Thursday, March 31, 2011

RUSSIA - Medvedev invites the Japanese in Siberia

President Dmitry Medvedev announced that Russia was ready to welcome Japanese earthquake victims in his sanaturiums, and to offer jobs to the Japanese in Siberia and throughout the Russian Far East, reports the Nezavisimaya Gazeta. For this, the authorities would be able to increase quotas for foreign workers.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the thought of the President in proposing, as part of aid from Russia to Japan, as Japanese companies involved in the exploitation of gas deposits in Siberia. It also said it was possible to accelerate the exploitation of the pipeline East Siberia - Pacific Ocean, which would open in 2012 instead of 2014.

France looks to stop the construction of new nuclear power Flamanville

Paris (EFE) .- The Nuclear Safety Authority in France (ASN) is studying the possibility of stopping the construction of the new EPR nuclear reactor by EDF power company in Flamanville, on the coast of Normandy (north). ASN sources confirmed today that this moratorium is part of the working hypotheses from the experience of what happened to the Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima, in line with those reported by its president, André-Claude Lacoste .

The secretary general of NATO, as opposed to arming rebels

The NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Thursday rejected the arming the rebels and has made clear that NATO assumes command of all operations in Libya in order to protect civilians Libyans. "We are there to protect the Libyan people, not to arm people," said a group of reporters in Stockholm, Swedish public radio reported, Sveriges Radio.

Rasmussen has acknowledged being aware of the debate that is taking place in capitals but has insisted that NATO, which on Thursday has taken formal control of all operations in Libya, will focus on enforcing the embargo. "We will focus on implementing the arms embargo," he assured. Also the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday that does not support the idea of arming the rebels.

JAPAN - A coalition project aborted

On 19 March, Prime Minister Naoto Kan was named the leader of the main opposition party (Liberal Democratic Party, LDP), Sadakazu Tanizaki, asking him to enter a coalition government. This request was immediately rejected. "Naoto Kan believes that a union at the top is essential to address the crisis facing the country right now.

He envisioned the creation of three posts of minister as reinforcement of his cabinet," reports the Mainichi Shimbun.

A letter bomb explodes in a company related to nuclear energy in Switzerland

Geneva .- A letter bomb caused two injuries today to exploit Swissnuclear offices, the section on nuclear energy consortium including the three big energy groups in Switzerland. The blast occurred when the letter was opened and the two victims were hospitalized after suffering injuries to his head and chest, told the Swiss news agency ATS.

Swisselectric, which depends Swissnuclear, brings together companies Axpo, and Forces Drive Alpiq Bernois (FMB), which manage a total of five nuclear plants in Switzerland and presented in 2008 to the Federal Energy Office a request to build three new reactors. This attack coincided with the protest that made Greenpeace outside the headquarters of the Swiss power company Alpiq Holding to require its officers to withdraw the request for authorization to construct new nuclear plants.

Online counter to the Sudanese

The medical student Ahmed Wida was content to support the ruling party of Sudan on the sidelines in recent years, to the surveys in Tunisia and Egypt made him think: Sudan could be next. With a revolutionary fervor, this 21 year old military 'online' to defenter the 'status quo', one among many pro-government youth who have taken the Internet to combat anti-government protests in this country, a major producer oil.

CHAD - ICC jurisdiction to prosecute Habré

The deputy prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda said the facts would have been guilty of former Chadian dictator predate the creation of the international body said the Senegalese newspaper Wal Fadjri. It therefore recognizes her incompetence by applying the legal principle of non-retroactivity of the law.

The former head of state of Chad lives in exile in Senegal since his transfer in 1990 in a coup led by current President Idriss Deby. He is accused of thousands of political killings, massacres and torture during his eight year presidency. According to a national commission of inquiry, the death toll would rise to 40,000 dead and 20,000 missing.

The Moroccan police beat up a teacher in Rabat

Rabat / Barcelona (Editorial / Agencies) .- Near the Parliament in downtown Rabat, Morocco, not far from the station, the teachers organized a peaceful protest march on March 26, 2011. After the peaceful protest group of teachers, there is a police charge that falls to the ground after receiving heavy blows from police batons and falls to the ground with serious head injuries and back.

Although Moroccan local news sources have confirmed that this teacher assaulted and beaten by Moroccan police recovered well from his serious wounds. Suddenly the police involved and someone taped and beat up a Protestant. When the tumult was diluted a woman begins to scream: "I have killed, they killed him!", As confirmed by international news sources in Rabat, but ultimately there is no fear for his life.

Detained for terrorism a South African right-wing leader

A former leader of the far-right South African Andre Visagie, was arrested by police after grasping at his farm near the town of Kimberley arms, munitions and cell phones ready for detonation at a distance. In total, the extremist had an arsenal of five homemade guns, 650 ammunition cartridge cases and 14 previously stolen mobile phones, said the newspaper 'Times'.

"There may be more arrests and are likely to be charged with a crime of terrorism", announced the National Prosecuting Authority. Visagie is a history of AWB, right-wing party taking power now for almost a year after the assassination of former leader, Eugene Terreblanche. Then, with your partner's body still warm, the politician was quick to proclaim outright revenge against the black population.

Assange is the leading international third best valued by the Spanish

Madrid .- The founder of the website Wikileaks, Julian Assange, is the leading international third best valued by the Spanish between the figures included in the latest Elcano Royal Institute's Barometer (BRIE), which tops the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and U.S. President Barack Obama. Merkel achieved a score of 6.7 out of 10, a tenth more than Obama, which exceeds six tenths Assange.

Javier Noya, principal investigator of the area of Spain's International Image and Public Opinion, said during the presentation of study that Assange is placed third in Spanish means that you support for publishing embarrassing information that has bothered many governments and politicians.

The relationship between India and Pakistan will decide in a cricket match

The Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Yusuf Raza Gilani, met today at the Cricket World Cup semifinal that their countries are contesting in Indian territory for an informal talk on bilateral issues. The meeting between the two leaders is taking place, according to the IANS and PTI Indian agencies, at a dinner in a private room in the stadium of the city of Mohali in which India and Pakistan teams are still vying for the party, to which there are still some hours for completion.

THAILAND - For the military, transgender people are no longer sick

In Thailand, a country with an exceptionally large number of transsexuals, they were usually exempted from military service for "psychological abnormality" or "gender identity disorder", terms perceived as stigmatizing. Also, on the eve of a new campaign of conscription (1-April 11), the army she decided to go for qualifiers more politically correct.

