Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celebration and shouts of "Yes We Can at Ground Zero

There is no sadder sound than the Irish bagpipes at Ground Zero, but today, May 2, 2011, sounded like heaven. There to celebrate the death of Bin Laden, demon guard who egged the American imagination for 10 years. Under the spotlight, including television cameras and still cameras fired in a game of mirrors, anointed stars and stripes, thousands of New Yorkers, most veintañeros chanted patriotic cries near the epicenter of which was the most brutal terrorist attack in history.

Bulimic party arrived from the bars, from the bedrooms of the Upper West Side of Columbia, the apartments of the Village or the dens of the Lower East Side. Firefighters and police were seeking to embrace. Climbed lampposts to wave flags. Next to tunnel where 3,000 people were massacred.

Dom Ebalwelde, Australian, said quietly that "this morning, the 11-S, the world changed. Although it is impossible to go back at least serves to close a little hurt." Neil reminisced "the night that Obama won. When everyone went outside and hugged people unknown. I can not get the head when I see all these people." For Steve, a friend of one of the firefighters who died in the collapse of the towers, was "a historic moment, unbelievable, which of course will return to family and friends we lost and will never forget.

America is still a long way to go. The battle against terrorism is far from won, but it is exciting to be here today, where it occurred. "Most of those who came to cheer the death of sociopath were veintañeros, students in some universities in the hot city of beer . lived the 11-S on the knees of their parents.'ve grown Islamist suicide Dynamite lodged in the consciousness.

cheered the name of your country. They repeated the slogan, "Yes we can", that brought Obama to the House White. shouted rather than sang 'The Star-Spangled Banner' and the unofficial anthem, 'America the Beautiful'. Only missed the 'God bless America' by Irving Berlin and "This land is your land 'by Woody Guthrie.

per night windy but warm, some representing the 'happening' of revenge and other flashed a victory ritual. Everyone remembered the fateful morning, a step the small museum, provisional, where they exhibit a fireman's helmet and the motorcycle of one of the victims. Perhaps the ultimate symbol of that reconstruction is unstoppable is the Freedom Tower, which fragments and clouds.

Further north, in Times Square, the mixed plasma displays ads 'blade runner' with the wires that corroborated the death of Terrot identified from DNA samples. Firefighters Unit 54, 'The Pride of Midtown', who lost several comrades in the WTC, they received the congratulations. They had parked a truck in the middle of the square.

Broke into the fun ghosts invaded while the chief Hawkins, white cap, handsome, sober as an Irish captain of the cavalry of Ford, attending journalists. Received pats. Posed for the flashes: "We never lost faith that one day justice would be done." "This is history," repeated a red-haired woman on the phone, as the crowd chanted the name of the country.

Greeted all the murderous warlord, who frightened the children with their mere mention, and tormented the collective psyche, lies under a sarcophagus of shrapnel.

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