Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rome called its ambassador in Brasilia by the case Battisti

Italy has decided to recall its ambassador in Brasilia after Brazil's decision not to extradite or even to release the left-wing terrorist Cesare Battisti. Rome's decision was announced by the Italian Foreign Ministry. The Italian foreign minister, Franco Frattini, said that "the call for consultations with Roma" Ambassador Gherardo La Francesca is "temporary" to "deepen" what happened.

The Italian government has also threatened to take the case of Battisti the Hague Tribunal. Battisti was convicted in absentia 18 years ago to two life sentences for the murders in 1978 and 1979 of four. Last year, the then President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has refused to extradite to Italy a terrorist, despite repeated requests from Rome and the European Union.

Al Qaeda: "Western leaders, easy targets. Look at Berlusconi and the Pope "

Silvio Berlusconi hit by the statue of Duomo. It 's one of the last productions of "As Sahab," the acronym that distributes videos of Al Qaeda. And there appear numerous members of the group. Among them Azzam the American, California-born militant has become one of the voices of the movement.

In the video, aired on June 2, Azzam calls on followers to Jihad individual and cites two episodes to show how easy it is to hit the Western leaders. The first reference is to a woman trying to get close to the Pope during the Mass on Christmas 2008. The second is the assault, with the launch of the statuette in the shape of the Duomo, against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Milan.

Sudan's army bombed the south

The army of South Sudan on Friday accused Khartoum of bombing a village near the alleged border. The army added that Juba is prepared to defend against any attack that occurs in this area. "There have been bombings in Unity State, both on Thursday morning and Friday, by northern troops. Three people were killed Thursday morning," said Philip Aguer, an army spokesman in the south.

This is just one month prior to the distribution of the oil fields of strategic state, according to Friday accused the troops of the south. The July 9 South Sudan should become a sovereign state after the announcement last February victory for the supporters of independence from Khartoum in the self-determination referendum held there.

SWEDEN - The lucky scavengers in Europe

Just last hundred years, Sweden was operating its first waste incineration plant. Since then, waste has become the main source of energy Swedish, ahead of oil and gas. They provide more energy than hydro and nuclear sources combined. Biomass consists of plant and animal waste (as well as humans), is widely used in the production of electricity and heat.

It is a transportation fuel and raw material for industry. Most cities in Sweden are heated by thermal power either directly by the combustion of waste, either by the biogas produced from them. The heating of the Swedish capital is now provided mainly by the cogeneration plant Högdalen and some ancillary facilities, located in close proximity to residential areas.

Tension between Vietnam and China for naval maneuvers

Hanoi .- Vietnam announced Friday live-fire naval maneuvers in the South China Sea amid an escalation of the tension caused by the friction it has with Beijing following the dispute between sovereignty over maritime areas which both claim. The announcement was made in a statement posted on the web site's official state agency for Maritime Security Cooperation in the North the day after the Vietnamese Government to denounce the second case of harassment of its ships by the Chinese.

NATO puts Gaddafi as "legitimate objective"

Washington (Editorial / Agencies) .- A senior NATO military command said the Libyan Colonel Gaddafi Muanmar is a "legitimate target" for the allied troops two months leading positions bombing Gaddafi in Libya to "prevent scheme to kill civilians. " The international mission of aerial bombardments in which Spain, whose main objective is to protect the civilian population of the repressive regime of Gaddafi.

Radioactivity found in green tea in Japan

Radioactive contamination from the accident in central Fukushima Japan is widening again as this Friday have been found more traces in the green tea-producing area of the country, the province of Shizuoka, local authorities said. In dry tea leaves in the area of Warashina, in Shizuoka, there were 679 'becquerels' of radiocaesium per kilo, when the maximum is 500.

The region is 370 kilometers southwest of Fukushima. Green tea from Japan is consumed throughout the world for their healthful properties. The Government banned the sale of this tea from the region near the provinces of Fukushima Ibaraki and Chiba and Kanagawa and Tochigi, after contamination was measured over 500 'Bq'.