Those who underwent treatment for breast augmentation are thus classified as Type 2, those who underwent surgery transsexual enter the Type 3, we read in the Bangkok Post. Nearly 100,000 recruits must be selected this year. Types 2 and 3 will not be required to participate in the draw, except in cases of under-staffing among Types 1, it says the army.

Allied aircraft comes to the aid of the Libyan forces retreating rebels

The morning was very hard for the rebel forces, unable to hold their positions along the road to Sirte and Tripoli. The fighting is very hard between bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf. The militants have retreated first to Brega, another oil city, and later, early afternoon, many of them have fled even further east, in Ajdabiya, the last town before Benghazi stronghold of resistance.

"We need the planes of Sarkozy," said the guerrilla revolutionaries who came to this city. "The situation is very bad," confessed the Aiwa-Mustapha, who on Tuesday was in Ras Lanuf and this morning has left Brega. "We have no weapons shall be adequate. Gaddafi has Grad rockets that reach 40 kilometers.

Imprisonment for the 19 pro-democracy demonstrators arrested in Morocco

The Court of Appeal in Marrakesh sentenced them to four to eight years' imprisonment to 19 persons involved in acts of vandalism that occurred on February 20, following protests by a democratic constitution in Morocco, reported the official news agency MAP. The court, which yesterday issued its verdict, were convicted of "use of force and violence", "destruction of public property", "armed robbery" and "outrage against public order," among other crimes.

SINGAPORE - The smuggling of exotic animals in vogue

"Delivery within a few days. New arrivals from abroad. Veterinary service after sales included," reported the newspaper The Straits Times to describe a trend that is rooted on the island: the purchase of rare animal species or Exotic theoretically forbidden. In 2008, authorities intercepted 305 animals entering the country illegally.

The emperors of Japan visited the earthquake refugees

Tokyo .- The elderly emperor of Japan, Akihito and Michiko visited today in Tokyo to hundreds of refugees Budokan in central Tokyo for the first time since the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the northeast coast. They are housed some 300 people were evacuated in the provinces of Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate prefectures due to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on day 11, which caused 11,258 deaths and 16,344 missing, according to police last count.

China executed again: this time, three Filipino citizens for drug trafficking

The world champion of the death penalty, Amnesty International, on Wednesday executed three Filipino citizens prosecuted for trafficking in heroin. China proceeded with the order despite the constant requests for leniency by defense Filipino groups of migrants and the Manila government itself. The fate of the three traffickers has cornered all the covers in the Philippines and has turned against the executive, despite his efforts to secure a pardon or at least, a moratorium, both diplomatic and judicial.

BIRTH - So be children!

It is time that the Singapore authorities take the bull by the horns and slow the country's demographic decline. But how to encourage Singaporeans to have more children? Political power is confronted with this puzzle for a long time. The problem occurred in 1983 when the fertility rate has sunk to 1.61 children per woman.

Seven years ago, that rate was 2.1, at a level just sufficient to replace the population. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew had then told Singaporeans that they had a "duty" to have children, otherwise the state's economy would deteriorate. To encourage more educated women to procreate, measures have been implemented, such as tax liens or priority enrollment for their children to school.

Asad: "The riots are a foreign conspiracy"

.- Damascus Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Wednesday in Parliament that his government is "against the conspiracy and in favor of the reforms" and claimed that the aim of the conspirators is to weaken "the last outpost of the Arab world ". "If there are reformers, we will support them," he said.

Assad admitted that "not all the protesters who took to the streets are conspirators", but warned that his government can accept the "demands of the people" but could not support "chaos." The speech was interrupted several times by the support hassles and recitations of some of the parliamentarians.

Egypt's military junta announces election before end of year

Egypt's presidential elections take place one or two months after parliamentary elections due in September. The Egyptian military junta running the country since last February 11 also announced an interim constitution which will run until parliamentary and presidential elections. According to Mamdouh Shahin said Wednesday, a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the interim constitution has 62 items and incorporates several amendments recently adopted in a referendum.

GERMANY - The appeal tenfold to the wind and sun

Under the effect of the nuclear disaster in Japan, the Germans rush on suppliers of green electricity, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Since March 18, the Hamburg firm Lichtblick, a number of "green" electricity, which already has some 600,000 customers, recorded 300 new memberships a day. Naturstrom, small supplier of Düsseldorf, triple its daily connections to 900 or even 1200 (March 15), whereas it did previously recorded as 120 per month on average.

The Burmese junta was dissolved and turned over power to civilian rule

Bangkok, March 30 .- The military junta in Burma (Myanmar) was dissolved today to complete the transition to a civilian government in theory, with the inauguration as president of the republic of retired Gen. Thein Sein. In a historic day for the Burmese General Than Shwe, who has taken the helm of the Asian nation in the past 19 years, initialed the decree removes the State Council for Development and Peace.

The Egyptian military junta running the country announced a provisional constitution

The Egyptian military junta running the country since the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, on 11 February, will announce on Wednesday an interim constitution which will remain valid at least until the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections. "The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ad constitutional issue which will work on the next stage, which comprise the parliamentary and presidential elections, the military junta said in a statement posted on its website on social networking site Facebook.

BASQUE COUNTRY - The heirs of Batasuna waiting to be legalized

One of the problems of contemporary democracy is the sacred ways and forgetting the purpose, says the philosopher Tzvetan Todorov. This remark, which is causing the economy, can also be applied to the political debate that has rocked Spain today, and more particularly to the labyrinth in which we are entering to finish with ETA.

Everyone recognizes that this end is closer than ever, but nobody is trying to hasten it. The means - namely the absence of Sortu * local elections on May 22, 2011 - has become an end in itself. But they forgot the goal: to ensure that this is the party to save his skin, finish with ETA, which forced him to dissolve.

RTVE not correct its deficit and accumulated 47 million last year

Madrid .- The Spanish public entity RTVE has closed the 2010 budget with a deficit of 47.1 billion euros, as explained by the corporate CEO, Jaime Daiteiro, who has blamed this result to EUR 62.3 million according to the calculations of the corporation, have failed to pay TV and telecom operators as well as a "bad guess" of what was expected was to raise the rate radio.

During the presentation of the balance of last year, Daiteiro stressed that, having made the telecoms and pay TV correpondía them, according to the new rates set by the Finance Act RTVE for these companies, the corporation had closed the year with a surplus of EUR 15.2 million up from EUR 1,200 million budgeted.

