Thursday, April 21, 2011

A boat moves more than 1,100 refugees to Benghazi Misurata

Benghazi. .- A Greek-flagged ship now moved more than 1,100 refugees from the besieged Misurata Libyan city of Benghazi to the rebel stronghold. Most of them were foreign workers from Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries. "The situation in Misurata is horrible, it is difficult to find clean water and permanently drop missiles and grenades," he told a Jordanian who worked in a marble factory in the city.

Castro hails Castro

After being elected as first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), President Raul Castro said on Tuesday that assumes "your last job" with a commitment to defend socialism and "never to allow the return of the capitalist system" to their country . "I take my last job with the firm conviction and commitment to honor the first Secretary of Central Committee of Communist Party of Cuba's main mission and meaning of their lives to defend, preserve and continue perfecting socialism and never to allow the return of capitalist system, "said Raul Castro in his speech which was closed the VI Congress of the CCP.

INDIA - Gandhi "untouchable"?

The Indian Minister of Justice, Veerappa Moily, said the government had banned the publication of new book on Gandhi, Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi And His Struggle With India [A great soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle with India ]. Such a decision is justified by neither the facts nor the law nor by common sense.

This threat is at best the result of a totally erroneous reading of the book - the content has been portrayed by Moily as "heresy" - and, at worst, the result not of a reading, but the impact reviews published in some Western media criticism quite misleading [the AFP, or the British newspapers Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph insist on the supposed bisexuality of Gandhi, in view of its intimate relationship with his friend Hermann Kallenbach, German Jewish architect].

66% of the French believe that the integration of foreigners has failed

PARIS, 20 66 percent of the French believe that the integration of foreigners has been a failure at home and 76 percent blame the immigrants themselves, who have not done enough to integrate, according to a survey published Wednesday . In addition, the survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, shows that 51 percent of French people consider that integration has been a deterioration in the last ten years.

Bradley Manning moved to prison

Bradley Manning soldier, accused of funneling thousands of confidential documents from the U.S. to WikiLeaks, transferred to a military prison in Kansas, following criticism of the conditions of his pretrial detention, authorities said. "The Army transferred Private Manning's detention center at Quantico (Virginia) to the regional jail in Fort Leavenworh, Kansas, announced at a press conference Jeh Johnson, lead counsel for the Department of Defense.

FRANCE - The coup of the umbrella

From a standpoint of dress, the bodyguards of the French president has always had an advantage over their colleagues in Northern Europe. And they now have a new chic accessory to add to their portfolio: an elegant black umbrella can be transformed into a shield and of course, the umbrella is made * Cherbourg.

If Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni find themselves under fire projectiles or are threatened by a rabid dog, just to men charged with their protection to open these new high-tech umbrellas to shelter them in an instant. Para Pactum, his code name, resists a ball and petanque can cash a shock speed of 160 km / h.

UK encourages its citizens in Syria to leave the country

London. .- The Foreign Ministry has urged UK Britons are currently in Syria to leave the country raised to the "deteriorating security situation." The British Government had previously advised against any travel to Syria unless it was "essential" because of the events that occur from the middle of last month against the regime of President Bashar al-Asad.

The Foreign Office has recommended Britons now living in Syria to leave on commercial flights in the light of the "deteriorating security situation" experienced in the country. The UK announcement comes after Syria has begun taking steps to repeal the Emergency Law to increased violence.

Curfew in the Tunisian city of Sneden

The authorities of the town of Sneden, south of the Tunisian capital, imposed a curfew after the serious incidents yesterday which killed two students, local sources reported on Wednesday. The curfew, which took effect yesterday, range from 17.00 (15.00 GMT) at 05.00 pm (0300 GMT) and its duration will depend on the developments, the sources added.

This area has seen heavy fighting in the last 24 hours and the situation deteriorated yesterday when a fight between two students from different tribes ended in a pitched battle. In the incident killed two students, one a teenager, and 50 others injured. The severity of the fighting forced to speak to the soldiers, who used batons and tear gas to disperse those involved and prevent acts of destruction and sabotage, the sources said.

IRELAND - Banks adrift

"The bond beyond the beautiful 24 billion euros were injected into the banks," as the Irish Times, following the publication, March 31, the results of stress tests conducted by the Central Bank. That day, renamed Black Thursday ("Black Thursday"), it was learned that the State had no choice but to pay this amount to the banks toxic.

