Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shimon Peres President of Israel

The Security Council decides today whether sanctions Gaddafi

New York .- The Security Council UN meets on Friday to discuss the deteriorating situation in Libya and discuss the possibility of imposing sanctions on the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, Efe said diplomatic sources. Those same sources said that it is expected that the same meeting a representative of the United Nations Secretariat report to the 15 members of the highest international security developments in Morocco.

The protests forced to remove the racist anti-abortion poster in New York

Just over 24 hours in New York's Soho endured the controversial anti-abortion poster with the image of a black girl and the message that caused a flurry of protests: "The most dangerous place for an African American is the womb" ... Lamar Advertising Company gave in to pressure and withdrew the bill on Thursday night, although the Texas Association Life Always had paid to maintain the fence for three weeks in the corner of Sixth Avenue and Watts Street.

Not Islamic, just Islamic

Kadhafi on Tuesday 22 February, says he does not want to cede power and be willing to "sacrifice themselves and [to] fight to the last drop of blood." But, if we find martyrs, if anything his opponents that we should consider, on which the Libyan leader did not hesitate to send bombs and heavily armed militia ...

Despite this senseless use of force the regime of Colonel - the "mad dog" as Reagan called in his time - hangs by a thread. His ministers and ambassadors return their jacket, army units came to terms with the rioters and the heads of two of the largest tribes, Al and Al-Warfalla Zouaya, called for a change of government.

About 20 Spanish remain pending leave Libya

Madrid .- About 20 Spanish stay in Libya waiting to leave the country, but are scattered throughout the territory of Libya, said today as the director general of Consular Affairs, Santiago Cabanas. Cabanas, told reporters after the arrival this evening at Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) of the plane of the Spanish Air Force sent to Tripoli to evacuate some 40 Spanish, said that despite the instability in the country is confident that last nationals to leave as soon as possible.

Thousands of Jordanians are demonstrating to demand political reform

Thousands of Jordanians came back to the streets of Amman and other cities after Friday prayers to call for political reforms, including the dissolution of the lower house of Parliament. The main demonstration took place in the capital and left the Great Mosque of Hussein, which gathered opposition leaders, trade unionists and independent activists.

Participants in the march chanted slogans to demand political reform, the closure of the Israeli embassy in Amman and the restoration of the 1952 Constitution, which envisaged the formation of representative governments. The protesters also chanted slogans and raised banners in support of the uprising against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, where they have killed thousands of people in the brutal repression by the authorities.

INDONESIA - Bali engorged

Traffic jams that paralyze day and night the main axes of Bali, especially between Kuta, Denpasar, Nusa Dua and Aéoroport may scare away tourists, warned the Jakarta Post. The number of vehicles increases each year of 12.42%, against a growth of 2.28% of road network. The 3.9 million Balinese use 1.55 million vehicles including motorcycles 71.81%, 19.39% of passenger cars, 9.1% of utilities and only 0.88% of vehicles in transit.

Three million Irish Parliament's 165 seats elected

Dublin .- Just over three million Irish are called to the polls today in a legislative election in which 556 candidates are eligible for the 165 seats that make the parliament of the Republic (the "Dáil") in Dublin. Schools in the Republic of Ireland opened at 07.00 GMT for the electorate to elect their representatives for the next five years in the 43 districts of the country.

As the polls show as the winner main opposition party, the conservative Fine Gael (FG) of Enda Kenny, the other Irish parties have called for massive participation of voters to prevent the election of a government with absolute majority . The latest polls gave the FG about 40 percent of electoral support, which could leave you very close to the 83 seats that can govern alone.

Rolling Stone puts another top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan in the pillory

As if it were a curse, the magazine 'Rolling Stone', which in June published an article which led to General Stanley McChrystal to resign as chief commander of international troops in Afghanistan, is once again on the cusp of a military command American in China, with the publication of other information in scandal.

In its latest issue, the magazine says that Lieutenant General William Caldwell, chief of training of Afghan security forces is, the second most important military command in Afghanistan after Gen. David Petraeus, who took the witness McChrystal - would have forced a U.S. military unit specializing in psychological warfare and intimidation tactics to intimidate and manipulate enemy psychologically to U.S.

INDONESIA - In the Moluccas, the return of sago

The government wants to reduce dependence Moluccan population in respect of rice and intends to return to the traditional use of sago, a starch produced from the trunk of the sago palm. There is a variety of palm grows abundantly under the canopy of the rainforest, the daily Kompas said. Moluccans consume on average 80 kilos of rice and 55 of sago.

