Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LEBANON - A long wait in Lebanon

Monday, April 11, relatives of detainees and missing Lebanese in Syria (the abductions took place during the Syrian military presence in Lebanon between 1976 and 2005) begin their seventh year of sit-ins, observed since 2005 in the garden Gebran Khalil Gebran , located in central Beirut. "The record has been recognized by the Lebanese state in 2005.

We demand the formation of a national commission. Unfortunately, all parties to be able to steal, "said Ghazi Aad, spokesman for Solid (Support of Lebanese in Detention and Exile). "We invite them to face this truth as soon as possible," he says. Crime exists. Remain silent about it is a crime in itself.

History will judge them. After six years of sit-ins, I can say that the main obstacle to the resolution of this issue is in Lebanon and not Syria, because our leaders do not want to start a serious initiative in this direction. They are afraid. "

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