Friday, April 29, 2011

Israel warned that the alliance between Hamas and Fatah the West Bank can take

Jerusalem .- The Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said today that the recent reconciliation reached between Hamas and Fatah may lead the Islamist movement to gain control of the West Bank. This was stated in an interview with radio station Galei IDF Israeli army, which said efforts to end the Palestinian political division are the result of fear of Hamas, whose political bureau based in Damascus, that the collapse of the Syrian regime.

New demonstrations in Syria

Social networks return to action against the regimes in the Middle East. On this occasion, the "young of the Syrian revolution" have called on Thursday, through Facebook, to get back out on the streets to demonstrate against Bashar Assad, in solidarity with the city of Dera, where protests began mid-March.

"Friday the cholera, April 29 in solidarity with Deraa" can be read on his Facebook page. "To all the youth of the revolution, tomorrow we will be in all places, in all the streets near (...), we all claim their besieged cities and we will join our brothers in Deraa. This is the message that the militants have left written on Thursday.

FUTURE - Harder will be the path to reconciliation

Côte d'Ivoire has offered the world a unique example: that of a legitimate head of state elected by his constituents who is forced to couple his election victory in a military victory to finally govern. Govern, yes, that's the word, but govern what country? Govern an Ivory Coast devastated by instability for many years and which will leave a pernicious identity conflict.

This means that, if it became effective after the big parenthesis blood reopened for four months and we hope it closes soon and forever, the power Ouattara will be another war to win: that of national reconciliation , which is by far the hardest to take. Why reconciliation Ivorians Will it imperative after serious disturbances in recent weeks? Because it will affect and concern one of the key links in the chain of stability in the country, namely the armed forces, police and gendarmerie.

Gaddafi attacks could have killed 30,000 Libyans

Washington .- The U.S. Government. UU. believes that it is difficult to estimate the number of civilians who have died in Libya since Muammar Gaddafi launched its bloody military campaign against the rebels, but felt that there could be 30,000 dead. The U.S. ambassador. UU. in Tripoli, Gene Cretz, located in Washington since the State Department suspended the operations of its representation in Libya, told reporters it was "very difficult" to determine how many have been killed so far by the attacks by forces loyal Gaddafi against the rebels.

Nigeria closes the chapter elections

Nigeria election closes his chapter with the satisfaction of having held an election for governor "peaceful" and "held in a professional manner," according to the Nigerian Electoral Commission, although the event has been marked by low turnout, fueled by voter fatigue after three electoral events in less than a month, and the theft of ballots in some states.

According to the first data began to emerge after the elections last Tuesday, the hegemonic Democratic Party (PDP) would have kept the baton in at least seven states and so maintain its power, even in the north, although there would lost at least two governors, a very powerful figure with great influence on the federated Nigeria.

SYRIA - The country is ripe for democracy

Deraa Why? Observers are wondering since the beginning, March 13, revolt in this town in south-eastern Syria. What specific economic or social unrest explain this sudden? The city has no political overtones, nor were militant past, and the Muslim Brotherhood are not very present. The various communities that make up its population have never had any specific demands.

The incident that set fire to the powder is that a group of students armed with chalk and wrote anti-government slogans on the outside walls of their establishment. Security forces have struck teenagers to stop them and take them to Damascus. Families are then gathered in the main mosque in the city to discuss the matter, but armed men attacked them by firing in all directions.

Rebel leader dies in Ivory Coast who helped defeat Ouattara Gbagbo

Abidjan .- The leader of a militia in Ivory Coast who helped the president Alassane Ouattara to beat his rivalLaurent Gbagbo has died in a battle that took place on Wednesday after his men would not accept the president's order to disarm. Ouattara came to power after a disputed election, and after his opponent Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to leave the government, was arrested in mid-April.

