Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chavez suffers from colon cancer

Hours after he left the rest to visit the academy where he began his military career, 'The Wall Street Journal says that the disease that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, is colon cancer. The publication cites two sources that have detailed knowledge of the health of the president. On July 1, Chavez acknowledged through a televised speech that had been operated twice to remove a "tumor abscess with presence of cancer cells." Thus, the Venezuelan leader clarified rumors that had generated his stay of several weeks in Havana, where he underwent emergency surgery.

Thousands of Egyptians took to the streets to demand reforms to be speeded up

Thousands of people participated Friday in the Muslim prayers Friday in Cairo Tahrir Square, before the protest called to ask the ruling military junta in Egypt to accelerate the reforms required in the last revolution. In a festive atmosphere, men, women and many families with children, armed with Egyptian flags and newspapers to keep out the blazing sun shines today in Cairo, went to the plaza, where organizers hope to collect one million people.

Sofitel two employees say they have been invited by DSK to his room

Two employees of Sofitel, the Manhattan hotel where Strauss-Kahn stayed in May,  have declared the former IMF chief had invited them up to her room the night before his arrest, as reported by the New York Times on Friday and pick 'Le Monde'. In addition, the newspaper said a video camera recorded how "up in the elevator on the 1.20 of the night with a woman who worked at the hotel." It has been shown to this woman, but he did not "answer questions" about the reasono f the visit.