Saturday, February 19, 2011

The father of the internet censorship in China admits cheating to avoid

Fang Binxing, rector of the University of Posts and Telecommunications Beijing University passes, possibly, as one of the least loved of his country by young people. Following the statements made today, resentment toward him increased more. The reason for the growing aversion felt by the youth of China to the professor of technology is that its popularity reflects the fact that he was the principal designer of powerful control system and Internet censorship in China was previously known by its initials as GFW English (Great Firewall), or Great Firewall, which prevents Internet access to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

A former soldier tries to immolate himself on the threshold of the presidency in Senegal

A former soldier tried to blow himself up today at the Presidential Palace gates of Senegal, told local radio stations. According to sources, the ex-soldier named Omar Bocoum, sprayed gasoline and set himself on fire at around 11.00 local time and GMT, but quick intervention by the security services of the presidency made it possible to extinguish the fire and maybe save life.

The former soldier was taken by firefighters at the Hospital Principal de Dakar, located a few meters of the presidency, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit. Doctors have not provided any forecast Bocoum health, according to the testimonies of the fire, suffering third-degree burns affecting 80 percent of his body.

Sunni cleric calls Al Qardawi power back to society

Cairo .- The media, influential Sunni cleric Yusuf al Qardawi asked today to hundreds of thousands of believers in Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo, Muslims and Christians to work together and that the Egyptian Army to hand over power civil government. "The revolution has ensured that everyone will stop the injustice and get freedom.

I always talk with Muslims but ask Muslims and Christians to work together," said Al Qardawi in a sermon at Cairo's Square to celebrate the the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak on June 11, a week ago. Al Qardawi, dual Egyptian and Qatari nationality and president of the International Association of Scholars, not delivered a sermon in Egypt since 1981.

One dead and scores wounded by army gunfire in Bahrain

Bahraini soldiers on Friday shot indiscriminately into the demonstrators on their way peacefully to the Pearl Plaza, in downtown Manama, Bahrain's capital, as reported to ELMUNDO. is medical sources. At least one person has died and dozens were injured, three of them very serious, by army fire, which used live ammunition against unarmed civilians.

The protesters returning from the funeral in tribute to the five killed in the brutal police charge against a protest camp took place at dawn on Thursday when they were struck by gunfire from the soldiers and they used tear gas against them the riot police. Despite the brutality employed by the army, the crown prince of Bahrain, Salman Ben Hamad Al Khalifa said Bahrain "has never been a police state" and announced his intention to discuss the opposition when quiet is restored in the country.

BAHRAIN - The people have taken the place of the Pearl

Manama, Bahrain's capital, lived 19 February incredible day which began with the worst fears and ended with the withdrawal of police from the Place de la Perle. A huge crowd celebrating his victory there, and people continue to flow into the thousands. Follow through the Gulf Country Blog developments in this realm in which are held several days of mass protests.

The demonstrators, mostly Shiites who constitute 70% of the population, are demanding political and social reforms in the kingdom ruled by the Sunni Khalifa family. The country's main union, the GUBW (General Union of Bahraini Workers), also called the strike from Sunday, February 20.,

German Defence Minister rejects resignation and apology

Berlin .- German Defence Minister, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, called today to apologize to the authors feel that the text plagiarized his doctoral thesis and indirectly rejected it intends to resign. "My dissertation is a plagiarism," he said in a public statement the German Defense owner, who denied any intention of plagiarism or falsification in the drafting of this work that earned him a grade of "suma cum laude", but acknowledged that the text contains Dating errors and omissions footer.

General amnesty for political prisoners in Tunisia

The Tunisian government of transition has taken on Friday the general amnesty of political prisoners, according to his spokesman announced Bacchouch Taieb, after the Council of Ministers. "The amnesty has been adopted by the Council of Ministers and a decree-law will be announced in the coming days," he told reporters.

The first transitional government had adopted a draft law on general amnesty on January 20, six days after the fall of the regime of Ben Ali. The Justice Minister Lazhar Karoui Chebbi, said Wednesday that the conditional release had been agreed for 3,000 prisoners, without specifying whether they were political prisoners or not.

The buyout of Irene shaking Amnesty

Amnesty International is over in the storm for five zeros in severance paid to the secretary general of the association, Irene Khan. In fact, when the woman, originally from Bangladesh and fervent supporter of numerous campaigns against poverty, has left his position in December 2009, she left with more than 500,000 pounds in the bank account: that is, more than four times his annual salary, which amounted to 132,490 pounds.