Kyrgyzstan returns to the ethnic war between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks

The president of Kyrgyzstan, Roza Otunbayeba said Friday that unspecified forces may be seeking a pretext for renewed ethnic clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks after the serious incidents that claimed the lives of more than 400 people in four days of clashes that began exactly a year ago.

"Today there are forces that are willing to make political capital at the expense of sorrow, blood and tears shed by the innocent, to use this national tragedy as a means in their power struggle," said the president, reports Reuters. "They are still active those looking for a pretext and the right time to relight the fuse of new and bloody protests, and thus divide the country," he said at the monument commemorating the victims found in the city of Osh, an epicenter of the fighting.

Syria: Army attacked Jisr al Schughur

The Syrian army began on Friday a large-scale operation against the town of Jisr al Schughur and surrounding villages. Their mission was to regain control of the region and arrest "armed gangs", reported the Syrian state television. The operation was taking place on the request of the inhabitants of the city and this obligation come after the soldiers claimed the station.

Firefight with the soldiers killed the head of the Al Qaeda network in Somalia

From our correspondent MAXIMUM Fazul Abdullah Mohammed in Alberizzi mugshot FbiSANAA (Yemen) - During the night the wrong way and instead of entering the area of Mogadishu controlled by shebab, the Islamic militants loyal to Al Qaeda, the head of the terrorist organization 's East Africa, Fazul Abdullah, is over in a roadblock of soldiers of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

He missed a second time because it has reacted, firing wildly, and perhaps the military, who have not recognized even after his death, they would let through. So the Comorian Fazul, a national network of terror, a series known for numerous aliases, where the same Osama Bin Laden had tasked to organize Al Qaeda in East Africa, was killed late Wednesday night at the checkpoint on the road Mogadishu leads to Afgooye, near what was once the university in the Somali capital.

BHUTAN - The King is getting married!

"Another royal wedding this year will rival the very pompous marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The king of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, who is 31 years, announced to Parliament that he would marry later this year, "reports the webzine Asia Sentinel. As Kate Middleton, his bride is Jetsün Prema commoner daughter of a pilot.

Crowned since November 2008, the young monarch spoke tourism and hydroelectric power to the members before making a "small statement. "It is time for me to get married," he said, adding that the ceremony would take place in October. King Jigme has also indicated that he wished the marriage is "simple, consistent with our traditions." "The ceremony will probably not enjoy the same television audience that Prince William, but the elegance of the costumes and traditions Bhutanese ensure its grandeur and style," said the Asia Sentinel.

Libya: Gaddafi Turkey guaranteed safe passage into exile

The flag of the rebels: If they conquer Tripoli, the insurgency could spread towards Tripoli 11th June 2011 2011-06-11 13:21:08 created new fronts in Libya: the first time since the beginning of the war in the North African desert nation of soldiers Muammar Gaddafi, the UNESCO World Heritage Site city Gadamis under fire have taken.

Gaddafi's troops retaliate for recent protests in the oasis on the border between Libya and Algeria, said a rebel spokesman. Also in the held by the government Mediterranean city Slitan fighting had broken out, which could open up Gaddafi's opponents access to the capital on the coast. Slitan is between Tripoli and the rebel stronghold Misrata.

New clashes in Syria are settled with at least 22 dead opponents

Cairo .- At least 22 people were killed Friday and dozens were injured in the crackdown on demonstrations calling for the downfall of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of Syria in different areas, according to several Syrian opposition groups. The Sham Syrian opposition group said four protesters were killed in the town of Ariha near Jisr al Shugur (northwest), where on Friday stormed Army forces supported by tanks.

The Tyrol is selling two mountains

A view of montagneMILANO - are now also sold in the Alps: the case in Austria, where two peaks in the Tyrol were put on the market at a price of € 121 000. Who is selling the small town of Kartitsch in Gailtal, in Alta, a few miles from the Italian border. According to the newspaper "Die Presse" in its online version, is the Great Kinigat, also known as Horse Mountain (2690 meters), and Rosskopf, known as Monte Cavallo (2600 m).

