Friday, March 25, 2011

The UN figure at between 700,000 and one million displaced persons in Côte d'Ivoire

Geneva .- The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said today that the number of IDPs in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, and is between 700,000 and one million people, fleeing violence and that amount to nearly 500 dead. According to the UN agency since the beginning of the political crisis and fighting in that country after the elections last November, "at least 462 civilians have died in Abidjan." For its part, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said they have "unconfirmed reports that some 200 civilians" in other African countries have also been killed in Ivory Coast as a result of violence.

The factor Vargas Llosa

Now, over the years, it is difficult to imagine that Mario Vargas Llosa had had another vocation that was not a writer. What would have happened if his authoritarian father had not enrolled in Leoncio Prado Military Academy to make him a grown man? Do not have sprouted inside the urgency of the spoilers that removes the filth with pen set? Hard to imagine the reality of contemporary Peru without 'The City and the Dogs' initiation novel Nobel Prize for Literature 2010.

LAOS - On the road to opening up

Relations between Laos and Thailand have recently reached a new milestone with the decision to allow Vientiane Lao students to spend the equivalent of their degree in Thai language. For decades, this issue was a non-negotiable between the two countries. Until recently, the Lao Students could enroll in universities in Thailand and that from the master in a course taught in English and eligible for scholarships.

Trinidad Jimenez admits that now there is no way to oust Qaddafi

Madrid's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Trinidad Jimenez, acknowledged Friday that the "opposition" to the regime of Muammar Gaddafi will not have "easy" to get establish a democratic state they want and has acknowledged that at present "There is no possible way" to prevent the dictator remains at the forefront of the country.

"There is now no possible way to prevent further there," said the minister in an interview on Onda Cero, stressing that however you are looking for the international coalition that is implementing the UN resolution is "to prevent further bombing his own people. " As for the rebels to the regime, the minister, who has met with "some of them," he preferred being termed the "opposition" because "they joined the opposition to Gaddafi." However, he admitted that "it is a rather heterogeneous group" that attaches to "the need for a twist to his country" with a view to the establishment of the rule of law.

Gaddafi snipers shoot everything that moves

When is the sixth day of the international operation on Libya, the allies are preparing for a long intervention. The air strikes have not slowed the forces of Gaddafi, who continue to fight the rebels in several key cities. The bloodiest fighting was concentrated in Misrata and Ajdabiya, where tanks are added snipers dictator loyal to the regime.

"They are stationed on rooftops and shoot everything that moves," said one woman fleeing with their children Ajdabiya. They take seven days of fighting, without water or electricity. According to this woman (nursing assistant), since last Tuesday has seen 170 dead in hospital in the city.

ARMENIA - A nuclear threat named Metsamor

"The Armenian Central Metsamor is a real bomb that can explode at any moment," says the site Azerbaijani Trend. az Sinan Oran, the Turkish director of the Center for International Relations. Built in 1976 to 30 km from the Armenian capital, Yerevan, the plant with an installed capacity of 400 MW is located in a seismic zone.

His initial lifetime expired in 2001. However, the site providing 80% of the electricity produced in Armenia, it has been called into service until 2017. The expert Azeri Adil Garibov agrees that his Turkish colleague: "The plant is a threat to the entire region, and countries should require closing one voice."

More than 8,000 people in Libya since the start of riots, according to rebels

Benghazi, .- Between 8,000 and 10,000 people have died in Libya since the beginning of the revolt against Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, according to estimates released today by the rebels in Benghazi, capital of the revolutionaries. The rebel spokesman, Mustafa Geriani, he told reporters he did not rule out the figure may be higher.

Libyan rebels expect to regain the control of the strategic town of Ajdabiya, located 160 kilometers south Benghazi, today and tomorrow, said spokesman Mustafa Geriani revolutionaries. "I think Ajdabiya fall into our hands today and tomorrow," he predicted Geriani told reporters in Benghazi, capital of the revolutionaries.

Uruguay, first convicted for crimes under the military dictatorship of 1973-1985

American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) ordered the State of Uruguay for the disappearance of Maria Claudia Garcia, daughter of Argentine poet Juan Gelman, and the suppression of identity of the daughter who was in captivity, Macarena Gelman. The Commission orders Uruguay to revoke the amnesty law of the State's punitive.

Forfeiture law "has no effect because it was incompatible with the American Convention and the Convention on Forced Disappearance of Persons, as it can impede the investigation and punishment of those responsible for serious human rights violations," said the statement, which has just been published on the website of the body of the OAS, which consists of more than 300 pages.