Sarah Ferguson was not invited to the marriage of William and Kate

Sarah Ferguson (Lapresse) LONDON - Sarah Ferguson was not invited to the wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton April 29 in London, said his spokesman to the British media. NO INVITATION - The divorced wife of Prince Andrew, "do not attend the wedding. He never thought that would be invited. At the moment it will be abroad, "said a spokesman for the British newspaper Daily Telegraph.

Will instead be at the wedding of the daughters of Prince Andrew and Fergie, namely the princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Sarah Ferguson has created over the years not just embarrassment to the royal family, between gaffes and infidelity, especially when last year he tried to sell the opportunity to contact her ex-husband, from whom he divorced in 1996.

Libya: clashes, at least 84 dead

Clashes and violence. North Africa and the Middle East are still rising. After the change of regime in Tunisia and Egypt, protests and demonstrations follow in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and now in Kuwait. LIBYA - The Libyan security forces have killed at least 84 protesters in three days of protests against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

A support from Cairo is the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, citing telephone interviews with medical sources and witnesses said. In particular, the scheme would have killed at least 70 demonstrators in Benghazi, Libya's second city, while they are on the rise across the country in protest against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

More than 30 insurgents killed in ISAF bombing in eastern Afghanistan

Kabul .- Over thirty suspected insurgents were killed last night in an air strike of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in eastern Afghanistan, the organization reported today. The bombing took place in the troubled Afghan province of Kunar, a region bordering Pakistan's tribal areas and traditional point of transfer of insurgents crossing the border to fight against international troops.

The Egyptian army opens a page on Facebook to reach out to young people

The military junta since leaving Egypt Hosni Mubarak has launched its own Facebook page. The site's goal is to approach young people, who used this network frantically to convene and organize the mass demonstrations that ended 30 years of the regime. The site of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which now has about 7,000 followers, is dedicated "to the children and young people and martyrs of Egypt, who started the revolution on January 25, as explained on the site.

The army of Egypt opened its own page on Facebook

Madrid (Portaltic / EP) The military junta that now runs Egypt has created its own Facebook page. The site, which has 7,000 followers, is intended as a means of communication of the military part of the country's youth population. This site has been created by a senior army, Marshal Hussein Tantawi and has pictures of the protests and videos of events.

The Egyptian army has been on the internet, Facebook in particular, a possibility of communication with some of the country's youth population. The military have taken over following the departure of former President Hosni Mubarak has created an official Facebook page to communicate with the public.

Tunisian Islamists trying to burn down a street where prostitutes work

Tunisian Islamists on Friday tried to burn down a street where prostitutes work in the center of Tunisia before being dispersed by security forces, which came to employ helicopters, he told Agence France Presse a Tunisian police. Several dozen protesters gathered Friday Islamists at the Ministry of Interior for the closure of brothels.

"No to brothels in a Muslim country," "The people demand the closure of brothels" were among the slogans chanted the demonstrators. "We can not accept that a woman is considered a commodity, we demand the closure of brothels in Tunisia," said one protester, Anas, 20, a France Presse, ensuring that the protest had been organized in a peaceful manner.

China blocked a report accusing North Korea of violating the sanctions

New York (Reuters) China has announced to the Security Council of the UN, to which it belongs, that it intends to block publication of a special report which accuses North Korea of violating the sanctions plea of its nuclear program, Western diplomats have revealed. The Expert Panel North Korea, under United Nations, presented the January 27 Council sanctions committee that monitors compliance with the restrictions imposed on Pyongyang.

Six dead in Yemen protests

Four protesters were killed during the police dispersal of demonstrations calling for the fall of Yemeni Aden (south) on Friday, while two protesters were killed in a grenade attack in Taez (southwest). In Sanaa, hundreds of supporters of the regime have attacked a rally of thousands of young critics and journalists with batons, axes and sticks, killing at least four wounded, according to several witnesses have said.

SWEDEN - The paradise of the Dutch

In 2007, Ellen Mulderij, a native of Friesland, emigrated to Sweden with his family. "In the Netherlands, everyone is pressed. I went back recently and I told myself: 'This never happens to take a little time to live?", She says her home Hjulsjö, a Swedish village almost deserted. Dutch husband, Rudy, works in forestry, their three children are in school.

