Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brussels presses for Greece: the austerity plan is the only alternative to bankruptcy

The only way to avoid bankruptcy Greece's parliament to approve this week the austerity plan submitted by the Government because there is no plan B, insisted today the European Commission (EC). "I am confident that Greece's political leaders are fully aware of their responsibility to avoid bankruptcy," said Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said in a statement.

The Greek Parliament on Monday began debate on the new austerity measures proposed by the Government, with uncertainty about whether they will be adopted following the defections in the ranks of the growing socialist and social pressure. It depends on the delivery of a fifth tranche of aid to 12,000 million euros to pay salaries and pensions in July.

What happens if the Greek Parliament rejects the cuts?

The Parliament of Greece debate until Wednesday morning that the vote will produce the new adjustment plan must pass in order to unlock the fifth tranche of the loan rescue, and pave the way for a second rescue, reports As of July 18, the coffers of Greece are empty without the possibility to meet their financial commitments.

Entail financial costs only 6850 million. So are the keys to 12,000 million from the IMF. Without that money,  Greece fall into default. Approval of the new adjustment plan in the Greek Parliament should be a formality once the president, George Papandreou last week saved the vote of confidence.

A collision between a truck and a bus leaves 15 dead in Paraguay

At least fifteen people were killed Tuesday and another fourteen were injured as a result of a collision between a heavy truck and a bus occurred in Ypacaraí, a municipality on the outskirts of Asuncion, authorities said. The accident occurred at km 44, Route 2, connecting the capital Paraguayan Ciudad del Este, 330 kilometers east of Asuncion.

The radioactive contamination to a group of people in Fukushima

Researchers at the Institute of Radiation Medicine Biological and Hiroshima University have detected radiation in a group of 15 residents of Fukushima prefecture, site of the nuclear power plant in an accident that broke out following the earthquake and March 11 tsunamidel. All participants, aged between 4 and 77, showed abnormal levels of radioactive cesium in the two tests that were submitted.

Russia will leave this night without electricity to Belarus for nonpayment

The Russian export monopoly today announced that it suspended from midnight electricity supplies to Belarus and because it has not received from the Belarussian company Belenergo payment for that service.

Socialist Martine Aubry announced his candidacy for the 2012 presidential

The French Socialist leader, Martine Aubry, announced Tuesday his intention to Lille to the 2012 presidential election against the current president, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Kabul suicide bomber attacked the hotel of Westerners. Battle in the night

The Intercontinental, the largest hotel in Kabul, was attacked Tuesday evening around 23 from an unknown number of Taliban killed or wounded, according to preliminary information of the media, at least a dozen people, including a Canadian diplomat, but it is feared a massacre. Local broadcaster said that the Taliban are opposing a "stiff resistance" to the Afghan security forces.

"Charlene wanted to get away from Albert" The Principality: "The Express has lied '

"The bride wanted to escape." "And 'only journalistic invention." Q & A between the French weekly l'Express and the authorities of the Principality of Monaco on an alleged crisis between Albert II of Monaco and girlfriend Charlene Wittstock to marry on July 2.

Grimaldi Palace has categorically denied rumors of an attempted escape of the former South African swimmer, just days before the fateful yes, as reported by the French weekly l'Express on its website.  "A few days after the wedding ceremony of His Royal Highness Prince Albert with Charlene Wittstock, the Palais Princier formally denies the allegations appeared lying on the Express site," according to a note of the press office of the Palazzo Grimaldi.