Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bangladesh - Muhammad Yunus loses court battle

On 8 March, the Dhaka High Court delivered its verdict in a case of well-attended abroad: it validated the exclusion of Muhammad Yunus of the direction of the Grameen Bank, a bank that he himself had founded . The Nobel Peace Prize, a pioneer of microfinance, had to court, March 3, considering that his removal by the Central Bank of Bangladesh met with political motives.

Mohammad Yunus relations with the government are long-standing conflict.

The head of SWAT in Iraq arrested for corruption

Baghdad. (Reuters) The head of SWAT in Iraq, Brigadier General Numan Dakhil, corruption has been arrested late on Friday after he managed to escape the authorities the day before, as confirmed on Saturday Sabah al Saedi , a member of the Integrity Committee, pursuing corruption offenses. Dakhil was filmed accepting a bribe of $ 50,000 (36,000 euros) to a contractor.

Last Thursday, "eight Integrity Committee investigators caught him when he was receiving bribes from the contractor," said Saedi. However, he escaped after his bodyguards were facing researchers. "The incident has been recorded with judicial permission," he added Saedi. Corruption is one of the biggest problems in Iraq since the U.S.

IRELAND - The new government prepared to take office

"Enda Kenny reward the team that led the party to victory," as the Dublin newspaper. On 9 March, the leader of Fine Gael (Christian Democrats) should be invested Prime Minister, after the success of his training in the legislative elections of 25 February. On 8 March, he put the finishing touches to his coalition government with Eamon Gilmore, leader of Labour.

If it gets the Foreign Affairs, Fine Gael is carving out the lion's share with, among others, the Finance and Justice.

An unknown Palestinian group claimed the attack on a Jewish settlement

Gaza .- The "Imad Mugniye Group, a militia that is presented as part of the Martyrs Brigades and Al-Aqsa has claimed in a confusing series of attacks in recent years, today assumed responsibility for the attack in a colony Jewish, which killed five Israelis. "This heroic operation is part of the natural response to the massacres of the Fascist occupation against our people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip," the group in a leaflet sent to reporters by e-mail.

After the earthquake in Japan: nuclear death and hunger for energy

Why nuclear power plants are just built in a country that is constantly shaken by earthquakes? Japan has more experience in dealing with earthquakes than any other nation, the picturesque traditional Japanese design with houses made of wood and paper is simply a response to these ever-present danger..

Concern in Japan about the possibility of a new explosion in central Fukushima

Three days of the powerful earthquake that struck Japan, the country still searching for the thousands of victims left by the disaster while anxiously waiting news on the earthquake damage in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and its consequences for the population. The Government of Japan stated that there is a risk of another explosion, similar to yesterday, at the nuclear plant.

Previously, authorities had not ruled out a merger enabled kernel in reactors 1 and 3 nuclear power plant, a fact which could not confirm. "We believe it is likely that the merger has occurred," said Yukio Edan government spokesman in a press conference in response to a question about the risk of merging.

Earthquake in Japan: 1,800 dead, 10,000 missing

One and a half day after the largest natural disaster in the history of Japan is expected that more than 1,800 people lost their lives. This figure is according to reports from the Japanese news agency Kyodo on Sunday morning (local time) from the date of the police confirmed number of 687 deaths and the number of missing persons.

However, it is expected that the number of fatalities rise - alone in the village Minamisanriku in the hard-hit province of Miyagi, there were 9500 people and thus of every other inhabitant is no sign of life. Since the earthquake of 8.9 intensity of Friday were 3,000 people have been rescued, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said on Saturday.

LIBYA - The treasurer of Gaddafi maintains the suspense

For weeks, everyone had lost track of him. March 8, Farhat Omar Bengdara finally sent an email to the editor of the British financial daily report that he was in Turkey. Former Governor of the Central Bank of Libya - he claims to have been replaced in that position - it has information leading to the finances of the "Libyan", and could help the international community to freeze the assets of Gaddafi.

America is back to normal after tsunami alert

Readers correspondents residing in the area of \u200b\u200btsunami alert us informed of how it has developed a state of alarm the different countries of the West Coast. Although some situations "rare", the sea has remained calm, there have been ups and generally few evacuations of the coastal population have occurred without incident.

However, Chile still remains on alert. "They breathe the same time calm and uncertainty," explains Peter Giménez. According to records obtained by the Navy (Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy), the Government decided to evacuate the people living on the coast and found in potential flood areas.