60% of the Spanish support foreign intervention in Libya

Almost 60% of Spanish intervention supports the international community in Libya with the aim to overthrow Gaddafi. This is evidenced by the Elcano Royal Institute's Barometer, a survey of 1,200 people who collected the opinions of the Spanish on major international political issues. Before the military intervention in Libya (March 19), most of the Spanish authorities were in favor of foreign intervention in Libya, in particular, defended by 59%, compared with 21% who rejected a military operation (the survey was conducted between February and early March).

LIBYA - The bombing of Qaddafi cripple aviation

On the second day of the military operation "Dawn of the Odyssey, launched March 19 against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, the coalition forces announced that its airstrikes had succeeded in destroying several military sites. The Libyan colonel says he will not retreat and provides a long war, reports the pan-Arab daily published in London.

The Arab League had agreed March 19 to launch this operation, strongly criticized the bombings, which affected many civilians. Washington, meanwhile, counters that the foreign forces to operate within the UN resolution 1973, adopted March 18.

A Russian boy answered the message a German bottling after 24 years

Daniil Korotkikh, 13, saw a bright beer bottle on a beach in the Russian region of Kaliningrad, and inside she found a letter from Frank Uesbeck German, five years old. "If you find this letter, please write me back, and I will answer," the letter said. When Daniel contacted Frank, now 29, began chatting.

The German gave the guy who answered the letter an address to write to him and promised to return the message upon receipt of your letter. "You will receive another letter from me, I assure you," said Frank. "It's a wonderful story and, who knows, maybe we know each other in person some day!".

Asad says the crisis in Syria is the product of a conspiracy

Syrian President Bashar Assad, delivered a speech in parliament, which has acknowledged that he lives "exceptional moments", in which it has tested the unity of the country. " "Syria is not isolated from what is happening elsewhere in the Arab world," said, admitting that his country is reflecting the 'Arab spring' and that is not closed to "reform." However, it has ensured that the crisis that exists in the country, with mass protests demanding an end to the regime, are the product of a "grand conspiracy." He has also accused the social networks and foreign channels "send false messages" and has stated that the demonstrators in the southern city of Dera are "a minority trying to spread chaos." But still, claims to have given clear instructions to not cause "harm" to the people during the protests, in which fears that have already killed hundreds of people.

YEMEN - Saleh President sacks his government

Faced with the resignations cascade, Ali Abdullah Saleh has sacked his government on March 20. The ministers of Awqaf, Tourism and Human Rights had previously resigned with other members of the government to denounce the violence with which the manifestation of Sana'a, March 18, had been suppressed. The opposition says the security forces perpetrated a "massacre," killing 52 people and wounding 600 others.

Gaddafi force the rebels to retreat to the east

Writing .- The move to the west of the insurgent leadership Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown, stalled when they met face to face with the rocket and artillery attacks of gadafistas. Have been recoiling from there to Jawad Bin and then the oil port of Ras Lanuf according to Al Jazeera. There was no air strikes in support of rebels in their flight from Jawad Bin.

Some rebels have said that they have withdrawn from the city while others report that there is still fighting in the area. "Gaddafi attacks with massive rocket has entered into Ras Lanuf." Sources close to the rebel report that they have seen many fleeing to the east, away from Ras Lanuf and have been overwhelmed by enemy fire and the superiority of weapons of Gaddafi.

Carter Raúl Castro reiterates its willingness to dialogue with the U.S. but equal

Cuba's President Raul Castro, has received this Tuesday in Havana by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who reiterated his government's willingness to dialogue with Washington but on equal terms, without conditions and with respect for the independence and sovereignty of the island. In his second day in Cuba, Carter met Tuesday with Raul Castro at the Revolution Palace in Havana, where they discussed the current international situation, the situation in Cuba and the United States and the relations between both countries, the report offered by state television.

JAPAN - The miracles of Ishinomaki

Found alive under the rubble of their home, nine days after the devastating earthquake of 11 March, a 16 year old and her grandmother aged 80, from the town of Ishinimaki, are one in the daily Tokyo, which underlines however that this kind of miracle is very rare: in consequence, the death toll could increase considerably over the day.

It now stands at more than 20,000 dead or missing. A huge disaster that will further weigh on the country long.

Napoleon "reopen" a museum in Havana

Raquel Martori. Havana .- Cuba Napoleonic Museum, which houses one of the world's largest collections devoted to the French emperor and his era, has reopened its doors in Havana's hand Foresta Alix, Princess Napoleon. The museum's reopening comes after a rigorous three-year restoration of the houses almost 8,000 pieces, which is given a weight millionaire, and the property which exhibits an impressive eclectic style mansion located in the Havana neighborhood of El Vedado.

The UK expels Libyan diplomats in London five for safety

The United Kingdom has decided to expel five Libyan diplomats in London because they pose a threat to national security, today announced in Parliament on British Foreign Minister, William Hague. In an appearance in the House of Commons to inform the London conference about Libya, Hague reported that among diplomats is the Libyan military attache.

"To underscore our grave concern about the behavior of the regime (of Muammar al-Gaddafi), I can announce in the House that today we have taken steps to expel five diplomats from the Libyan embassy in London, including the military attache" he said. "The Government has assessed if these individuals remain in the UK, can pose a threat to our security," said the head of British diplomacy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Japan, radiation into the sea 3,355 times the normal

The rate of radioactive iodine in the sea, 300 meters from the Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima, is 3,355 times the legal limit. This was announced by the Japanese Agency for Nuclear Safety. The Deputy Director of the Agency, Hidehiko Nishiyama, downplayed remembering that the local population was removed and the fishing has been prohibited in the area.

SYRIA - The government is trying to ease tensions Deera

On 20 March, President Assad sent a government delegation to Deera, a town south of Damascus which was the scene of protests since March 15. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Local Government are going to present their condolences to the families of two protesters killed in clashes with police on March 18.

To believe the official daily, they were well received, a version invalidated by other sources. The protests continue.

The French government will penalize clients of prostitution

Paris .- The French health minister, Roselyne Bachelot, advanced his intention of Parliament debated a bill to punish clients of prostitution. With the penalty will be treated first and foremost, to impress upon the men who turn to prostitution as this support trafficking in human beings, Bachelot said in an interview published Wednesday by Le Parisien.

" The minister insisted that "prostitution is never voluntary" and that about 85% of women who carry out the "international procurement networks," It concluded: "these women are prostitutes because they have no other choice" . The minister, who put Sweden as a role model for what could be done in France, recalled that there is a parliamentary mission has examined "very carefully" how the law in that country, and its conclusions, which should be made public today, "could lead to a bill, which in any case could not be voted or applied before 2012.

