Sunday, March 27, 2011

Syria, the government to resign "The state of emergency would be lifted '

The Assad regime in Syria, seeks to respond to the increasingly difficult domestic situation, with concessions that seemed impossible only a month ago. After days of bloody protests, the leaders of the Syrian Baath party took the decision to repeal the emergency law in force for 48 years.

And it seems the Syrian government will probably step down soon - we talk on Tuesday - and they will form a more responsible to serve the best interests of the citizens: the report, "government sources" in Damascus, also quoted by al Arabiya. The repeal of the law that grants special powers to security forces is one of the demands of the protesters that day protesting against the Syrian regime.

JAPAN - For a general mobilization

The most violent earthquake that occurred off the Sanriku region in north-east of the archipelago, has devastated the country's Pacific coast. This is the greatest crisis ever experienced by the country. But this should not make us give up. The Japanese must unite to overcome the disaster and to mobilize their efforts to rebuild and help those in need.

Nevertheless, the urgency is related to the situation in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The secretary general of the government, Yukio Edano said that all possible measures will be implemented to address the situation, but he delayed to explain what was happening. One may wonder if there were no problems in information management.

Saleh insists he will give up power peacefully

Cairo. .- Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, stressed his willingness to relinquish power, but in a peaceful manner and without allowing them to spread chaos in an interview released today by the website of the UAE TV channel Al Arabiya. "I have no problem (to give up power) and insist on it. I am responsible for the security of the country and I drive it to safety," he said Saleh denied reports disseminated by various media on the alleged removal from power in 60 days .

TEPCO hid the injured employees the presence of radioactivity in the reactor 3

The last three workers who were injured by radioactive contamination at Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima were not warned by the company operating the plant, TEPCO, the presence of radioactivity in the third reactor. The electrical admitted that he knew the high levels of radiation in the reactor. "If information sharing is not working properly, it is possible to have avoided the incident," said an official of TEPCO daily Yomiuri.

José Socrates, re-elected general secretary of the Socialist Party by a large majority

José Socrates is still the general secretary of his party and he will be the Socialist candidate for upcoming elections. Despite having resigned from his position as Prime Minister Socrates has won direct elections were held this weekend, with a large majority of the votes. Presented to the office, for the fourth time against former president of the Coordination Commission of the Lisbon region, Fonseca Ferreira, the PS leader of Madeira, Jacinto Serrao, and the historic Lisbon's socialist activist, Antonio Broto.

LIBYA - Why so many hesitations?

The Libyan revolution differs from other Arab revolutions in that it turned almost immediately to military confrontation. The fault lines and objectives of each of the protagonists have emerged in the early days: the rebels want the fall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi and it wants to eliminate. There is therefore no scope for a compromise solution.

This determines the current fighting and means that we are facing a real danger of civil war. It has been said that the rebels had erred in choosing a military confrontation, especially since they lack relevant experience, money and logistical capabilities and organization. Some say they should have adopted the strategy of peaceful demonstrations and civil disobedience that had been followed successfully by opponents in Egypt and Tunisia.

More than 200 arrested and 66 injured after the demonstration in London

London. .- The British police announced today that 214 people were arrested Saturday in the incidents occurred after the demonstration in London to protest against government austerity measures and 66 were injured. The 214 prisoners were for disorderly conduct, while the 66 injured, mostly mild, 31 were police officers, of which eleven were hospitalized.

More than 250,000 people demonstrated against public sector cuts announced by the Government of David Cameron, called the largest protest in the British capital since the start of 2003 against the Iraq war. The trade union confederation British Trade Union Congress (TUC acronym) organized the demonstration, which began before noon, peacefully, in the area of Embankment on the River Thames and marched to Hyde Park.

Germany goes out against nuclear power

We are on the eve of two important regional elections, but government programs are discussed and crowded rallies are held. The ability to mobilize German society turns spring Saturday in large anti-nuclear demonstrations across the country. Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, tens of thousands of people dance and sing the old songs of the 70 anti-nuclear struggle, carrying large banners with pictures of Fukushima and openly hostile slogans against E.

Nuclear disaster in Fukushima of Japan seawater from polluted coastal

The radioactive contamination of coastal waters off Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has reached a new high. Exposure to iodine-131 in sea water near the plant exceeded the permissible limit by the 1250fache, such as the Nuclear Safety Authority NISA said. Before the 330 meters south of the plant samples showed only one 100 times as high radiation exposure.

Thousands of Britons were demonstrating against government cuts Cameron

Thousands of British parade in London this Saturday against the conservative Liberal government cuts. The appointment carries the seal of the unions and intends to collect about 300,000 people. A number would be among the most heavily attended event from the protest against intervention in Iraq in February 2003.

