Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reiner Haseloff, German Christian Democrat - Expert

"The German woman is not complicated," says the new Minister-President of Saxony-Anhalt. "With his experience of dictatorship, it has other priorities. She does not spend hours talking about the various species of organic meat. For her, there's meat there are none. "

General Petraeus Obama appoint new director of the CIA

Washington, April 27 - U.S. President, Barack Obama, restructured its security team and will now head up the CIA, Leon Panetta, the new Secretary of Defense, as anticipated U.S. ABC television today. As the new head of the CIA's planned four-star Gen. David Petraeus, now head of NATO operations in Afghanistan.

According to U.S. media, Obama will announce changes on Thursday, which, however, must be confirmed by the Senate. The current defense secretary, Robert Gates, 67, also held that post under President George W. Bush. Always made it clear he wanted to retire this year. Petraeus as a possible successor in Afghanistan sounds far number two in the Central Command, Lt.

A letter for you in Afghanistan

Canadian troops implemented a new tactic to fight the Taliban. They get letters peculiar to the civilian population. So try to win the support of people in the Panjwai district in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, considered the birthplace of the Taliban in the country.

EDITORIAL - The secret of Laurent Gbagbo

Something that does not include chanceries very well lately. It is the stubborn resistance of some heads of state, they are called Laurent Gbagbo and Muammar Gaddafi. Former Ivorian president, remained at his post after the election on November 29, 2010, has seen over the weeks fly his supporters. His former prime minister has defected, the African Union has recognized the victory of his challenger in the presidential Alassane Ouattara, and even Pretoria, early supporter of his cause, he finally did it was time to leave.

The border dispute because Cambodia and Thailand, the first civilian killed

Bangkok .- The fighting on the border between Thailand and Cambodia, which continues today for the sixth consecutive day, have caused the death of the first civilian, bringing the total death toll to 14, while Thai authorities have canceled the opening of talks for a ceasefire. A shell Cambodian, of the hundreds that both countries have been released since hostilities began on 22, killed a farmer from Thailand on Tuesday, according to military spokesman in Thailand.

Nine dead in a clash in Kabul

A pilot of Afghan forces shot and killed a contractor and eight NATO soldiers at an air base adjacent to Kabul International Airport, in the latest military confrontation between foreign and domestic makes April the deadliest month of 2011 the Atlantic Alliance. The shooting incident occurred at around 11.00 pm (06.30 GMT), when, after a dispute, the assailant opened fire on several members of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Afghan army, following the which began a shooting, according to various official sources reported.

MEXICO - Civil society can no longer

The brutal murder of my son and those of Juan Francisco Romero Julio Cesar Jaime, Luis Antonio Romero and Gabriel Jaime Escalera Anejo [found dead, their hands bound and with signs of torture on March 28] in addition to the long list of these young men and young girls killed in the four corners of our country.

Not only is the war launched by the Calderón government [December 2006] against organized crime that has killed, but also the heart of a rotten political class misnamed and has lost all sense of honor. We have over your head, policies - and when I say political, I do not think any responsible individual, but to much of you, including those that make up parties.

Killed six NATO soldiers at an air base in Kabul

Kabul .- Six NATO soldiers were killed because of gunfire from a man in uniform of Afghan army at a military airbase adjacent to Kabul International Airport, various official sources reported. A spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) told Reuters that six members of this organization were killed in the shooting, but declined to provide details about their nationality, a prerogative that belongs-according to the source- each country concerned.

Sri Lanka accuses UN war crimes

The UN has released a report accusing the Government of Sri Lanka for the deaths of thousands of civilians during the civil war that ended in 2009 and lasted 25 years. The senior government officials in Colombo has rejected the report on Wednesday, ensuring that the statement threatening efforts to restore peace in the country.

"The publication of this statement on today is pointless and disrupts the effort to increase security and stability in Sri Lanka," said a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the South Asian nation. The panel blamed the forces that were victorious in the war, killing tens of thousands of civilians, but says there is evidence that such war crimes were committed by both sides.