ARAB - An apartheid media

When the BBC reporter Sue Lloyd Roberts asked an official at the Saudi Embassy in London if Saudi Arabia could also be shaken by opposition movements, the latter retorted with a grin that demonstrations would not have the same impact elsewhere "because no television channel will dare to cover the event as Tunisia, Egypt or Libya." I thought about zapping that sentence on my small screen in search of stories about events in the Saudi kingdom, or the police who were deployed en masse in order to nip in the bud.

Syria blames the incident a "terrorist"

Madrid .- The Syrian information minister, Mohsen Bilal, said Friday that the situation is "totally at peace throughout the country" and claimed that recent incidents in Deraa (in the south, the epicenter of opposition protests) and in the whole of Syria have been caused by "terrorists." "The situation is totally at peace in all the Syrian provinces," said Bilal told the Cadena SER collected by Europa Press.

The Syrians back to the street despite the measures taken by the Government

Several thousand people gathered again in the vicinity of the Al Umari, the heart of the protests in the Syrian city of Deraa, asking for "freedom and revolution", despite the president's promises to consider political reform to be released hours earlier. All sources of assured solvency elmundo. is that since the government spokesman announced plans to change the president, there were four deaths in that place.

UNITED STATES - No worries vis-à-vis the radioactive cloud

"The radioactive particles escaping from the nuclear reactor Fukushima Japan are carried by wind to the North American high in the atmosphere and should reach the California Friday. The supervisors are however confident that the particles do not represent a real health hazard, "reported the Los Angeles Times.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, aims to be reassuring and do not expect that the radioactive cloud is a real threat for the people of Hawaii, Alaska, west coast or U.S. territories in the Pacific. The NRC indicated, however, that the situation was much worse than Tokyo had not initially claimed.

Sarkozy calls for strengthening UN mission in Ivory Coast

Brussels. .- French President Nicolas Sarkozy, announced today that his country will propose a new resolution to strengthen the capacity of the United Nations mission in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI) and stop the violence in the country. In a press conference in Brussels, Sarkozy said he was "very concerned" about developments in the conflict between supporters of the current Ivorian leader, Laurent Gbagbo, Alassane Ouattara and recognized by the international community as president.

Yemen's president promises to cede power peacefully

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has given new steps on Thursday to try to stop the riots. If yesterday said he was willing to hold early elections this year, today offered an amnesty to military personnel who have been "folly" of destabilizing and join the opposition. Has promised to transfer power peacefully, but has given no indication of the times or conditions, according to a statement read by him on the news channel Al Jazeera.

CONTRACEPTION - A male contraceptive extract of a plant

Already in adolescence, Bambang Eko Parjogo Wardojo dreamed of inventing a way to control the world population explosion. His determination has paid off. At 54 years, Professor of Pharmacology and Phytochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Airlangga University, Surabaya, is now legal inventor of the contraceptive pill based gendarusse (Justicia gendarussa).

Seven years after having filed the patent. For him the culmination of a lifetime. The gendarusse is a plant that grows in bush in the lowland plains. It can reach two meters in height. Its stem is black or green leaves and a bright purple, inclining to brown. In Indonesia, it is commonly used, empirically, in the countryside to treat migraines, rheumatism and pain.

Portugal: Sócrates at the end

Portugal: Sócrates at the end. Six years ago, are surprisingly clear victory was accompanied by great hopes, for the country which had previously been the conservative "Barroso" party tried in vain to give an inner jerk, put in a stubborn stagnation.

Syria, Assad ready to make concessions historical But the opposition back to the streets again

Tension is rising in Syria. The Baathist regime announced the creation of a committee to start the long-awaited political reforms. It orders the release of activists detained in recent days. It is the result after the killing of dozens of civilians died under the blows of repression of the government security forces in southern Syria, which has led the regime of Al Assad, in power for forty years, to give a sign of change.

JAPAN - Yen, nuclear power and the emperor

Japan accumulates, says the business newspaper, which devotes its main title of the day to the sharp rise of the national currency. For the first time since April 1995, when the sarin gas attack in Tokyo subway, the dollar traded at 79 yen on 17 March. A trend that reflects the consequences of the earthquake of March 11, the series of incidents that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and the disengagement of local investors in the markets at risk, the newspaper said.

Paris is preparing for a Libya without Qaddafi and says the operation is a matter of weeks

France is preparing for the design of a Libya without Qaddafi, which will be the Transitional Council and other "personalities" policies of the country and believes that the military operation is a matter of "days or weeks, not months." The French foreign minister, Alain Juppe, has enabled France to discern how it considers the future of Libya after the implementation of Security Council resolution in the UN's exclusion from the North African country's airspace.