"I can confirm that Ibrahim Coulibaly had been killed during a battle that took place on Wednesday," said a Defense Ministry spokesman, Captain Alla Kouakou. Known as "IB", Coulibaly was a senior commander of the rebels in the rebellion that erupted in 2002 in the country. And he led the rebel until his leadership was discussed by the current Prime Minister Ouattara, Guillaume Soro.

Hamas and Fatah: a marriage of convenience

It is an agreement in principle but may also be the beginning of the new Palestinian course if your firm leadership finally reconciliation. Egypt has been announced and the leaders have put their signature on an "understanding" but have yet to solve complex issues such as security control in Gaza, dominated by the Islamist Hamas and the West Bank where they patrol the nationalist Fatah forces trained by U.S..

PERU - Land of twists election

The electoral outcome is a high-risk sport in Peru. But it is difficult for a political commentator does not give in to temptation. Today, the only certainty in this presidential election is that there will be a second round and that no fewer than five candidates are likely to be included. It can happen in a week's election in Peru this happens in a year in Chile and a century in Switzerland, as I say in jest, these days, in my television program.

A military court sentenced to death in Bahrain

A military court of the Kingdom of Bahrain, in a state of emergency from March 15 to confront the massive social protests demanding democratic reforms, has condemned this morning to four Shiite demonstrators to death and three others to life in prison accused of the premeditated murder of two police officers who took part in the repression of the protests, reported the Bahraini state agency.

UNITED STATES - The mixing is needed in the Deep South

Hattiesburg (Mississippi) Here in the Deep South, has been respected for generations the taboo on interracial love. There are fewer than forty-five years, marriage between blacks and whites was illegal and, even after the lifting of the ban, he stayed very long frowned upon. That's why Jeffrey Norwood coach college basketball, hesitated before responding to a tempting job offer.

At the time, Jeffrey Norwood, who is black, was dating a white Métisse Asia. "You will settle in southern Mississippi?" Asked his father in a skeptical tone, remembering the days when just being seen with a woman of another race was run at a Black is deadly. "You're sure?" But after several visits to Hattiesburg, Jeffrey Norwood said he was reassured by what he had seen, namely a growing diversity.

200 members of the party resigned Assad in Syria for the harsh repression in Deraa

Amman (Editorial / Agencies) .- Two hundred members of the ruling Syrian Baath Deraa province and surrounding regions resigned Wednesday in protest against an attack by security forces in the city in the south. "In view of the negative position adopted by the leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party before the events in Syria and Deraa, and after the death of hundreds and thousands of injuries at the hands of various security forces, we present our collective resignation," said in a signed statement, reports EFE.

The bloody carpet William and Kate

"The red carpet wedding at risk of becoming bloody." This was sentenced Labour MP Denis MacShane to the Special Envoy THE WORLD, Ana Romero. "It seems bizarre that a representative of Syria, a state that is killing its citizens with tanks, can sit in Westminster Abbey," concluded the former minister for Europe.

MacSchane The statement formalises the discomfort begins to emerge within and outside the United Kingdom and the existence of so-called 'guest tyrants' in tomorrow's wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. From 10:00 to 0:00, at Westminster Abbey, will parade down the red carpet a total of 1,900 guests.

Dennis Tito: the first space tourist

Space billionaire lover. With these data had many ballots Dennis Tito to become the first space tourist. He fulfilled his dream on April 28, 2001 after paying (or not) astronomical amount of money for a ticket to board the Soyuz for one week. It was not easy to get to that moment. The two major powers in space, the United States and Russia, lived a particular Cold War Space: NASA apparently opposed to the trip for safety reasons but the Russian space tourists saw a way to cover the decimated economy in the sector space.

Seven killed in an accident in Bordeaux

Seven people died in the early hours of Thursday when a minibus hit a truck had overturned on the A10 motorway north of Bordeaux (southwest France). The prefecture (delegation of the Government) of the Gironde department said the accident occurred shortly after midnight at the height of the town of Marcillac and that the dead were the driver of the truck and the six occupants of the minibus, who apparently came the region of Paris and headed south.

