Sunday, May 22, 2011

At least 10 dead in clashes between police and Taliban

At least 10 people have died in clashes between Afghan police and Taliban insurgents in the last few hours in Afghanistan, officials said. He explained the police chief of Khost, Hakim Abdul Ishaqzai, seven people were killed Sunday in this city in eastern Afghanistan during the assault of a police headquarters traffic by a group of Taliban insurgents.

Contacted by telephone from Kabul, Ishaqzai said that the dead were three officers, three Taliban insurgents and one civilian. The police chief said the clash began early in the morning, when a group of four Taliban insurgents stormed the police headquarters in the city traffic, and became strong in the interior of the building.

GEORGIA - The Georgian language threatened

"If nobody takes heart to defend the purity of our mother tongue, Georgian [spoken today by about 4 million people], will one day among the dead languages", warns in an open letter to President Mikheil Saakashvili and other political figures Association of bibliophiles and linguists of the State University of Tbilisi.

The letter, published in Sakartvelos Respublika, criticizes the influence of English and chaotic loans to other foreign languages. "The purity of our language is threatened by the introduction of learning [required] of a foreign language at school at the age of six. Alas, some impose the idea that if the world stands now English, it will no longer need to learn Georgian.

Twelve dead and 23 wounded in a double suicide bombing north of Baghdad

Baghdad. .- At least twelve people were killed and 23 others, mostly Iraqi policemen were wounded in a double bombing in the Al Taji, 30 miles north of Baghdad, police said. The sources, who earlier had spoken of seven dead and ten wounded, they said a parked car bomb exploded as a patrol of U.S. forces, and moments later a suicide bomber wearing an explosives belt attacked the police arrived at the scene of the blast.

The confrontation between Netanyahu and Obama opened the debate in Israel

The match or mismatch very undiplomatic diplomat in the White House between U.S. President, Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sparked controversy in Israel. Not only for the prescription to solve the conflict with the Palestinians but for the future of relations, traditionally close, between Israel and the U.S..

After embracing Obama's speech, the opposition in Israel led by Tzipi Livni of Kadima, Netanyahu condemned the intervention to the frozen gaze of U.S. president. He is accused of causing "a serious damage to Israel's most important ally." K ADIMA notes that "Obama did not call back to the 67 borders but to negotiate the matter and agreed territorial swaps.

CAUCASUS - A region "unfortunate"

A survey by the American Gallup polling organization, conducted in 2010 in 124 countries, reveals a striking unease in the three countries of South Caucasus. In Georgia, 66% of people "struggling for survival", 24% are "tired by life" and only 10% are "content with their existence," details the Georgian newspaper Resonansi.

The situation is similar in Armenia. For 54% of its population, survival is a daily struggle, 34% say they are "exhausted" and only 10% happy. In Azerbaijan, 70% of respondents are working to survive, and 20% are "tired".

Increases to 16 the number killed in an orphanage in Malaysia

Bangkok .- Fifteen children and one adult were killed in the landslide that buried part of an orphanage yesterday in the state of Selangor, near the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, police said Sunday. Emergency crews were terminating the search once were found in the rubble of the building and mud, all persons unaccounted for, said district police chief in Hulu Langat, Abdul Rashid, the state television channel.

Detectives seek to discredit the alleged victim of Strauss Kahn

Former prosecutors and a former investigator who worked for the FBI are hired by the defense of Dominique Strauss-Kahn to delve into the life of Ophelia, the victim alleged abuses suffered by former IMF director, and discredit his testimony with a view to trial. As reported by French newspaper 'Liberation', hiring private investigators to this task is very common in the U.S.

in such cases, and especially the star defense attorney, Benjamin Braffman. The work of these private investigators going to seek anything that discredits the testimony of the victim and take you to go into a failure in his statement. The detectives try descurbir Guinean women all over 32 years.

FRANCE-ITALY - Sarkozy stronger than Berlusconi

The "war dwarfs" has designated its winner: it is the "dwarf" the Elysée, Nicolas Sarkozy. The loser, he tries to shuffle the cards, collect gaffes and claims authorship of existent concepts: the "dwarf" at Palazzo Chigi [the seat of the presidency], Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi's media minstrels tell the story of a friendship found, exalt reconciliations strategic and rhetorical pâmeront to be the new Paris-Rome.

Another seven policemen were killed in a bloody week in Afghanistan

Kabul .- At least seven Afghan policemen killed in Taliban attacks recorded in the last few hours in Afghanistan, officials said. Four officers were killed this morning when a group of insurgents stormed the building in the direction of traffic police in the town of Khost in eastern Chad, told Efe Mubarez police spokesman Mohamed Zadran.