The last options to save Fukushima

The cartridges are finished to save the plant in Fukushima. The complications of the past few days with the detection of plutonium in ground water or the large increase of radioactivity in the sea, have meant that the Government start to consider measures against the clock to tackle the nuclear crisis.

The Japanese authorities contemplate "all alternatives" to stabilize the Fukushima nuclear plant and is studying the adoption of certain measures that have been leaked to the press, as announced on Wednesday his spokesman, Yukio Edan, a public hearing. These measures include the deployment of special fabric on the ground to prevent the emission of radioactive particles into the atmosphere and the use of a vessel for temporary storage of contaminated water.

MOROCCO - peaceful marches in cities across the country

"Contrary to the fears of one or the other, the events of March 20 were held in an atmosphere of calm and responsible," wrote the daily close of the plan. He reported "tens of thousands" of demonstrators across the country. Ten days after the announcement of a constitutional reform by the king, they demanded "more freedom, democracy and the right to better living conditions, including access to free healthcare, education, employment, equality, "the newspaper said.

A reporter for Reuters, the victims of an attack in Iraq

Baghdad (Reuters) .- Sheba Baze, a journalist freelance 30 years working for the British news agency Reuters is one of the 53 dead who have been paid off the attack Tuesday by an armed group provincial council headquarters in Salahuddin, in Tikrit, in northern Iraq, confirmed the media. The young native Salahuddin Province, suffered shrapnel wounds in the explosion, as indicated by Mahmoud Salah, one of his cousins.

Berlusconi's defense wants Clooney and Cristiano Ronaldo Ruby testify in the case

The chief defense of the Italian Government, Silvio Berlusconi, has proposed that the U.S. actor George Clooney and his girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, and the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as a witness in the 'case Ruby', in which Berlusconi is accused child prostitution and abuse of power.

"It seems strange, because I have met only once and it was Berlusconi in an attempt to get help for Darfur," Clooney said after meeting the intentions of the defense of Il Cavaliere, as BreakingNews. com. Currently there have transcended the reasons why witnesses were cited as chief of the Italian Government.

MEXICO - The U.S. ambassador resigns

Carlos Pascual leave Mexico, "as the newspaper of Mexico City in one of its Sunday edition. "He does not want his dispute with Calderon harm relations between the two countries." In position for a year and a half, Ambassador resigned March 19. The Web site Wikileaks had published diplomatic cables in which Pascual denounced the poor coordination of Mexican authorities in the fight against the drug cartels.

The Cuban government insists on dialogue with U.S.

Havana .- Cuba's President Raul Castro, today reiterated his government's willingness to dialogue with the United States on any subject, but on equal terms, without conditions and with respect for the independence and sovereignty of the island. Cuban television reported, Castro made these considerations during his meeting at the Revolution Palace in Havana with former U.S.

President Jimmy Carter, visiting the island. At that meeting, Cuban President Carter also exchanged views on current international events, the situation in Cuba and the United States and the relations between both countries. At the invitation of Raul Castro, the former Democrat on Monday launched a three-day visit to Cuba with a busy schedule, although the trip is a "private and non-governmental organization", said last week the Carter Center.

U.S. intelligence is the presence of Al Qaeda among rebel Libyans

The U.S. intelligence services have received "flashes" of a "potential" presence of Al Qaeda among the troops fighting the leader Muammar Gaddafi, though not "significant," said a senior military official. Admiral James Stavridis, commander of U.S. troops. States deployed in coordination with NATO in Europe, made the remarks during an appearance before the U.S.

Senate. "We've seen flashes of potential presence of Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, we have seen different things. But at this moment, I have enough detail to say that there is significant presence of Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups among the insurgent forces," said . Stavridis ratified before the U.S.

Fukushima: Japanese government is considering nationalizing Tepco

The Japanese government is considering the nationalization of the energy company Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO). Koichiro Gemba Minister said on Tuesday after a cabinet meeting in Tokyo, the nationalization was an available option in the considerations should be how to deal with the consequences of the crisis surrounding the severely damaged nuclear reactors in Fukushima.

Iraq, attack on the provincial council at least 50 victims: it is murder in Tikrit

The freelance journalist was killed in the attack and at least 53 deaths and hundreds of wounded toll from an attack by an armed commando in the seat of the provincial council Tikritm, hometown of Saddam Hussein located a hundred kilometers north of Baghdad. Among those injured there would be some who find themselves now in serious condition and one of the victims, as well as a freelance journalist working for Reuters, there are at least seven of the ten men of the commandos.

Cameron calls for a democratic future in Libya when the conflict ends

London .- British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on Monday expressed confidence that Libya's international conference held in London is a new beginning for the North African country. In opening the conference, Cameron called for "a future in which the Libyan people to determine their future free from violence and oppression," but added that the Libyans can not do it alone.

"The Libyan people can not achieve such a future for itself," said Cameron, who considered that the international community should reaffirm their commitment first to resolutions 1970 and 1973 of the UN and the military alliance has implemented. The Prime Minister added that the need to facilitate humanitarian aid quick and agile "where necessary" and "help the Libyan people to plan for the future, once the conflict ends."

The rebels did not want to Qaddafi and his family in the transition process

The Libyan National Transition Council, the governing body of the rebel insurgents, has warned London that reject that Colonel Muammar Qaddafi or any family member included in the political process that would bring democracy to Libya and admitted that weapons that can provide the international community the rebels will be "welcome." Three representatives of the Council have moved to London to coincide with the celebration of the international conference on Libya to expose their plans for Libya "post Gaddafi" and passing through the holding of "free and fair elections, as has been explained a statement and a subsequent press conference at the Foreign Office.

EGYPT - Yes to support for constitutional reform

Asked to vote by referendum on March 20, the Egyptians agreed to 77% in the constitutional reform proposed by the Council of the armed forces, in power since the fall of Mubarak in February. The text should facilitate the transition to a civilian government after parliamentary elections and presidential elections.

Asked by the newspaper, the Egyptian electoral observers rejoice, "for the first time in their career", having overseen a ballot that was not a sham.

Criminal charges against the woman who accused Gadhafi of raping men

London. .- The Libyan government spokesman, Ibrahim Musa, said Tuesday that authorities have filed criminal charges against Iman al Obaidi, Libyan women who burst on Saturday at the hotel in Tripoli foreign correspondents to report that she was raped by 15 soldiers loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. Ibrahim, quoted by British newspaper 'The Guardian', said Al Obaidi has been accused by some of the soldiers who allegedly was detained, beaten and raped.

