Saturday, April 9, 2011

BURKINA FASO - History buttocks Faso

A mason Togo courting the wife of a noncommissioned officer, which alerted her husband. There brawl: Five soldiers were sentenced to one year in prison (synonym of radiation). March 23, soldiers protest, release their five comrades and looting shops Ouagadougou, making ten wounded. The government, already grappling with the students, does not want to antagonize the military, allowing five soldiers to appeal, this time causing the anger of the judges.

The unrepentant control

Surrounded by sex scandals and lawsuits, Silvio Berlusconi, 74, three times prime minister of Italy, meets in theory attributes political leader doomed to retreat. However, the millionaire president of the center behaves as if there still for him a splendid future. "Berlusconi does not reason as a retiree, wants to remain a central figure in Italian politics, and hopes to stand for election in 2013," says psychologist Alessandro Amadori, author of Mother Silvio.

Violent Aftershocks: New concerns about Japan's nuclear power plants

According to the new address severe earthquake in Japan, the anxious glances at the Onagawa nuclear power plant, in preparing the radioactively contaminated water in a cooling pond care. In the quake of 7.1 strength spilled a small quantity of the highly contaminated water from one basin for fuel rods.

In addition, leaks were found in eight places in the system, as the television channel NHK reported, citing the operator. The radiation around the kiln, 180 kilometers north of the Fukushima nuclear crisis, but is not increased. In several nuclear power plants in the northeast of the country there are problems with the current emergency care but it works.

Gbagbo cheated with the UN to gain ground in Ivory Coast

The UN undersecretary general for peacekeeping, Alain LeRoy, has ensured that this projection of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbabgo used a hint of negotiations this week to gain ground forces in the African country. "On Tuesday we were contacted to negotiate a peaceful end to conflict. It was a deception of his forces to reinforce their positions," LeRoy said during a news conference at United Nations after meeting with representatives from 15 member countries of the Security Council UN.

War in Libya: Nato regrets attack on insurgents

NATO confirmed on Friday that she has accidentally bombed the day before the tanks insurgents near Brega. "This is a regrettable incident. I greatly regret the loss of life, "NATO Secretary General Rasmussen said in Brussels. It was five insurgents were killed and twenty injured.

Rear Admiral Russell Harding, the deputy commander of the NATO mission, had not previously been explicitly want to apologize for the incident. He justified the attack by NATO warplanes to the fact that the Qaddafi regime had used tanks against the civilian population. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Harding said that the fighting between troops and insurgents Gaddafi had moved in the 48 hours to Friday afternoon in a fairly small area along the highway between Brega and Adschdabija back and forth.

Syria: Deadly protests in Daraa

Security forces in Syria on Friday again acted violently against the demonstrators. In the city of Daraa in the south of the country where the protests began in mid-March, it should have been killed, according to doctors at least thirteen people. Thousands of people were thus in the 100-km south of the capital city of Damascus after Friday prayers on the street.

Germany: sandstorm on the highway, at least 10 dead and 60 injured

More than 40 vehicles were involved in an accident chain, caused by a sandstorm on highway A19 near Rostock in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, East Germany: several motorists - at least 10 according to the German newspaper Bild - have lost their lives, while the wounded would be at least 60 of which 30 are serious.

At least 10 killed in new clashes in Syria

Deera .- At least 17 people were killed Friday and dozens were injured after the Syrian security forces used live ammunition to disperse thousands of demonstrators gathered in the city of Deraa, in the south and center of the protests against President Bashar al-Assad, as reported by medical sources, which have a list of the deceased.

The protesters have set fire to an office of the ruling Baath party and beaten a statue of Basil al-Assad, brother of late President Bashar al-Assad in the city of Dera, south of the country, witnesses said. Earlier, there had been clashes between security forces and demonstrators in which there were at least ten dead.

Hillary was deeply concerned by the increase of abuse in China

In the annual report on the situation of human rights in the world dedicated to 2010, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, decried the increase in reported abuses in China in recent months. Hillary was "deeply concerned" about the arrest of dozens of people, including lawyers, writers, activists and artists, since last February.

"We have seen that there is a negative trend that seems to have deteriorated further during the first part of 2011," Hillary said at the press conference presenting the document, more than 7,000 pages, and devotes a section different from one house the 194 existing countries. Hillary mentioned as an example of the renewed human rights violations in China to the arrest last Sunday of the artist Ai Weiwei and democracy activist he was about to board a flight heading to Hong Kong.

LIBYA - Industrious compromise on NATO's Role

"A command of NATO to protect civilians", as the Milan daily. Italy claimed the measure. March 24, the member countries of the Organization have reached an uneasy compromise on the continuation of the offensive in Libya. NATO will support the no-fly zone over the country, but not the command of all military operations.

The EU, meanwhile, urged the international community to deny the camp Gaddafi's oil revenues.

