the forces of the Libyan leader would have taken control of Ras Lanuf and Misrata and provoked "expressions of joy" in cities like Tripoli, where this morning he heard shots, or Sirte.

NEW ZEALAND - The earthquake Christchurchrelance Prime Minister

John Key is right on all counts. The restoration of Christchurch, both from the point of economic or social, is not only a testing for the city, but also for the rest of the country, which will show its strength and determination. The Prime Minister might have added that this is also the National Party for a test on a scale unprecedented since the strikes of 1951 [or "Waterfront Strike", in which 20 000 workers had stopped work in solidarity with employees Wellington Harbour].

Barranquilla, Colombia

It happened six days ago but the death of an owl in the Metropolitano Stadium where they play Atletico Junior Barranquilla (Colombia) caused by a kick from a player still burning in the north of this city has transcended Caribbean and the rest of the country. The case has been a senator to propose a referendum against animal abuse, rumblings of all kinds have emerged about the assassination attempt the Junior owl.

Marine Le Pen's National Front says it does not appear, but to win

Marine Le Pen said on Sunday that his political aim is to "win" and not just "appear." The leader of the French far right spoke the day after a poll of 'Le Parisien' awarded by the 23% of likely voters, a figure that exceeds 21% of President Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist leader Martine Aubry. "In my opinion there will be a surprise," said the daughter of Jean-Marie le Pen in allusion to the upcoming elections.

Estonia: the center-right coalition wins parliamentary election

Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip celebrating the victory. In Estonia, the center-right government of Prime Minister Andrus Ansip has won the parliamentary elections. As the Election Commission announced early Monday morning in Tallinn, come Ansips liberal Reform Party and the ruling conservative with her IRL after the preliminary results in the new "Riigikogu, the parliament, together on 56 of the 101 seats.


Across South Asia, the word "masala" means a mixture of spices that can vary from one course to another as from one house to another. Not necessarily spicy, masala is supposed to enhance the taste of foods and give food a unique flavor. The masala can also be added to a beverage, especially tea. In my Indian family, the massalas are prepared at the time of use using a powder mill, reducing the desired mixture.

The kingdom tightrope

Saudi Arabia, the largest oil reserves, also fears the popular revolt that began in Tunisia. To prevent transmission, the speech of King Abdullah, 86, has been simple: to make fixed-term contracts from the Saudis who work for the State. In Washington it is considered that the kingdom, balancing between the West and Wahhabi fundamentalism, will weather the storm.

But yesterday there were demonstrations and Shiites. And Facebook is convened for 11 March a day of wrath. These are some of the whys. Why did it all with a wedding? The Saud, a dynasty founded on the outskirts of Riyadh, I owe everything to the initiative of Mohamed ibn Saud, a tribal chief who in 1744 sealed a political and family with Mohamed ibn Abd al Wahhab (1703-1792), a stickler Sunni in favor of returning to the origins of Islam.

Estonians vote in first elections since its entry into the euro

Estonians voted Sunday in early parliamentary elections after the entry into the euro with the conservative Reform Party (PR) of Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, as the clear favorite to win. The first official results are expected in the early hours of Monday. According to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), 342,900 Estonians have already cast their vote (37.6% of the electorate) after three hours of voting, 5.3% more than in previous legislative elections.

EUROPEAN UNION - We will have to accommodate the flow of refugees

In addition to being inhumane, close your eyes is useless. In reality, all that can still make the European Union is preparing to host it right - for a limited time - Libyan refugees. In order to succeed this balancing act, it would be a prima ballerina, not a Minister of the Interior. Admittedly, Maria Fekter just imposed new restrictions in Austria of the rights of foreigners.

But that will not allow him to pump the influx of refugees from North Africa. If a mass exodus occurs, the Europeans will have no choice but to welcome refugees and appropriately allocated among member countries as fairly as possible. As in the past Austria during the wars of Yugoslavia, this time Italy will be on the front line to organize the care of immediate needs.

Forced to sleep naked soldier accused of leaking documents to WikiLeaks

Washington. .- Bradley Manning, a soldier arrested for allegedly leaked documents to WikiLeaks, was forced to sleep naked in his cell on Wednesday and Thursday, officials acknowledged today the military prison that detained after a complaint by his lawyer. "The soldier Manning was forced to strip naked in his cell again last night.

