Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Movement of jasmine" China calls for more protests

Beijing, Feb. 28 - The so-called "movement of jasmine" today called new "rides" for March 6 in several Chinese cities to protest the lack of democracy in the country. In a statement released by the Internet, anonymous organizers of "jasmine revolution" claimed to have received reports of protest actions carried out in over 100 cities on Sunday, but did not mention the names of these cities or provided evidence of such actions.

Yemen's president accused Israel of leading popular revolts

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, accused Israel on Tuesday to direct the protests in Arab countries calling for the overthrow of their regimes. "All of these protests the fund the Zionists in Israel and head in an operating room in Tel Aviv," Saleh said in a speech to university professors in Sana'a.

Saleh's comments are known to coincide with a wave of protests that have called for today in the country's main opposition parties insisting on the resignation of the governor.

OMAN - Two protesters killed by police

"In Oman, the police responded to stone-throwing by firing rubber bullets at hundreds of protesters demanding political reform. Witnesses said two people were killed and at least eight others wounded," reported the daily UAE . The demonstrators, mostly unemployed people who came down for the second consecutive day in the streets of Sohar (north of the capital, Muscat), had marched on a police station where two of their number were selected.

London freezes the assets of the Libyan regime

London .- The British government has frozen with immediate effect the assets of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the members of his family and "those who act on their instructions." Those affected by this order are, according to the British Treasury, Colonel Gaddafi, and his sons Aisha, Hannibal, Khamis, Mutassim and Saif al-Islam.

"I have taken the average to freeze the assets of Colonel Qaddafi and his family and those acting in your name so that those can not be used against the interests of the Libyan people, "said finance minister George Osborne said in a statement. This measure follows the adoption by the Security Council UN resolution against the regime of Gaddafi by Paris and London.

Meeting of the Libyan rebel coalition after Gaddafi's attempt at dialogue

The opposition coalition of eastern rebel meets on Tuesday Libya after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, make an attempt at dialogue with the People's Councils to control the east of the country, opposition sources told Efe. They alleged that the coalition sources close to the meeting will take place after noon in Benghazi, Libya's second city under rebel control.

The coalition, which still suffers from many weaknesses of organization, is responsible for coordinating the activities of other people's councils that manage the populations under rebel control, while maintaining contacts for the formation of a temporary National Council representatives also of Tripoli, one of the Gaddafi's last strongholds.

TUNISIA - Resignation of Prime Minister Ghannouchi

"A departure, questions ...", as the daily. On 28 February, Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi has resigned. The presence within the transitional government of this former close to Ben Ali had led to violent protests in Tunis. Former Minister Beji Caid Essebsi replaced. "Providing Ghannouchi during the last show had left a sort of step with the grassroots ...

offset fatal," the newspaper said, while stressing the qualities of the incumbent.

Juppe France will seek to unite the Arab leaders opposed

The highest levels of French politics, mostly reserved for a select group of technocrats, is unusual in retaining its leadership in the forefront of decision of the country, despite the passing years. It is common to see mayors become ministers and leaders who have taken up positions with a certain prime minister back into the public arena with the passage of time, other jobs or even the same but under different bosses orders.

Prohibiting launch balloons and kites in Beijing for two weeks

Beijing police banned the release of balloons, kites or remote-controlled toy airplanes from 2 to 15 March in 200 miles from Tiananmen Square during the annual parliamentary meeting that will set the guidelines for the next five years. The ban actually covers the entire urban Beijing and aims to protect more than 3,000 delegates of the Communist Party of China (CPC) across the country attending the annual sessions of the People's Political Consultative Conference of China (CCPC ), the highest advisory body and the Popular National Assembly (ANP).

LIBYA - Qadhafi increasingly alone in Tripoli

"The noose is tightening every day around Muammar Gaddafi, who can no longer leave Tripoli, where he was surrounded by protesters, and who stuck by UN sanctions preventing it from traveling abroad," the newspaper reported in Algiers under the title: "Gaddafi alone against all." The Libyan leader has gradually abandoned by all his foreign allies, Russia and China have sided with other members of the Security Council of the UN unanimously adopted, February 26, sanctions against the tottering regime.