Zadran said that in the crossfire engaged Taliban insurgents and Afghan policemen were an unknown number of civilians wounded. The attack came hours after three policemen were killed and four were injured when the vehicle they were traveling in crashed last night with a bomb on a road in Obeh district in the province of Herat in western Afghanistan, reported local agency INA.

Paris DSK application support to meet the possible sentence in France

The French government would support the request for Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), U.S. accused of sexual assault and attempted rape, to serve his sentence in France if convicted, said Sunday as Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, a interview on Europe 1 radio. France has a sane with the U.S. that allows a Frenchman convicted in the United States serving his sentence in France.

The former managing director of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss-Kahn, spent his first night on Saturday outside the prison inmate in a building in lower Manhattan, while intensifying the search for a successor to lead the agency. DSK 62-year-old father of four daughters was charged Thursday with seven counts of sexual abuse and attempted rape of a 32 year old African immigrant, in an incident last Saturday, and that will have to appear before a new court hearing on 6 June.

POLAND - Weather information, with or without a filter?

"Smolensk *", "truth", "disaster", "Tupolev". These are the keywords that are still one of the Polish news sites. A computer scientist has found a way for those that are not stand it any longer in contact with this kind of news: a filter easy to install. "This filter removes the links containing the keywords in question as Smolensk, the mark of the aircraft or the names of personalities," said his young creator, Mateusz Jaworski, who is only 25 years.

Bin Laden's successor promises to "crush" London in revenge for the death of the leader of Al Qaeda

London .- The new leader of Al Qaeda after the death of Osama bin Laden, Saif al Adel, has vowed to "crush" London in revenge for the death of Bin Laden, as reported by the Daily Mail "Our new leader asked a grand plan for London, "said Taliban spokesman, Ahsan Ahsanulá. "He believes that Britain is the backbone of Europe, and therefore must be crushed," he added.

In response to the increased threat on London, British Transport Police (BTP) is considering the option of allowing agents carry guns on trains in the capital, at stations and on the subway. The transport secretary, Philip Hammond, could announce the plan next week.

A French teenager suspected of sexually assaulting a dozen children

A 27 year old man entered the prison on Saturday in Avignon (southern France) after being charged with raping or sexually assaulting a dozen children who cared for relatives or acquaintances. Prosecutor Catherine Champrenault Avignon said in a statement today to the radio station France Info, who have collected various pieces of evidence for the prosecution of this young man.

He added that the expert will continue to children who were allegedly victims of abuse, aged between three months and two years. They are nephews and children of neighbors and friends who cared for sometimes as a favor the defendant, who was arrested in the town of Teil, near the town of Montelimar.

VENEZUELA - The minimum wage increase

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced on April 26, a higher minimum wage and pensions to help offset the rising cost of living before the presidential election of 2012. The minimum wage will be increased by 15% in May, rising to 10% in September. The amount will reach $ 360 per month and will be accompanied by food stamps.

"The president said he would be the highest minimum wages in Latin America, adding that this was not enough," reports the Venezuelan daily Panorama. Inflation in Venezuela is one of the highest in the world. From March 2010 to March 2011, prices rose by 27.4%.

"The people who have emigrated are also outraged"

Shouting "The people who have emigrated, is also outraged," among others, about a thousand people, mostly young Spanish expatriates in Berlin, have come out this afternoon at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. People gathered at the site from mid-afternoon in a cheerful and lively, answering the call decided at a concentration less numerous than was held on Thursday outside the Spanish embassy, and remained in place for several hours.

Sorcerers, healers and shamans

"Lifting of ovaries," "Cured of embarrassment", "Cleaning of ears with cone", "hand reading", "Acupuncture", "Foot Reflexology", "herbal formulas," "Massage Ainteztli technical ecstasy" ... The various signs that advertise what is stated in the Second Exhibition 'Day of Mother Earth', is a clear example of the hodgepodge 'sui generis' of Mexican traditional medicine.

"Ovarian and tarot? Many questions you have to do one thing with another, but if it is understood that Mexico's importance, care and good health of the body is as important as the soul or 'psyche', surrealism then passes to a plane more discreet. Lovers of traditional medicine buy some herbs to heal the liver, there are a therapeutic massage to relieve back and make a clean to ward off the bad vibes and make room for that happiness can float at ease within a healthy body.

NIGERIA - Goodluck Jonathan at the trial by fire

We, Nigerians have reached a welcome step, though few are noticing. We held four elections on a regular basis and transmitted power at three different presidents without any military pressure. We still can not count our votes correctly, but nobody is perfect. If our democracy is still shaky and our ruling elites unable to differentiate between public and private objectives, we consider these first steps as a sign that we will eventually get there.