A gadafista fires on a convoy of journalists near the city of McKinney ISD

A convoy of foreign journalists-including the special correspondent of THE WORLD, Rosa Meneses, has been shot by a gadafista near the city of McKinney ISD, about 200 km south of Tripoli. The bus, chartered and escorted by members of the regime of Colonel Gaddafi, was approaching the area for journalists to see the makeshift camp of refugees called the Allied bombing in the area.

Upon arrival, a small group of children began approaching the vehicle, but soon found three men with Kalashnikovs. One of the men began shooting at the bus when journalists tried to lower the vehicle. Gaddafi guides say the man who shot the bus is a Bedouin who "took umbrage at the attempt by journalists to shoot their wives." However, it is considering the theory that the shooting was planned by the regime itself to intimidate the international reporters.

FRANCE - The Muslim crusade against hatred and stupidity

There was a time when Muslims in France - it was called the Arabs - were silent, eyes down and back arched, shaved the walls. Parked in slums or barely settled in cities that would soon turn into ghettos, they had internalized their status as foreigners in precarious status. Those who in one way or another, had attained French nationality were not looking for no longer being heard.

They also admitted their status as second class citizens, victims of discrimination or injustice when it was not just acts of violence such as ratonnade. Times have changed and France. This resignation is no more. The new generations speak, claim, or clumsiness vehemently sometimes, their place in public space and do not accept being relegated to the spatial, social and even political.

Italy offers to manage the exile of Gaddafi

London. .- The Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said in London that his Government had offered to mediate to achieve a ceasefire in Libya and to manage the exile of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, in an African country. Speaking to reporters on the eve of the conference of the international coalition countries involved militarily in Libya, to be held on Tuesday in London, the Italian minister said that "Gaddafi must understand that would be an act of courage to realize that there is to go.

U.S. forces attack a Libyan three ships in the port of Misrata

U.S. forces have attacked three ships Tuesday Libyans, including a Coast Guard boat, so that they stopped firing indiscriminately against merchant ships in the port of Misrata, according to official military sources said a statement from the U.S. Sixth Fleet together. The same sources added that the attack took place overnight and that the Coast Guard boat was named 'Vittoria'.

For the other two vessels attacked, these were two small boats. The U.S. ship attack was in charge of the destroyer USS Barry, who last March 19 the first missiles launched 'Tomahawk' against Libyan territory. The rebels have ensured that at least 124 people have died and 284 were injured in the last nine days in Misrata, 200 kilometers east of Tripoli.

INDONESIA - A new man is born

About fifty men, intellectuals and activists, have launched in Jakarta Alliance new men (LLB) with a mission to promote women's rights with the male, reported the daily The Jakarta Globe. Its president, Nurhasyim, explains that the Alliance will rely on Facebook, Twitter and the site lakilakibaru. wordpress.

com to hear the case of the second sex. "We have also established a hotline open to men as part of a new radio program produced by a women. Time will be given to men to address the issue of gender equality." The Alliance has already received support from many feminist organizations.

The Syrian government resigns

Damascus .- The Syrian government headed by Mohammed Naji Otri today announced his resignation amid a political furor erupted last 18 and have caused dozens of deaths. Otri will remain prime minister until the formation of a new cabinet, according to official news agency Sana, announcing the resignation of the prime minister had been accepted by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The outgoing head of government he formed his cabinet, with a profile technocrat, 18 September 2003, when he was appointed to replace Prime Minister Mohamed Mustafa Miro. The latest cabinet reshuffle Otri was completed in April 2009. Officials consulted by Efe said that in the coming days, possibly tomorrow, the announcement of the new head of government.

Clinton: The campaign will continue until the resolution meets Gaddafi

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, had warned before entering the international conference for Libya, which was held in London, that "the Libyan people must determine their future free from violence and oppression." But he added that the Libyans can not do it alone. "The Libyan people can not achieve such a future for itself," said Cameron, who considered that the international community should reaffirm their commitment first to resolutions 1970 and 1973 of the UN and the military alliance has implemented.

LIBYA - The head of German diplomacy in the trap of forbearance

The German foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle (FDP, Liberal), "looking at all costs to make a name in the field of foreign policy, even at the cost of the country's isolation," denounces the Süddeutsche Zeitung on his online site, following the failure of Germany to the Security Council of UN on Libya.

"Against the despots, we can not abstain. Germany would have had to adopt the resolution. Westerwelle argued so terribly naive when it says that Germany can assist in all the world's conflicts Sudan, Bahrain, Côte d'Ivoire. Do not wear anywhere relief does not bear no help, says the daily Munich, especially as Libya is a direct neighbor of the EU.

The confict of Côte d'Ivoire has displaced nearly half a million children

Madrid. .- At least 500,000 children have fled their homes since the crisis began after the presidential elections in Ivory Coast, last November, as has been reported by the NGO, Save the Children. Also, the NGO has warned that a million children can not go to school today. Emergency Coordinator Save the Children, Barbara Mineo, has called for a cessation of violence against children in Ivory Coast.

Raises U.S. arming the Libyan rebels

U.S. Ambassador to UN, Susan Rice, has said today that the Obama administration does not exclude Libyan arming rebels in their fight against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. "We have not made a decision, but do not dismiss it," Rice has said in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America." In the same interview, Rice said there is no evidence that Gaddafi is prepared to leave office.

Of course, Washington is keen to give it up soon. To that end, Rice explained that we must "cut off sources of Gaddafi, which uses mercenaries or prevent access to weapons, as well as aiding the rebels and the opposition." Libyan rebels expect to be giving more political power to NATO and agreed to leave the country of the Libyan leader and his sons at the international conference about Libya has started at 14.00 today in London.

IVORY COAST - A rain shell made thirty dead in Abobo

During the day of 17 March 2011, a tank from a military camp was shelled on the market Abobo district of Abidjan acquired elected president Alassane Ouattara. "Officially, we're talking about 12 dead, but there are certainly more as shells exploded in courses located around [near the station UTB]. (...) There too, it saves the dead" said one local resident journalists from Ivorian daily L'Inter.

London wants to try Gaddafi International Criminal Court

London. .- The British Foreign Minister, William Hague, said today that the UK wants the Libyan leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi, accountable to the International Criminal Court (ICC), but would not discuss what should be the fate of Colonel if he decides to leave office. Speaking to Radio 4, BBC on the occasion of the international meeting held in London today on the Libyan crisis, Hague said his country does not know "where to go.