Turkey looking your best place

Army Museum in Istanbul, the Janissaries of the Mehter, the band's oldest military Demus world, interpreted with drums, cymbals and trumpets old parade marches. Visitors will cheer. Some sound like they gladly heard in Alicante fiestas of Moors and Christians, but others, with scores based on percussion and screaming soldiers, can imagine the terrifying deterrent to the enemy.

In the eighteenth century, Europeans began to copy the custom Turkish music to accompany the progress of their armies. The sound of the Mehter was the voice of the Ottoman Empire in the battlefields of Europe and northern Africa. Turkey, its natural heir, national and Muslim-majority secular constitution, wants to make their voices heard now that the wave of riots in the Arab world as a great advocate haven of political stability in the Islamic Mediterranean.

Sentenced to death 11 Muslims in India religious violence

An Indian court sentenced to death 11 Muslims found guilty of having set fire to a train carrying Hindu nationalists in Gujarat in 2002. Another 20 Muslims were sentenced to life imprisonment for the incident, which killed 59 pilgrims. The fire, which occurred when the train was at the station Dodhra also broke one of the worst waves of religious violence seen in India since independence from Britain in 1947.

UNITED KINGDOM - The drug is more fashion

In March 1961, fifty years ago next month, the world united in their determination to eradicate drug abuse, had gathered to sign the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, in which all pledged to ban categorically production and delivery of cocaine, cannabis, opiates and other substances in the same order.

Since then, the trend in our country had ceased to be confirmed: people were more likely to take most of the drug. It is estimated that in the 60, 5% of young British adults have tried illicit drugs. They were about 10% in the 70, and 15-20% in the 80's. In 1995, nearly half of all young people admitted having taken drugs.

Plan B: to support monarchy

After watching blow in less than a month's foreign policy in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East, the U.S. has adopted a plan B: to support the monarch, dropping to others. According to The New York Times, the State Department has sent envoys to all the monarchs of the region, from Morocco to the Gulf kingdoms, via Jordan, to guarantee their support.

Meanwhile, chastened after seeing his old allies fall Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, maintains a large distance to the "autocratic presidents" in republics such as Yemen, Libya and Algeria. This bet AdministraciónObama by Arabs absolute monarchies lies behind the words of support to the Arab revolution, says the Times.

Flight attendants accuse Thai Airways to discriminate against those who are not as

A group of 41 flight attendants accused the Thai airline Thai Airways of discrimination and violating their human rights by requiring a showing that physical measures are in shape, reported local media on Tuesday. Late last year, the group was reduced to working on domestic flights or a period not exceeding one day, and if it fails to adapt to the physical demands in the next three months, you can only work in offices.

CHINA - The Middle East and the "black hand" of America

Since the beginning of the Arab revolution, very limited information is disseminated in the Chinese media. About rebellion Libyan control looks even stronger. Neither facts nor comments: no information is disseminated in the press in China, except the few news agency Xinhua repeating the same speech Gaddafi and the denials made by his son about the use aircraft.

However, considerable attention is devoted to the ongoing repatriation of some 30,000 Chinese residents - construction workers and oil for most - in Libya, and the anxiety of the market amid rising oil prices . The statement by the spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs that China "hopes the speedy return of Libya to the stability and political order", broadcast on 22 révrier remains prominently.

The Tea Party turns its back on Sarah Palin

Washington. Tea Party .- The movement failed to consider the presidential candidacy of one of its stars, Sarah Palin, and chose as favorites for the race to the White House for Texas Congressman Ron Paul and radio presenter Herman Cain. The conservative movement concluded a three-day convention in Phoenix (Arizona) with two informal polls to begin closing a number of possible candidates for the 2012 presidential election, the newspaper "Politico." In the broadest of these votes, which took place on the internet and included supporters and party activists, the Tea Party chose the veteran Congressman Paul as their candidate by 49 percent of the vote, followed by 12 percent to Cain An entrepreneur who hosts a conservative in Georgia (Atlanta).

Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is concentrated in the west

Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Tuesday were concentrated in the west, residents said, and the United States said it is taking its air and naval forces near Libya. Residents fear that the pro-Gaddafi preparing an attack to regain control of Nalut, about 60 kilometers from the Tunisian border in western Libya, which is held by opponents seeking to get power Gaddafi.