They are protesting against the adjustment plan submitted in the autumn by David Cameron, which aims to eliminate in five years a deficit of 12%. The program includes an increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20%. But it focuses primarily on reducing public spending, which will erode over five years around 95,000 million euros.

SAUDI ARABIA - Why civil society has not moved

March 11 was to be a "day of anger" in Saudi Arabia. The event, planned and expected for weeks, will not even hear a slight murmur. Protesters from the Eastern Province, where a Shiite minority is concentrated, essentially called for the release of political prisoners. Elsewhere, the country remained silent.

While many are not surprised, some ask why. Two factors have contributed to the silence: the first was the attitude of the government with a warning from the Interior Ministry and prohibition petitions and demonstrations by senior clergy. Moreover, a broad campaign to discourage the demonstrators has been launched.

A Libyan woman asks for help to journalists after being raped by 15 men Gaddafi

Barcelona. (Writing and agencies) .- A dramatic scene has happened this Saturday before the helpless eyes of the international journalists who are in Tripoli, where a young woman has burst into the hotel where he was desperately screaming econtrar Gaddafi men had been arrested and she had been raped and beaten 15 times, according to various media reported.

"They say we are all Libyans, that we are one people, but look what I have done men Gaddafi" cried the woman named Eman al-Obeidy. The girl had several wounds showed that he had been beaten, wide bruise on his face, scars UNAGRO elmuslosuperiorvariasmarcas dearañazos inthe leg, andthe marks on hands and feet that could be for having been tied.

The UN could impose sanctions against Ivorian President

France and Nigeria have submitted to the Security Council a draft UN resolution on Ivory Coast calls for sanctions against the African country's ruler, Laurent Gbagbo, his wife Simone, and the Foreign Minister, Alcide Djedje , among others, to force him to cede power to the winner of the election, Alassane Ouattara.

Presentanción hours after the text, in the U.S., Barack Obama, said that his country recognizes that the president Alassane Ouattara as the legitimate leader of Ivory Coast. "The last year's elections were free and fair," Obama said in a video message addressed to the leaders and people of this country.

ISRAEL - sweep on our doorstep

Fairly understandable, Israelis fear that the revolts in Arab countries do not lead to democracies "immature", but elected governments without democratic checks and balances, sensitive and susceptible to manipulation to deflect the will of the majority. They support their prejudices on precedents from Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza and Iran.

However, the Israelis would do well also to worry about certain trends, among them, increasingly violate the principles and basic values of democracy. Affirmed in democracies, freedom of opinion and expression provides a bulwark against an oligarchic control invasive, it puts a whole spectrum of information available to the electorate in a position to cast a vote knowingly.

Protests in Cairo against the law criminalizing protests and strikes

Madrid. .- Thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square flagship of Cairo to protest a law passed on Wednesday by the Government which sets penalties of up to one year imprisonment and harsh economic sanctions for those involved in acts of protest and strikes. The protest also served to demand a thorough judicial process against political officials and businessmen linked to the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak on the grounds that open trials so far are mere "imagination", according to the Egyptian daily "Al Masry Al Youm ' .

NATO mistakenly kills seven civilians in southern Afghanistan

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), NATO's mission in Afghanistan has begun an investigation into the circumstances of an attack yesterday by his troops in the troubled south that has killed seven civilians. In a statement, the ISAF said the incident occurred in the district of Now Zad in Helmand province during an operation of international forces to capture a prominent leader of the Taliban insurgency.

EGYPT - Mubarak fliquer When everyone

In the impatience felt after the uprising to lay bare the darkest corners of the plan, the records started coming out of the most feared headquarters of the Egyptian state security. There are also many lists of informants infiltrated the bodies of the Muslim Brotherhood as the names of judges who helped to rig local elections.

Even for young activists who knew they were watched, the wealth of information collected about them was a real shock. "It was breathtaking," coward Salma Said, 26, who was part of the crowd that stormed the building on the evening of March 5 to protect incriminating documents, believing that security officials sought to the destroy.

London takes to the streets to protest government cuts Cameron

London. (EFE) .- Tens of thousands of people marched in London today against government cuts set by the Government of David Cameron, called the largest protest in the British capital since the start of 2003 against the war in Iraq. The trade union confederation British Trade Union Congress (TUC, an acronym in English) has organized this event, which began before noon, peacefully, in the area of Embankment on the River Thames and marched to Hyde Park, and in which have participated, according to the union, about 500,000 people.

Operation Dawn Odyssey: The complex operation of the allies on African soil

Odyssey Dawn. " Only the name of the operation of the allies in Libya to stop the dictator Moammar Gadhafi has been controversial. Odyssey "at dawn? "Dawn of the odyssey? Dawn Odyssey was finally baptized. And, indeed, the action of the 'coalition of Paris' in the North African country being a succession of adventures.