As the night before, the prison guards forced him to remove all your clothes. Manning then went back to bed and spent the next seven hours humiliated" wrote the suspect's lawyer, David E. Coombs, in his official blog. Manning has been detained in the prison of the Marine Corps in Quantico (Virginia) since June 2010, when he was accused by the military authorities of violating the military code with its alleged leaks to WikiLeaks.

EU to send fact-finding mission to Libya before the European summit

The High Representative of the European Union, Catherine Ashton, has sent an observer team to Libya, which will analyze the situation on the ground before the special summit of European leaders convened to discuss the latest developments in this country and in North Africa . The mission of a technical nature, is the first of its kind sent to the international level since the rebellion began Libya, as highlighted by Ashton in a statement.

Gadhafi says he would favor a UN commission visit Libya

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has stated that "it would be favorable" to a committee of United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU) visit the country to assess the place and the situation is going after 20 days scrambled to end 42 years of his power. In an interview with the weekly "Le Journal du Dimanche ', the tyrant says," First, would like a research team from the United Nations or African Union came to Libya.

The demonstrators in downtown Cairo to the Egyptian army shoot in the air

More violence in Cairo: A group of protesters complained of being attacked by men in civilian clothes armed with a knife when they tried to approach a state security building near the U.S. embassy. Previously the army had opened fire, firing in the air to disperse a demonstration at the Ministry of Interior.

Many activists are telling on Facebook of the army, who fired in the air to disperse the protesters, who are concentrated in the area between the People's Assembly and the Ministry of the Interior, in the heart of Cairo. Some protesters say they were threatened and attacked by armed criminals and that would be many people who have been detained.

Fierce fighting in Libya: offensive against dissidents

Libyan troops and mercenaries have begun in several cities in an offensive against the dissident. In Tripoli had the Gaddafi regime on Sunday to celebrate his supposed victory rallies and salutes. In the competitive cities and oil ports in the west and east but there was no clear picture. Clearly appeared to be just that the battles are fierce and run losses.

The opposition National Council denied that government forces retook larger cities. The Head of State Gaddafi still largely dominated West raging since Friday, the battle for the city of Al zawiya. At the weekend, the government tanks advance into the center of the city. Hospital staff reported more than sixty dead and hundreds injured.

EUROPEAN UNION - When the EU doctrine invented Zero

While Arab nations struggle to recover their dignity, we squander ours in abundance. In foreign policy, doctrine stated its intention to apply the same principle of action in a series of events that represent similar challenges. President Monroe in 1823, announced that under the principles of non-intervention and non-colonization, the United States would regard as an unfriendly act any attempt to expand into the Americas by European powers.

Egypt vote on the reform of its constitution on March 19

Cairo. .- The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt announced today that the referendum to amend the Constitution will be held on March 19, as reported in a statement. The vote will take place to amend articles 75, 76, 77, 88, 93, 139 and 148, and to repeal the 179, to amend, inter alia, the term of office of head of state and the requirements to be a presidential candidate.

Also be submitted to popular approval for the inclusion of two new articles in the constitution, according to the resolution of the council, which took over the legislative functions by the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, on 11 February. The statement from the Egyptian military junta, carried by the official MENA news agency said that the referendum will begin at 8:00 local time (6:00 GMT) and end eleven hours later.

New ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs to the Egyptian government

General Mansur al Essawi has been appointed interior minister in the Egyptian government led by Essam Sharaf, who commissioned the military junta last Thursday to form a new Cabinet. The Egyptian Council of Ministers made the announcement this morning at his official website in Facebook, in what is the first appointment of the new government that is still forming.

Al Essawi told the official MENA news agency has accepted the portfolio and will do its utmost in the next step for restoring security and stability to the streets. He said also that will take all necessary measures to recover the trust between police and citizens. Al Essawi, former governor of the province of Minya, south of the country, replacing Mahmoud Wagdi, who had been appointed head of the Interior in the previous government of Ahmed Shafiq.