Each year, the archipelago consumes 120,000 tons of rice, but it produces only 70,000 tonnes. On the trunk of sago palm can be up to forty tumang extracts, measurement of sago sold 20,000 rupees each [1,8 Euro] which can feed a family for a week.

Shot dead one of Mexico's most wanted drug traffickers

Ciudad Juárez. .- A senior leader of a group of drug traffickers in northern Mexico, and by whom the Mexican authorities offered a reward of 5 million pesos, was shot dead during a clash with the Federal Police in the city of Chihuahua, reported the Attorney General. Luis Humberto Peralta Hernández El Condor was considered a leader of the Juarez cartel, antagonistic group of the Sinaloa cartel, with which much of the disputed border between Mexico and the United States strategic for drug trafficking.

The most dangerous place for an African American is the uterus

A black girl with innocent eyes and pink dress, look for pedestrians and motorists from a billboard as asking compassion. Above it, the sign proclaims bluntly: "The most dangerous place for an African American is the womb." The ad, paid for by the anti-abortion group of 'Texas Life Always', has brought the dispute to the streets of New York.

Democratic Councilman Charles Barron has been the first to denounce as "racist" and asked the City Council to intervene to remove from view. The fence is, however, provisionally for three weeks at a strategic crossroads with heavy traffic in SoHo on Sixth Avenue at Watts Street. "I agree that we have gone too far, but the situation has come too far," argued the Rev.

CHINA - organ traffickers could face the death penalty

The official daily said that the criminals prosecuted for trafficking in organs could in future be sentenced to death. A text to that effect, presented in Parliament on February 23, is under consideration until 25 February. Organ trafficking is so far prosecuted only as a commercial activity illegal.

Persons convicted of trafficking could now be imposed sentences ranging from ten years' imprisonment to death because their crime is treated as a homicide.

Syria may be building a nuclear reactor

Washington. .- Satellite images expose an alleged Syrian nuclear facility to convert uranium, which would provide further evidence that Damascus could have pursued a nuclear program before the Israeli bombing in 2007 of alleged Al Kibar reactor, said U.S. center ISIS. The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) in Washington, showed pictures of the place on its website, after the German newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" revealed that Western intelligence agencies suspect Syria may have built secret facilities 15 kilometers east of Damascus.

The EU agreed to an embargo of arms to Libya and freeze the assets of Gaddafi

The European Union agreed on Friday to impose an embargo on arms sales and assets freeze and travel ban for Muammar Gaddafi and his family, as recorded by the source agency dpa German Foreign Ministry and also AFP news agency from Brussels, that reporting does not identify the source and only talk that is a diplomatic source.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany, the measure of punishment was consensus among the twenty-seven in response to Libya's brutal crackdown on opponents, and will be formally enacted in early next week. The freezing of assets and prohibition of entry into the EU and were imposed several weeks ago Tunisian leader Ben Ali and his associates.

BRAZIL - Former President Lula in the sights of justice

On 22 January the prosecutor asked Brasília opening proceedings against Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, for misuse of public funds. He requested the freezing of assets of former Brazilian President. In its official request, the prosecution accused Lula in power from 2003 to 2010 and who was his Minister of Social Welfare, Almir Lando, have used public funds to finance a political campaign in 2004.

Final day in Libya

Barcelona. (Editorial) .- Today could be a crucial day for the future of Libya, which is undergoing a crisis following the bloody uprising against the dictator Qaddafi. For now expected a large opposition rally in Tripoli, a bastion of the regime, which could be crucial to swing the balance in favor of one side or the other.

The rebels have already taken, as difficult to compare information coming from inside the country, the eastern part of the country, cities such as Benghazi, the second largest in the country. But yesterday the decline was also known in some Western cities, as Zuara or Zawiyah latter only 50 kilometers from the capital.

Massive demonstrations demanding the resignation of the president of Yemen

In Yemen on Friday have increased the manifestations of "pincipio the end" of the regime of President Ali Abdallah Salah. Two of them have settled in Aden, south of the country, with one dead and 30 wounded by gunfire from the police. In the capital, organizers say 100,000 protesters have gathered for the prayer group in front of the University of Sanaa where students have camped on a permanent basis to demand an end to the regime.