Israel responds to the murder of a family adopting new homes in West Bank

In response to the murder of an Israeli couple and their three children aged 11 years, 4 and a baby of three months, two Palestinians stabbed at their home in Itamar settlement (West Bank), Israel has approved construction of 400 houses in the three large blocks of settlements, Gush Etsion, Maale Adumim and Ariel.

"This is a modest building in a territory that in any future peace agreement will be part of Israel," they explain in the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a decision that has as main objective to appease the wrath of the settlers after the attack Itamar. In some cases, this anger at the death of five young family members Fogel, stabbed in their sleep-has already led to stone throwing against Palestinian villages and cars.

DIPLOMACY - The Year of France in Mexico permanently canceled

The Quai d'Orsay was confirmed on 8 March, the talks failed to save the Year of France in Mexico. Mexico had suspended its participation in this cultural event to denounce the decision of Nicolas Sarkozy to dedicate it to the French Cassez, held in Mexico. Break reaffirming that had no right "to a fair trial," the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bernard Valero, has finally buried any hope of compromise with the Mexican authorities.

The Japanese government says the nuclear plant explosion in the reactor was not

Tokyo. .- The Government of Japan said today that the explosion that occurred at the Fukushima nuclear plant 1 (northern Japan) was not in the reactor, and caused a major radiation leak. In a press conference, the minister spokesman Yukio Edan, said the blast, which also damaged the steel shell that protects the reactor, was due to a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen and said it has lowered the level of radioactivity in the area.

Libyan rebels welcome the support of the Arab League while still fighting

The highest body Libyan rebel inhabitants of the cities controlled by the opposition welcomed the decision of the Arab League to support a no-fly zone in Libya, while continuing clashes, in which the rebels have been forced to retreat in Ras Lanuf. "The decision by the Arab League has been supporting the imposition of a no-fly zone and we welcome the Arab League for this decision," said spokesman Libyan National Transitional Council (CNLT) Abdelhafiz Ghoga in a press conference in Benghazi, the second largest town and main rebel stronghold.

GERMANY - The Summit on E10 biofuel made pschit!

"The biofuel rest!" In a tabloid of Hamburg, the most widely read newspaper in Germany, the disappointment is palpable. Drivers boycotted the mixture for several days superBio E10: recently introduced into service stations, he was accused of damaging the engine. March 8, Angela Merkel had called an emergency summit in Berlin.

But for the government and manufacturers of fuel, this is not the quality of the E10 is at stake, but the bad information to consumers.

Environmentalists warn that the radioactive dose Fukushima cause "errors" in workers

MADRID. .- Ecologists in Action has warned that the situation in reactors 1 and 2 of the central Fukushima (Japan) is "very serious" and that the dose of radioactivity that must endure the plant workers will increase stress and cause "errors ". The nuclear plant has six reactors Fuskushima boiling water in operation and two more under construction, also in boiling water.

Reactors 1 and 2, suffering from serious problems, became operational on 26 March 1971 and July 18, 1974, respectively, and have electrical power of 460 MW and 784 MW. This association has pointed out that I Fukushima reactor is "similar" to the nuclear power Garoña (Burgos). In the central boiling water steam is extracted from the containment dome some pipes that run through several central units to reach the turbines, where electricity is generated.

Libyan rebels fled in disarray before the army harassment gadafista

Stuffed in a military uniform and accompanied by a large cohort of bodyguards, General Abdul Fatah Yunes, stated that "as in all desert war fronts changed every hour." "Ras Lanuf return today or tomorrow," he said in front of reporters. But the conviction Yunes not seem to respond to the reality that is seen today in the front line that has now been established around the village of Egeila, several tens of kilometers of the strategic and the Ras Lanuf petrochemical plant.

PAKISTAN - The intelligence services covered by an attack

A deadly attack that, again, the one from the Pakistani press. March 8, Faisalabad, the third largest city, located in the province of Punjab, was the first target of a major terrorist attack. A bomb exploded at a gas station, not far from the offices of the Pakistani intelligence services. The assessment reported 25 dead, 160 injured and destroying many buildings.

This March 9, another bomb killed at least 24 people outside a funeral in Peshawar (north-west).

The minute after the catastrophe in Japan

Huge rescue operation to help earthquake survivors

Japan has mobilized 100,000 troops on Saturday and rescue personnel to provide assistance to survivors of the earthquake that struck Japan on Friday and triggered a tsunami. The National Police has risen to nearly 900 the number of dead. The official death toll from the devastating earthquake on Friday in the northeastern coast of Japan has now reached 801 and 678 are missing, according to the latest count provided today by the police.