U.S. and other foreign governments on Monday discussed options for addressing the situation in Libya, Muammar Qaddafi as the leader scoffed at the threat posed to his government the progress of a popular uprising. The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, said that Gaddafi is "disconnected from reality" is "massacring its own people" and is unfit to lead.

RUSSIA - Gorby celebrates 80 years

The first and last Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has announced the organization of celebrations for its 80th anniversary. On his birthday, March 2, he will pass in Moscow. But it is London that will take place March 30 the major event entitled "Gorby-80" in which the price will be issued to "the person who changed the world" in three distinct categories, perestroika (restructuring), Ouskorenie (acceleration) and glasnost (openness), reports the Moskovsky Komsomolets.

U.S. reaches out to opposition to the regime of Gaddafi

The repressive regime of Muammar Gaddafi changed the script of the United States and the international community to the Arab riots of 2011. So far the Obama trying to preserve the balance supporting the democratic aspirations of the people without ever leaving the dictators, which in the case of Egypt was also an ally.

President Barack Obama balked at any time to ask in public the progress of rais Hosni Mubarak, and claimed that the revolt was an internal affair of the Egyptians. The same discussion applied to the revolt in Tunisia and, until this weekend, to Libya, a country with which the bonds was more subdued.

The first government without Michèle Alliot Marie, the great conservative lady

What will become of France without Madame Alliot-Marie? Throughout his political career, has been Minister of Youth and Sports from 93 to 95 of Defence from 2004 to 2007 (the first woman in that position), the Interior until 2009, Justice Affairs until 2010 and until yesterday , the day he submitted his resignation to the head of state "after weeks of half-truths, media harassment to my family and unfounded criticism" in his own words.

LIBYA - A wind of freedom blowing through Benghazi

The Libyans are burying their dead, are concerned with the administration of their city. They realize that their particular nightmare that lasted over forty years has finally ended. Guided tour in the company of a leader of opposition.

Moroccan and Saharawi independence civilians face in Dakhla

Rabat. .- The city of Dakhla, situated in the Western Sahara has been the scene this weekend of serious disturbances which the authorities accuse "pro Polisario elements," while sources indicate that Sahrawi clashes were triggered by Moroccan civilians. MAP said the Saturday night a car with five people inside, intentionally ran over two people, and one of them, Hamid Charfi, 53 years old, died.

On the verge of humanitarian emergency

Ben Tunisian population Gardane (33 kilometers from the border with Libya) tries to welcome refugees fleeing violence. Their resources are stretched to their capacity as dedicated all efforts to provide aid to those trapped in no man's land. In the Ras Ajdir border post, border guards complained about the lack of resources.

"Ben Gardane is a small town we have no resources to take care of so many people," shouted a policeman in the middle of impotence. Plainclothes policemen armed with machine guns trying to bring order to the constant flow of refugees. On the other side of the fence, thousands of people waited to go into Tunisia.

MUSLIM WORLD - The galaxy of Islamic movements

■ Hezbollah (Party of God) Lebanon - founded in 1982 Lebanese Shi'ite organization founded as a resistance movement against the Israeli invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon (1982-2000). Over the years, Hezbollah, led by Hassan Nasrallah, became an inescapable political party on the Lebanese scene.

With the aim of defending the social aspirations of the underprivileged, the Party of God has openly supported the Islamic Republic of Iran. After the Israeli withdrawal, it keeps its weapons, saying the conflict with Israel continues. While possessing ministerial portfolios in the Lebanese government, he maintains, politically and militarily, an autonomous structure.

Sarkozy will change the ownership of Interior, Defense and Foreign Affairs in a new government crisis

Paris. .- French President Nicolas Sarkozy, made today a Cabinet reshuffle that affected the portfolios of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Interior in order to strengthen the executive to the changes experienced by the Arab world. This amendment, the second in the last five months, occurs hours after the foreign minister, Michèle Alliot-Marie, resigned after the controversy caused by their actions before the revolt Tunisian and a controversial last vacation in the country when protests had begun.

