Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MEDICINE - Antiretroviral drugs prevent HIV transmission

"People infected with the AIDS virus are at much less risk of transmission to their sexual partners if they are put on treatment immediately instead of waiting for their immune system begins to deteriorate, as indicated by the Preliminary results of clinical trials announced on May 12, "reports the New York daily.

According to the study published in the United States, early treatment with antiretroviral HIV patient by 96% would reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Yemen is experiencing a bloody night that caused several casualties

Taiz (Yemen). .- At least three demonstrators were killed in the Yemeni city of Taiz shot by police and military to dissolve a political protest, told Efe opposition sources. The demonstration in Taiz, the main industrial center in southern Yemen, wanted to press for the resignation of the president Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose output power is asking the opposition since late January.

According could verify Efe, military police and Republican Guards fired on hundreds of people involved in the protest on the streets of Gamal Abdel Nasser and other adjacent places. Since last Sunday the city of Taiz is the scene of escalating protests against Saleh's regime as part of political protests taking place elsewhere in the country, including the capital, Sanaa.

The King of Sweden refuses to go to strip clubs and their relationship with a mobster

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on Monday flatly denied the Swedish media reports according to which frequents clubs 'striptease' and has had contacts with organized crime. "No, it is impossible there," replied the head of the Swedish State, asked about the existence of photographs that would show the king before two naked women who recently spoke of a former mobster, Mille Markovic, owner of the club hostess, who said that such images are in his possession.

CHINA - Christians appeal to the National People's Congress

"A plea for religious freedom goes up to Beijing," as the Hong Kong daily. The leaders of twenty churches and Christian communities have signed an unofficial petition to that effect, which must be submitted on 13 May at the National People's Congress. "This is the first time the budding underground churches in cities and join their forces," the newspaper said.

The crackdown since mid-April against a Protestant church in Beijing would be the detonator.

Mladic leaves jail to visit the grave of his daughter

Belgrade. .- The former general Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic left today for a moment his cell in Belgrade to visit the grave of his daughter in the capital of Serbia, between heavy security, officials said. The deputy prosecutor of Serb war crimes Bruno Vekaric told public broadcaster RTS that operation, considered high risk to safety, was carried out for 20 minutes and was uneventful.

Chechnya arrested the alleged murderer of Anna Politkovskaya

The Chechen Rustam Majmudov, designated by the Committee of Education of Russia (CIR) as the perpetrator of the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, committed on October 7, 2006, was arrested Tuesday in Chechnya, said the radio "Echo of Moscow ". According to the station, which quoted Murad Musayev, a lawyer for one of the brothers Majmudov on who weighed a search and arrest warrant, he was arrested this morning at home with their parents.

GERMANY - John Demjanjuk, convicted and free

Curtain on the last major trial against a former Nazi war criminal. On 12 May, the Munich court sentenced him to five years in prison John Demjanjuk, found guilty of having collaborated with the death of 27,900 Jews while he was a guard at the Sobibor camp. However Demjanjuk was released because of his age: 91 years.

The Bavarian daily refuses to argue about the "softness" of the possible penalty: the important thing was to "condemn, establish guilt" and "the truth".

Iran holds in the air the plane of Angela Merkel

Berlin. .- The Iranian authorities have held this morning for two hours in the air the official aircraft of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, on her way to India for an official trip. The Airbus A-340 of the Foreign Minister and his delegation was forced to return and fly over Turkish airspace to receive permission to cross the territory of Iran, said Steffen Seibert, official government spokesman Germany.

The Afghans will not tolerate a NATO attack against home

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has warned on Tuesday the NATO forces that are at risk of being seen as an "occupation force" if they continue bombing civilian homes. "If these attacks do not stop, his presence in our country will be seen as an occupation against the will of the Afghans," Karzai said at a news agency in Kabul.

"History shows clearly how the Afghans react against a conqueror," added the president. The Afghan leader also said the Alliance can not launch attacks against Afghan households in its' hunting insurgents. " "NATO must learn that air strikes against Afghan houses are not permitted and that Afghans will not tolerate any more," he said Karzai, in relation to one of the past 'failures' of the Alliance on Afghan soil, which ended with the lives of 12 children and two women, Afghan officials said on Saturday during a fight against the Taliban.

