Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RECIPE # 3 - you eliminate pollution

In the coming decades, advances in pollution control does not suffice perhaps to offset the air pollution and water related to the explosion of population and energy consumption. Pollution is particularly problematic in developing countries like China, which according to the World Bank, already has 20 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world.

For example, groundwater is already contaminated a third of Chinese cities. The buildings also contribute to the problem. According to the nonprofit organization Architecture 2030, the residential building sector is responsible for about one fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions. Also, the giant Dutch electronics company Philips has created the Sustainable Habitat 2020, a residential complex designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even in the most polluted urban environments.

Obama and Cameron put the focus on Afghanistan and Libya

London .- The conflicts in Afghanistan and Libya and tensions in the Middle East and North Africa will figure prominently in the talks held in London on Wednesday U.S. President, Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron. On the second day of his state visit to the United Kingdom, Obama also made a foreign policy speech before members of both Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall call, an honor usually reserved for British monarchs.

Strauss-Kahn, the waitress: Do not you know who I am?

More and more details emerge about what happened in the hotel suite where he stayed Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York. According to the statement by the waitress who accused him of sexual assault and attempted rape, attempted to dissuade him telling him to be fired. "Baby, do not worry. Do not you know who I am?".

According to what was known so far, the woman came to clean the room thinking it was empty when the politician emerged from the bathroom stark naked. According to FoxNews. com, the woman who is deeply religious, told investigators he immediately covered his eyes from seeing the host in the buff.

CONSTRUCTION - The best architects? Termites

At the heart of the African savannah stands a city that is a model of sustainable development. Its towers are built entirely from natural biodegradable materials. Its inhabitants live and work in air-conditioned spaces and moistened, without consuming a single watt of electricity. The water comes from deep wells and the residents support themselves by growing food gardens within the city.

This metropolis is not only environmentally friendly, with its curved walls and elegant arches, it also has a certain beauty. This is not a human city, of course. It is a termite mound. Unlike termites and other insects that build nests, we humans are concerned about some designing buildings in harmony with our environment.

Four policemen killed in suicide attack in Pakistan

Islamabad .- At least four policemen were killed and 26 others injured today in a suicide bombing attack in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, said a police source told Efe. The attack occurred in front of the police Criminal Investigation Department in Peshawar, the capital of the restive province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, connected to Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass.

The four dead were police officers, the source said he did not specify how many of the wounded are civilians or what type of attack was suicide. Pakistani television channels reported that a suicide bomber rammed his car into the police station. The injured have been transferred to major hospitals of Peshawar.

Amnesty International accuses Gbagbo and Ouattara of war crimes and crimes against humanity

The NGO Amnesty International on Wednesday accused both sides of the post-election crisis in Ivory Coast, the former President Laurent Gbagbo and the current leader, Alassane Ouattara, to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. "We continue to commit human rights violations against supporters and suspected supporters of Gbagbo in Abidjan and the west of the country," said Gaetan Mootoo, West Africa researcher for us.

TUNISIA - The radical Islamists on the frontline

The imams, like all professions that of Tunisia, were under the control of despotic power of Ben Ali. Especially since, in the 1970s, the mosque was the site of a protest and political mobilization. Admittedly there was the body of imams, as elsewhere, admirers of unscrupulous and amoral. There are even those who in their sermons Friday, January 14, two or three hours of the flight of Ben Ali, Tunisia has called the revolution of fitna (discord) and asserted that the religious duty involved a total obedience to the President and Sakher El-Materi [businessman, son of the deposed president, a strong presence in politics] is a benefactor of the country.

Kim Jong-il come to Beijing to meet Chinese president

Seoul .- North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, arrived this morning in Beijing from Nanqing on the sixth day of his visit to Chinay presumably will meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao, South Korean news agency Yonhap. The communist leader's armored train reached the station in Beijing early in the morning and later the North Korean delegation headed possibly to the guesthouse Diaoyutai State in China's capital.