Moscow says it has killed during an operation by Russian Bin Laden

Caucasian Islamist leader Doku Umarov, known as the 'Russian Bin Laden, "died Monday during a special forces counter-terrorist operation in the Russian republic of Ingushetia, according to security sources said today quoted by Russian news agency Interfax. According to sources, Umarov was killed in an air strike that also caused the deaths of 16 terrorists.

The news has not been officially confirmed. The president of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, said that among the terrorists killed several Islamist leaders and bodyguard of Umarov's inner circle. However, the bodies have not yet been identified, he said. The pro-Russian president of the neighboring republic of Chechnya, Kadyrov Ramsar, said that if confirmed Umarov's death, it is a "good news for a healthy development" of the region.

NUCLEAR - From Chernobyl in Fukushima, the info is unclear

Russia removes Islamist leader responsible for the Moscow metro bombing

Moscow. - The Caucasian Islamist leader Doku Umarov, known as the "Bin Laden of Russia, died Monday during a special forces counter-terrorist operation in the Russian republic of Ingushetia, said today, security sources quoted by Russian news agency Interfax. According to sources, Umarov was killed in an air strike that also caused the deaths of 16 terrorists.

The news has not been officially confirmed. The president of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, said that among the terrorists killed several Islamist leaders and bodyguard of Umarov's inner circle. However, the bodies have not yet identified, said. The pro-Russian president of the neighboring republic of Chechnya, Kadyrov Ramsar, said that if confirmed Umarov's death, it is a "good news for a healthy development" of the region.

More than 50 killed in bloody bomb attack in Tikrit and hostages

The headquarters of the Provincial Council of Salahedin, in Tikrit, suffered a seizure this morning at the hands of an armed group, which has left at least 53 people dead and 98 injured. In the assault, gunmen have used car bombs, explosive belts and hand grenades. Furthermore, took several hostages.

Tikrit, the birthplace of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, is located 160 kilometers north of Baghdad. In turn, 98 people were injured, including the deputy governor for security affairs Ahmad Shandah and a camera and satellite television channel Al Faiha, whose identity has not been clarified.

UNUSUAL - herald the Gaddafi Human Rights

"Just as the sun shines for all, freedom is a right for all," proclaims the website of Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights. This illustrious award is given in August. Muammar Gaddafi's award does Libyan insurgents? Unlikely, says the Daily Telegraph. The award "is awarded annually to a person, organization or an international organization that significantly contributed to making outstanding service to humans and have done great deeds for the Defence of Human Rights, to promote the cause of freedom and supporting peace everywhere in the world.

Gaddafi gets stop the rebel advance in Ben Jawad

The progress of the Libyan revolutionary militias last night found a strong resistance at Ben Jawad, about 150 miles east of Sirte. Gadafistas forces repelled the attack with rockets, grenades and light weapons. This is the first time in more than a week that the rebels are forced to backtrack. Until now they had gained ground with ease, but the truth is that very uninhabited desert occupied spaces.

We can not sleep because of the bombings ... We are afraid

About thirty children and their teachers have said this morning in front of UN office in Tripoli. "We are the children of Libya and we want peace," cried the little innocently displaying their drawings. Some carried signs: "We love to Libya." Green and white caps and uniforms jobs, these students recited speeches made by their teachers in Arabic, French and English with a spotlight.

"The bombs are falling on our families and they are killing children," says an English school. Another little pink veiled drop a memorized speech as if reciting a poem in class. "Sarkozy: why did you attack our schools?". So far, I must say that there has been no allied bombing on schools or other educational centers in Libya.

BULGARIA - The interest to host the Japanese victims

All offers of help pouring in from around the world, there may be one that could go unnoticed in Japan. Yet it is sincere, though somewhat interested. There are voices in Bulgaria on the possibility - yet very virtual - host on national soil a large number of Japanese who wish to leave their devastated region.

This proposal was formulated for the first time Tuesday, March 15 broadcast on national radio by the sociologist Iskra Dandolova da Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. "Researchers and representatives of Bulgarian NGOs propose that our country welcomes people affected by the disaster in Japan," she said, specifying that a local initiative committee would take charge of this project in cooperation with Japanese authorities.

Hideaki Akaiwa, the hero of Japan tsunami Diver

Barcelona. (Editorial) .- After major disasters often we hear stories that show that humans are able to get the best out of ourselves in the most dramatic moments. Hideaki is the case Akaiwa, a 43 year old Japanese after the Japónse eltsunami put a wet suit and did not stop until you find, fortunately alive, his wife and mother, according to The Star newspaper published at the time of tragedy, Akaiwa was working out of town, Ishinomaki.

Syrian President Asad, cornered, ready to sacrifice his government

The Syrian government should submit his resignation Tuesday to usher in a new Cabinet within 24 hours, according to a senior official said in Damascus. The statement coincides with the statements yesterday by Syrian Vice President Farouq Al Shara, which detailed that President Bashar Assad would announce major decisions "would please the Syrian people." This announcement came as security forces fired, another day, against hundreds of demonstrators during protests in the city of Dera.

For example

The deduction of points? Nerdy. In India, the police punish offending drivers by having them direct traffic. "The idea is to show them how difficult it is to manage the chaos," said the initiator of this formula, Bharti Arora. The quadrille proving ineffective, the head of traffic police in Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi, decided to crack down.

Besides their fine of 100 rupees, "the offender must spend at least ten minutes to help solve the mess they created." Fifty speeders are thus put to work every day. The accidents are 120 000 deaths annually in India, says Earth Times News.

Are highly radioactive water outside the control area in Fukushima

Tokyo. .- Technicians Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) have found high levels of radiation in the water from a ditch located outside the central control of Fukushima-1. The measured rates exceed one thousand millisievert per hour. Specifically, the trench is adjacent to the reactor turbine building two.

Is four meters deep and three wide and within several ducts and power cables. Employees have wanted to ensure that while the trench is 76 meters long and is close to the coast, there has been dumping contaminated water into the sea, NHK reported. Now try to consider how you got there pollution.

U.S. and UK would be willing to let out the dictator Gaddafi of Libya

The coalition would be willing to let go of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. So says today the British newspaper 'The Times', which details that the UK and the U.S. would not oppose an immediate exile of colonel. This position could even speak today at a conference in London, where 35 countries involved in the Libyan crisis will consider the strategy in the North African country.