HAITI - Towards an imminent return of former President Aristide

"Everything is ready to receive Aristide on Thursday 17 March," as the weekly Haiti. Overthrown in 2004 and forced into exile, the former president is preparing to return to the island "officially and definitively," says the publication. The United States, among others, had lobbied for it yet defers his return, three days before the second round of presidential elections.

The poll will be held under high tension, the two candidates, and Michel Martelly Mirlande Manigat, being at loggerheads.

NATO is committed to vigorously enforcing the arms embargo

Naples / Ankara .- NATO is committed to vigorously enforcing the arms embargo on Libya, with the use of force where necessary, while also confident that the new mission ally has the inclusion of new countries to provide more ships, aircraft and submarines. "We will ensure the free movement of legitimate vessels needed by the people of Libya," said the head of the so-called 'Operation Unified Protector', the Italian Admiral Rinaldo Veri, in a press conference at NATO headquarters in Naples ( Italy).

Radiation in the Tokyo water drops below the allowed limit

The radiation measured in the tap water in Tokyo has fallen below the legal limit for children and babies, according to the Jiji news agency. This information was confirnada metropolitan authorities of Japan's capital, 250 kilometers southwest of the Fukushima nuclear plant. Yesterday, the authorities recomendabanque children could not drink tap water after certain levels of radiation detected in tap water.

Libya - Gaddafi's troops at the gates of Benghazi

"The Battle of Benghazi be bloody," as the Algerian daily. "After having conquered several cities that were in the hands of opponents armed troops loyal to Gaddafi, backed by combat aircraft, headed for Benghazi," he writes. But taking the citadel of the insurgency, the seat of the Transitional National Council, "might not be a cakewalk," he says.

On site, a call to "general mobilization to repel the onslaught of the dictator" was launched by a dissident colonel.

Tension between Israelis and Palestinians

.- New Gaza rockets from the Palestinian territories BFHI impact on Israeli soil, near a town south of Tel Aviv, while Israel jets fired on targets in the Gaza Strip. The Israel Police reported that two long-range Grad rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas, had hit in Ashdod and in an area north of the Mediterranean Sea port, without any casualties.

Emergency services have also reported the firing of rockets that had beaten near Yavneh, a town 45 kilometers from Gaza and 20 kilometers from Tel Aviv. This area has already been attacked during the War of Gaza, between December 2008 and January 2009. In addition, the Israel Army has reported that five rockets and a mortar shell fired from Gaza into Israeli territory had exploded, causing no casualties.

The complaint procedure a large number of civilian casualties in the allied bombing in Tripoli

The Libyan official news agency Jana says the international coalition raids on the outskirts of Tripoli had "targeted a residential area, military sources said. "The colonialist aggressor bombing in Tripoli Tajoura area has led to a residential neighborhood (...), which has resulted in many civilian deaths," the agency said.

To show the world the certainty of his statements, several Libyan officials have moved to a group of reporters at a hospital in the capital to teach the charred bodies of 18 people, including military and civilian, who may have been killed by the Allied attack. Jana also says that a "third bombing" of the coalition was "against the rescue teams were working to recover bodies and injured in the first two raids in a residential area of Tajoura.

INDIA - Rebound fatal in a huge corruption scandal

The massive corruption scandal in telecommunications, which had already soaked up Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, made a victim March 16: Sadiq Batcha, a businessman suspected of being involved in malpractices, was found hanged at his home. According to his wife, he committed suicide to avoid disgrace.

He had been assistant to A. Raja, the former telecommunications minister now in prison for having sold licenses to mobile-friendly enterprises.

French fighter aircraft shoot down a Libyan aircraft violating the no-fly zone

Barcelona (Editorial) .- A French fighter shot down a Libyan warplane was violating the air exclusion zone, as reported by ABC News on its website. According to U.S. television, is the first Army airplane Muammar Gaddafi regime that violates the no-fly zone, imposed last Thursday night by the Security Council of the UN.

The incident occurred near the town of Misrata. The news of the fighter plane shot down by the French army came a day after Chief Operating Officer of the British Air Force, the Vice Marshal Greg Bagwell, make sure that the Libyan air force "no longer exists as a fighting force" after the attacks made by the international coalition forces.

