Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Clashes between Protestants and Catholics in Belfast.

Violent clashes have erupted Tuesday in the streets of Belfast resulting in 22 injuries among the security forces after the completion of Protestant marches in Northern Ireland, as reported by media close to the police. Like every year, thousands of members of the Orange Order took to the streets to commemorate the victory of Protestant King William of Orange over the Catholic James II at the Battle of Boyne in 1690, shows that often cross nationalist areas.

Brown accused News International

London .- Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown today accused News International, part of Rupert Murdoch's media empire, to resort to "known criminals" to get personal information when he was in power. In an interview with the BBC, Brown accused the group of having ties to the world of "underworld" and favored an investigation into the abuse of power by News International.

The scandal over illegal wiretapping of "News of the World" has affected Brown allegedly spied on by other News International media group, namely "The Sunday Times" and possibly "Sun", according to British media. The Labour former leader referred to information obtained in recent years to cover the front page of the Sunday "The Sunday Times" and stating that he had bought an apartment property tycoon Robert Maxwell press at a reduced price.

The Government of Pakistan threatens to withdraw its troops from the Afghan border

The Government of Pakistan has threatened to withdraw on Tuesday some of their troops deployed against the Taliban allies of al Qaeda in northwestern Pakistan after the U.S. announcement of the suspension of part of its military aid to Islamabad. "The next step is for the government or the armed forces to withdraw its troops from the border areas" in Afghanistan, said the Pakistani minister of defense, Ahmad Mukhtar, a private television Express.

Earthquake shakes Taiwan

An earthquake of 5.4 magnitude on the Richter scale rocked Taiwan without causing casualties. The earthquake, which was centered 52.3 miles south of the eastern city of Hualien, shook buildings in Taipei, said the Central Weather Bureau of the island. In Taipei, the quake caused panic and caused many people to depart from the buildings, the agency said Fire Island.

Taiwan is located in a seismic zone and frequent earthquakes recorded. In 1999, the island was shaken by an earthquake measuring 7.6 which killed over 2,400 people.

Clinton: Assad has no more legitimacy

The Syrian regime of President Bashar al Assad has lost his legitimacy to Washington's view. It had "reacted to the peaceful protests of the people with more violence, more arrests and more intimidation," Clinton said Foreign Minister on Monday evening after a meeting with EU foreign policy chief Ashton in Washington.

Killed five suspected al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen in air strike

At least five suspected members of al Qaeda were killed last night and an undetermined number were wounded in an attack by the Yemeni air force in southern Yemen, Efe reported a military source. The source said the bombing took place in an area near a highway linking the capital city of Zinyibar-Abian province, with the town of Yaar.

The fighters of Al Qaeda and related groups and neighboring villages Zinyibar control since last May 27. Since then, the Yemeni army, backed by air force tries to retake the city from the hands of terrorists. Meanwhile, tribal sources claimed that tribesmen have joined the military in its fight against Al Qaeda.