A great calm reign in this beautiful wooded area. Most residents are long gone in search of work. About 8300 Dutch emigrants living in Sweden - not counting those who stay temporarily - a figure that tends to increase. Since 2000, about a thousand Dutch came to settle in their new homeland in Scandinavia.

Egypt celebrates the Day of Victory "

Cairo .- Hundreds of Egyptians are taking the early hours of Friday Tahrir Square in Cairo to celebrate "Victory Day", a week after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. In a festive ambiance in which red, white and black Egyptian flag are visible not only in education but also in headbands in veils, clothing or stickers, families have come to complete the celebration.

"Now everyone has freedom," insists Abdel Hamid. The organizers, the same who organized the protests that began on January 25 that led to the resignation of Mubarak on Friday February 11, expect a massive turnout. At various points of the square you can also see many photos of some of the more than 350 people who died during the protests and that participants describe as "martyrs of the revolution." From midnight, coinciding with the start of the curfew, the army returned to block access to Tahrir Square (Liberation in Arabic), as in the days of the protest.

The Ministry of Interior of Tunisia also washes his Facebook picture

The Ministry of Interior of Tunisia, known instrument of repression during the protests of the "jasmine revolution ', waiting to clean up their image through social networks. Irony or paradox, is not the first. Also the Egyptian Army has embraced this initiative with similar aims: to improve its reputation.

This ministry, which during the riots that ended with President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali, tried by every means to silence the social networks in turmoil, has decided it is better to ally with the enemy. "We want to create a new way of communicating to the Tunisians, are transparent and that the-minute information," said a ministry spokesman said Friday.

MEXICO - Florence Break, the gang leader

While diplomatic relations between France and Mexico are still tense around the case of Florence Break, the Mexican Federal Agency of Intelligence (CSO) has released the complete organization of the band of kidnappers known as "The Zodiac". In this document, the agency headed by the influential - and alleged mafia - Genaro Garcia Luna puts the French in Mexico as the imprisoned leader of the gangsters, as well as his former companion Israel Vallarta.

Thousands of opponents take to the streets in Libya in protest at the deaths of repression

Tripoli (Editorial / Agencies) -. Thousands of opposition protesters seized the streets early Friday to the Libyan city of Benghazi, a day after protests from the "day of rage" provoke clashes with security forces that might have killed over 20 people . Meanwhile, the Army has deployed this Friday through the streets of Libya's second city, Benghazi, where thousands of people took to the streets to honor those killed in the clashes in the past two days between protesters and security forces .

Uganda bans revolutionary sms to prevent the opposition to mobilize

Uganda has banned the use of revolutionary words as' Egypt ',' Tunisia ',' Mubarak ',' dictator ',' police ',' army ',' tear gas', 'UPDF [Ugandan army loyal to President]' o ' people power ', among others, text messages between phones, in a Ugandan regime's attempt to avoid at all costs the opposition mobilizations promises if electoral rigging in the event that celebrates the country.

The Communications Commission of Uganda has confirmed to Reuters that he has ordered various phone companies in the country to intercept a list of words that "can not be transmitted," fearing instant communication plays the same role Social networks that the recent riots in North Africa.

CINEMA - Pa Negro, nine well-deserved Goyas

Even if his name did not appear in the credits of Pa negro [black bread in Catalan], any film buff could say without the slightest risk of error, that this film was directed by Agusti Villaronga. Suffice to say we are in the presence of a very personal world, a storytelling like no other, a style perfectly controlled, a real visual personality.

Villaronga projects are more or less successful, but his film has immutable characteristics, obsessions. There is no deception, the director has a very specific idea he wants to tell stories and language they need. What is curious is that the universe Pa Negro does not stem from the imagination of the filmmaker: he uses images of a novel Emili Teixidor.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb confirmed the kidnapping of an Italian woman

Dubai. (Reuters) .- A spokesman for Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has confirmed to Al Arabiya television the kidnapping of Italian Sandra Maria Mariani, occurred in southern Algeria in early February. Before contact with the terrorist group, the chain had access to an audio recording in which the hostage said that still remains held in the Islamic Maghreb, information that had been challenged by local newspapers.

Things have to change in Iran as in Egypt

Amir (pseudonym) is 29 and drinks 'chayi' long sip. His girlfriend is Spanish. He met in Iran, during a trip of it. Says without anger and what for us would be an unfortunate injustice: "Spain will not grant me a visa and Iran can not have a girlfriend, so both we take the plane and stayed in Turkey." The young, dark complexion, medium beard, slender figure, speaks English and Spanish with remarkable ease.