Egypt Mubarak judge for the premeditated murder of Egyptian protesters

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, will be judged by the judicial authorities of his country with his two sons, Ala and Gamal. The general prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmud accused of the premeditated murder of peaceful demonstrators during protests that erupted on 25 January. The three defendants, who according to Egyptian law could be sentenced to death, are currently detained.

The former head of state in a hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh, while their two children in the Tora prison in Cairo. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which ruled Egypt since Mubarak's departure, denied last week having studied the possibility of pardoning the deposed president, also accused of illicit enrichment, influence peddling and willful damage to government funds.

SYRIA - A long and painful death

Syrian rebellion, which began with small-scale demonstrations just last month, continues to gain ground. On 18 April, thousands of demonstrators gathered on the Place de l'Horloge in Homs, the third largest city in hopes of competing with those of Tahrir Square, which caused the fall of the Mubarak regime in Egypt .

But shortly after 2 am, the Syrian security forces opened fire. It remains unclear how many were dead and wounded. Some reports suggest that the place was completely evacuated during the night. But a militant website immediately called for a resumption of protests the next day. One thing is clear: the dual strategy of the regime - engage in severe repression against the demonstrators and promised reforms - not work.

Corruption Argentina Sebastián Piñera splashed

The justice system has opened a corruption investigation that splashes directly to President Sebastián Piñera. However, the alleged crime would involve the president during her employer, before accessing the government last year. The unusual case meets connotations, as in the political corruption scandals are usually investigated for misappropriation of public money.

In this case, the company would Piñera author bribery. In addition, the recipient of the bribe would have been a minister of Argentina, a country historically rival Chile. The Chilean Office opened in January a summary that was kept secret until it was revealed Monday by the satirical weekly The Clinic.

The soil of the region will need an intensive cleaning Fukushima

Intensive soil decontamination will be necessary for evacuees from the areas surrounding the Fukushima nuclear plant can return to their homes, according to an expert said Wednesday the Atomic Energy Commission of Japan. Tomio Kawata, a researcher at the Organization for Nuclear Waste Management Japan, submitted to the commission an estimate of the contamination in the soil of the area based on radiation levels in air collected by the Ministry of Science Japan.

Libyan meets the rebellion one hundred days

Libyan rebellion is one hundred days. Converted into a civil war, probably we are still far from seeing the outcome, despite its key element, the overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi, was set almost from the start, both inside and outside Libya. However, this was not the initial target of protests in February.

The violent response by the regime served as an opportunity for an armed popular uprising. "Before the Ben Ali in Tunisia and in Egypt and Mubarak's proposed through Facebook demonstrations on the fifth anniversary of the February 17," he told La Vanguardia Idris Bufayed Libyan opposition.

Six dead and 29 wounded in a bombing outside a police station in Pakistan

At least six policemen were killed and 29 others were injured Wednesday in a suicide bombing attack in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, said a police source. The attack occurred in front of the police Criminal Investigation Department in Peshawar, the capital of the restive province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, connected to Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass.

The four dead were police officers, said the source, who did not specify how many of the wounded are civilians or what type of attack was suicide. Pakistani television channels reported that a suicide bomber rammed his car into the police station. The injured have been transferred to major hospitals of Peshawar.

Strauss-Kahn's friends offered money to the alleged victim

New York .- Friends of former IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn have contacted relatives of the woman who accused him of alleged sexual assault and attempted rape to offer money and so close the case, said Tuesday the New York newspaper Post. "I have spoken to her family," says the Post, which quoted "a French businesswoman close to Strauss-Kahn and his family", who also felt that "certain that everything ends in a peaceful manner." The same source said that DSK, as is also known French politician, "out of prison.

At least 9 dead and 30 wounded in clashes between Yemeni tribes and police

Sanaa .- At least nine people were killed and over thirty injured in the second day of clashes between members of an influential tribe Yemeni security forces in Sanaa, according to a tribal source. The source said that the clashes continued around the house of tribal leader Sadeq bin Abdullah al-Ahmar, where you still hear gunfire and explosions, but more sporadically.