On 17 March the Security Council United Nations at its 6498 meeting, adopted resolution 1973, giving 'green light' to 'protect civilians and civilian areas that are under amanaza of attack on the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, but excluding the use of a foreign occupation force. " For this purpose, established "a ban on all flights in the airspace" in Libya.

NUCLEAR - In the U.S., Obama could see his copy

Until mid-March, Obama, the big environmental groups and many Republicans and Democrats in Congress agreed on one thing, even if they opposed on almost all other aspects of policy Energy: nuclear energy was a source of constant energy and was one of the solutions to global warming. The nuclear industry, as it paralyzed the United States since the accident at the Three Mile Island in 1979, was preparing to make a comeback.

More than 27,000 people dead or missing in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan

Tokyo. .- The Japanese National Police Agency has raised Saturday to 10,418 dead and 17,072 missing the balance by the earthquake and tsunami recorded on 11 March, as reported by Japanese news agency Jiji. In the worst affected region, Miyagi Prefecture, and 6,338 joined the confirmed dead. In Iwate are 3,123 dead and Fukushima amount to 904.

The balance, corresponding to 15.00 hours on Saturday (6.00 CET Spanish) includes some 244,300 affected people, including residents in the area near the center of Fukushima-1, whose reactors are partially molten. The refugees have been housed in some 2,000 shelters located in 17 prefectures.

New bloody day in Syria with 23 deaths, three of them in Damascus

More than twenty people were killed on Friday during clashes with security forces in different parts of Syria. The highest number of fatalities occurred in the town of Sanamein, about 50 miles Deraa, when police fired on people in an attempt to disperse a demonstration. Three other people died late in the afternoon in Damascus in the clashes that took place in a mass demonstration to denounce the violence in other parts of the country.

JAPAN - The atom is no longer a model

The nuclear disaster in Japan represents a watershed in the global debate on nuclear energy. The atom is no longer an energy model for the future. Chancellor Angela Merkel will change course and abandon its pro-nuclear policy. While many arguments in favor of the atom. Unlike power plants, nuclear plants emit little CO2, which is good for the climate.

Moreover, they represent a positive solution for countries which, for example, have no gas. Nuclear energy has therefore a certain degree of autonomy in terms of energy policy. Finally, the current supplied by the reactors is cheap - in principle, can satisfy the consumer. But all this does not matter.

Libyan rebels are 20 kilometers from the city of Briga

Algiers / New York. .- The Libyan rebels advance their positions with Allied attacks on positions of forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. According to the spokesman for the rebels, Muhammad Mergirby, opponents of the regime are 20 kilometers from the town of Brig, on his way to the west of the country, having retaken control of Ajdabiya this morning.

"The rebels are within 20 miles of Briga and get there after 22.00 local time (20.00 GMT) so that will come from either this evening or the morning," said Mergirby. The rebels have not daunted advancements troops Gaddafi. At least 20 people are injured by shots fired by gunmen loyal to the Libyan leader, Muammar Qaddafi, which have made it from the rooftops of the city of Misrata, medical sources said U.S.

Five police in Brazil arrested for shooting a teenager in cold blood

The Court of the State of Amazonas, in northwestern Brazil has ordered the arrest of five military police in that country, accused of shooting at close range to a 14 years old in August 2010. Both the boy, who survived the shooting, and his family have been welcomed by the state's protection of victims to ensure their safety against the risk of reprisals.

The five military policemen accused of involvement in the attack are under administrative detention since Wednesday in Manaus, according to the newspaper "Folha de Sao Paulo ', while looking for another agent who is fled. The accused, who belong to the Tactical Force Military Police, are dangerous, the judge said Bismarque Leite, who said the attack against the teenager who "is of tremendous cowardice." "It's a brutal and had never seen before in my life," he said.

COUNTERPOINT - "Let's be reasonable"

It is not always easy to state the obvious. There are many good reasons lesquellesla nuclear disaster in Japan should not distract the world from nuclear energy, and one bad reason to do it. When a nuclear power plant exploded on live television, all the industry's commitments on security and economic logic, not to mention all the arguments for the need to build plants to slow climate change, shattered in a terrifying cloud of particles of cesium.

Obama: The operation in Libya saved "countless lives"

New York. .- The President of the United States, Barack Obama, said Saturday that the operations of the allied coalition against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has saved a number of "countless" lives in Libya and have experienced, a week after its launch, a "important progress", while he stressed that U.S.

involvement is "limited" and is part of an international force "in which Arab states are playing a key role." At its regular weekly address, Obama placed special emphasis on explaining to the American people the reasons for U.S. intervention in the knowledge that their forces are involved in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the bowels of the prison Gaddafi

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, the correspondent of 'The Guardian' sent to Libya, has spent two weeks in detention. In an article published by the newspaper for which he works, describes the "brutal" regime's prison system. The journalist was traveling with the Brazilian newspaper correspondent 'State of Sao Paulo', Andrei Netto, 34, and some rebels when he was captured.