EGYPT - A revolution that has all changed

Tahrir Mubarak resisted and left. Tahrir Square has resumed its normal rhythm chaotic traffic jams, but it is not the same. The Egyptians either. Tahrir Square has become a sort of shrine covered with flags. Military police traffic controls and prevents visitors to linger too long. "It is forbidden to stop here, move along!" Launch agents without much convincing.

The tanks were attacked by bystanders who are scrambling to take a picture. Hence the joke of the moment: the Supreme Council of the Army decided that the curfew would be lifted so that the Egyptians will not do all photographed in front of the tanks. A taxi driver is ironic about this military museum open.

Thousands of people in the streets demanding an end to the monarchy in Bahrain

Manama (Bahrain) (Writing / AP) .- Thousands of people gathered Friday in the Bahraini capital, Manama, to attend funerals for people killed in the raid by security forces against protesters have claimed the end of the monarchy, according to the correspondent of the Guardian, Reuters reported sources gathered by Europa Press.

So far, the protests had focused primarily on the government and the rights of the Shiite majority and were not directed specifically against the Sunni dynasty that reigns in the country. "We had to be limited to demand the resignation of Prime Minister, but now claim the same for the royal family," said Abu Ahmed Makki Taki, whose brother Mahmoud, 27 years old, died in the early hours of Wednesday to Thursday during the eviction by the army of the protest camp on the main square La Perla, in Manama.

The Russian mufti denounces ostracism the Muslim minority in Russia

The director of the board of muftis of Russia, Ravil Gainutdin, has denounced the ostracism of the Orthodox majority against 20 million Muslims living in the country, and stressed in an interview published Friday by the newspaper Kommersant, the possible risk that can be treated in a "time bomb." "Under the Constitution, Orthodox and Muslims have equal rights.

But, unfortunately, many believe that the Orthodox majority makes Russia an Orthodox country," said the mufti. "The Muslims would like the Orthodox are more inclined towards them and not feel that they alone have the right to life," he adds. "Islam came to our land before Russia became Christian" and not Muslims "would not have been Russian," he says.

INDONESIA - L'Oreal imposes its mark

L'Oreal is currently building its largest cosmetics factory on 20 hectares in Cikarang, West Java, The Jakarta Post reported. An investment of $ 50 million [36 million] which will enable it to produce 300 million pieces per year, 25% for the Indonesian market, the rest for export, especially to other countries the South-East Asia.

Twenty million Indonesians now consume L'Oreal products. With this new plant becomes operational in October, the French giant targets 50 million customers in Indonesia in 2020, targeting in particular the male market. Globally, the group hopes to attract 1 billion new customers in 2020 which supplement the existing 1.2 billion.

Formula 1 and the unrest in Bahrain: Between Morality and Business

They fight in Bahrain - a race, their Grand Prix. On Thursday sent the "Bahrain International Circuit" already the second e-mail in the world. Write a tranquilizer. Formula 1 will be able to go. The entourage but rotates ago. Because of all chief executive Bernie Ecclestone on Wednesday expressed great skepticism.

The 13th for the March with pomp and planned season opener of Formula 1 is also available for the small British very questionable. This is a signal. For the 80-year-old Englishman has for decades for a tough fiscal policy. The environment and the prevailing political conditions were to him always matter as long as only wheels and rolled rubles.

They should not let your guard down

After many days of waiting, the Egyptians have finally something to celebrate. The thirty-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak over. Egyptian generals, who have taken over, have dissolved the Parliament, have suspended the Constitution and have pledged to hold elections and relinquish power, passes much of the demonstrators who helped oust President Hosni Mubarak were necessary to remove rotten form of government.

The Bahraini bury their dead to cry Long live the revolution!

The small village of Sitra, a little more than five kilometers from the capital of Bahrain, Manama, has hosted the funerals of two victims have claimed that the violent incidents of recent riots. Three of the four deaths in Manama came from this village, which today does not record any police presence, not even a regular patrol to the village entrance.

Only a helicopter flying overhead. Participated in the funeral thousands of Shiites chanting "We want a constitutional monarchy," "Long live the revolution" and "Bahrain will depues of Egypt." Despite the tension, there have been no incidents. The funeral march was chaired by opposition leaders, including Ali Salman, head of the main Shiite party which has withdrawn from Parliament.