YEMEN - A country on the brink of civil war

"The uprising in Yemen takes a dramatic turn", as the Emirates daily. "Members of some of the most powerful Yemeni tribes and heading for the capital to protect the demonstrators come from attacks by troops loyal to President Saleh," he recounts. "Their initiative marks an escalation in anti-government protests, which many fear it could lead to civil war." Since Wednesday, May 11, 19 demonstrators were killed by security forces, including Bayda and Taiz, two cities south of Sanaa.

The quiet revolution of women driving in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia driving is an act of rebellion if you are female. The Alawite monarchy does not like to see them at the wheel, although it is unclear whether there is legislation in place to prohibit it. Even so, driving can be expensive if you're not a man. On 19 May, Manal al-Sharif, a 32 year-old, got into his car and drove through the streets of the city of Khobar.

Sharif had with her Wajeha al-Huwaider, an activist for the rights of women. Al-Huwaider shot the girl driving, and both talked about the constraints faced by women in the Gulf kingdom. The brave Al-Sharif uploaded the video on YouTube, and before it was banned four days later, he was viewed more than 600,000 times.

You hear a loud noise near a reactor core Fukushima

A loud noise was heard outside one of the buildings of a nuclear reactor in Fukushima Japan, damaged after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 March. TEPCO has said that the crash was due to damage that occurred in a gas cylinder. "We found that heavy machinery has trapped the gas cylinder and damage has occurred," said TEPCO spokesman, Junichi Matsumoto, in a press conference.

The company explained that despite this incident, there have been no changes in radiation levels and there is no hurt. Coinciding with this event, technicians working in the battered nuclear power plant on Tuesday detected a leak of oil into the sea that could come from tanks located near the reactors, but impact of the leak is "very limited", according to authorities.

AFRICA - A new Africa

Gaddafi, willing to negotiate a solution, as the South African press

Johannesburg. .- The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Monday showed their willingness to negotiate a solution to the conflict Libya, according to South African press on Tuesday, after talks with South African President Jacob Zuma, in Tripoli. Besieged by NATO bombing and beset by defections of its employees, Muammar Gaddafi, who is facing a civil war since the popular uprisings of the mid-February, yesterday showed its willingness to negotiate a solution to the civil war in the country for three months.

A woman cuts off penis to a neighbor who tried to rape her and takes him to the police

A woman in southern Bangladesh cut off his penis to his neighbor to fend off an attempted rape, according to her, and then carried the severed member as evidence to a police station, said a police spokesman. According to police source, the woman, Monju Begum, married with three children, said he cut the penis of her neighbor, Mazi Mozammel Haq, after he tries to force her into his village, Mirzapur, where they lived next door.

Syria-Europe - Red Card Gaddafi, carte blanche to Assad

So it has been determined to put an end to violence by Muammar Gaddafi against the Libyan people, Europe remains silent in the face of terror exercised by Syria Bashar al-Assad. And the sanctions came into force on May 10 against his regime are shown a little more weakness in the EU, the Slovak daily SME wrote.

A song to 'forget' the bullets in a nursery in Mexico

Monterrey. .- A Mexican teacher did with a song that the children in their care to "forget" the intense exchange of fire with heavy weapons that was happening near the center, located in the city of Monterrey, a performance for which he was recognized today as official. "I feel very proud, especially of children.

They gave me the courage and the courage to act as he did," said Martha Rivera after receiving a plaque from Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, governor of Nuevo Leon state bordering United States, whose capital is Monterrey. The authorities of the northern Mexican state's teacher recognized his valor and courage in implementing last Friday "security protocols correct," but Martha Rivera had already received many expressions of admiration.

Ruby was taken on the case without Il Cavaliere

The second hearing of the process 'Rubygate' before the Court in Milan has begun this morning with the absence of the head of the Italian Government, Silvio Berlusconi, who yesterday suffered a severe electoral defeat in its traditional stronghold Milan. Berlusconi is in Romania for an official visit and will not attend the trial, which will be prosecuted for an alleged crime of child prostitution and abuse of power.

CANNES 2011 - Make way for filmmakers

"Four films made by women in competition, it's probably never seen before in Cannes," says the Swiss daily Le Temps. May 12, festival-goers discovered including We Need to Talk About Kevin Lynne Ramsay's Scottish and Sleeping Beauty by the Australian Julia Leigh. "Exploit? Trend? Looking at the festival 'off', ie the parallel sections of the Directors 'Fortnight and Critics' Week, in principle, more oriented towards the discovery, we note that the phenomenon is growing six (plus three 'couples') fortnightly, five Week ", the Swiss newspaper.