"This will be the fifth plan to rescue banks since 2008 and this extension is to 70 billion euros the amount of state assistance," the paper notes Dublin. All Irish banks are now owned by the state and every taxpayer, including children, are indebted to the tune of 17,000 euros per head to keep them afloat.

Putin: "The fear Fukushima nuclear after helping the Russian economy"

Moscow .- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, has been optimistic about the Russian deputies against the good prospects that are opened in the energy market for his country. According to the head of the Russian government after the nuclear disaster Fukushima (Japan) European countries need more energy resources from Russia, the world's leading supplier of natural resources, especially oil and natural gas.

Dozens killed in Nigeria's Muslim north

Dozens of people have been killed or injured in the riots in the Muslim north of Nigeria on Monday after news of the Christian victory southern Goodluck Jonathan in the presidential election held on Saturday. Sources of Nigerian security services said they would not offer exact figures of casualties, to avoid reprisals from Christians, who dominate the south, but local media pointed out that the dead are close to a hundred.

RUSSIA - The end of protests Strategy 31?

As all 31 two years ago, the radical opposition (political parties and movements not represented in the Duma, the liberal right to extreme left) showed March 31 in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod within the Strategy Action 31, to recall that Article 31 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of assembly.

One of the leaders of The Other Russia, also the leader of National Bolshevik Party and famous writer, Eduard Limonov, the leader of the Solidarity movement and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov ultraliberal, were arrested, reports the daily Vzgliad Russian line. Both, respectively in Moscow and St.

Six protesters shot dead by police in Yemen

Sana'a (Yemen) .- Five people were killed by gunshot wounds in Sanaa when police tried to disperse a demonstration demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdallah Saleh of Yemen, according to medical sources. "The final statement is five deaths by bullets and 60 wounded, 23 of which are in serious condition," stated one of the doctors at the hospital serving the protesters, installed next to the University of Sanaa.

HAITI - Michel Martelly, President on Twitter

In its Communication on Twitter Martelly said "Vre rezilta eleksyon prezidansyel yo yo Daprès pwosè vèbal shows Martelly prezidan ak Ayiti 69.74%. Tann Year new power its new WE KEP ap di" [according to the minutes the real presidential election results show that Martelly is president with 69.74% of votes.

We are waiting to see what the Provisional Electoral Council will publish]. The message comes from the account presidentmicky that the candidate supplies since the beginning of the campaign on this social network. Carel Pedro, radio host and social networking guru in Haiti who is used to interact with these channels by Michel Martelly confirmed to The News that "the announcement is good Martelly" and that "the account is operated by the candidate himself "as is customary on Twitter.

Gaddafi proposed elections 'free' in six months

Tripoli (Editorial / Agencies) .- Libya could hold elections "free, supervised by the United Nations within six months, assured the foreign minister of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi Abdul Ati al-Obeidi. In an interview with British newspaper 'The Guardian', the successor of Musa Kusa, the former foreign minister who defected during a trip to London last month, has declared that the regime was prepared to form an interim government that would organize elections .

The Syrian government approves repeal

Under enormous public pressure and increasing death toll in the riots (over 200), Syrian President Bashar Assad on Tuesday decreed the state of emergency order that governed the country since 1963. A landmark decision that just does not seem to convince the opposition. Shortly after the announcement of the Government, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of the coastal city of Banias demanding freedom and democracy.

GERMANY - A school to celebrate the successful integration

On Friday afternoon, in Freiburg, southern Germany, the primary school is celebrating the launch Regenbogenschule courses for adults. In the hall, three cellists play a sonata by Handel. Facing them, five men sit in the front row, all bear Turkish names. In the second row, wearing colorful scarves, five women listen attentively.

The Regenbogenschule is a private school that opened its doors last summer. The first class of nine students. They are all children of immigrants, two of them have German mothers. The school is supported by the academic platform of Freiburg, an association founded by Turkish immigrants.

Israeli intellectuals and academics have signed a statement of support for Palestinian state

Jerusalem. .- Dozens of public figures, intellectuals and Israeli academics have signed a statement supporting the creation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders as part of a two-state solution. The signatories are scheduled to present on Thursday against Independence Hall Tel Aviv, where the architect of Israel, David Ben Gurion proclaimed Israel's independence in May 1948.

The symbolic act that will read the letter signed by their developers, who use the occasion to ask the public to join them signed the document. "The Jewish people arose in the Land of Israel, where he forged his character. The Palestinian people is rising in Palestine, where his character was forged," reads the text of the letter, the local press later today.