Obama fails in his last chance to avoid the 'closure' of the Government

Negotiations to reach an agreement between Democrats and Republicans in relation to the extension of the 2011 budget, whose fiscal year ends Sept. 30, have broken this morning (Washington time) and no agreement. Senior Congress officials have told The New York Times that negotiations on Capitol Hill have ended at 3 am (8 am in Spain) and no new talks were scheduled.

President Obama insisted on Thursday to reach agreement at the last meeting, which ultimately did not occur. The final vote will take place in the U.S. capital on Friday. The sources consulted by the U.S. newspaper that the Democrats have secured concessions have been made both in money and political issues.

One sailor was killed and another wounded after a shooting at a British nuclear submarine

A soldier has been arrested after a shootout aboard a British nuclear submarine, as confirmed by the Southampton police. According to authorities, a Royal Navy sailor has died and another was seriously injured. The MoD has acknowledged the incident and assured that there was no terrorist link. According to the Daily Telegraph, the incident occurred during a dispute in a change of guard.

The newspaper said that the deceased is also an officer. "It seems that the sailor began to argue, then went crazy and started shooting people. It has not served in Afghanistan, so do not appear to be related to PTSD," said a military source said the British daily. The incident took place when the sub HMS Astute 'was in the dock of the English town of Southampton.

GERMANY - As a malaise in the Chancery

"Who is Angela Merkel?" asks the front page of the daily financial Düsseldorf. It takes stock of recent initiatives by the Chancellor, leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). "The shutdown of seven nuclear reactors, a Libyan political pacifist, expansion of the welfare state and a costly rescue of the euro.

Recently, Germany has led to the left. The anger against the Merkel grew up in the business community. Is this still a conservative? "

Dozens injured in Yemen after fresh protests

Sanaa .- At least two people were killed and 25 wounded by gunfire in clashes with security forces in the city of Taiz, south of Sana'a, as reported by medical sources have also stated that there are 200 affected tear gas manifestations have occurred shortly after the president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to qualify on Friday that his country accepted the "mediation of his brothers and friends" but opposes "to give orders or any intervention" .

The White House, ready to close

In the absence of consensus on the budget for the second half of fiscal restriction that could force much of the U.S. government operations in less than 24 hours, the White House has already acted. The Executive Office of the President on Wednesday circulated a "contingency plan" to operate "in the absence of allocation" budget.

A document that defines how to operate the White House and Barack Obama's office in the event that the budget shortfall would lead to a partial cessation of the operations of government. The first consequence would be that the president's office would lose its ability to incur financial obligations except in specific cases.

CANADA - The Conservative Party in the starting blocks

This time he is confident of obtaining a clear majority in Parliament. The Conservative Party of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is ready to take the field for new elections. The newspaper of Toronto, there's no doubt that the current government, a minority in Parliament since its composition in 2008 is expected to fall this March 25, carried by a vote of censure.

Will then be held the fourth federal election in seven years, the first three have not reached majority.

Tahrir Square roar back to claim a trial Mubarak

Cairo (AP) .- Tens of thousands of Egyptians waving flags and chanting slogans demanding that the former president, Hosni Mubarak, and his family are brought to trial for corruption. The on Friday is one of the most massive protests since the start of the regular expressions in January. The massive participation reflects the growing frustration of activists and citizens at the slowness with which the new military rulers of Egypt are raised to punish the former leading figures in the regime of Mubarak, who have amassed fortunes during his years in power.

Skype, Gmail and Hotmail account for large-scale threats to Russian security, according to the FSB

Encryption of emails Gmail and Hotmail, as well as Voice over Internet system Skype, pose a threat "large scale" to Russia's security, as stated by the head of security communications center of the FSB (the former KGB). "In recent times the widespread use of encrypted communications network and cryptography, especially in foreign goods, raises a great concern to the FSB," said the official in the Russian intelligence, Alejandro Andreetchkine.

MEXICO - Agreement cons of media violence

"More than 700 Mexican media have signed an Agreement on March 24 on media coverage of violence in order to guarantee freedom of expression in the environment of crime and violence suffered by the country," reports the Daily Mexico . Media should include all trades for their coverage of violent actions do not constitute an additional factor of spreading terror among the population already living under the dual threat of narco-traffickers and the forces of repression.

The UN report a slaughter with 244 killed in Douekoué

Geneva .- The humanitarian situation in the financial capital of Ivory Coast, Abidjan, is "alarming", with countless corpses through the streets, with entire neighborhoods without water or electricity and food shortages, the UN warned today. In the West, the situation is not better, and the spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, confirmed today that they have found the bodies of 244 Ivorian ethnic Guéré in the city of Duekoué .