Merkel says goodbye to the nuclear and heralds a revolution in renewable

Fukushima and more than 30 years of citizens' movement against nuclear have forced the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to take to the mountain: a maximum of eleven years to 2022, Germany will maintain its power without nuclear power industry and population, the first Europe. The move, expected but officially announced yesterday, is fraught with consequences for the continent.

If Germany can, other smaller European neighbors more so. Described as "irreversible", the decision is a huge boost industrial and research for renewable energy, together with gas and other technologies gradually occupy the hole, that 23% of electricity generation today is for nuclear in the country .

More than 30 people at a bus fell into a pond to the northwest of India

At least 31 passengers, including 12 women, were killed and six others were injured when a bus carrying a wedding procession came to a lake in northeastern India, police said Tuesday. The accident occurred Monday night in the Assam region, giving up a wooden bridge over the bus, carrying 40 people crashed in a lake 12 meters deep, the agency told PTI Police india .

Among the victims are the groom, his parents and three children, the source said, adding that six passengers were rescued and transported to a nearby hospital. Police, assisted by the Army and some locals still early in the morning for possible missing in the lagoon, which has already been removed the bus, which was traveling between the cities of Guwahati and Dihua.

Putin gives drivers a year without ITV

For much of the Russians, hell comes once a year and seems to roadworthiness of vehicles. When the fateful day approaches, we must be prepared for long lines if you do not want to pay a bribe to alleviate widespread, yes, evil drink. Millions of sufferers, however, be spared from this predicament in the remainder of 2011 due to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

A decree of the Government extends twelve months the validity of certificates. Putin's gift, which takes effect this week, comes seven months after the elections to the Duma. In addition, there are presidential elections in March 2012. Russian Prime Minister has undertaken to promote his party, United Russia, weakened in recent regional elections, with the creation of a Popular Front.

Gaddafi, prepared to declare a truce and find a solution to conflict

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has shown its willingness to negotiate a solution to the conflict of Libya, according to South African media reported Wednesday, after talks with South African President Jacob Zuma, in Tripoli. Besieged by NATO bombing and beset by defections of its employees, Muammar Gaddafi, who is facing a civil war since the popular uprisings of the mid-February, yesterday showed its willingness to negotiate a solution to the civil war in the country for three months.

UNITED STATES - The New York Times parody

The Final Edition, a parody site of the New York Times, which commemorates the supposed death of the famous New York daily, was launched May 11, annoncePolitico. Led by the former editor of the monthly satirical magazine Spy, Tony Hendra, the new site looks just like the original, but suffers from a "clear lack of reporters and, therefore, reports," can be read on the site.

The image of A, accompanied by an article titled "The owners have set fire to the building to recover the insurance money," shows the building of the New York Times, built at great expense in flames. There are also articles delusional, one of them announcing that the Pope is preparing to reopen the trial of Galileo.

Massimo Franco, "has begun Berlusconi's farewell"

The political and journalistic Roma last night was a hive of interpretations of the medium-term consequences on the outcome of the elections. Massimo Franco, an analyst with the newspaper Corriere della Sera and author of numerous books on the Italian reality and the Vatican, said the situation for La Vanguardia.

According to Franco, Silvio Berlusconi was the only defeated, but the Northern League has also lost the privileged position they hold thought in their area of influence. As always in Italy, plan many questions about the scenarios that are open, but one thing seems fairly clear: the era Berlusconi is running out because it is not plausible to think, after the debacle at the polls and the results of Milan, Berlusconi again a candidate for prime minister in 2013, assuming that the legislature could be exhausted.

Renewed fighting in Sanaa end to the truce between the president and tribes

It was a very fragile truce but trying to avoid another civil war in the poorest Arab country in the world, Yemen. However, the renewed fighting that have occurred in the capital, Sanaa, tribal groups and forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, have broken any hope. "The ceasefire agreement has ended," has secured a Yemeni government official.

This cease-fire went into effect this weekend, after more than 115 people died in fighting between both sides in the capital, using machine guns, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. The international community has put pressure on Saleh to sign the agreement reached by the Gulf countries with the opposition Yemeni and would open a transition process in China.