PORTUGAL - A rescue plan requiring

Portugal will need at least 90 billion euros, 10 billion euros by June, as part of a rescue plan financed by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, reports the Wall Street Journal. It will take two to three weeks to develop a new austerity plan which will accompany the bailout.

Four injured in a fight between Roma and extreme right in Hungary

Budapest .- Four Roma were injured, one seriously, in a clash last night with far-right in a town in northeastern Hungary, where paramilitary groups organize marches intimidating for days, in a further escalation of the tension generated by radical groups. The clash took place in the town of Gyöngyöspata between Gypsy neighbors and members of the paramilitary organization Vedera (Defence Force).

Hitler was right!

The wounds of World War II are still open in the Netherlands more than 60 years later, as evidenced by the first public testimony of six former Nazi SS members almost nonagenarians shortly to be issued to millions of viewers and show no sign of repentance, on the contrary. Former Dutch collaborators, the youngest of whom is 85 years old, refused to apologize to his countrymen for having shaken hands with the Nazi occupiers in the documentary "Black Soldiers" (Zwarte Soldaten) issuing public television in the Netherlands on 2 May.

ITALY - The trial of Rubygate postponed

The first hearing of Rubygate which opened in Milan on April 6 was immediately postponed to May 31, announces La Repubblica. Accused of having used the service of a minor prostitute and abuse of office, Silvio Berlusconi has sent a letter to the Court in which he justified his absence at the hearing because of "institutional duty".

On 5 April, the Chamber of Deputies had also adopted a motion to withdraw the jurisdiction of the trial in Criminal Court of Milan, in favor of a "court of Ministers" to be constituted for the occasion. Where appropriate, the trial could be returned to early 2012.

Gaddafi delegates meet with Chavez in Venezuela

Caracas (Writing / Agencies). - A Libyan mission in Caracas to discuss a peaceful solution to the war that shook the African country said on Tuesday the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. The South American leader is an ally of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who has rallied since the outbreak in February a popular revolt against him and has criticized the military actions of Western governments, reports Reuters.

The director of the CIA, the new Secretary of Defense

President Barack Obama will announce, probably on Thursday, describing the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Leon Panetta, the new chief of the Pentagon, U.S. media reported Wednesday. The media, citing as the source of your information to government officials did not identify, also noted that the current commander in Afghanistan General David Petraeus, will be the new director of the CIA.

BOLIVIA - Chinese or Korean partners for lithium

Bolivian lithium batteries will be produced in partnership with China or South Korea and the president Evo Morales who will decide, "says La Razon. The daily La Paz, the two projects include investment in the whole process of industrialization, the exploitation of ore to the production of lithium batteries.

Evacuated by boat to Australia more than a thousand civilians in Libya

Sydney (Australia) .- Australia has hired a boat to evacuate more than a thousand Misrata Libyan civilians in northwestern Libya, where dozens of people have died from attacks by the forces of Muammar Qadhafi, official sources said. The passenger ship "Red Star 1, which made its fifth humanitarian trip to Libya will also help as part of a trip organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The emperors of Japan visit Minamisanriku

The emperors of Japan, Akihito and Michiko visited on Wednesday for the first time one of the coastal towns north of the country devastated by the tsunami of March 11, Minamisanriku, where there were 1100 dead or missing. Minamisanriku is in Miyagi province (northeastern Japan), the most affected by the tsunami generated by the earthquake of 9 Richter month and a half ago, which killed at least 8,745 dead and 6,674 missing in this region, more than half of all victims.

ATHLETICS - The IOC will conduct tests of femininity

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will submit some female athletes to be tested to prove they are women, says the Swiss daily Le Temps. Through these reviews, it will be possible to detect hyperandrogenism (abnormal production of the hormone in the development of sexual characteristics) and to exclude competitors who produce too many male hormones.

The origin of this measure, which will be in force before the 2012 Olympics, there is the case Semenya. The young South African rider, world champion in the 800 meters in 2009, had raised many questions because of his performance and his androgyny pronounced. Since then, tests have shown that Semenya was indeed a young woman.