Among the injured is the head of the Yemeni secret service, the Qames Galeb, who arrived Tuesday at the home of Al Ahmar to try to mediate between the government and this family, which sympathizes with the opposition and calls for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. When injured on impact Qames several shrapnel of a missile that fell on the house, situated in the Al Hasbara, where similar clashes took place yesterday that left six dead.

The crisis does not leave the world alone

A less gentle, more fertile for terrorism and the war between citizens and governments has been violent invoice. The world map of world peace this year has two scratches, one in North Africa, swept by a violent hurricane of the Arab spring, another in the middle of Europe, hurt by a crisis that has increased social unrest and high levels aggressive protest.

This is reflected in the Global Peace Index, which measures the temperature of the Planet since 2007 and this year has revealed that the world could have saved a lot of money if he had managed to be 25% less violent: 9.4 billion. With which for example could mitigate catastrophic damage 'tsunami' in Japan, evolve in a Millennium Development Goals Poverty advancing in fits and starts or eliminate the public debt of Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

FRANCE - Life is beautiful, but less than before

"Come on, let's go," joked Thierry Roussel. It sits behind the table in the dining room, open the laptop and goes to a site called Auchan Drive. "You said you wanted to shop with us," says his wife, Isabelle. So, uh, here. "It is 22 o'clock on Thursday evening at the Roussel, Cenac, a village in the vineyards to fifteen miles of this great city (well, big ...) what Bordeaux.

The two cadets, Remi, 9 years, and Melanie, 13, are in bed, the eldest, William, 15, is on a school trip to London. Race on the Internet? Even for food? So what, over the daily visit to the bakery, * * the grocery, butcher *? Gone is the bucolic weekly market in the shade of the trees, on the proverbial village square mottled sun? Gone are the small glass of red at the pub? No, no, "Isabella, they have not disappeared and still buys meat at the butcher once a week, fruit and vegetables at the Sunday market, bread from the baker in the village every day.

An outbreak affects 400 people in Germany

An infectious outbreak that has spread throughout Germany from north to south in recent days, and affects about 400 people and has killed at least two elderly women, with other unsolved cases even fatal, health officials said. Detected last week in Lower Saxony, where the outbreak and recorded half a dozen German states, from Hamburg in the north to the Saarland in the south, with suspected cases in the Berlin region.

A tribal leader lost 24 supporters in an attack on his home run by the Police

At least 24 supporters of the influential Yemeni sheikh Abdullah bin Sadeq al Ahmar have died and more than thirty people were injured in clashes between tribesmen and security forces in Sanaa. In another battle, 14 soldiers have died and two have disappeared. Clashes continue around the house of tribal leader in a radius of 500 feet, and heard gunfire and loud explosions after that on Monday, in a similar incident, six people passed away.

Netanyahu: "Israel has no better friend than the United States"

"Israel has no better friend than America." Thus has begun Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, the second intervention offered in the U.S. Congress, the last time was in 1996 - a time when the peace process with the Palestinians is on the table. Netanyahu's speech comes a week after U.S. President Barack Obama proposed a return to the prewar borders of 1967-that would give East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, among other things, such as initiatives to achieve peace in the area.

Madiba return to their ancestral home

Nelson Mandela returned to his home to be with his family in the humble village of Qunu South Africa, far from the luxurious and immense Johannesburg. So what makes a tradition and it has fulfilled the old leader, who has moved to the town with your team doctor and his wife. In Qunu expected to 'Madiba' family, rural people, which has proved enthusiastic about his arrival.

"We are all delighted to see Dalibhunga [name xhosa that was imposed upon turning 16 years for his clan and that means" dialogue coordinator ']. He likes to walk around the field and sit on the balcony and watching the cattle " says his grandson Mandla, a tribal chief in six small villages in the area, among which is included Mvezo, where Mandela was born, who, after the death of his father, was taken to the nearby Qunu.