ZOOLOGY - Ants manipulated by fungi

The scene is worthy of a horror movie, décritDer Spiegel: a fungus invades the nervous system of the individual to take control of his every move. The individual in question is an ant species Camponotus Leonardi and a parasite invader species Ophiocordyceps unilateral; parasitoid rather than parasitic, elsewhere: a parasite never kills its host, while O.

unilateral eventually destroys its host ant. The fungus always follows the same procedure: it infects the insect is spreading in his body through his nervous system and enslave the animal to bring it down from the canopy to reach the ground, where moisture conditions and temperature are more favorable to the parasitoid.

Zuma could fly to Benghazi with a proposed solution

Algiers .- South African President Jacob Zuma, who arrived Monday in Tripoli to find a solution to the Libyan conflict could also travel to Benghazi, the stronghold of the insurgents, to present their proposal, according to sources said Monday the rebels to Qatari television channel Al Jazeera. The sources of the National Transitional Council (CNT)-the highest body of the rebels cited by the chain said that Zuma's proposal provides for an honorable solution to the Libyan leader, Muammar Qaddafi, and that if the regime accepts Tripoli The South African president will travel to Benghazi to treat with the insurgents.

The highest battlefield on earth, a block of ice at 6000 meters

India and Pakistan resumed on Monday in New Delhi dialogue on border conflict Siachen Glacier, almost three years after it was interrupted after the attacks in Bombay in November 2008. The talks are conducted by Pakistan's Defense Secretary, Syed Ather Ali, and his Indian counterpart, Pradip Kumar, who for two days talking about the so-called highest battlefield on earth, a block of ice more than 6,000 meters altitude where the two nuclear powers and maintain a ceasefire since 2003.

UNITED STATES - After the death of Bin Laden, Obama is reviewing its Afghan copy

The death of Osama Bin Laden May 1 reinforces congressional advocates of a reduced commitment and U.S. spending in Afghanistan. At the White House, too, the terrorist leader's disappearance reinforces those who advocate a quick withdrawal of some U.S. forces. Several members of government have always preferred an approach based more on the targeted killing of insurgent leaders, rather than the strategy of counterinsurgency, intensive staff that President Barack Obama was ultimately approved.

Milan and Naples away from Berlusconi

Barcelona / Rome (Writing and agencies) .- The right of Silvio Berlusconi has lost Milan, the economic capital of Italy, where the left has obtained 55.14% of the votes after the counting of ballots in 1,195 polling stations out of 1251, according to the website of the Ministry of Interior. The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his party, People of Freedom, in the absence of knowing what happens definitely with Naples, has lost the city of Milan.

SWITZERLAND - Who wants to applaud Bertrand Cantat?

Comédie de Genève does it allow the musician Bertrand Cantat? Tuesday, May 10, Herve Loichemol, the new director of the institution, told the press that the former leader of Black Desire play this fall in Geneva in women, a show composed of three tragedies of Sophocles and set directed by Wajdi Mouawad.

Since that announcement, personalities were angry about the stage presence of the former companion of Marie Trintignant. They regretted that it could well return to the light, seven years after committing the irreparable night forever blurred. Yes, his crime has shocked and upset, not just fans of the actress.

Russia bans imports of vegetables from Spain and Germany

Moscow. .- Russia announced a ban from today's vegetable imports from Spain and Germany following the outbreak of an intestinal infection that the German authorities initially blamed a party of Spanish cucumbers. "If the situation does not change, banned all European vegetables," said Gennady Onischenko, Russian medical chief, told Interfax.

According to Germany, the outbreak of a variant of intestinal bacteria E. coli has caused 13 deaths and about 1,200 are affected. "We ask people not to buy fresh vegetables from Germany and Spain. To buy domestic products," said Onischenko, adding it has also been ordered to withdraw from sale all vegetable stocks of these two European countries.

The Yemeni regime's forces killed 21 demonstrators in the city of Taiz

At least 21 people have died in protests against the government of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in the city of Taiz in the south of the country, Al Jazeera channel reported. According to a Yemeni journalist has told the channel, security forces fired on demonstrators and moved with his armor on Freedom Square, where they camped for several days hundreds of people.

About 150 protesters were injured. Apparently, the security forces also used water cannons and tear gas to disperse them. Several shops were burned opponents. In recent months, about 300 Yemenis have died in the context of protests demanding the resignation of the president and a new era of reforms and have been harshly repressed by forces loyal to the president.