Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ruby says Berlusconi offered legal status in Italy

Rome. .- The young Moroccan Kharim Mahroug RubyEl said under questioning by the Prosecutor of Milan on 3 August that the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, said "not to worry about the papers", to deal with him when the girl said she had no immigration documents necessary. The newspaper La Repubblica has new evidence in the record that the Prosecutor of Milan presented to the judge Cristina Di Censo, who decided to send a representative trial of child prostitution and abuse of power.

Egypt prevents two Iranian warships crossing the Suez Canal

After the warning expressed in Israel, the two Iranian warships tried to cross the Suez Canal to reach Syria on Thursday have not received permission from the Egyptian authorities. This was revealed today the television channel Al Arabiya hours after Israeli naval forces were on alert to this possibility, which increased the tension between the two competing regional powers.

Information that would confirm the Egyptian official denied yesterday the Suez Canal which stressed that the vessels had not yet received the necessary permission. Reuters added today that the passage of ships has been canceled. Last night, Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, was commissioned to make official his country's concern to see the ships so close its main enemy: "It is expected that two Iranian warships pass through Suez Canal to the Mediterranean and traveling to Syria, something that has not happened in years.

The judge believed that Berlusconi is contradictory to Mubarak niece Ruby

Rome. .- The Milan Court Judge Cristina di Census considers contradictory argument raised by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who said he believed that Ruby was the niece of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak when he called to a police station so that his release . This is reflected in the 27 pages of notification of the president sent to trial for abuse of power and incitement to prostitution of minors Di Censo sent yesterday to the defense of Berlusconi and parties affected by the alleged potential crimes, and the content today shelled the Milan daily Corriere della Sera.

The Government brings the tanks to stop street protests in Bahrain

Bahraini police tried to break up this morning the protest camp that has occupied the Pearl Plaza in downtown Manama. At least four people have been killed by the police, when security forces tried to end the demonstrations inspired by the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. According to witnesses, dozens tanks took to the streets to disperse the demonstrators who refused to leave, in protests that have lasted five days.

Historians protest the acceptance of the Charter of the expelled "in the Bundestag

Seventy-known historians from Germany and abroad (Poland, Israel, Czech and U.S.) have signed a letter protesting the decision last Thursday by the Bundestag, a historical document that considered ambiguous regarding responsibility for German World War II . The adoption of the "Charter of the expelled Germans" of the war is a "historical wrong political signal," say the historians.

Adopted on 10 with the votes of Democrats and Liberals and the opposition Social Democrats, Green and Die Linke, the Charter is a preliminary step to establishing a specific day official memory of Germans expelled after the war, on 5 August. That day in 1950, the Charter was proclaimed by representatives of the expellees in Stuttgart.

Robert F. Downtown Kennedy claims that repression continues in Laayoune

The violent incidents in November in Laayoune (Western Sahara) left behind a "climate of fear and repression" in an abundance of torture and arbitrary detention, according to a report in EE. UU. Robert F. Center Kennedy (RFK) for Justice and Human Rights, based in Washington, has published the findings of his trip to Western Sahara in January, when he visited several camps in the hands of the Sahrawi activist Haidar, two months after the dismantling Camp 'Gdaim Izik.

At least 20 dead after explosion in aseries Army depots Tanzania

Johannesburg. .- At least 20 people were killed last night in several explosions that occurred in the warehouses of the People's Defence Forces of Tanzania (TPDF), where the Mbote Gombo camp on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, the newspaper reported today local "The Citizen". Although last night confirmed the death of 17 people, Tanzanian Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda, today reported to Parliament that reports indicate that 3 others have died.

Chinese leftovers caught between social pressure and despair

In traditional China, being single at 20 or 25 years was almost a rarity, but in the changing society of China are increasingly those who do not marry at early ages, a social group that the Chinese nicknamed as "sheng" (the "surplus") and is subjected to strong psychological pressure. Loneliness, unhappiness and anxiety are some of the problems of these "surplus" to get couples who are forced to attend "speed dating", they are supporting their own parents who are looking for couples or pretend to have a boyfriend to her parents .