KENYA - Six political leaders summoned to appear before the ICC

On 8 March the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo, has ordered a hearing on 7 April, six senior Kenyan politicians. They are suspected of crimes against humanity during the 2007-2008 post-election violence, during which over 1200 people had been killed. Among the defendants who will appear at The Hague are ministers and relatives of President Mwai Kibaki.

"It was a nightmare, shaking lasted all night"

"Tonight has been a nightmare. We slept dressed, with a flashlight and a suitcase next to the basics to survive, if we were running." The shaking lasted all night, reports from Tsukada Dolça Fabregat (Ibaraki, north of Tokyo). "We could not sleep and now we are still the same. We have said all week we will be well." March 11 was a long day.

Fabregat soon returned home. Spent the whole afternoon in a park, feeling the terrible aftershocks and tsunami that devastated Japan and has left 1,000 dead in its wake. They got blankets and water. The food was more complicated. In a nearby shop that was still open there was no food. Finally, they were told they could return home, not without difficulties.

The Arab League supports imposing a no-fly zone over Libya

The Arab League on Saturday paved the way for action by the international community to endorse the establishment of an air exclusion zone in Libya and recognized as a partner to the National Transitional Interim authority based in Benghazi which manages the East liberated from the yoke of Muammar Gaddafi.

The final declaration of the emergency meeting held in Cairo by Arab foreign ministers urged the Security Council of the UN to "assume their responsibility to the deteriorating situation in Libya and immediately impose an exclusion zone for air traffic Libyan. " In addition, it calls for the creation of "safe areas in areas exposed to the bombing as a preventive measure to protect the Libyan people and foreigners residing in the country." The 22 member states of the pan-Arab organization also agreed to establish communication with the National Council to provide urgent assistance to the Libyan people and said the Gaddafi regime, in power since the coup of 1969, has lost legitimacy because of "serious crimes and violations "committed since the start of the riots, on 15 February.

GRANTS - Bad Scenario for European cinema

The prospect of Brussels limit or cut off public subsidies to European audiovisual production as part of its program MEDIA raised an outcry among all the great names of cinema on the continent. Countless directors have already signed a petition deploring efficiency plans by the European Commission in the field of cinema.

"We reject outright the removal of the Media Programme or even a merger within another larger program. We call on the President of the European Commission so that it receives as soon as possible a delegation of European directors, "requires the manifest. Yet some in the Commission wished to deny the proposed deletion: "The MEDIA Programme is not threatened, it is a great success," insists Dennis Abbott, spokesman for the Commissioner for Culture, Vassiliou.

Police killed a 12-year Yemen protests

Sana'a (Yemen) (Writing / Agencies) .- Two protesters, including a boy of 12 years, died today as a result of police shootings in Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, as reported by French news agency AFP . Protests have taken place in the capital and Moukalla city in the southeast, and the opposition demanded the end of the term of President Ali Abdallah Saleh.

In Sana'a, the police have launched in the early hours of this morning an assault on the protesters camped outside the University from February 21 firing live ammunition and tear gas. One protester was killed and over 300 wounded, among them wounded by gunfire. The UN has indicated that since the riots began in defense of a democratic transition in the country for two months, a total of 37 opposition militants and six policemen have been killed in clashes popular.

Clinton condemns the heinous attack on a Jewish settlement in West Bank

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the "brutal" murder of five Israelis in the Jewish settlement of Itamar, and called it "outrageous" attack on this community in the northern West Bank. The five are from the same family: two parents and three of his sons, who were sleeping. In a statement, the U.S.

diplomat said that "U.S. condemns this heinous attack in the strongest possible terms" and said he was "shocked and deeply saddened" by the "brutal murder" of Israeli family. "Killing innocent children and their parents while they sleep is an inhuman crime for which there is no justification," said Clinton, who moved its condolences to the family and friends of the victims, and demanded that "stop and deemed" a murderers.

DENMARK - Can you insult the Queen?

The issue of maintaining - or not - a law of 1931 which prohibits insulting the royal family divides political parties, notes the daily Berlingske. This topic has been raised since the Minister of Justice, Lars Barfoed (Conservative) gave its green light to a judge that two Greenpeace activists are prosecuted under that law, which has hitherto never been applied.