Hamas surrounds the murderers of Arrigoni

Forces of the Palestinian government of Hamas in Gaza on Tuesday stormed the refuge of the alleged murderers of the Italian Vittorio Arrigoni, an operation that ended with the death of Islamist chief of staff, the Jordanian Abdelrahman Brizak, and another activist, Palestinian Bilal Al Omari . "Brizak threw a grenade at his comrades and himself," the Interior Ministry after starting the assault on the house in the area of Nusseirat in which the alleged murderers had fled activist.

CHINA - The writers bristle

For two weeks, fifty writers engaged against the Chinese search engine Baidu a fight for the respect of their copyrights. After the breakdown of negotiations, the discussions had stalled, but on March 28, the CEO of Baidu, Li Yanhong (Robin Li), who accessed it recently to the rank of First Capital of China, spoke to topic at the annual meeting of the leaders of IT in Shenzhen China.

"My position is very clear: if we fail to manage Baidu Wenku [the bookstore and online library Baidu], it is necessary to close this service!" Mr. Li says Baidu attaches great importance to this issue and said he had mobilized several services to find a solution to the dispute. He hopes that the controls on copyright will be strengthened.

France, Italy and the UK will give military training to Libyan soil rebels

PARIS (Reuters) .- France and Italy sent military liaison officers to Libya to support rebels fighting Muammar Gaddafi has announced the Gallic government spokesman, Francois Baroin and Italian Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa. Yesterday, the United Kingdom had already announced the dispatch of military advisers to help the Libyan National Transition Council.

"There will be a small number of liaison officers to the National Transition Council to organize the protection of civilians," said Baroin, noting that Paris has no intention of sending troops to the North African country. It has also clarified that the official figure will be a single digit.

Lampedusa reaches a vessel with 760

A boat with 760 immigrants from sub-Saharan origin on board reached the Italian island of Lampedusa from the coasts of Libya, according to Coast Guard sources confirmed Italy. The boat had been sighted in the early hours of the morning and was aided by the Italian authorities when he was forty miles south of Lampedusa.

Among immigrants who were aboard the boat were thirteen women and seventeen children, the sources added. Immigrants explained to the Italian authorities had left Tripoli (Libya) last Palm Sunday. The arrival of these immigrants in the early afternoon on Tuesday adds to the other vessel, with fifty passengers, during the early morning, which marked the first landing on the island of Lampedusa since last Friday.

ARMENIA - Moscow wants to attract the Armenians

Armenia, which continues to be emptied of its inhabitants for twenty years, plunged into a new controversy about the Russian government's program of assistance to install Russian-speaking compatriots (only families) in Russia ". Participate program that provides benefits, work and housing in 24 regions of Russia, just to master the Russian language and to consider Russia as their homeland, "says the news site Eurasianet.

Mubarak will explain the cause of 846 deaths in the riots in Egypt

Cairo .- The ousted President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak is partly responsible for the death of 846 personasdurante revolt against his regime, as found by the judicial commission investigating the events during the revolution in the North African country, local media reported today. "The order to fire on the demonstrators was only possible with consent," the media quoted Cairo the secretary of the commission, Judge Omar Marwan.

Dense smoke detected in the reactor 2

The robots used by technicians in central Fukushima detected a dense vapor in the reactor building number 2, which has prevented study the state of the facilities. The staff of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which manages the plant, thinking that the steam from the damaged area of the reactor pool.

The steam could be highly toxic, so it has not yet determined a solution to this problem. In contrast, the radiation levels are relatively low and the company believes that some workers could enter the premises for short periods of time. Meanwhile, robots have stepped into the lead 3, through the south entrance, but have found the way blocked by debris.

The protests following the elections in Nigeria caused 121 deaths

Lagos .- The riots that broke out in northern Nigeria in protest against the results of Saturday's presidential elections have claimed 121 lives, while hundreds of people were injured and 15,000 have fled their homes, reported Today a local newspaper. The candidate whose defeat sparked violence, retired Army Gen.

Muhammadu Buhari, came to the passage of events Tuesday night condemning the violence. "I have to say that they are despicable acts that were not initiated by our fans and therefore can not be supported by our party," prayed a statement from Buhari's spokesman, Yinka Odumakin. "This is clearly a political issue should not become in any way, in case ethnic, religious or regional," he said.