Attack the main gas pipeline from Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula

Cairo .- An explosion occurred early Thursday in the main gas pipeline from Egypt, used to export gas to other countries in the area and located south of the city of Al Arish in the Sinai Peninsula. The official news agency MENA reported that the explosion caused a fire and the flames reached a height of twenty meters.

The Armed Forces have moved to the scene, but could not extinguish the fire so far, added the sources. The witnesses told MENA that they heard a huge explosion early this morning and then saw a column of smoke coming out of the pipeline, located in the Al Sabil. In the place where the event is a set of pipelines from the Mediterranean Sea and is heading towards major facilities to export gas to other countries.

Obama disclose his birth certificate

The White House released on Wednesday by the official birth certificate of Barack Obama to the growing debate in the country about whether the president was born in the U.S. or not, reported the official residence. As indicated in a statement Wednesday Dan Pfeiffer, communications director of the official residence, doubts about the veracity of the single copy of the certificate, which is all that was available at this time, led the White House to request version complete.

CANADA - Bertrand Cantat, Wajdi Mouawad and the spectacle of violence

Already, rumors media obliges, Sophocles seems evacuated in favor of Wajdi Mouawad and Bertrand Cantat, and there is concern that there is no tragedy at the Theatre du Nouveau Monde [which will be presented The Cycle women], but a ceremony around the impossible spectacle of violence. I love the theater beyond the show.

Of course, the spectacular amuses me, but my real expectation is that the theater gives me the feeling of touching a piece of truth. And to experience this truth, I must be able to feel free, beyond the show. It's bad start. I already feel trapped. Yet it is a place where we should protect the most complete freedom of the public, it is theater.

China represses and then re-educated Buddhist monks

Beijing .- The Chinese government confirmed today that it performs a re-education campaign among Tibetan monks after protest occur, according to the ethnic groups in exile, caused two deaths on Thursday, a point not confirmed by Beijing. Asked about the death of two Tibetans, presumably during a police raid on a monastery, the spokesman on duty in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hong Lei, merely stated that "a small group of monks had disobeyed the laws of Tibetan Buddhism" .

453 killed in protests in Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has estimated Wednesday in at least 453 civilians killed during protests against the regime of Bashar Assad that began in mid-March. Yesterday, Amnesty International spoke to nearly 400 deaths, a figure that has been confirmed by several international human rights organizations.

Moreover, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, has insisted that Syria is receiving assistance from Iran in the brutal repression against demonstrators is undertaking that has caused hundreds of deaths and injuries. Asad's government "fault outside the events, while at the same time seeking Iranian help to suppress Syrians," said Rice told reporters following a meeting of the Security Council United Nations.

Al Qaeda will kill the hostages if France continues in Afghanistan

Paris (Editorial / Agencies) .- Al Qaeda has become a threat to France and French President Nicolas Sarkozy to kill the five French hostages held hostage somewhere in Niger since last September if Paris does not order the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has released a video Tuesday that contains the messages of four French hostages kidnapped in Niger last September, and begging to French President Nicolas Sarkozy to withdraw French troops from Afghanistan.

Lobsang Sangay, prime minister of Tibet

Lobsang Sangay, a 43-year-old teacher at the American University of Harvard, was elected prime minister of the Tibetans in exile, with 55% of the nearly 49,200 votes cast (outside the country some 140,000 currently reside Tibetans .) "It's the best result ever achieved by a prime minister," said the head of the Electoral Commission, Jampal Chosang.

Sangay handled the difficult task of becoming the political leader of Tibet, which for decades has portrayed the Dalai Lama, to fight for greater autonomy under Chinese occupation. The Dalai Lama opened goodbye of an electoral process that culminated on Wednesday to elect their "Kalon Tripa" or prime minister, a position that choose three candidates.

FRANCE - Ventimiglia, it does not

Ventimiglia. Khaled took the seat 115 and I 112. It is a second-class compartment for six people in a local train dilapidated, the Genoa-Ventimiglia route. Khaled, tired, silent. He has only one idea in mind. He regularly asked the same question. "Ventimiglia?" "No, not yet." The train stopped just before entering a station.