Muammar el Gaddafi, "We will fight and we shall overcome"

In a speech in Tripoli, Gaddafi calls his followers to fight on Libyan leader Muammar el Gaddafi has again shown to the public on Friday and called on his followers to armed struggle. "We will fight and we will prevail," Gaddafi said, according to television pictures spread on the green square in the capital Tripoli.

The weapons caches in the country would "open to arm the entire people." Also assured the ruling for more than 40 years in power to the people "love Gaddafi". After the speech, there were clashes in the evening again.

New wave of displaced persons in Darfur

On February 26 is the eighth anniversary of the conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan where, as stated in the annual "Italians for Darfur," the situation has plummeted in recent months: follow each other bombings and attacks on villages close to the North from which they flee in the thousands, many of whom are still without service.

" Because of the failure of the peace agreement of 2006, signed by one rebel faction in December last year have resumed bombing of much of the region - said the president of the organization, Antonella Napoli, presentation of the Report and new video of the international campaign Sudan 365.

CAMEROON - February 23 Chronicle of a ordinary Douala

"Despite the crowds of a few politicians quickly dispersed by police, city residents have quietly gone about their business on February 23," reports the government newspaper. He announced that a day is still "ordinary" in Douala, the economic capital of the country, despite calls to protest launched by the opposition.

It hoped to shake the regime of Paul Biya, in power since 1982. Other sources are reports of police violence against multiple opponents.

The Coming Anarchy

The American journalist Robert D. Kaplan published in 1994 a book that should have on hand these days. It is titled The Coming Anarchy (Ediciones B, 2000) and contains a thorough list of the imbalances in the world after the implosion of the Soviet bloc. Kaplan is an expert in international politics who has worked with leading U.S.

journals. It is a harsh realist. Acute powers of observation in the field (the author of two excellent books on the Balkans and Central Asia), good knowledge of history, economics and geography, deft handling of the demographic tables, and few ideological preconceptions in the backpack.

The children of the crisis, forced to remain in Ireland for exile

Kate Meredith holds her tears with difficulty and takes one last look at his son, Darren, as he moves into the area reserved for departures in Dublin Airport. Like him, thousands of Irish people leave the island, fleeing the crisis to 'better areas'. Darragh, 22, has chosen South Korea, where it has already found a place to practice teaching, which could not do in their homeland.

His brother, Conor, is already installed in Australia and another brother, Bryan, is calibrating the possibility of going to Canada. "I have nothing left here," says his mother, wiping away tears. "Darren could not even find a job as a volunteer. It's horrible." According to a research institute ESRI are thousands of people who, every week, out of Ireland.

ISRAEL - Air raids on Gaza

"The Israeli army launched air raids on Gaza and hits outposts of Hamas, after firing Grad rockets at the Negev," the Israeli newspaper advertisement on its website. For the first time since Operation Lead hardened against Gaza winter of 2008-2009, long-range rockets fired from Palestinian territories have fallen on Feb.

23 at night on Beersheba, the largest city in the Negev (south). The IDF returned fire in the night by launching raids on Gaza.

About 6,000 mercenaries fighting for a thousand dollars to Gaddafi orders

Gaddafi feared a coup, one like the one he gave for seizing power in 1969. So Libya had an army poorly trained and poorly equipped, led by generals who were never in the inner circle of power. Gaddafi wanted them away and facing each other, convinced that the division would guarantee the longevity of his tyranny, as it has been for nearly 42 years.

Today, however, it is now payback time for many of these military officials like General Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, who have disobeyed orders to attack the population. His fate is unknown whether they can take charge of the revolution, Libya could start a new era. Gaddafi, meanwhile, has entrusted his fate to an army of mercenaries arrived from the Sahel and Saharan Africa.

Nine killed in protests in Iraq

At least eleven people have died and 100 others injured on Friday in Iraq during clashes between security forces and protesters who demanded economic reforms, improved social services, more jobs and an end to corruption in the country, police said. The demonstrations in Tahrir Square in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities were carried out despite several religious and political leaders had warned that the protests had been planned by the terrorist network Al Qaeda and groups loyal to former President Saddam Hussein.

GREECE - Violent clashes between demonstrators and police

Nine people were arrested Feb. 23 in Athens after clashes between demonstrators and police, tells the newspaper on its website. The call for a general strike launched by the two largest unions against the government's austerity policy has been widely followed. The events that took place in the capital and Salonica led to clashes between police and demonstrators.