Japan's nuclear agency ruled out damage to the armor of nuclear reactor in Fukushima

Tokyo. .- Japan's nuclear agency ruled out that the explosion this morning at a Fukushima nuclear plant damaged the structure of the reactor protection, sources of the organization's official news agency Kyodo. "Any damage to the protection of the reactor is highly unlikely," he was quoted as saying.

However, as a new preventive measure, the evacuation area for the two nuclear plants in Fukushima has been extended to 20 kilometers after the explosion this morning at a power plant, according to state broadcaster NHK. The experts consulted believe that the damage could be minimal if the blast did not open the interior of reactor.

The Taliban at the gates of Kabul

The shooters fired several bursts deterrent to their guns when the helicopter flies over a mountainous area in southern Wardak, in eastern Afghanistan. Wardak is one of the six provinces bordering Kabul and, if possible, the most important. There goes the main road linking the south with northern Afghanistan and, therefore, is a key area for communications and commerce.

In the coming days will accompany U.S. troops are deployed in the province: the Patriot, from Louisiana. My goal is to see what the security situation in a province that is at the gates of Kabul, the capital of Wardak, Maidan Shar, is only 35 kilometers west of the Afghan capital, at a time when it is proposed start moving to the Afghan army and police accountability in certain areas of Afghanistan to take control alone without the help of international troops.

KOSOVO - Negotiate with Serbia, yes, but as a sovereign state!

In its reports, the European Commission has often - and rightly - criticized the Kosovo Parliament to neglect his work as representative body of citizens. But today is the international community has preferred to that proceeding with a fait accompli on dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade. Instead of being the place where the strategy is preparing for these negotiations, the Parliament of Kosovo is the last debate and at the last moment.

The EU still does not make a decision on Libya

Gödöllö (Hungary) - The European Union is looking today at a meeting of foreign ministers Gödöllö in Hungary, a joint action plan to address the crisis in Libya. "Neither option is particularly easy," said Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, told reporters en route to the meeting for a second day of the Ministers.

The lack of "options on the table" is creating the need for a lengthy debate, he said. Bild said that the idea of \u200b\u200bsanctions on the country's oil industry could have long term effects and unintended indicated that the EU is unlikely to lead a military intervention to impose an air exclusion zone to the forces of Mohamed al-Gaddafi.

Japan rules out serious damage after the explosion nuclear

Japan was late afternoon (15.36 hours) and a loud explosion was heard near the reactor No. 1 of the Fukushima nuclear power plant (about 270 miles northeast of Tokyo). Here the level of radioactivity had increased alarmingly after a strong earthquake which shook eastern Japan yesterday. Four nuclear plant workers have been injured by the effects of the blast, but not in critical condition, according to the operator, Tokyo Elecytric Powe Co.

UNITED STATES - Guantanamo: the flip-flop Obama

On January 22, 2009, two days after his inauguration, Bush had promised to close the detention center sinister reputation. By a new presidential decree signed Monday, March 7, he endorsed its existence and the resumption of trials before military tribunals.

The list of relevant incidents at nuclear power plants

International Writing. .- The explosion today at a nuclear plant in Fukushima (Japan), damaged by an earthquake, adding to the list of relevant incidents in these facilities, who heads the one in 1986 at Chernobyl (Ukraine) the most serious of consequences so far. Other accidents in nuclear-December 12, 1952 .- The first serious nuclear accident occurs at the Chalk River plant in Ottawa (Canada), the core partially melted, causing no injuries.

CSN Director warns that a nuclear accident could be serious

Security technical director of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), Isabel Mellado, assured that if the Japanese central Fukushima, where today there has been a blast, still without power in the coming hours, "would be an accident serious nuclear. " Mellor explained that the earthquake of 8.8 magnitude on the Richter scale that hit Japan yesterday left without power at this power plant with six boiling water reactors, similar to that of the Spanish plant of Garona (Burgos) .

UNITED KINGDOM - The British universities are reaching out to dictators

75 million pounds sterling were paid by 12 Heads of States of Middle East research center 'independent' of the University of Oxford, according to a source quoted in The Independent. The diary provides an overview of prestigious UK universities that have accepted funding from dictatorial regimes. The paper refers to the resignation, on March 3, the director of the London School of Economics after it was recognized that the decision to accept 300,000 pounds (350,000 euros) endowment of a son Colonel Gaddafi, Seif al-Islam, was erroneous.