In any case, the official position of London and Washington is that the dictator be tried before the International Criminal Court. However, last night it was learned that shuffled the option of a quick march to the colonel, saying it would be beneficial for the country in civil war. The British-American position would have the support of some European countries, including Italy, and could take the help of the African Union.

BELARUS - Minsk and Moscow confirmed the construction of a central

During their meeting within the Council of Ministers of the Union of Russia and Belarus in Minsk on March 15, Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko signed an agreement on granting a loan to Belarus to build a nuclear plant on its territory. Atomstroiexport is the Russian group, controlled by the Russian nuclear agency Rosatom Public who is in charge of this project.

The plant with a capacity of 2400 megawatts will be built by 2020 on a site located 50 kilometers from Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital. According to the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Lithuania has already protested to the Belarusian authorities, arguing that Minsk did not respect the UN Convention requires the establishment of an international process of risk assessment on the environment.

Japan recognizes that the situation is unpredictable Fukushima

Tokyo. .- The Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan suggested Tuesday that the situation in the Fukushima nuclear power is unpredictable, in statements made in the Budget Committee of the Upper House of the Diet, the legislative body. Kan also said that the handling of the situation remains "maximum tension." Meanwhile, workers tried in the early hours of removing radioactive water from the turbine building located next to the reactors 1 and 3, said the Japanese agency Jiji.

Belgium, a day the world record for the absence of a legitimate government

Belgium on Tuesday will match the world record for the biggest political crisis after 289 days without a government after the general election. The situation, which until now only been seen in Iraq, is leading to a climate of temper that will dissipate with the free distribution of chips on campuses.

In 2010, the Iraqis took 249 days to conclude an agreement on power sharing, and 40 days for the government to be sworn. In Belgium, where surrealism seems to be popular, some held on 17 February that it had exceeded the threshold of 249 days without government. Organized a 'revolution of the chips' in which more than 5,000 people gathered to taste the famous national dish.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Syria: Government resigns

It 's too early to say that it is the decisive one, but there was a change in Syria. The Syrian government led by Prime Minister Naji Otri has decided to leave: it was announced on state television. President Bashar al-Assad has accepted the resignation en bloc of the executive, however, anticipated by sources close to the Damascus government.

AUSTRIA - A Europe antinuclear

"It is time to be heard internationally and grow at the output of nuclear power. We must stand together to fight against the nuclear industry, "said the Austrian Social Democratic Chancellor, Faymann (SPÖ), after the catastrophe of Fukushima. His goal is to organize, with the German SPD and if possible the European Socialists (PES), a popular initiative across the EU.

Maneuver "clever, but dishonest," says Der Standard. If it seems easy to assemble under the influence of emotion one million signatures required from at least nine countries, "the truth is that such an initiative can not legally organized in 2012 and the Commission is not obliged to comply.

Barack Obama promises that the Libyan war will be "limited"

Barack Obama last night justified the U.S. intervention in Libya for humanitarian and national interests, in a speech to the nation in which he warned that air strikes would not seek the relief of Muammar Gaddafi and is not ruled out that this afternoon fall. The U.S. president, left and right criticized the confusion of the Libyan mission and explained his delay in, he outlined what may be his doctrine against the wave of riots in the Arab world that began in January: respect for the processes but without sacrificing internal influence; preference for multilateralism (cited Spain among the allies in Libya) and the defense of universal values.

Rise to 150 dead in an explosion in Yemen

At least 150 people have been killed and 80 others have been injured, including several children, in an explosion at a munitions factory in southern Yemen, according to medical sources quoted by CNN. The event took place on Monday after suspected members of Al Qaeda to loot the place, according to an official of the local administration.

Among the dead were also opponents of the Yemeni regime and Islamic radicals. Armed men took control yesterday of the armory, the building of the local radio and known as 'Guest House' in the southern town of Yaar, near the Yemeni port of Aden. The explosions were preceded by a fire of unknown origin in a powder keg of the factory that spread as a large number of people taking it out.

Green liberals, the challenge Merkel

Berlin .- Germany's farewell to nuclear power remains the central figure. Involves much more than the results of Sunday's elections in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland Palatinate. Who supports nuclear, or extends the life of the plants, lost elections and political life shortens. Merkel has understood.

The question is what will draw consequences. In 2005, Chancellor Gerhard Schröder lost the chancellery after losing the SPD regional stronghold of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is doubtful whether Merkel repeat history. Wear is not as deep and its weight rivals in the party are gone this year.

Broken down nuclear power plant, plutonium found in soil in Fukushima

The news from Fukushima are a growing concern: Now, plutonium have been found in soil samples. The Japanese news agency Kyodo reported, citing the operating company Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Co.).
At five different points of the power plant site, the highly toxic heavy metal was found. Plutonium is a high amount of the fuel rods in the reactor 3 and a lower concentration in the spent fuel in cooling ponds of all six reactors. The operating company is believed that the plutonium came from the nuclear fuel of nuclear power.

Former President Hosni Mubarak and his family under house arrest

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his family can not leave the country, according to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces who took power in Egypt on 11 February, as they are under house arrest. The military rejected the reports that claimed that the dictator had traveled to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, noting: "He and his family are forced to reside in Egypt." On 8 March, an Egyptian court confirmed the freezing of assets of former president and his family and banned from leaving the country that fell on them and had been issued on 28 February by the Egyptian general prosecutor, Abdel Magid Mahmoud.

GERMANY - Not antinuclear who wants

The timing seemed perfect. Facing nuclear disaster in Japan, Merkel had to escape political risk of contamination due to its policy pronuclear, and this just in time before crucial regional elections, including March 27 in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Choosing to take the bull by the horns, it was placed at the head of the anti-nuclear movement, with the prime ministers of the Länder which still host plants.

Berlusconi, Italy's richest political

Rome. .- The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, was placed a year as the richest politician in Italy in 2010 to declare assets worth 40.9 million euros, almost double that in 2009, when he declared a tax base just over 23 million euros. The data listed in the income statement, released today, to be publicly parliamentarians and members of the Government of Italy.

In the income declared by Berlusconi, whose marital status is as "separate", no new purchases of cars, boats or equity interests, while it appears the sale of an apartment ownership to 50 percent in Milan. Among the property to his name including two apartments in Milan, registered as a primary residence, three floors in the Lombard capital, and three properties on the island of Antigua.