Massive protest in Cairo to cleanse the system of corrupt former leaders

Tens of thousands of people took this Friday Cairo Tahrir Square to demand the resignation of all representatives of the old regime and the corrupt trial, and to show support for the riots in other Arab countries. This event, dubbed 'Friday the purge' was organized by youth groups and supported by opposition parties, and reminded the massive protests held in early February to demand the fall of the regime of Hosni Mubarak.

JAPAN - Two weeks after the earthquake, the battle continues

It's been two weeks since the north-east coast of the island was hit by a very strong earthquake and a deadly tsunami, which claimed the lives of over 27,000 people. The daily Tokyo took the opportunity to take stock, in graphic form, so that his readers understand the challenge that the country will have to overcome to turn the page of this tragedy.

Besides the casualties, he said that the disaster will cost between 9,000 and 16,000 billion yen (between 80 and 140 billion euros) to businesses. If the main roads are now open, the paper shows that several lines of railroad are still disrupted, in particular the line of high-speed train between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori.

Ajdabiya advancing rebels but is now a nearly empty city

Benghazi (Libya) .- The rebels said today they have managed to contain the advance of gadafistas on Ajdabiya, strategic communications hub of eastern DRC, which was bombed on Thursday with heavy artillery by the troops of the regime, sources told EFE the insurgent leadership. However, the strategic city, 160 kilometers southwest of Benghazi, is almost empty of civilians after its inhabitants abandon in haste yesterday, hospital sources told Efe its main hospital said that the bombing caused tens injured.

Dozens dead in clashes between Iraqi army and Iranian exiles

Iraqi security forces have faced this morning against the residents of Iranian refugee camp Ashraf, northeast of Baghdad, the Iranian government. For its part, the Iranian opposition group said that residents were attacked and killed. In the melee, 31 people died, including seven women, and 325 were injured, in the field more than 3,400 refugees living in Iran.

A resident in the country, Shahriar Kia, told ELMUNDO. ES in a telephone conversation early this Friday at 04:45 local time, several tanks and more than 2,500 Iraqi soldiers forcibly entered the Camp Ashraf. The offensive was sent by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and led by Iraqi Lt. Gen.

MYANMAR - An earthquake devastates the Golden Triangle

At least sixty dead and hundreds injured. That is the conclusion still provisional earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale that struck on March 24 Shan State in eastern Myanmar. Little news has filtered through yet the extent of damage in the mountainous region located in the Golden Triangle, near the border with Laos and Thailand.

The news site for Burmese opposition, edited from Thailand, evokes the destruction of many buildings, bridges and roads.

NATO is not going to apologize for the death of rebels in Libya

Brussels .- NATO has rejected this Friday "apologize" for the deaths of rebel attack operations near Brega because they were unaware that they already have at their disposal tanks deemed "could threaten the civilian population" and has made clear that "responsibility" is not "improve" communication with opponents of the Libyan National Transitional Council.

"It seems that two of our attacks yesterday have been able to have caused deaths of a number of Libyan National Congress forces that were operating tanks. The incident took place northeast of Brega, where fighting back and forth on the road to Ajdabiya" he explained the deputy commander of the allied operation in Libya, British Vice Admiral Russell Harding, by videoconference from Naples.

At least two police shooting deaths of demonstrators in Yemen

At least two people were killed Friday and scores injured when security forces dispersed the Yemeni people demonstrating in the town of Taez, south of Sanaa, according to hospital Al Safwa of that city. About 25 people suffered gunshot wounds and nearly 200 demonstrators were cases of suffocation from tear gas fired by police to disperse people protesting against the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh.

ISRAEL - A dangerous spiral

"Israel has little to gain from an escalation with Hamas," said the newspaper in Tel Aviv. March 24, four rockets were again fired from Gaza on southern Israel, while Israeli warplanes continued their raids on Palestinian territory. "Israeli leaders are wondering how to stop these rocket without going to a direct confrontation with Hamas [which controls the Gaza Strip], which involve ground troops," the newspaper said.

Two Hamas activists killed by Israeli strike

Gaza (Reuters) .- Two members of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) have died following an Israeli air attack on the Gaza Strip, sources in the organization. Israel's army has indicated that it is investigating these reports. Tension has risen in the last hours in the Gaza Strip. Hamas's armed wing, Ezzedin al-Qassam Brigades fired antitank missile on Thursday into a school bus injuring two people, one of which, a young man just 16 years, is in critical condition.

Brazil's murderer was the victim of bullying, according to former colleagues

"Once, a classmate told a joke to Wellington, 'Man, we're afraid of you, because one day you will kill many people,'" says Bruno Linhares, 23, the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, recalling the time in studying the person responsible for the slaughter at the Municipal School Tasso da Silveira, in Realengo, Rio de Janeiro.