MEXICO - Regardless of guilt Cassez

The French press is unanimous: "the Mexican justice system is ridiculous, unjust, corrupt and privileges are numerous for those who have money and influence," says Raul Cremoux the Mexican daily La Crónica de Hoy. These criticisms are rejected by the majority opinion of Mexican crying to the interference and rejects the colonialist attitude of France.

But for this columnist, that vision is of concern as it poses even more the question of guilt Cassez. "The French are convinced of our carelessness and it is time we look across that every Mexican knew a long time: namely, that Florence Break is not an exception to the unusual diplomatic extensions.

Belgian students to ask a government strip

"Naked, Flemish or Walloon, all Belgians are equal!". The sun was shining, but it took to launch some speeches, and drink some beers, to heat the room on Thursday at three o'clock in the afternoon in Ghent and make tens of spontaneous take off their clothes to protest the inability of politicians to reach agreement Belgian government.

The soundtrack of Nine and a half weeks did the rest, to the delight of hundreds of onlookers who gathered in the square of Kouter. "Oh, it's underwear? Bah disappointed ...", said a retiree who suddenly lost interest in the act. Thus began yesterday in the indomitable Flemish town called revolution of chips, a name that evokes both Current unrest in the Arab countries as the country's national dish.

Three killed in clashes between police and protesters

Three people were killed and 19 others were injured by bullets in violent overnight clashes between police and hundreds of protesters demanding the end of the Yemeni regime in Aden (south of the country), according to a hospital. As in the previous night, the protesters shouted demanding the departure of President Saleh, smashed shop windows and burned tires in the streets.

The protesters insist they must leave the president Ali Abdullah Saleh, in power for 32 years. Also, demanding better living conditions. The new death toll amounts to a total of five those killed in Aden since last Wednesday. According to a hospital official at Youmhouriya, the bodies of three people fatally injured by firearms are now in the morgue.

SAUDI ARABIA - Attention youth is on Facebook

The micro-a weapon against the abduction of children in China

A micro blog has become the last three weeks in an effective weapon against the abduction of children in China. What began as a voluntary initiative of a professor has become a movement of tens of thousands of Internet users willing to collaborate so that parents can get their children back. To date, seven children had already been recovered.

Chinese police have launched a new campaign against child abduction. It is the power of social networks on the Internet. It all started early last January when the Professor of Rural Development of the official Academy of Social Sciences, Yu Jianrong, known for its commitment to the disadvantaged, received a letter from a desperate mother who asked for help finding Yang Weixin your child over the Internet.

The riots come to Iraqi Kurdistan

The shock wave of the revolution spreads to Iraqi Kurdistan. A boy died yesterday aged 14 and another 57 were injured, three of them extremely serious in the city of Sulaimaniyah, the second largest of the autonomous region. It would be a peaceful demonstration to congratulate the people of Egypt and Tunisia for their speed.

But when participants halrededor 200 - gathered at the seat of KPD, the party that for decades dominated Iraqi Kurdistan, some tried to storm the building. The guards responded by firing into the crowd. In a dramatic video showed a young man lying on the ground for help. "Shooting people was a huge error of KPD," said Falah Moradkhin, a lawyer in Sulaimaniyah.

GERMANY - In Hamburg, a very pale election

20 February 2011, voters are eligible to vote in the city-state of Hamburg. Early elections that follow the breakdown of the coalition "black-green" (CDU-Greens) and the resignation of the Christian Democrat mayor Ole von Beust (CDU). Passed into the hands of the right 10 years ago, the Hanseatic city - which was a stronghold of the Social Democrats (SPD) for more than 50 years - could return to the former Minister Olaf Scholz has taken over the SPD local 2010.

Sheikh Hamad: The King of Bahrain

Sheikh Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa has lasted for 1999 on the small island kingdom of Bahrain Although some protesters on Thursday has the slogan chanted "Down with the Al Khalifa," yet his throne is not yet endangered, but a warning - even for the rulers in the neighborhood - the riots in Bahrain are all.

Sheikh Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa has apologized for the brutal actions of the security forces on the central square of the capital Manama Pearl, which was apparently ordered by the family coming from the Prime Minister: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa. Sheikh Hamad has lasted for 1999 on the small island kingdom of Bahrain, comprising besides the two main islands of Bahrain and Al Muharraq still some some very small islands.