Three Palestinians killed by Israeli army in Gaza

Gaza. .- Three Palestinians were killed in the last hours by Israeli army fire in northern Gaza, said sources with the Ministry of Health in Gaza, under control of the Islamist movement Hamas. A spokesman for the emergency department of the Ministry, Azham Abu Salmiya, said the three Palestinians killed in Israeli military action, but did not specify the circumstances of the incident or provide details about the identity of those killed.

Social networking heated to the Libyans for the triumph of Day of Wrath

The activists have mobilized through social networks to get a rush to the demonstration called for Thursday in Libya, dubbed "Day of Rage '. Internet urging people to take over a landmark of Tripoli and stay there until the fall of the regime of Moammar Gadhafi, following the example of the Egyptians with the Tahrir Square in Cairo.

The largest demonstrations have occurred in opposition page www. libya-watanona. com, but also stresses the participation in Facebook and Twitter. However, many of these messages of support to the democratic revolution from abroad, so it is to see the amount of people coming to the protest in a country used to stifle them.

Six killed in protests against Gaddafi in Libya

London / Tripoli. - Six people were killed during protests against the regime of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, which began Tuesday night, opposition media said today in London. According to these sources, the police killed four demonstrators in the town of al Baidha and two in the city of Benghazi.

In the city of Al Kubba, protesters have burned a police station. The protests so far are concentrated in the cities of northeast Libya. State media had reported only on the clashes in Benghazi during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, without mentioning any deaths. In contrast, state media have given extensive coverage of the demonstrations for Gaddafi carried out on Wednesday in several cities.

Uganda faces the most hotly contested presidential election in its history

Uganda celebrates Friday the tightest presidential election in its history whose side effects no one dares to predict. The outgoing president, Yoweri Museveni, in power since 1986 thanks to a coup, promising five more years of "peace and economic development" to turn Uganda into a middle income country.

His main opponent, Kizza Besigye, said that over five years with the military will become a political disaster for the "pearl of Africa" and urged Ugandans to rise style 'Egyptian' in case of "likely" voter fraud. Background, lies the specter of instability in a country that has never experienced a peaceful transition of power.

Social networks are mobilized to get a rush to the manifestation of 'Day of Rage' in Libya

Tripoli. (Reuters) .- The activists have mobilized through social networks to get a rush at the demonstration called for Thursday in Libya, dubbed "Day of Wrath." Netizens urge people to take over a landmark of Tripoli and stay there until the fall of the regime of Moammar Gadhafi, following the example of the Egyptians with the Tahrir Square in Cairo.

The largest demonstrations have occurred in opposition page www. libya-watanona. com, but also stresses the participation in Facebook and Twitter. However, many of these messages of support to the democratic revolution from abroad, so it is to see the amount of people coming to the protest in a country used to stifle them.

Twelve killed in Vietnam to sink a boat with tourists on board

At least 12 people, ten foreign and two Vietnamese were killed Thursday as it sank a boat carrying foreign tourists in Halong Bay in northern Vietnam, officials said. The wreck occurred near Titov Island just before dawn when the boat they were traveling at least 19 tourists and six crew, made an excursion to admire the scenery of the bay with the light of dawn, police said.

According to preliminary data, foreigners are dead in France, UK, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Denmark. The two Vietnamese were a tourist and an interpreter working for outsiders. Diplomats from the Embassy of Spain in Hanoi said they were in contact with local authorities to confirm that the victims are not Spanish.

Day of Anger: Tensions in the Middle East and North Africa remained high

Today is the "day of anger" in Libya and still expect great mobilization. In Tripoli, you will face the anti-regime protesters and supporters of leader Muammar Gaddafi. Already in recent days the two factions have been involved in clashes and there is a strong fear of a repressive authoritarian face escalate the situation.