"Ventimiglia?" "No, do not worry. There is still one hour. This will be the last stop." Khaled, 30, is part of a human wave that is part of the coast of Tunisia, has crossed the sea to the island of Lampedusa and some fled a camp in Sicily and southern Italian peninsula. The objective is usually the same: to reach the French border, cross it and then join Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Brussels or anywhere these undocumented immigrants have relatives or know someone.

A Harvard-trained lawyer, new leader of Tibet in exile

Dharamsala (India) / Barcelona -. A 43 year old lawyer, former student at the American University of Harvard, was elected prime minister of the Tibetan government in exile and will from now the difficult task of imposing its political profile and negotiator to seek international recognition and autonomy China on Tibet in recent years has been embodied by the Dalai Lama.

Lobsang Sangay is an international law expert and specialist in social, political and historical Tibet, a region that was annexed by China 61 years ago off any chance to establish itself as an independent state of their own as claimed by the Tibetans who follow the philosophy Buddhist life.

Clashes between Roma and neo-Nazi

Four people were injured, one seriously, in a fight between a group of Gypsies and right-wing neighbors in a village in northeastern Hungary, where paramilitary groups organize marches intimidating for days, in a further escalation of tension generated by groups radicals as reported to police. Three of the injured belong to extremist groups, including the one who suffered more serious injuries that kept him hospitalized, while the fourth is a gypsy.

UNITED KINGDOM - Dearest University

The University of Central Lancashire has decided, as 23 other UK institutions, to set its registration fees for 9000 pounds [10 000] per year, the maximum allowed under the new budget measures. His vice-president, Malcolm McVicar, said that the only way to provide an excellent education was "to replace the part of state funding by increasing tuition." Tripling the amount of entries, the fifth largest university in the country (35 000 participants), however, may not be able to fill its quota of students in September, préciseThe Guardian.

The Security Council UN fails to agree on a condemnation of violence in Syria

New York. (Reuters) .- The Security Council United Nations has agreed to issue a statement condemning the violent repression of democratic protests by the Syrian regime, so its fifteen members will meet again on Wednesday, according to diplomatic sources reported. United Kingdom, France, Germany and Portugal have tried to convince the other eleven members of this body to make a statement condemning the use of force against peaceful demonstrators, the face of opposition from Russia and China, veto-wielding members.

Erdogan reveals his plan for the Istanbul Channel

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has unveiled on Wednesday a major project for Istanbul, which includes construction of a canal 50 kilometers on the Bosphorus designed to alleviate the congested traffic of Istanbul. Erdogan, who was mayor of Istanbul, said there are many cities in the world by crossing a river, but Istanbul is the only by passing a sea, so that the new project "will one second Bosphorus' by that city.

KOSOVO - A new election?

After the Constitutional Court invalidated the election of businessman Behgjet Pacolli, Kosovo is now chaired by the Acting Chairman of Parliament, Jakup Krasniqi. A situation that makes this small country, which is still not recognized by the UN, in a situation of failure and raises the specter of early elections, predicts the daily Koha Ditore.

"Nobody takes seriously the Kosovo if we do not ourselves," the paper said. He recalls that this period of political instability comes as the authorities of the former Serbian province are supposed to resume dialogue with Belgrade under the auspices of the European Union. "It's been six months since the raid on a gentle slope continues.

Authorizing aid Obama "non-lethal" for the Libyan rebels

Washington. .- The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has cleared an aid "nonlethal" of up to $ 25 million Libyan rebels to support their efforts to protect civilians threatened by the forces of Muammar Gaddafi. The president signed a presidential statement and a memo to the secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton, and Defense, Robert Gates, in approving the delivery of "goods and services" from the inventory and resources of any government agency Libyan and U.S.

Architects of Japan, joined by the reconstruction

The disaster that hit Japan March 11 and destroyed 60,000 buildings in less than an hour broke the concept of security architecture and has led to teachers as Toyo Ito and Kazuyo Sejima Pritzker prizes and Tadao Ando to join the reconstruction. "With the earthquake, the concept of everything we've been building over the past 50 or 100 years has been zero," stated the architect Toyo Ito, the creator of famous buildings such as the Sendai Mediatheque (2001), whose roof partially collapsed by the earthquake.