GERMANY - The job is not junk

The time bomb is defused temporary work. The government of Angela Merkel has missed the opportunity to neutralize: the CDU, CSU and FDP have caved in to the lobby and temporary work patterns. The two-class system is perpetuated on the labor market and will have serious consequences for our entire society.

Agency work and precarious employment continue to destroy the German labor market. The work itself becomes junk. The monthly income of temporary metallurgical and electrical engineering is from 30 to 40% lower than that of permanent employees. The lowest wages set by collective agreements in the sector are higher than 1,900 euros per month.

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will be tried by a criminal court

Cairo - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak former will be tried before a criminal court for his alleged involvement in attacks on Egyptian protesters and killing 800 people during protests that eventually overthrow, said Tuesday the attorney general of the country, raising the indictment. His sons Gamal and Alaa also were indicted.

Former Egyptian president is now under arrest in a civil hospital, while their children are in detention in Tora prison near the capital Cairo. The charge for the more than 800 demonstrators killed during the 18 days of mass protests against the regime, which culminated in the resignation of Mubarak on 11 February, at the same time is no longer needed the extension of preventive detention against every 15 days, as usual.

The volcanic cloud forwards and Spain could get rid

The Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, which had to cancel about 500 flights Tuesday of the 29,000 expected in Europe, is spreading and could forward this entire weekend barely touching Spain. According to the latest forecast from the British Meteorological Office, specializing in ash, the area of highest concentration decreases and this Wednesday completely free to the UK and Ireland, the hardest hit on Tuesday.

THAILAND - prudishness at home brothels

The disorder nightlife of Bangkok is no secret either within or outside the country. District of Patpong with its strip clubs than Soi Cowboy with its bars and nightclubs, through the avenues Phetchaburi and Ratchadaphisek home to a myriad of massage parlors and spas offering "special services" , showcases the thriving sex industry abound.

Moreover, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai, this trade is also flourishing. In these circumstances it is absurd to point fingers and condemn these three teenagers, aged 13, 14 and 16, who have only dance topless. Why should they be used as scapegoats when the misconduct prevalent throughout society? They had been drinking with friends before leaving their homes and, for them, in this way was nothing improper because they had already made in the past, "a place of entertainment where, for the price of entry and drinks, you can see shows naked.

Tahrir Square, Cairo will roar again on Friday to denounce corruption

Cairo .- The Youth Coalition of the Revolution, one of the main groups of the Egyptian revolt of Jan. 25, called on Tuesday a demonstration on Friday in Cairo's Tahrir Square to denounce political corruption. The coalition announced at a press conference under the name of "political corruption Friday" will organize a series of events and protests in the central Tahrir Square and other places in the country to insist on meeting the demands of the revolution.

They claim that the Syrian regime has killed at least 1,100 people in three months

The organization that defends human rights Sawasiah reported Tuesday that soldiers and Syrian security forces have killed "at least 1,100 civilians" during the crackdown on demonstrations against the regime of Bashar Assad. The popular uprising started three months in the Arab country. Sawasiah was founded by lawyer Mohanad al-Hassani, who is now in jail.

Earlier this month, had said the death toll at 800, removed dead by the army of the regime. The organization claims to have the names of the 1,100 people killed, mostly in the southern plain of Hauran, where riots broke out March 18. The death toll rose suddenly after the protests grew in number and provoke the intervention of the Army, said Sawasiah.

NATO launched its first major air raid on Qaddafi

At least 15 blasts NATO allies have shaken the Libyan capital on Tuesday in what has been the largest operation of air strikes since the start of military mission in Libya. According to the Gaddafi regime, the attacks have left at least three dead and 150 wounded, reported in its online edition the newspaper 'The Washington Post.

The bombings have apparently reached the residential complex of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, although a government spokesman said it would have been a military officer in the military. He added that most of the victims were civilians living in the vicinity of the building affected by the attack.

Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian dictator - Determined

"They want to force us to be like everyone else like them. They want to strangle us. "About the European Union and other Western countries who want to stop repression in Belarus. "But we will fight for any piece of our land," he promises. (RIA Novosti, Moscow)