Hotels, shops, gas supplies to gold Man of the Mubarak regime

Salem Hussein is one of the crack. By Egyptian intelligence officer has become one of the richest men in the country with Hosni Mubarak, to do business with Saddam's son Alaa and selling gas to Israel. A solid relationship with the family clan: Sharm El Sheikh's palace which now houses the former president is set in a complex owned by Salem.

They said that the farmer, about 80 years, not just having the air of the storm, has decided to leave. Israeli sources claim that would have gone off to Dubai with suitcases full of money: at least 500 million, which paid the expenses of exile. And the authorities of the Emirates would have stopped.

Protests in Bahrain: killed in demonstrations in Manama

In a police action against protesters in the Gulf state of Bahrain early Thursday morning, at least three people have been killed. This was announced by the main opposition group in the country. Thus there were the continuing protests since Monday been at least five dead. The violence of the government in Bahrain against the demonstrators was criticized sharply in the West.

The police were on Thursday morning in front with rubber bullets, tear gas and batons against the protesters who had held the central square in the capital Manama occupied for two days. The makeshift camp on the square was destroyed. Then followed the police officers the protesters through the streets.

Iran: The protests are now against Khamenei

Government supporters held in Tehran last the coffin of the killed in the protests Sani Saleh in Iran in the wake of the upheavals in Egypt, Tunisia and the tensions between the government and the opposition continued to rise. After on Monday, a demonstration of the opposition "green movement" had been violently dispersed, it was, according to the website of Iranian state television on Wednesday on the edge of the mourning ceremony for a killed in the protests students to clashes between supporters of the opposition and the regime.

Iranian ships to Suez, Israel paws

The "peace bridge" that crosses the Suez Canal, 90 km east of Cairo. It has threatened to create a diplomatic incident the story of two Iranian frigates of war who wanted to reach Syria transiting the Suez Canal . The transition from Egyptian territory along the artificial river that runs along the peninsula since 1860 putting in communication the Sinai Red Sea with the Mediterranean, had been seen in a bad eye by the Israeli government had indicated that it considered a provocation of Ayatollah.

"Mubarak is dying." No, he's right, "

Mubarak from our correspondent in his last appearance. "Mubarak is in a coma." "Actually no, just tired." "We know that you are left to die, refuses to care." "Instead, speaking and answering the phone, think and come back soon to write his memoirs." E 'by surprise when he resigned last Friday that the dictator (former) longest of Egypt is the subject of rumors and denials every few hours.

Belgium - A government, for what?

Not only have we finally managed to become world champions in a sport but, thanks to Prime Minister Yves Leterme resigned and his government in charge of current affairs, Belgium even managed to take advantage of this political crisis. The great advantage of a government whose powers are limited is the extent of the budgetary policy of so-called "provisional twelfths" as a budget annnuel was not arrested, the ministers will receive each month one twelfth of the allocation granted the previous year.

At least one dead in clashes between police and protesters in Bahrain

. - At least one person died and several were injured after the police attacked with tear gas against hundreds of Shiites from yesterday remain camped in the square of the Pearl of Manama, demanding a democratic opening, according to the opposition. "One person has died and many are in critical condition," said opposition MP Ibrahim Matar.

Confirmed this information, would be the third fatality of the riots that began in Bahrain on Monday to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, who has 40 years in power.

Hot spots of the riots, according to a secret report from the White House

Last August, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, he ordered his advisers to configure a secret report to the hottest spots susceptible to a possible revolt in the Arab world. As revealed by the newspaper 'The New York Times, Bahrain and Yemen, now at the start of these riots were the most ripe to rise against their governments.

Obama requested that this report will focus on Egypt and to find suggestions of how you might create a political change in Arab countries with autocratic regimes, even those that are valuable U.S. allies. "It became clear that Egypt was in the mind of President Obama," said an official who participated in the report and who asked to remain anonymous.