His idea was to go to Zawiya, but changed their plans because Gaddafi soldiers blocked the main road and enter through the desert after they headed towards Sabratha. There, according to his account, it was noted that they had been supporters of Gaddafi: the buildings of the police and intelligence services were charred, but did not have green flags of the new regime.

CHRONOLOGY - Nuclear: The accidents that have marked the history

1952 (December), Chalk River, Canada. The heart of the reactor is damaged. The accident was classified as level 5 on the INES (International Nuclear Event Scale), which comprises 7. 1957 (October), Central Windscale, United Kingdom. After an incident during a maintenance operation, the heart of the reactor caught fire, releasing large amounts of radioactive particles into the environment.

Level 5 on the INES. 1969 (October), Saint Lawrence Central, France. Fusion of several fuel elements. Level 4 on the INES. 1979 (March), at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, USA. Failure of water supply system results in the fusion of the heart. The enclosure is required and little radioactive elements were released.

16 members resign from the national dialogue committee in support of the protests in Jordan

Amman. .- At least sixteen members of the Committee for National Dialogue in Jordan, consisting of 53 political figures, today resigned their posts in protest against police repression of a political protest on Friday. "What happened was not a confrontation between the youth of March 24 and government supporters, but a systematic action of the authorities, who should be responsible for the slaughter," the politicians in a joint statement.

The allies attacked the outskirts of Tripoli

The international coalition forces led by the United States, France and the UK, which yesterday afternoon focused on Ajdabiya have launched in the early hours of Friday to Saturday, several attacks on the cities of Zliten (about 160 km east of the capital, Tripoli,) of Al-Wati (west of it) and also bombed a military site in Tajoura (14 kilometers east of Tripoli), according to Libyan television.

CUBA - Cubans soon online with the world

The fiber optic cable that will connect entirely Cuba on global communications network has gradually become [since January] from the funds of the Caribbean Sea. Starting from the coast of Venezuela towards a beach southeast of the island, he must lie on 1600 miles. The project is estimated at more than $ 63 million [45.6 million].

From a practical standpoint, the profits are guaranteed: With this cable, Cuba is finished with the satellite Internet connection, both more expensive and slower, and have a connection of 320 gigabytes on each of two pairs optical fiber, thus multiplying by 3000 its capacity to transmit data, images and sounds.

Syria raises wages to calm the situation following the killing of demonstrators

Madrid. .- The President of Syria Bashar al-Assad signed a decree to increase the salaries of all public employees and state-affiliated companies in more than 75 percent. The measure will benefit both temporary and permanent employees, has informed the state agency SANA. At the same time ordered to reduce taxes that weigh on these wages.

The Syrian decree adds 1,500 pounds (22 euros) to all wages. This increase is necessary to add a 30 percent payroll below 10,000 pounds (151 euros), and 20 percent for those who are above that amount. Meanwhile, the government sets the minimum wage for public and private sectors and companies of mixed participation in 9,765 pounds (148 euros).

The Jesuits will pay more than $ 166 million to child victims of abuse

The Jesuit order has agreed to pay more than $ 166 million to more than 500 victims who were sexually abused as children in Catholic schools in five states in northwestern United States, announced on Saturday the lawyer for the victims. The money will be paid for in part by the Jesuits and in part by insurance.

Most affected are American Indian and Alaska who suffered abuse by priests called Oregín Province, which covers the states of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana. The abuses committed between 1940 and 1990 in schools in remote villages or reservations, where they alleged the order sent to the priests who considered problematic.

SEEN FROM ITALY - "We have not finished hearing about it"

"Le Pen releases!", "Racists out!" With this type of banners that Marine Le Pen has been welcomed by some Italian activists of Human Rights, March 14, on the Italian island of Lampedusa . A few days before the first round of district elections, it was conveniently come "visit" the island had landed about 10 000 migrants since the beginning of the "Arab Spring", accompanied by Mario Borghezio MEP controversial Northern League.

The pro democrátricas enter Ajdabiya

Pro-democracy forces have entered this morning in Ajdabiya. The planes from France and Britain have been destroyed during the night the artillery pieces and armored cars that dominated the Libyan army access to the city. Be seen whether the rebels will now be able to maintain position. After the rebel victory, the troops of the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, are retreating toward the oil town of Brega, in the East, after losing his place, as reported rebelbes and witnesses told Reuters.

Fukushima, high radioactivity in the sea fresh water to cool the reactor

The sea has launched yet another warning: the section immediately in front of the central Fukushima, severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan, is heavily contaminated. The concentration of iodine-131 would be equal to 1250.8 times the permitted limit in a sample of seawater taken Friday to 330 meters south of the plant, as has announced today the Agency for Nuclear and Industrial Safety.