Why we love our leaders?

The abuse of power by authoritarian leaders has been one constant in the history of peoples. What is most novel is the tendency of some leaders, democratically legitimized, where abuse of power even reaches the sexual realm. In Europe and in our country, we have well-known examples and current leaders accused and even convicted of abuse, sexual or economic and political corruption.

The common feature of these leaders is abuse, not legitimate to have sex, but mutual consent. The paradox is that these practices in most cases, except where they appear at specific times reported, strengthen their power and even increase the support of citizens. Many of them are aware of this fact and are emboldened and challenge those who criticize his performance, knowing that the advertising of their abuse makes them loved by his people.

Japan, China and South Korea agree to strengthen their nuclear security

The leaders of Japan, China and South Korea have agreed to strengthen cooperation in nuclear safety after the accident in central Fukushima Japan, the most serious since Chernobyl in 1986. During the trilateral summit held in Tokyo, Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, bet today for sharing information on their nuclear energy programs, a considered essential energy for many economies.

INDIA - The faithful lament their guru

India is in mourning. The famous guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba, considered a "living god" well beyond the borders of the country, died April 24 at age 84 of cardiac arrest. "It was a rare phenomenon and brought together people of all origins, beyond national borders and religious," noted the daily The Hindu.

Officially, the number of its followers would rise to 6 million, but some believe they would be at least 100 million. Regularly visited by presidents and prime ministers of India, he began his holy life in 1940, announcing that he was the reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi, a Hindu saint who died in 1918.

Strauss-Kahn fits the profile of society that sees life with male logic

Masculinity, power and sexuality. If Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the result of an equation, these three values would be of use in the operation required to obtain the desired result. And the director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), who now lives lower hours of her journey, symbolized in a society with male logic view-the real man.

So says, at least, Maribel Cardenas, Barcelona psychologist expert in equality policies and treatment of male violence. People like Dominique Strauss-Kahn is seen, by a part of society, "as the real macho," says the psychologist. "It's the straight man, largely successful, with an expansive and uncontrollable sexuality.

UNUSUAL - April 29, a wedding and a funeral

The royal wedding? An ideal opportunity to develop the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. Officials at Buckingham Palace will benefit the big day to make a full scale rehearsal of the sad event, according to the Sunday Express. The coffin must indeed follow the same route as the bridal couple and the presence of all the dignitaries invited to the festivities will refine the logistics of future funeral.


Stéphane Hessel, former French resistance fighter and imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps, last year published a book or pamphlet, as critics prefer to label it, which warmed France. In Indignez vous! (Indignaos!, Destino, 2011), Hessel invites young people to peacefully resist the "dictatorship of international financial markets" and defend "the values of modern democracy." Now, since last Sunday (15-M), more than fifty Spanish cities are the scene of demonstrations called by Real Democracy young to shout that I have had enough.

Turkish soldiers reported that they used as guinea pigs

Experiments "unlawful or volunteers? For weeks, the controversy surrounding the Military Medical Academy of Gülhane (GATA), one of the most prestigious medical centers in Turkey. Last month, six men reported being used as' human guinea pigs "in experiments with electric shocks. The soldiers, all recruits who performed compulsory military service, suffering from dyskinesia, a disease that causes involuntary muscle movements.

Movies - Behind the beauty of the mountain, war

"My grandfather was killed during La Violencia in the 1950s [period of civil war between Liberals and Conservatives in Colombia and left more than 200,000 dead]," said Carlos Cesar Arbelaez, director of Colors Mountain, at the Rencontres Cinemas in Latin America of Toulouse. He also reported seeing more dead one of his friends in the wars of neighborhoods in Medellín [Colombia's second city], and the tone of his voice, the strength of his arguments, he moved this way weaving before our eyes this inspiring story, there is no doubt that we are seeing is the result of a powerful reflection of all that violence destroys deep and delicate.

Less room for civilization

European culture has ties of redundancy that would be more in Sparta and Athens in something make it Athens. Both classical rigor and baroque excess have also been, in its way, an area of civilization against barbarism shored. In recent decades, despite living in the society of waste, we have not been entirely foreign to highlights of a great story, even when he denied postmodernity.

Back in March 1948, François Mauriac writes that just listening to French radio on Mozart's Idomeneo sung in Italian and broadcast from Cambridge. Those were the days of the coup in Prague, which ended the communist take over half of Europe: first, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, then Czechoslovakia.