BELGIUM - The political crisis of longer

"Record broken!" exclaims amertumele Brussels daily Le Soir. Since 249 days without a government, Belgium February 17 this beats the world record for the longest political crisis, previously held by Iraq. Since the legislation in June 2010, Flemings and Walloons are unable to agree on reforming institutions and power sharing.

In response, student associations on Thursday launched their "revolution fries" actions across the country to "send a message antiséparatiste.

First protests against Qaddafi in Libya and for democracy

Tripoli. (Writing / Agencies) .- sandwiched between two revolutions, the Egyptian and Tunisian, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the doyen of Arab dictators, saw yesterday how the first serious protest raged against his authority. Two thousand people filled the streets of Benghazi in the early hours of Wednesday, and at least 38 were injured in various clashes with police and groups support the regime.

I do not hate me because it would be kidnapper a way to keep connected with him

Natascha Kampusch just look at his face, spoke softly, recognizes the social phobia. But this has not prevented a tour of the dozens of countries that they will publish the book he has written about the kidnapping he suffered for eight years: 096 days '3 '(Ed. Aguilar). The young Austrian was abducted from 10 to 18 years by Wolfgang Priklopil, an employee of Siemens with apparent normal life after discovering that she had escaped, rushed to the train tracks.

ENVIRONMENT - More spies among ecologists

Three major energy companies have sponsored espionage missions in the environmental movement, the Guardian revealed on February 14. The energy giant E. ON, the second largest British coal Scottish Resources Group, and Scottish Power [owned since 2006 by Spanish energy company Iberdrola], one of the largest producers of electricity, have offered the services of a private security company to monitor discreetly activities of some activists.

Alexandria, the day after

"Better than a thousand soccer world cup, better than fasting in Aid, best of all. This is not a victory, it is much better: is change." Tomorrow? "We're in the morning. Since we are building" said a young Egyptian. "No to 80 million Egyptians," says another on the day after the day on which anything is possible.

Something wonderful happened, almost magical: the people have won the battle, his strength has expired. A unique moment to savor the beauty of what happened, what is happening. Surely many colleagues who like myself, have spent years working to understand that separates us, problems, values, what happens to us in the Mediterranean, now we are surprised and disrupted many of our preconceptions.

Belgium fries are eaten with a world record of misrule

Or market pressures and the warnings of the European Council President and the marches of thousands of people have managed to avoid that Belgium beat the world record of misrule. Nor chips, national symbol and an excuse for another protest today. It's been 249 days since the election and Belgian politicians, segregated between the opposing linguistic communities who speak Dutch and French speakers have been unable to come to an agreement to form a coalition, essential in a country without national parties.

UNITED STATES - Islamophobia is gaining ground

In March, Peter T. King, Republican member of the State of New York and chairman of the Committee on National Security of the House of Representatives plans to hold hearings on radicalization of American Muslims. Contrary to some critics, we do not believe King is motivated by hatred of Islam, nor that we should broaden the subject of hearings to include other forms of extremism for the sole purpose of saving face .

Belgium beats the world record for a country without government

Brussels. .- Student groups throughout Belgium have called to start a 'revolution of the chips' to expose the inability of politicians to form a coalition government seven months after the elections and provide various activities to commemorate this Thursday with 249 days, Belgium Iraq snatch world record of the country without government.

Marches and other activities in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and Louvain la Neuve want to make clear the "glut" of young Belgians by the "political impasse", since the June 13 elections were held early which gave victory to the pro-independence Flemish N-VA Bart de Wever. The national platform 'Pas notre nom jeune / Jong Niet in onze naam' ('Not in our name') coordinate protests, unlike the first demonstration that gathered more than 34,000 Belgians in Brussels on 23 January, have a clear political message against the separation of the country being advocated by some sectors, notably the Dutch community (north).

