Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama's corpse

Osama Bin Laden died of a gunshot that destroyed his head inflicted by an officer of the Navy special force, known as the 'SEAL'. Soldiers recovered the body, boarded a helicopter and evacuated to Afghanistan. But it can be in a U.S. military hospital in Germany or even the U.S. itself. According to an official source said the Pentagon told CNN, "has been treated with dignity, according to Islamic rites." And according to U.S.

media, the body has been taken to Afghanistan and later buried at sea. So far the official version, but opens a panoply of speculation about the fate of the corpse. The questions are many. Will the U.S. bring its territory or remain forever in the Arab world where it cremated and his ashes scattered in an unknown area to avoid creating places of worship of their followers? In 1967, the U.S.

made the mistake of giving the news of the Argentine guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara, made no secret of his death but did not disclose where he buried him. The mystery became a legend Che left mythological world that lasts to this day and whose image is always present in the header of any demonstration at a U.S.

Embassy by the outside world. Do you want United States to create a new myth in the Middle East? Sources this morning by ELMUNDO. is in the political establishment and U.S. diplomats have said that "that would not be desirable." But they have also agreed that the government of President Barack Obama must present any physical evidence that finally got to "do justice" to the head of the more than 3,000 deaths from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

"The ideal would be to invite a select group of journalists with credibility, in several countries, bring them to Afghanistan and show the body," said ELMUNDO. is a U.S. former diplomat in Latin America. This is a complicated logistical operation. Most likely, he added a exanalista State Department is that if Obama decides to do something, "can not ignore public opinion in Arab countries." Therefore, a public display of the body should include journalists from the Arab world.

However, one must consider the reactions of the population. Since the execution in Libya in 1931 of independence hero Omar al-Mukhtar, at the hands of the fascist Italian occupation troops, the Arab world does not have an iconic hero. Last year, the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi arrived in Rome with a picture of Mukhtar on the chest of his uniform.

"The U.S. should avoid that with Osama bin Laden at all costs. Over time you forget your memory and popular culture can be turned into a hero, it is not," said former U.S. diplomat in Latin America. One thing is the announcement of the death of Osama. Another thing is the presentation of evidence.

When captured the bodies of two children and a grandchild of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, U.S. troops had to show the bodies to press twice because the first none of the reporters he was sure about them. With Osama there can be no doubt. "They have to give some evidence, must show the body," the State Department exanalista.

A popular president like Obama could lose reelection if not ahead of more credible evidence that his word. Walk around and Donald Trump, said he first jokes circulating minutes after the announcement of the president: "I want to see the death certificate of Osama."

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