Obama declares state of emergency in Alabama by heavy storms

Birmingham (USA) (Writing / Agencies) .- At least 45 people were killed Wednesday in Alabama (southeastern United States) as a result of the storms and tornadoes, as confirmed Yasamie August, spokesman for the Agency Management State Disaster (EMA for short in English). The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has declared a state of emergency in Alabama and has ordered the dispatch of help from federal agencies.

Will place the Arab League summit this year?

Even before the political earthquake that shook the Middle East, the conclusion of the annual summit of the Arab League, scheduled for mid-March in Baghdad, was doubted by many. The reason was the threat of extremist groups to disrupt the event pump base, a prospect that made it unappealing to the Arab leaders in themselves tend not to unnecessary risks, to fly to Baghdad.

But after the Arab spring that is changing the regional composition irreversibly, the meeting seems impossible. One good reason is that, even if it occurred, would lack a quorum for taking any decision. But the differences among Arab countries at the expense of popular revolutions that have aggravated sectarian differences of the two large blocks (Sunni and Shi'a) are the most complicated the meeting.

LIGHT OF MALAYSIA - Never say never

In 2010, liberals around the world (including myself) were alarmed to see democracy back everywhere. While Europe and the United States began their decline, the emergence of China seemed to herald an era of authoritarianism. Well, 2011 has reversed the trend. Suddenly, democracy, with all its irrationality and madness is back in vogue literally spreads like wildfire: the immolation of a young man in Tunisia was enough to trigger events and regime shifts in throughout the Arab world.

A bottle with the blood of John Paul II, taken before his death, will be displayed during her beatification

The pilgrims who attend this Sunday for the beatification of John Paul Iino can see the remains embalmed, contrary to what is usual in these cases, as the coffin is closed. But the Vatican itself has decided to offer the faithful the chance to venerate the blood of the beloved Polish Pope. The Holy See, meticulous, declined to give precise details of "the relic to be exposed for veneration." It will be a "small bottle of blood, inserted in a precious reliquary." The art piece was created by sculptor Carlo Balljana, commissioned by the Office of Papal Liturgical Celebrations.

The Security Council met again by turmoil in Syria

New York. .- The Council of the UN Security met today to learn about the situation in Syria and the significance of the protests against the regime of Bashar al-Assad for the Middle East. The body met behind closed doors with Deputy Secretary-General Lynn Pascoe. For now, it is unclear whether the Council will issue a joint statement after the meeting.

For the moment runs a statement promoted by Germany and three other European countries-France, Britain and Portugal, in the Council in condemning the Syrian government for its violent action against the protesters in the country and calls for immediate end of all attacks on civilians. For its part, Russia and China have veto power, and Lebanon, disagrees.

Already more than 1,300 million Chinese

More and more Chinese in China. The last census conducted by the authorities of the People's Republic figure the amount by 1.339 million. While some demographers estimated that the increase would come to 1,400, the official figure exceeds last count, conducted in 2000, which provided a total of 1.256 million.

Apart from this increase of 5.9%, yielding an average annual growth rate of 0.57%, the census also states that the country is aging. The 13.26% of the population is over 60 years, an increase of 2.93 percentage points over the past decade. Of this proportion, 8.87% had exceeded the barrier of 65.

City of God, the reality has changed

"I just want to be happy. Walk quietly in the favela where I was born. And to be proud and be aware that the poor have their place." The verses sung by rappers and Doca Cidinho Brazilians in the 90's, have become reality. The City of God, the neighborhood since the 60's were the hideouts of bandits who made the drug trade in the region, today is a slum that has received a lot of police officers to provide security to all, by the state government.

Debussy: the tower of Babel of religions

Located a few miles from Disneyland Paris, it would, a priori, its main claim. His name does not attract attention. His visit, either. Bussy Saint Georges is, at first glance, a bedroom over the suburbs of Paris. Appearances aside, this small city is much more: it is a rare pearl, a housing experiment unique in Europe.