The Egyptian government estimated at 365 fatalities during the riots

Approximately 365 people were killed and 5,500 wounded during the 18 days of demonstrations across Egypt. These figures from the Department of Health announced the first official Egyptian government after the process that led to the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak. "The total number of deaths in the events in Egypt is about 365 (...) and 5,500 people were treated for injuries," said Health Minister Sameh Farid, said in a statement through the news agency MENA .

Facebook is distinguished from the role of social networks in the Arab riots

BARCELONA .- Facebook has decided to run a veil over the platform role playing in the unrest in various countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East. The direction of the company intends to keep the acquired prominence in the recent demonstrations will attach the label subversive tool for governments to curb the rapid commercial deployment until now has been in the area.

According to sources in the direction of Facebook cited by The New York Times, the network is not willing to yield to the demands of various entities in defense of human rights for the company to provide greater protection for their users to persecution Some government against activists used Facebook to organize.

Berlusconi says it's not at all concerned about the Ruby trial of the case

The Milan prosecutor has an ace up his sleeve against Silvio Berlusconi. A pump test so far have remained in the utmost secrecy and that 'Il Cavaliere' could cost a maximum sentence of three years in prison for a crime of child prostitution in the trial he will face starting next 6 April before three judges in section IV of the Criminal Court of Milan.

Despite these new revelations, the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has said this morning that "is not at all worried" about the 'Ruby case. " In his first appearance before the media yesterday after learning the decision of the Court of Milan will immediately prosecute, 'Il Cavaliere' has refused ESPONDING to questions from reporters about the scandal Ruby.

The challenges of agriculture

How to feed the world tomorrow? The promise of biotechnology laboratories to improve crop yields, but not enough to rebalance supply and demand. Other solutions? Limit speculation, farming practices more environmentally friendly, eat less meat and better compensation for farmers. The article in this issue offer a round the world peasant.

The Italian island of Lampedusa houses about 2,000 undocumented North African

Rome. .- The Italian island of Lampedusa, considered by many as the door of illegal immigration to Europe, currently houses about 2,000 of the more than 5,300 illegal immigrants who have arrived in recent days from the coasts of northern Italy Africa, mostly from Tunisia. The Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, today gave these figures to the full House of Representatives, where he gave the latest data on the "state of humanitarian emergency" declared by the government before the influx of immigrants from the last days , especially to Lampedusa.

New clashes in Iran between loyalists and opposition

New clashes between Iranian dissidents and members of the Islamic volunteer militia prorégimen 'Basiji' erupted on Wednesday in Tehran for the funeral of one of the two youths who died in the protests on Monday. The boy, a student of Kurdish origin identified as zhal Sane, was killed because he was shot while in the vicinity of Enguelab Street, where police used tear gas and other weapons to disperse large groups gathered.

Released on 'Manneken Pis' oldest Belgium

Freddy De Chou, mayor of the Belgian town of Geraardsbergen, was quoted today in the main square of its people. The meeting should end the mystery that haunts its inhabitants for several days: Where is your beloved Manneken Pis, the statue of the boy who pees, the literal translation of the Dutch? The sculpture disappeared mid-morning on Monday.

Hours later, the self-styled Liberation Front announced Manneken Pis particular responsibility for the kidnapping and explained his motives: to claim that your child is the oldest in the country. Data from 1459, ie, is 160 years older than that captures all eyes of the tourists near the Grand Place in Brussels.

Ben Ali and his family received EUR 1,300 million Tunisian banks

The Tunisian banking sector financing to companies in the clan of deposed President Ben Ali and her family reached 2,500 million dinars (about 1,300 million euros), as reported Wednesday the central bank governor of Tunisia, Mustapha Kamel Nabli. In a press conference in the Tunisian capital, Nabli has stated that, of that amount, 430 million dinars (224 million) was granted without guarantee of repayment.