Ouattara, the Ivorian presidency six months after being elected

The new president of Cote d'Ivoire Alassane Ouattara, has taken office, six months after his election and after election conflict that has claimed at least three thousand lives. Among those attending the inauguration of Ouattara in Yamoussoukro, the political capital of Ivory Coast, was the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, along with more than twenty heads of state, including French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

CANADA - The left made a breakthrough

"In the bunker's election NDP [New Democratic Party, left] in Ottawa, one clip to be sure not to dream," says the Montreal daily Le Devoir. "The surge in voting intentions in Quebec is as sudden and unexpected. NDP strategists admit candidly do not have the electoral machinery in the field to realize fully the momentum of recent days." The NDP has historically been a party with little influence in Canada.

The rebels freed four French Libyans held in Benghazi

Paris. .- The four French nationals held by the Libyan rebels since last May 11 in his stronghold of Benghazi, said Saturday the French Foreign Ministry. The four men, who have not been publicly identified, are already in Egypt, where they have already met with officials of the French diplomatic mission.

The detainees were part of a group of five French citizens detained by police at a checkpoint. The fifth, Pierre Marziali, was shot and later died at a hospital in Benghazi. Marziali was the founder of the security firm SECOPEX.

Yemeni opposition signed a protocol for the transfer of power

Yemeni opposition representatives signed on Saturday an agreement forged by the Council of Gulf Cooperation for an orderly transfer of power, opposition sources said. This agreement, which must also be signed by the president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, establishes a transfer of power to Vice President within a month, and presidential and parliamentary elections two months later.

ISRAEL - Attack against an Egyptian pipeline

"Explosion of a pipeline supplying Egyptian Israel," announces the site daily. The pipeline, located in the Egyptian Sinai, was attacked on 27 April by an armed group. Following the explosion and to extinguish the fire, the authorities had cut supplies to Israel and Jordan. Egypt provides 43% of natural gas consumed in Israel, while Jordan generates 80% of its energy from the Egyptian gas.

This is the second attack against the pipeline in less than three months.

The Italian priest accused of pedophilia is HIV positive

The Italian priest was arrested last week accused of sexually abusing a minor and drug delivery has admitted he is HIV positive, which has caused a stir in Italy by the promiscuous behavior attributed to religion. Seppia Riccardo, 51, was questioned by the prosecutor Stefano Puppo in Marassi prison in Genoa (northwestern Italy), in which it was admitted on May 13 and whose doctor has revealed he is HIV positive.

EGYPT - Mubarak too sick to be transferred

"The transfer of Mubarak to a military hospital is difficult," the newspaper ad. The Interior Ministry said that the unstable condition of the former president, currently detained at the hospital in Sharm El-Sheikh, did not allow his transfer to another facility. On 24 April, the prosecutor had ordered the former head of state, who suffers from heart problems, or placed in a military hospital until the Cairo prison is sufficiently equipped to host it.

Merkel in 2022 qualifies as "reasonable right" to nuclear blackout

Berlin .- German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday called the year 2022 as the "right time" to complete the goodbye to nuclear energy in Germany, in the absence of technical and ethical committees that evaluate the timing of closures reactors, their opinions. The head of Government and endorsed the decision, favorable to the date of 2022, adopted yesterday by the leadership of Bavaria's Christian Social Union (CSU), sister party the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Merkel presides.

Abu Mazen calls for urgent Arab League meeting to discuss Obama's speech

Palestinian President Abu Mazen, has called an urgent meeting of the Arab League to discuss the U.S. president's speech, Barack Obama, on the borders of Israel and Palestine must be based on the limits before the 1967 war Palestinian sources reported. Abu Mazen asked the secretary general of the Arab League, Amro Musa, to convene an extraordinary conference of Arab foreign ministers to study "the contents for Obama's speech." The president of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) made the request in two telephone conversations with Musa for such a meeting, in order to analyze "whether the U.S.

The world's eyes are still awaiting the campers in the streets of Spain

Barcelona (Editorial) .- The media around the world are closely following events in the streets of Spanish cities. The images of the 'outraged' sleeping or assemblies in the Puerta del Sol or Plaza Catalunya illustrate articles about the protest before the elections on 22 May. The prestigious German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine political talks and rallies against "against the banks and the church." In an article appearing on the cover of the digital edition of this newspaper, quoted one of the 'angry', which states: "The anti's not us, are the others who have destroyed the system." For the British newspaper The Independent, the PSOE will find "heavy losses" in the places that now govern after elections this Sunday.

Strauss begins a new life with strict supervision

Cell in New York's Rikers Island Alcatraz to the apartment near ground zero ', seconded by the company Stroz Friedberg, who watched it day and night in the footsteps of Bernard Madoff before the trial in which he was convicted to 150 years in prison ... Dominique Strauss-Kahn (charged with seven counts of sexual assault that could cost up to 74 years imprisonment) moves through the same dangerous path and that the financier and swindler.