Iran calls for boycott London 2012 to use a racist logo

Almost everything in this world depends on your point of view and Iran, obviously, makes clear that the only condition that is, at least, peculiar. And that is where you can see the logo of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Iranian Olympic Committee read the word 'Zion'. Therefore, the China's sports authorities called for a boycott of the Olympics.

Through a letter sent to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Iran crossed the emblem as 'racist' as long as it is linked to the perception of the capital of Israel. Similarly, calls to other Muslim states to oppose the 'racist logo. " Bahram Afsharzadeh's letter, Secretary General of NOC of Iran, was sent to IOC president Jacques Rogge, and continued: "There is no doubt that the neglect of the issue on their side can affect the presence of some countries games, especially Iran, governed by a commitment to the values and principles.

ARAB WORLD - And oil in?

Rise to five those killed in the clashes on Saturday in Tunis

Tunisia. .- Five people were killed in clashes on Saturday in the Tunisian capital between security forces and groups of protesters calling for the downfall of the transitional government, reported the Tunisian Ministry of Interior. In a statement, the Tunisian news agency reported that TAP, the Interior Ministry said the clashes erupted when riot police forces proceeded to break up "groups of violent youths, armed with knives and stones they wanted to rob" the headquarters of the department.

Twenty years after the end of the Gulf War

On 28 February 1991, troops from a US-led coalition declared a cease-fire after driving Iraqi troops from Kuwait, which had invaded half a year before, thus ending the Gulf War. Also known as Operation Desert Storm, the war lasted only 41 days because of the overwhelming superiority of the allied army.

In total, it is estimated that died as a result of fighting some 3,000 civilians and 10,000 Iraqi soldiers on the one hand, and about 500 soldiers of the international coalition that joined thirty countries, including Spain and the main Arab World powers like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria.

THAILAND - A network of surrogates dismantled

Thirteen young Vietnamese women gathered in a house in Bangkok and he seems constrained by a Taiwanese gang bearing children for adoption, were rescued on February 23 by the Thai police, reports the Bangkok Post. Seven of them were pregnant and one had given birth two days earlier. They have alerted their embassy on the Internet.

Four Taiwanese were arrested and website Babe-101 on which they offered a child for infertile couples should be closed.

Iran, "Mousavi and Karroubi? They are our internal affairs "

Clashes would be taking place between opposition supporters and security forces in the streets, where police are present in large numbers, and are becoming more insistent rumors that damage prison, the two leaders of the Iranian opposition, together with their wives.

"Mousavi and Karroubi? I am Iranian affairs, "said Foreign Ministry spokesman in Tehran, Ramin Mehmanparast. "No country has, or ever will have the right to interfere in decisions of the judiciary," he added Mehmanparast. On Monday, the Iranian website Kalem wrote that Karroubi Mir Hossein Mousavi and the wives would find themselves together in the prison of Heshmatieh in Tehran.

French Foreign Minister resigns for his controversial move to the Tunisian revolt

Paris. .- The French Foreign Minister, Michèle Alliot-Marie, today announced his resignation after the controversy caused by their actions before the revolt in Tunisia and a controversial last vacation in the country where protests had begun. In a letter delivered to the president, Nicolas Sarkozy, Alliot-Marie declared victim of political and media campaign against her figure and says it has "think too highly of politics in the service of France" to accept being used as a pretext for to weaken the government's foreign policy.

U.S. sends warships to Libya

United States military is repositioning its naval and air forces around Libya on Monday said a Pentagon official, as international pressure intensifies for the leader Moammar Gadhafi to end its mandate over four decades. "We have people working on the plan and various contingency plans and I think it's safe to say that as a result, we are repositioning forces to be able to be more flexible in that once decisions are taken to (...) provide options and flexibility, "said Col.

Boobs on Ice

Victoria Hiley pulls the milk from her breasts. The precious beverage is pasteurized and processed into ice cream. The breast milk ice cream made their debut in London at the glacier The Icecreamists, Covent Garden. "What could be more natural than mother's milk, fresh and organic?" Exclaimed Mrs. Hiley, happy to "make some more money" by selling the fruit of her lactation.