Reach the Italian island of Lampedusa Libyan 2,000 immigrants in a single day

A total of 1,933 illegal immigrants from Libya have arrived in the Italian island of Lampedusa in the last 24 hours, of which 300 are currently being rescued by the Italian Coast Guard, according to the newspaper 'La Stampa'. The island is on the verge of collapse after more than 7,000 immigrants have landed on its shores, from Tunisia and Libya.

The host school is entitled to only 800 people, so that newcomers have to be established on the beaches and port, where hygienic conditions are extremely precarious. While immigrants have arrived in Lampedusa last two months came mostly from Tunisia, newcomers are believed to be fleeing the war in Libya, including several women and children.

Off a car bomb in Derry

London .- British military deminers have cleared this morning of Monday, a bomb planted in a car in the center of Derry, the second largest city in Northern Ireland. The vehicle had "an important and viable device," said a senior Northern Irish police, the district commander Stephen Martin. The bomb had been planted by dissident republicans, Martin said, noting that the explosion could have caused death.

Moscow says that attacks in Libya allies are not backed by the UN

Russia has said that the attacks being made by the allies against the forces of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is an absolute intervention in the North African country's civil war, siding with the rebels. Moscow has insisted that it was not covered by the United Nations resolution establishing a no-fly zone.

In what amounts to a criticism of the Russian government operation 'Dawn Odyssey', the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said that the resolution of the Security Council of the UN only had implications for the protection of civilians. "And there are reports that no one denies, that coalition attacks are against Gaddafi columns of men and in support of the insurgents," said Lavrov.

Music: When Bach, Brahms and Chopin dictated their works from the beyond

Rosemary Brown has a great holiday of Easter with family in Wales. Beethoven and Liszt came to see, which would soon forget the cold she had caught during a trip to Devil's Bridge. The presence of the composers was nothing extraordinary, says Ms. Brown. Liszt, in particular, is one of his oldest friends.

It appeared the first time (whatever she does is not immediately identified) when she was 7 years, promising to send him to music when she grew up. He reappeared many years later, in 1964, and since he regularly visits at her home in Balham, south London. TV inspires sometimes caustic comments.

Detected plutonium outside the reactor in Fukushima five points

Barcelona (Editorial) .- The company owns the nuclear plant in Fukushima Dai-Chi, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has reported the appearance of more water contaminated by radiation and detection of plutonium in Five Points plant, Kyodo news agency reported. The company says the results of plutonium are samples from a week ago, according to Reuters.

TEPCO has also reported this finding was not going to do to suspend the work being undertaken at the plant to control the damaged reactor. In addition, the company reported that it has detected a radiation level of 1,000 mSv per hour - ten times higher than normal - in the water of two pit and underground tunnel connected to the building that houses the reactor 2, Fukushima-1.

The secrets of Anna Chapman

The BBC correspondent in Moscow, Steve Rosenberg, Anna Chapman interviewed and revealed the biggest secret of the former Russian spy, who shot to fame after being deported last July the United States. On the 35th floor of a skyscraper in an office full of smoke, hear the noise of high heels on the parquet and Anna Chapman appears wrapped in a stunning blue gown.

She does not seem in a hurry to evacuate the building because the smoke is being pumped into the room for a special effects machine. The former secret agent talks to the camera: "More than a million Russians die each year, a woman was walking to a disabled person in Egypt ..." The unsolved mystery of Anna Chapman is called 'Secrets of the world.

Two other teachers try to catch fire in Algiers

Algiers .- Two temporary teachers have attempted suicide on fire outside the offices of the Algerian presidency, where the collective protest for 8 days to ask for them to secure their jobs, reported the daily El Khabar. The two teachers were sprayed petrol on Sunday with the intention of burning to bonzo, but his colleagues were able to stop it.

The teachers, coming from different parts of the country, met on Monday the eighth day of rally outside the presidential palace, where they spend the night under difficult weather conditions. The president of the group, Myriam Maarouf, assured reporters that the camp will not lift until they achieve full compliance with their demands.

The rebels say they have taken Sirte, Gaddafi and door city of Tripoli

A rebel spokesman has said that Sirte, the hometown of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, is now fully controlled by insurgents. According to his testimony, they found very little resistance from troops loyal to Qadhafi. The news of the fall of Sirte was held in Benghazi, the epicenter of the revolt and 'capital' of the rebels.

For now, there has been no independent confirmation of this fact and some of the few correspondents who are in the city say the enclave remains in the hands of Gadhafi. Gadafistas forces fighting the rebels in the town of Naufaliya, about 147 kilometers southeast of Sirte, according to the Qatari Al-Jazeera network.

ROMANIA - A good lesson for Sarkozy

The Army puts Mubarak and his family under house arrest

Madrid .- Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his family have been placed under house arrest, as reported by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which ruled the country since the President submitted his resignation on 11 February after weeks of demonstrations mass against him. With his statement, which echoes Ahram newspaper in its online edition, the Army aims to end the rumors suggesting that the president and his family had moved to Saudi Arabia.

Nuclear Agency of Japan requested TEPCO to review their measurement systems

Nuclear Security Agency of Japan has asked the company operating the plant in Fukushima, TEPCO, to revise its system of measurement error after Sunday, when it reported a level of radioactivity in the plant to 10 million times to normal was actually 100,000, NHK reported. According to the Japanese network NHK TV, operators still working at the plant on Monday will try to drain polluted water from the reactor 1 while fears that delayed efforts to cool the units 2 and 3 due to high levels of radioactivity detected.

Libya - Benghazi applauds UN resolution

Shortly before midnight, the streets of Benghazi, the capital of rebel fact, were quiet, almost deserted. A few minutes after midnight, a sign of rejoicing, firing of tracer bullets and machine gun fire streaked the sky, and residents piled into their cars to celebrate the event. In the meantime, the Security Council of the United Nations had voted by 10 votes to 0 against imposing a no-fly zone over eastern Libya and authorizing "all measures", apart from an occupation, such as to protect civilians against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the dictator who runs Libya for nearly 42 years.

Syrian police opened fire on protesters in Deraa

Deraa. .- The Syrian security forces opened fire on hundreds of demonstrators in the town of Dera while protesting against the emergency law, as reported by witnesses told Reuters. The Minister of Syrian Presidency Press, Bouthaina Shaaban, said yesterday in a statement to the Qatari Al-Jazeera to lift the emergency law in force since 1963, but never specified deadlines.

When asked about the possible lifting of the state of emergency, which the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad had speculated, the presidential adviser said "of course." However, Shaaban would not give deadlines for action.