Thursday, May 12, 2011

Osama bin Laden in Highbury

One of the songs that sing the Arsenal fans in the stands says, "Osama, woah, woah / Osama, woah-waoh / he's hiding in Kabul, / he loves the 'Arsenul'!". It's a song that Bin Laden's death gives more topical, and not hiding in Afghanistan but in Pakistan it matters little, even the most sophisticated GPS is often wrong.

Sufficient to change the tense for it to last for decades: "Osama, woah, woah / Osama, woah-waoh / He Was hiding in Kabul, / I loved the 'Arsenul'!". Arsenal sympathies awake. They are (or were) Arsenal Kevin Costner, Fidel Castro, Queen Mother (RIP), Joan of Sagar, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Spike Lee, Chloe Sevigny ...

Egypt seeks to 9,000 million euros to keep the country

Three months ago Mubarak is gone, but not a day without representation in Egypt. Tuesday was the turn of the doctors. Like many trade categories, after 30 years of deaf ask for better working conditions and raise salaries. No wonder: the Egyptians paid an average of 329 pounds -40 euros a week, and this according to official statistics Mubarak optimistic.

The problem is that such protest is leaving the economy on the brink of paralysis. Instability has also scared off tourists, the primary source of foreign exchange. In Sharm el Sheikh, for example, hotel occupancy in April was 32%, up from 11% in full apocalyptic revolution, but well below the usual 75%.

Syria waiver to enter the Human Rights Council UN

Syria has withdrawn its candidacy for a seat on the Human Rights Council (UN HRC), after many states were opposed to it because of the bloody crackdown on peaceful demonstrators protesting against the regime of Bashar Assad. Syria's decision was announced at a meeting held behind closed doors this miérocles countries belong to Asia.

Kuwaiti Ambassador Mansour Ayyad Alotaibi, explained after the meeting that his country, which would be submitted to the Human Rights Council in 2013, decided to advance his candidacy this year, while Syria delay time his intention to sit on that body. The Syrian ambassador to the UN, Bashar Assad, avoided linking his government's decision to postpone its application to international pressure and said the movement is due to a "priority review" of their country.

Denmark restore border controls within the EU

Copenhagen / Brussels .- Denmark has signed the Schengen Treaty which removes internal borders in Europe, has decided to establish permanent border controls with Germany and Sweden, as announced by the liberal-conservative government. The European Commission (EC) is studying the decision, as explained a spokesman for the EU executive.

The agreement will enter into force within weeks, was made possible through the support of far-right Danish People's Party, allied foreign government since 2001 and a Member of the Christian Democratic Party. The move comes amid debate on the reform of the Schengen Treaty by France and Italy led to the massive influx of immigrants from North Africa.

LIBYA - A field of rivalry between France and Turkey

The recent events in Libya have allowed France, who was seeking a regional role, to stand. The interest shown by France to North Africa and the Middle East and its initiatives in this region is in a position of rivalry with Turkey, which also strives to pursue an entrepreneurial in the region. Nicolas Sarkozy's ambition to make France a world power is the main motivation that drove Paris to move quickly to action from the beginning of unrest in Libya and to intervene militarily in persuading Britain to accompany .

France sets date for presidential elections, 2012

Paris. .- France held the first round of presidential elections on April 22, 2012 and the second round on May 6, today announced the interior minister, Claude Guéant, at the weekly meeting of the Executive. In the overseas territories of Guadeloupe, Guyana, Saint Pierre-et-Miquelon Saint-Barthélemy, Saint Martin in French Polynesia and the elections will be held on Saturday evening before these dates to take into account the time difference, the government in a statement.

Sarkozy will not see the film on his political life to protect her mental health

French President Nicolas Sarkozy will not see the film 'La Conquête' (The Conquest) which Durringer Xavier narrates the rise of the French head of state because he wants to protect their own "mental health". In an interview published Wednesday by the journal Télérama ", Sarkozy argued that" too crazy narcissism "to justify why avoid seeing the tape.

"In general I do not read what they write about me because I'm never satisfied. If it is critical, I find it unfair, if praised, it is never enough ... So, is it worth?" Asked Sarkozy. In addition, the president of France says it has the "beginning" to "respect the freedom of creation" and therefore not opposed to 'La Conquête' was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival May 18 and demanded a previewing the tape to "control what is said." Asked by the actor who gives life on the big screen, Xavier Durringer, Sarkozy said he was surprised to learn that it was chosen to get into your skin because it looked "very fragile." "I was surprised I could incarnated on the screen, it seemed so fragile!" Says the head of the French state.