The newspaper said the procession would have gathered 30 000 people in Athens.

"There will be Moroccan revolt, because we have won"

I read messages that are aired on the network: "The Moroccan monarchy is a kleptocracy, the fortunes of the country first" ... It is a question to debate: some believe that the monarchy should be involved in the country's economy and some people think it should be on the sidelines. Others argue that the monarchy has been more focused on rich that improve the lives of his subjects.

We have reforms in place to put those assets to serve the country. But the important thing is that Moroccans can express themselves freely on the internet and on the street. And do not forget that not everyone can express themselves online, but you can also lie and impersonate identities.

Minister of War died of Al Qaeda in Iraq

Nemal Salman, regarded as the 'minister of war' by Al Qaeda in Iraq, was killed by the Army, according to official sources said on Friday. Salman died at an unspecified date during an armed operation in the central town of Hit in Anbar province, according to the office of chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces.

The military commander of the terrorist coalition Islamic State of Iraq, an alliance led by Al Qaeda, was a native of Al Anbar. His full name was Salman Mansur Neman to Zaedi and was also known by the nom de guerre of Abu Ibrahim. During the interrogation of several terrorist leaders who were arrested last December, when he dismantled the leadership of the Islamic State of Iraq in Al Anbar, it was discovered that Salman was in charge of the military command of the terrorist organization.

CUBA - Opponents commemorate the death of Orlando Zapata

The Miami newspaper denounced the measures adopted February 23 by the Cuban regime to prevent opponents to commemorate the death of Orlando Zapata, February 23, 2010, after 85 days of hunger strike. He claims that nearly 130 opponents under house arrest could not participate in planned events. Sakharov Prize 2010 of the European Parliament, the dissident Guillermo Fariñas has been arrested while shouting anti-government slogans from the terrace of his home in Santa Clara.

"They saved the stones, but what the Nubians?

Away from the Nile, a Nubian die like a fish out of water, "says Hosam Eldin Mostafa, 38, while five crocodiles lather for tourists has crammed into a sink. At a bend in the river, on the outskirts of Aswan, with its dirt streets, houses of sun-dried brick and ocher painted blue and souvenir shops, the Nubian village Sehiel Garbi air may have a theme park but it is heaven compared to the shacks piled next to the railroad tracks where they ended up living many Nubians.

The dictator's desperate measures

Libyan state television announced that the Government will raise wages, increase food subsidies and authorize special allocations for all families, in their first practical attempt to enlist the public's support since the uprising began. Each family will receive 500 Libyan dinars (400 dollars or 290 euros) to help cover the increased costs of food, and wages for some public sector employees will be raised by 150%, the television said.

SAUDI ARABIA - $ 36 billion to prevent protest

On 23 February, King Abdullah returned to Saudi Arabia after three months abroad for medical treatment. The daily close to the power shown posing as a father among his subjects, under the title: "We are all with you." In full wave of protests from Arab-Persian, he announced a package of social measures costing $ 36 billion (26 billion euros).

He must meet the Feb. 24 in Riyadh Prime Minister of Bahrain neighboring theater events.

The stomach of the world

Someone asked the venerable President Shimon Peres what he thought of the new fleet is preparing to say against Israel. And with his usual moderation, he responded to reporters yesterday we had the chance to chat with him: "Why do they send flotillas? Make something easier. Catch the phone and ask the leaders of Hamas to end terrorism.

You see how easy it all since then. " There was no time to explain some of the liberators of the conflict do not watch pocket with two eyes, but with his eyes blind of the ideology that overlap. And that ideology only knows that the world is very bad because there is Israel, and all throbbing under the skin Palestinian-Islamic fanatic terrorism included, is very good.

Paris and London ask judge for crimes against humanity to Gaddafi

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Michele Alliot-Marie, has said that a Franco-British draft for a United Nations resolution calls for an arms embargo, financial sanctions and a request to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Libyan leader to be tried for crimes against humanity. In turn, from Hungary, the NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has called an emergency meeting of the allies.

Alcohol and insults, Dior suspends Galliano

The decision comes after French fashion designer for the detention of "mild violence" and "anti-Semitic and racist insults" to a couple and is temporary, "Galliano - said in a statement the Director General of the House of Dior, Sidney Toledano - is suspended from his duties pending the outcome of the investigation.