UNITED KINGDOM - The last British soldier leaves Iraq

"Eight years later, the last British soldier leaves Iraq," notes The Independent. The British presence in Iraq, which lasted eight years, was formally concluded Sunday, May 22, 2011 with the departure of the last 170 soldiers. This means "the end of one of Britain's military campaigns most controversial recent British history.

In total, 178 British servicemen lost their lives on the 46,000 soldiers involved in this opetaion which cost 10 billion pounds [11.4 billion] in the country.

Alabama punishes the toughest immigration law in the United States

Republican Gov. Robert Bentley on Thursday enacted a law to prosecute illegal immigration in Alabama that both proponents and critics regard as the toughest in the United States. The measure will require public schools to determine the immigration status of their students, an aspect not covered an Arizona law that has been at the center of the debate about the attempt to control illegal immigration in several states.

Gaddafi's forces shot down a NATO helicopter

The Libyan armed forces have shot down a NATO helicopter off the coastal town of Zintan. The news, announced by the Libyan state television, was re-launched satellite broadcaster al-Arabiya. According to a military spokesman quoted by the issuer, it would be the third set down by the army loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The news, which could fall into the propaganda of the regime, has not received any independent confirmation. So far the Alliance has never told of killing of its aircraft to its operations in Libya. RAID - the night were carried out new raids on Tripoli NATO and some surrounding areas. The Arab satellite television speak of strong explosions in central Baghdad around midnight.

Europe blesses the integration of Croatia into the European Union

The European Commission today gave the green light to Croatia's accession to the European Union (EU), bringing the Western Balkan country became the member number 28 of the bloc. Once the governments of the 27 members give their approval, Croatia could enter the block in mid-2013, said the EU executive president Jose Manuel Durao Barroso said in a statement, reports DPA.

Two Austrian mountains, sold for 121,000 euros

Ausserlechner Josef, the Austrian town mayor Kartisch, announced that two mountains of the Alps are on sale for at least 121,000 euros, according to the agency Apa. The Great Kinigat, of 2,690 meters, and Rosskopf, 2,600, totaling 1.2 million square meters and belong to a federal estate agency service.

The company bought the mountains in 2001 to the Federal Government for 300,000 euros. "In Greece, the islands sold without problem, why not also sell the mountains in Austria?" Said the mayor. .

Overtaking on the web: the 'Huffington Post' in front of the New York Times

The Huffington Post, the popular blog founded just five years ago by Arianna Huffington, has passed in terms of unique users by none other than the site of the New York Times, the largest U.S.

newspaper and possibly the world. The figures, made public by the company comScore analysis, are clear: the blog in the last month won 35.5 million against 33.59 million unique users who visited the site of daily life in the Big Apple. Two the principal reasons which have led to this historic overtaking: the sale of the popular blog of the giant AOL (America Online) and the new access to the payment of the New York Times.

Turkish Prime Minister accuses the Syrian regime of committing atrocities

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the Syrian regime of committing "atrocities" and not to behave "in a humane manner" with the protesters, according to Turkish news agency Anatolia. "I spoke with Syrian President Bashar Assad, for four or five hours. But the Syrians underestimate the situation.

And, unfortunately, do not behave in a humane manner," said Erdogan, describing the situation as "appalling." He added that in this context, Turkey can not defend the Syrian nation. Despite having admitted to being a "friend" of Assad, Erdogan has called for reform in Syria on numerous occasions, without success.

Hospitalized former president Alberto Fujimori in Lima

 The jailed former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori was hospitalized today in the cancer hospital in Lima for "a little relapse," said his doctor, Alejandro Aguinaga MP. Aguinaga had no further details on the health of Fujimori, who has a history of cancer and lesions reappear in the same area.

The last operation to the former president was practiced in February. On that occasion he removed a tongue lesions that could develop into cancer, as had happened earlier in another part of the language was removed. Fujimori, 72, was sentenced to 25 years in prison as author of 25 killings and two kidnappings during his rule (1990-2000).