Monday, July 11, 2011

U.S. suspends payment of $ 800 million in military aid to Pakistan

The U.S. government suspended - and in some cases canceled - a total of $ 800 million in military aid to Pakistan in response to Islamabad's decision to expel a number of U.S. military trainers and to pressure China to fight more effectively against terrorist groups in its territory, as reported by the newspaper 'The New York Times.
This amount is more than one third of the 2,000 million  the U.S. commitment to Pakistan for security assistance. About 300 million dollars of money is paid back to Islamabad blocked by its deployment of 100,000 troops along the border to fight against the Taliban and other armed groups.

Albania inaugurated a statue of George W. Bush

What has failed in his own country has made in Albania. Former U.S. President George W. Bush will be perpetuated in the small Balkan country of Muslim majority with a statue placed in Fushe Kruje, a town that welcomed him in 2007 as a true hero. The bronze statue is about 3 meters, shows Bush in shirt sleeves rolled left waving from a stone pedestal placed in the central square that bears his name and has been renovated for the occasion.

16 dead and 11 injured in a fire at a nursing home in Ukraine

At least 16 people have died and eleven others injured in a fire in a nursing home in the town of Beloye, in northwestern Ukraine, as the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry. According to the official, the fire broke out after midnight and devastated 800 square meters of floor of the building only. Firefighters managed to extinguish the fire at 0530 local time.

Eleven people, including three in serious condition, were admitted to hospital Dubrovitski, the regional head. Two of the three seriously injured were members of the nursing staff. Initial investigations suggest the fire may have been caused by negligence or carelessness of people who were in the institution.

At least two civilians killed by bombing the Republican Guard in Yemen

Madrid. .- At least two civilians were killed and ten injured this last night as a result of artillery fire from the Republican Guard in Yemen against Al Rawdha district in Taiz (256 km south of Sana'a). According to local sources on Sunday said Al Jazeera, many buildings and homes were damaged and many families were forced to flee.

The firing of artillery and mortars continued throughout the night. In addition, there have been intense clashes in the districts of Al and Al Khamsa Setter in Taiz, including the Republican Guard and tribal militias linked to the so-called Revolution of Youth.

Israel fires a missile into Gaza

Israel's army has fired a missile into the eastern part of Gaza City before dawn on Sunday without any injury or damage occurred, according to preliminary information provided by the Palestinian news agency Maan. The Israeli attack occurs in response to the impact of two Kazam rockets at the Israeli municipality of Ashelon, located a few miles north of the border with Gaza.

According to information provided by China's Xinhua news agency, several F-16 jets to the Israeli Air Force flew over Gaza City and fired a missile into the district of Jabal al Rayes.

The new Moroccan constitution was "corrected" a day before the vote

The text of the Constitution adopted last Friday, July 1, the Moroccans was "corrected" one day before the vote, but voters have to know the correct time. The MAP news agency last night issued a statement from the General Secretariat of the government in ensuring that the text was debated for ten days contained a "clerical error" that was "rectified" in the day before the vote, but without explaining what was the error.

Middle East Conflict: 120 activists in Israeli detention

The Israeli police on Friday denied 130 pro-Palestinian activists to enter the Tel Aviv airport. On Sunday afternoon, waiting for another 120 participants to prevent a solidarity week in the Palestinian territories in two Israeli prisons for their deportation.

According to the Foreign Office were among only 13 of originally 15 Germans. It was expected that a large part still flies back on Sunday. The organizers of the "Welcome to Palestine" reported that about twenty German and Austrians wanted to travel to the West Bank. On the program were planned at the weekend according to Palestinian reports, some only a hundred people.

A chemical leak forced to stop the cooling system of Fukushima

The company that manages the nuclear Fukushima-1 has been reported to be forced to stop the water recycling system that works as well as radioactive cooling system of the reactors of the plant due to a leakage of chemicals of those used in the process. The manager, the company Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), has colored the water in the cooling of reactors 1, 2 and 3 continues to operate with water and decontaminated.