Work is continuing to cool the reactor 3 in Fukushima

The staff at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has resumed work to try to cool the reactor 3, after a day of disruption due to the emergence of black smoke, as announced by the Japanese agency for nuclear safety. While confirming that the black smoke has stopped, the agency has not reported the cause of this incident.

The reactor 3 nuclear plant is the greatest concern to the authorities, who suffered extensive damage during the tsunami on 11 March and also suffered an explosion in the building that covers due to excessive accumulation of hydrogen. Firefighters try to cool the fuel to prevent melt and prevent the outflow of radioactivity, said an agency official.

PAKISTAN - The American murderer buys his freedom

"The murderer Rambo is back in custody, he bought his freedom in 'blood money'," as the newspaper of Lahore. The American Raymond Davis, presented as a CIA agent, was released on March 16 while he was being charged with double murder for killing two young Pakistanis in January. But families of the victims gave their forgiveness in exchange for "blood money", a financial compensation under Islamic law.

Young protesters calling for democratic reforms in Jordan

Amman - Hundreds of young people demonstrated today in the Jordanian capital, Amman, to demand political reforms and an end to corruption. The protestors carried placards demanding the dissolution of the lower house of Parliament and constitutional amendments. The organizers, a group called "Youth on 24 March," said they were not politically affiliated and planned to stay close to Gamal Abdel Nasser Square, in Amman, until their demands are met.

Socrates now goes to Brussels under the threat of a financial rescue

Portuguese Prime Minister submitted his resignation yesterday after all the opposition parties voted against the room containing the executive plan of Lisbon. José Socrates has blamed the main opposition group to force the crisis by "partisan interests." Socrates Thursday will attend the European Council in Brussels as prime minister to try to defend his handling of the economic crisis and try to avoid a far more plausible bailout.

BENIN - funny business after the first round of presidential

Five days after the first round of presidential elections, we still do not know the results. Rosine Soglo, wife of former president, "still strong despite his age and blindness," claims it will be the second round. Supporters of his rival, Boni Yayi, evoke a victory by K.-0. The newspaper asks: "Shall we follow the example of Côte d'Ivoire, civil war, or that of Niger, where the former Prime Minister acknowledged the historic victory of the opponent in the election Issoufou March 12? "

Former Ukrainian President Kuchma, indicted for the murder of a journalist

Kiev .- The Ukrainian Prosecutor General today filed formal charges against the country's president Leonid Kuchma for his alleged involvement in the murder in 2000 of journalist Georgy Gongadze. "I have brought charges. Since the read. On Monday, I again referred to the investigating judge, told reporters the accused himself after being questioned at the Department of Education of the Attorney General, informed the local agency.

Five killed, 25 wounded in a suicide attack in Pakistan

At least five people were killed Tuesday and 25 wounded in a suicide attack against a police station in Pakistan's northwestern district of Hangu, told local television channels. The attack occurred when a suicide bomber crashed his car packed with explosives into the police station in Doaba, according to private TV 'Geo TV' and 'Dawn', which cited no sources.

The great explosion caused the deaths of five police officers as 'Geo TV', while 'Dawn' said killed four civilians and a policeman. The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals, some of them critically, according to medical sources. Both Hangu and other towns in the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, which is near the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, there is a strong sectarian tension due to the presence of Shiites, and recorded attacks often.

BAHRAIN - The army imposes curfew

"The Bahraini army imposed a curfew and banned public gatherings after the security forces, March 16, dispersed the Protestants who camped for three weeks in central Manama, the capital. Accordingly, three Ministers have resigned, "says a UAE daily. Two protesters and two policemen were killed. The media also reported the arrest of several opposition figures in the Shiite kingdom ruled by a Sunni minority.

The slaughter of Deraa: young shoots police

Deraa (Writing / AP) .- The main hospital in the town of Dera Syria in the south of the country, has received the bodies of at least 25 protesters died in clashes with security forces, said Thursday a member of staff doctor. Security forces opened fire on hundreds of young people in the north entrance of Deraa on Wednesday afternoon, witnesses said, in a dramatic escalation after nearly a week of protests that have killed at least 32 civilians on Friday, reports Reuters .

Secret photos of orgies Berlusconi

Seven photos are those that have relocated into the ropes to Italian Prime Minister. Are the images of the famous 'bunga-bunga', that 'Il Cavaliere' organized and why now faces justice for an alleged crime of incitement to prostitution. The Italian newspaper 'L'Unita' has published several pictures of some of the orgies in which you can see girls in caring attitude, in bed or with the popular television producer, Lele Mora, who is accused of provide girls with Silvio Berlusconi.