An example of coexistence for France and for the world. In Bussy is going to raise the tower of Babel of religions. In this city of reconciliation Jews and Christians, Buddhists and Muslims live together in peace and harmony. Soon they will also recite, but to different gods within the same space.

Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of Yemen - People

"It's your free, 95% of Yemenis support me." The country's strongman, in power for thirty-two, is for the opposition, which since January, organizes events antigovernment. Clashes between protesters and security forces have already caused several deaths and hundreds injured.

Fatah and Hamas agree to form a unity government and hold elections in Palestine

Jerusalem. .- The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) call elections within a year, under the understanding reached today in Cairo between the rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas, Efe said Dimitri Diliani, a member of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah . Diliani said that the elections will be prepared by an executive unit of "technocrats" who "will be formed as soon as agreement on the names" that comprise it.

200 members of the party resigned Assad in Syria

Two hundred members of the ruling Syrian Baath Deraa province and surrounding regions resigned Wednesday in protest against an attack by security forces in the city in the south. "In view of the negative position adopted by the leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party before the events in Syria and Deraa, and after the death of hundreds and thousands of injuries at the hands of various security forces, we present our collective resignation," said in a signed statement.

Muhterem Aras, elected German Green - Convinced

"A waste of time." After the repeated statements by the Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, on "Islam [which] is not part of Germany," she suggested bury the German Conference on Islam organized under the auspices of the Minister.

Supporters of gun down a gear Saleh in Sanaa, killing five people

Taiz. .- At least five protesters were killed and dozens wounded in an attack by supporters of the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana'a against the march, according to medical sources and witnesses. The sources told Efe that Saleh's supporters fired guns "Kalashnikov" against thousands of protesters near the headquarters of state television, where they arrived to protest the "lies" spread.

The UN wants to improve the human rights Sahara

The Security Council of the UN has recognized this Wednesday the "importance of improving the situation of Human Rights in Western Sahara, but also in refugee camps in Tindouf (Algeria) with the unanimous adoption of a resolution by first time explicitly mentioned fundamental freedoms, without euphemisms.

The resolution renews for another year, until April 30, 2012, the mandate of UN mission in Western Sahara, MINURSO, which will not be empowered to monitor the respect of human rights in the area, as demanded year after year organizations in defense of fundamental freedoms. However, the text urges the parties to cooperate with the international community to set up "independent and credible measures to ensure respect for human rights." The resolution welcomes the establishment in Morocco of a National Human Rights Council, with a section on the Western Sahara and its commitment to allow access to the territory of the Human Rights Council of the UN.

Barack Obama President of the United States - Engaged

"I am no longer so young, I have more gray hair and bags under the eyes, but I've always the sacred fire." He has officially declared its readiness to stand for president in 2012.

NATO will send in Benghazi to strengthen contacts with rebels

Brussels. .- The Atlantic Alliance agreed today to permanently send a political representative of the rebel stronghold Libya, Benghazi, in order to strengthen its contacts with the opposition to the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. "The allies have agreed the principles for establishing a contact point in Benghazi," Efe said organization spokeswoman Carmen Romero, who explained that the objective of the measure is to improve communication between NATO and the National Transitional Council ( CNT).

War maps in the Buddhist paradise

The struggle waged Shiva and Arjuna in the eleventh century played a lintel of Hindu temple of Preah Vihear is on track to moving to the border, so vague as flammable, between Thailand and Cambodia. In less than a week have killed six soldiers of the Army of Bangkok, seven of Phnom Penh and a local farmer, the first civilian casualty of combat that seem to gain in intensity at times.

Some 55,000 people have already been displaced from their homes and lands. "We are now fighting to recur not only in the area of Preah Vihear, but also in some parts of the western area of the border. We do not know what this evolution will continue. Of course, does not look good" comments on the situation Juan Manuel Lopez Nadal, Spain's ambassador in Bangkok between 2004 and 2009.