The EU will shortly open a diplomatic representation in Benghazi

Strasbourg. .- The new diplomatic service of the European Union (EU) will soon be represented at the Benghazi Libyan rebel stronghold in the east of Libya, said today the High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the block, Catherine Ashton. As stated in the UK, the Office of the European External Action Service (EEAS) could assist in various tasks.

Among them, he said "help in education, health care, border security, with the kind of help we can offer and we want to offer them," Ashton said in Strasbourg. SEAE office, created at the request of the Lisbon Treaty, will not only support the Libyan population, but also civil society and the rebels of the National Transition Council, which lumps those who struggle against the Libyan leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi, said Ashton.

Police stopped and beaten Bahraini girls to bury protests

Madrid. .- The Police has arrested and golpeadoa Bahraini girls aged between 12 and 16 years of age in at least fifteen girls' schools under the repression of antigovernment demonstrations, revealed on Wednesday Al Jazeera. An investigation by the Qatari television station has obtained evidence that the police have carried out regular attacks against girls' schools.

In an interview to Al Jazeera, 'Heba', a girl aged 16, complained that she and three companions were arrested by police and subjected to beatings during the three days that were held. According to the main Shiite opposition group, Al Wefaq, the police have conducted raids in fifteen girls' schools and have arrested, beaten and threatened with rape of girls of only twelve years old.

The radical Islamic group Al Shabab in Somalia bans smoking

Somalis live on Tuesday with a ban in a long list imposed by the regime of terror of Al Shabab, the acolytes of Al Qaeda in Somalia. Islamic radicals who control the central and southern Somalia have just banned the Somalis who smoke cigarettes or chew qat (like hallucinogenic leaf of the coca leaf which is widely spread throughout the country) in the district of Afgoye, a few kilometers south of Mogadishu, the capital, an area controlled by Al Shabab.

Arab revolt - The role played by Washington

Several organizations funded by the U.S. government played a proactive role in the uprisings of the Arab world, révèleThe New York Times. Among them: the NGO Freedom House, based in Washington, and the International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute, affiliated organizations at both major U.S.

parties. If these organizations did not start hostilities against the local autocrats, it has been many years that they contribute to the financing and training of pro-democracy activists in the region, "said the American daily. In particular, they supported the leaders of the youth movement in Egypt, 6 April, the Centre for Human Rights in Bahrain, Yemen and the young leader Entsar Qadhi.

JAPAN - Compensation for residents of Fukushima

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), operator of the plant in Fukushima Daiichi, has announced it will pay compensation of more than 1 million yen (about 8,300 euros) to each household residing in a radius of 30 km around the site. For households of one person will be compensated to the tune of 750,000 yen (about 6,235 euros).

"In total, 48,000 households will receive such compensation as early as mid-April," said the daily Yomiuri Shimbun. The total of these payments will be 50 billion yen, or about 415 million euros.

Ban Ki-moon says she is relieved after taking Osama bin Laden to justice

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday he was "relieved" after the operation launched by the U.S. that killed the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. "I am relieved that justice has been served with this inspiring terrorism," Ban said in a press conference in Geneva. "You must understand that the whole operation was carried out under very difficult and complicated," said the secretary general, in response to a question about the criticism it has generated the operation for failing to capture terrorist leader alive.

A Spanish diplomat to visit Manu Brabo achieved in Tripoli

Madrid. .- The family of photojournalist Manu Brabo, Libiadesde retained in the April 5, has welcomed the Spanish diplomat sent to Tripoli to manage their release got to visit last Monday. Speaking to Europa Press, Brabo's father, Manuel Varela, has confirmed that his son is "good" and "more lively" to know that a representative of the Spanish state dedicated exclusively to forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi will put free.

The EU opened an office in Benghazi

The European Union plans to open an office in the Libyan capital of the rebels, Benghazi, as confirmed by the very head of EU diplomacy, Catherine Ashton. "We will open an office as discussed so far and especially to support the civilian population and to the National Transition Council", he explained Ashton, who has detailed below the EU support the reform include helping insurgents and establish new institutions.

Literature - Love women under the bombs

A French novel to legendary success, written sixty years ago, has been published for the first time in France. How is this possible? It's a long story, exciting, where I played a modest role of bystander. It's also a story in history, which makes it even more attractive: this is the first story of the ultimate love story of an idol of British cinema of the 1930s and 1940s which was a destiny tragic.