Amr Moussa announced his candidacy for the Egyptian presidency

Madrid. .- The secretary general of the Arab League and former Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa has announced that it will be a candidate in presidential elections in Egypt. Musa made these remarks during a press conference this afternoon at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, and included in the online edition of the Egyptian daily "Al Ahram."

Gadhafi: All my people love me, would be willing to die for me!

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, said today that "my people love me and die to protect" in an interview with journalist Christiane Amanpour U.S. network ABC. Amanpour revealed on his Twitter account that during the interview Gaddafi "refused to acknowledge that there have been demonstrations in the streets of Tripoli." In addition, the ABC reporter said that during the meeting blamed the uprising Gaddafi in Libya to Al-Qaeda.

ROMANIA - Human rights are the law

Bucharest's no rule on that of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). On 23 February, the Chamber of Deputies passed a law requiring "the government to respect human rights," National rapporteJurnalul. Now, every law must be accompanied by a study assessing its effects on fundamental rights under the European Convention on Human Rights.

The government is also obliged to implement the recommendations and rulings of the ECHR within three months, the jurisprudence of the Court winning. According to the report date of the Strasbourg Court, quoted by Romanian media, Romania has been an EU member state most often sentenced in 2009 to 139 times.

Gaddafi's son Obama answered: "Nobody is going to leave Libya"

Washington. .- Saif Gaddafi, son and chief of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, said today that no one in his family will leave Libya and that his country "is not a U.S. issue" in response to the requirement that the president leaving Barack Obama went to his father on Saturday. "Nobody is going to leave this country.

We live here and die here. This is our country. The Libyans are our people. And as far as I'm concerned, I think I'm doing the right thing," said Saif Gaddafi, the second son the Libyan leader, in an interview with ABC from Tripoli. Obama toughened its stance on Saturday said Gadhafi and the Libyan leader should leave "now" the country, having lost the legitimacy to govern the use of violence against its own people.

Mousavi and Karoubi arrest, Iranian opposition leaders

Iranian opposition leaders and Mehdi Karoubi Hussein Mousavi has been held on Monday, as reported by local media. "Mir Hussein Moussavi, Mehdi Karoubi and their wives have been arrested," said Kaleme website. com. "According to our sources tell us, detention and subsequent transfer to the prison of Heshmatieh are facts confirmed, although the date on which the arrest was to be confirmed," adds the news.

EU adopts sanctions: air attacks on ammunition depots in the east of Libya

In Libya, Gaddafi, leader in the fight against the insurgents has again entered the Air Force. Agencies quoted eyewitnesses, the bombing of ammunition depots in the East and the shooting down of a fighter plane near Misrata marked. The crew of the aircraft that had fired on a radio station near the town of Misrata, had been captured.

On Monday there were further clashes between rebels and troops loyal Gaddafi. Despite the air strikes is discontinuing the federal government plans to impose a no-fly zone over Libya. The reason given for this include the fact that Libya's southern neighbor Sudan, a military intervention such as NATO would not accept.

Erdogan: Criticism of speech in Dusseldorf

The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his wife Emine on Sunday night in Dusseldorf in Germany should be growing up Turkish children has been estimated by the Federal Government to learn at least as good as German Turkish. This assessment was of Seibert government spokesman in Berlin on Monday. He disagrees with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who had called in Dusseldorf, Turkish children should first learn their mother tongue.

The border between Tunisia and Libya is preparing for a flood of refugees

Tension rises on the border between Tunisia and Libya and feared a flood of refugees to take the situation to the brink of chaos. Thousands of Egyptians protested on Sunday the absence of help from their government, which has organized a repatriation plan. Anxiety makes its way through these citizens who are outdoors, sleeping literally on top of their bags, waiting for someone to care for them.

PANAMA - The protests against the new mining code continues

Indians and environmentalists have maintained their call for new protests against the adoption of a controversial reform of the Mining Code, despite the promulgation by the President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, a decree prohibiting mining in certain territories Native Americans. Since the adoption on 11 February of a new mining code, the mobilization is strong.

Several roads have been blocked on February 24 by demonstrators. Panama has large reserves of gold and copper.