"It was a joke, but now it seems a prophecy. Do not know why I did not do that with our class," the student, that when he met the event went to school to help. Bruno and other former colleagues revealed that the murderer of 12 boys between 12 and 14 years had been the victim of 'bullying' (bullying) in the time he was a student of the school.

SYRIA - Day decisive opposition

"The demonstrations will multiply," warns the Emirates daily. On 25 March, the opposition has called for demonstrations across the country. "For experts, this day will be a test on the determination of forces," the newspaper said. The regime of Bashar Assad, who has been criticized for having violently suppressed a demonstration in Deraa (south) on March 18, attempted to defuse the revolt by declaring March 24 ready to "consider the lifting of the state of emergency and authorization of political parties ".

At least 28 killed in an Iraqi military attack against Iranian refugees

Cairo .- At least 28 people were killed and over 380 wounded in an attack by the Iraqi army against Iranian Refugee Camp Ashraf, northeast of Baghdad, a spokesman of the field. Refugees spokesman Mohamed Eghbal told Efe in a telephone conversation that armored vehicles and more than two thousands of Iraqi soldiers raided this morning in the field and the military aggression continues.

Cuba put an end to the release of prisoners after release to 115 opponents

The Spanish Government has announced that the Castro regime has ended the process of releasing political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Cuba that began last July after being released 115 opponents, of which 103 have traveled to Spain along with 647 family. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through a statement, reported the completion of the release agreed between the government of Raul Castro and the Church of Havana after the arrival Friday at Madrid for another 37 released accompanied by more than 200 family.

Controversy - Dear Monbiot on nuclear you're wrong

In a controversial article published in The Guardian journalist George Monbiot ecologist advocated the nuclear option after the incident in Fukushima. But his cynicism delegitimizes the fight against Atomic Energy, accused the physicist and anti-nuclear activist German Ralf Bont.

Ollanta Humala, a favorite in Peru after moderating its position on the left

Lima / Arequipa (Editorial) - The presidential election on Sunday could be the closest in the history of Peru, as no candidate has a chance of winning on the first ballot and three were fighting to go to a runoff with the favorite, at the end of the campaign on Thursday, reports Reuters. The nationalist Ollanta Humala, a retired military officer who has moderated his radical left-wing discourse, leads the voting intentions, but analysts say that is not carefully written the last word, especially in a country where voters can change their decision at the last minute .

UN finds over 100 bodies in Ivory Coast

United Nations workers in Ivory Coast have found more than 100 bodies in the past 24 hours. Some were burned alive and others thrown into wells, said Friday as a member of the UN. According to Rupert Colville, UN spokesman on human rights issues, said it is difficult to know who is responsible, as ethnic tensions have grown because of fighting between forces loyal to President-elect Alassane Ouattara and his rival , Laurent Gbagbo.

FRANCE - fifteen minutes of fame Sarkozy

The Libyan uprising has given to President Nicolas Sarkozy an opportunity he watched a long time: the opportunity to lead an international mission risky that holds the promise of future glory. For General de Gaulle, founder of the Fifth Republic, the quest for greatness * was the first reason to be "a head of state.

His successors have fully shared this view and defended with tenacity and interest independence from France. But the idea that Sarkozy is the size differs from that of De Gaulle and Mitterrand. These presidents saw themselves as students of history, two men with a long-term national interest.

The Libyan government have recognized photographers, which will be released soon

International Writing. .- The Libyan government of Muammar al-Gaddafi has admitted in its power to the Spanish photographer Manuel Varela de Seijas Bravo, known professionally comoManu Brabo, and three other journalists to cover the war displaced in Libya and will soon be released. Spanish photographer and three journalists who had reported missing was in eastern Libya, are really in the hands of officers of Muammar Gaddafi, but they are "safe" way to Tripoli and is expected to be released "soon", sources close to the Libyan regime to CNN.

No news of Liu Xiaobo

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has not seen improvements in their situation since more than six months ago won the Nobel Peace Prize. Nobody knows where you are. The only information that is clear is imprisoned without the right to visitation with his wife controlled and monitored at all times. The Nobel Committee raised last October 8, 2010 the wrath of the Chinese government to distinguish this intellectual imprisoned for "subversion." The name of Liu Xiaobo, virtually unknown abroad, went around the world: on one side caused an avalanche of messages for his release, and secondly, the wrath of Beijing.

USA - In Detroit, the bleeding continued human

The city of Detroit has lost 25% of its population in ten years, according to figures from the last major U.S. census, conducted in 2010. The flagship of the U.S. auto industry, the largest city in Michigan had 2 million inhabitants in 1950. There just are more than 713,777 today. In total, these ten years she has lost 237 000 inhabitants, including 185,000 blacks and 41,000 whites.

Only the Hispanic population of the city has increased by 1 500 people. Shocked by the scale of this exodus, the mayor, Dave Bing, has decided to recount his administration, says The Wall Street Journal.