Lack of agreement in the UN Yemen

Member countries of the Security Council of the UN have concluded this evening the first consultations to date on the situation of violence in Yemen and did so without the necessary consensus to rule together in this regard. The members of the highest international security were unable to agree on a joint stance on Yemen, after the delegations of Germany and Lebanon prepared a statement that did not receive the approval of all delegations.

JAPAN - The economic impact of the disaster is enormous

For the main newspaper of Sendai, a city near the epicenter of the earthquake of 11 March, 1 April is an opportunity to make a first assessment of the economic impact of the disaster on the region after three weeks. The amount of damage to the only prefecture of Miyagi, Sendai which is the largest city, is over 2,000 billion yen (17 billion euros).

The whole industrial and commercial suffered. Nevertheless, the daily newspaper, like most of his colleagues, refuses defeatism. In one he published a photo showing the flag on which the fish market Ofunato port city particularly hard hit during the tsunami. "The flag that floats, it is the beginning of a return to normal."

U.S. moved to the alleged "source" to another prison WikiLeaks

Washington .- The soldier Bradley Manning, accused of funneling thousands of confidential documents from the U.S. to WikiLeaks, transferred to a military prison in Kansas, following criticism of the conditions of his detention, authorities said Monday. "The Army transferred Private Manning's detention center at Quantico (Virginia) to the regional jail in Fort Leavenworh, Kansas, announced today at a press conference Jeh Johnson, lead counsel for the Department of Defense.

Yemen: Three dead in another day of protests

At least three people were killed and 33 injured in demonstrations against the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana'a and Taiz in southern Yemen, medical sources said. Two protesters were killed and 32 others were wounded by gunfire from armed groups Saleh supporters near the home of Vice President Abdo Rabo Mansour Hadi in Sana'a, medical sources stated hospital that monitors the political opposition against the University of the capital .

KUWAIT - The government resigns

The government presented its resignation on March 31, which was accepted by the emir. It avoids responding to an avalanche of votes of confidence. Since 2006, under pressure from the opposition, the Prime Minister has already resigned six times, but it has always been reappointed by the emir. The press announcement the same scenario, with the formation of his seventh government, may fuel a movement of opposition even fledgling youth who demand that the government is derived from the popular vote.

Humanitarian activist arrested for violation of Minsk metro

Moscow .- An organization Belarusian human rights defender reported that police had arrested one of its members for their alleged involvement in the bombing on 11 April in Minsk metro. The Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the only independent group Human Rights Defender that exists in the country, has stated that Pavel Levinov was arrested on Monday and will remain ten days in custody to interrogate him.

Islamists reject protest royal wedding

Scotland Yard has indicated Tuesday that he has rejected a request from a radical Islamist group to carry out a protest near Westminster Abbey on April 29, the day of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This group, called Muslims against the Crusaders, he starred in another demonstration during the Armistice Day of World War I, when burned 'Poppys' snaps as the British red poppy in his lapel was placed on 11 November to commemorate the sale date and which is intended to raise funds for wounded military veterans and their families.

MEXICO - Resignation of Minister of Justice

Arturo Chavez resigned March 31 to President Felipe Calderón, who announced he would propose the chief anti-drug prosecutor, Marisela Morales, to replace him. Chavez's departure comes three weeks after the publication of a U.S. diplomatic cable leaked by Wikileaks, where his appointment is considered "inexplicable." He is accused his inaction between 1996 and 1998, when he was charged, as counsel for the State of Chihuahua, the investigation into the murders of dozens of women in Ciudad Juárez.

Michelle Obama's plane lands after a driver error

Washington .- The plane he was traveling in the U.S. first lady, Michelle Obama, a Boeing 737 from New York, has had to make an emergency landing at the base of Andrews (Washington) due to a driver error the air has been on the verge of hitting a military plane. The first lady returned to make a television appearance, among other acts, accompanied by Jill Biden, wife of vice, when a driver noticed that the track that had to land his plane was occupied by a military unit load, that would give him time to take off.

U.S. calls for end to violence in Syria

The United States demanded Tuesday the end of violence against demonstrators in Syria, while the dispersion of a new event has killed four people. "The violence in Iraq continues to raise serious concerns, and it is clear that the Government should urgently undertake major reforms, and stop using violence against peaceful demonstrators," said Mark Toner, a spokeswoman for U.S.

diplomacy. "We have heard many words, and saw little action" by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, he added. The Syrian government has announced a series of measures to loosen its grip on the country's security, while warning he would not tolerate further protests against the regime, just hours after the deadly spread of a sit-in security forces.