Saturday, April 16, 2011

CHINA - Beijing called for a cease-fire now in Libya

"Give Peace a Chance", a title the day after the arrival in China of President Nicolas Sarkozy. President Hu Jintao reiterated his French counterpart "China's opposition to the use of force" and called for an immediate ceasefire in Libya, while expressing support for "any policy action to alleviate the crisis ".

Nicolas Sarkozy, current head of the G20, this is March 31 in Nanking (in the east) for a meeting on reform of the international monetary system he wishes to lead the economic forum.

The partners will contribute more combat aircraft "in the very near future"

Berlin .- The secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said Friday that NATO has been informed he will receive more combat aircraft for the international operation that led Libya to impose an air exclusion zone. "We have received indications that the nations will provide what is needed. I am grateful that we will get the necessary assets in the very near future," said the secretary general partner at a press conference in Berlin after a meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs NATO.

Sentence of 24 years in prison for former Croatian general Ante Gotovina

Former Croatian General Ante Gotovina has been sentenced to 24 years imprisonment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the former Yugoslavia for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in 1995 against the Serb population in Croatia. Gotovina, for which the prosecution requested 27 years in prison, has maintained his innocence during the trial and the defense argued that the former general gave orders to his subordinates to prevent crimes against Serb civilians.

MYANMAR - The military junta is more

On 30 March the Council of State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) has given way to a civilian government headed by Thein Sein, a relative of the former military junta leader Than Shwe. But for the dissident website based in Thailand, "the worst is far from belonging to the past", because most of the 30 ministers are appointed from the military or political party devoted to it.

And even if Than Shwe officially disappeared from the limelight, "be sure it is always somewhere and continues to pull strings behind the scenes."

France bans religious prayers in the streets of Paris and Marseille

Paris .- France announced Friday its decision to ban the prayers of any religion in the streets of the two main cities, Paris and Marseilles, as already happens in Nice, in a series of government measures to promote secularism. That was one of the points that the Interior Minister, Claude Guéant, sent representatives in France of the Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Orthodox and Protestant, in a meeting, to demonstrate the new policy aimed at ensuring the implementation of secularism in the country.

Stabilize the reactors at the Fukushima take two or three months

Partially molten nuclear fuel could be accumulating at the base of the reactors at the Fukushima and stabilize its reactors will take two to three months, according to a report of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan. The body of experts responsible for monitoring the safe use of nuclear energy the report says that the molten fuel would be at the base of the containment vessels of units 1, 2 and 3.

CUBA - Jimmy Carter met with dissidents

"Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter sent a" clear message of recognition and support 'to Cuban dissidents he met on March 31 on the island. Among them were the young blogger Sánchez and activist Oscar Biscet "said the newspaper headquartered in Miami. During his visit to Cuba, Carter also met with Alan Gross, an American imprisoned for espionage.

Before leaving the island, he launched a fresh appeal for lifting the U.S. embargo against Cuba.

A suicide bombing in Kandahar kills three, including the police chief

Kabul .- The chief of police in the restive southern Afghan province of Kandahar, Khan Mohammad Mujahid, and two other members of this body of the security forces were killed in a suicide bombing. The attack happened at the police headquarters in the region, located in the city of Kandahar, also injuring three other officers, according to spokesman said Afghan Interior Ministry, Zemarai Bashari.

Mubarak could be executed for the deadly crackdown on protests

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could face the death penalty if proved that he ordered to use violence against demonstrators who managed to end his regime in the riots of 'Arab spring'. So says Al Arabiya, which recalls that repression in the protests killed 385 people, according to some sources, and up to 800, according to others.

The news comes as it was reported that the Egyptian Public Prosecutor had ordered the transfer of Mubarak in the clinic which is located in Sharm el Sheikh to a military hospital in the capital, Cairo. Mubarak and his sons Gamal and Alaa was arrested Wednesday for 15 days within a judicial inquiry into the violent suppression of riots in January and February.

RUSSIA - A census unsurprisingly

According to preliminary results of the national census held from 14 to 25 October 2010, Russia lost 2.2 million since the 2002 census prédécent. The population increased from 145 166 700 à 142 905 200, reports the Russian daily online Vzgliad. Moreover, the numerical superiority of women over the number of men (a phenomenon dating back to World War II) is confirmed and even intensified.

Russia has in effect today 10.515 million more women than men, against 9,956,000 in 2002 (male mortality exceeds female mortality). Russia remains a country of urbanization. The urban population represents 73.7% of the total population.

The 'nap' Biden Obama's speech

Barcelona (Editorial) .- The U.S. president, Barack Obama, delivered on Wednesday a major speech on the budget cuts the country in the George Washington University in the U.S. capital. Among the attendees, and protocol submitted at the beginning of the exhibition, was the vice president of the U.S. Government, Joe Biden.

The television cameras turned 180 degrees and instead focus on the occupant of the White House focused on the second most powerful man in the country. In the images, Biden, for about a minute, stays with his eyes closed as the voice of its' chief announces, among other things, it will raise taxes on the wealthy as a measure to reduce the deficit.

The Yemeni president made an appeal to the opposition to dialogue

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has addressed thousands of supporters on Friday, asking the opposition to accept a dialogue to preserve stability in the country. "We call on the opposition to reflect and establish a dialogue with which agreement is reached for the security and stability in Yemen," he said.

Saleh wanted to make clear however that he is the "constitutional legitimacy." "These masses, these thousands of people gathered in the square have come to say 'yes' to constitutional legitimacy," he said with a mass of supporters. The president called in turn to the opposition of 'liars', yelling at his followers in the Plaza de los 70: "These are the people to resist, which is expressed: that is in the Plaza de los 70.

MYANMAR - Faced with an earthquake, a storm does not carry the weight

At hundreds of miles of damage from the earthquake in Shan State has produced a tragedy that could prove far more deadly: two weeks ago, 7,000 fishermen who sailed on the fragile bamboo rafts along the southern coast were caught in a storm. Less than half of them have returned to the mainland and the meager handful of observers who relayed this information gradually resigns himself to a fatal outcome.

Al Qaeda urges Muslims from North Africa to fight NATO

Dubai. (Writing / AP) .- The number two of Al Qaeda, Ayman al Zawahri, urged Muslims from North Africa to fight against NATO forces in Libya, as reported Friday by the SITE Intelligence Group , which analyzes web Islamists. According to SITE, the video of al-Zawahiri apparently was recorded before the NATO and its allies began military operations in order to impose an air exclusion zone over Libya to protect the population, as envisaged by UN resolution 1973.

Found the body of kidnapped Italian activist in Gaza

Tragic end to Vittorio Arrigoni, Italian activist International Solidarity Movement (MSI), kidnapped on Thursday by a small extremist Palestinian group linked to al Qaeda. His body was found this morning in an abandoned house in Gaza City, according to a government spokesman of the Islamist group Hamas which controls Gaza since June 2007 "has been executed by suffocation." The Hamas security forces stormed the house where Arrigoni after the ultimatum given by the Salafist group.

Immigration - France and Italy are playing ping-pong with migrants

Sentenced to 24 years in prison for former Croatian general Ante Gotovina

.- The Hague International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has pleaded guilty and was sentenced Friday to 24 years in prison for former general Ante Gotovina in relation to war crimes committed in 1995 during the so-called 'Operation Storm' The military offensive that ended the war in Croatia.

Gotovina, who had pleaded not guilty and was arrested in Tenerife on December 8, 2005, has been convicted of orchestrating the killing of dozens of people and to bomb cities and villages during the offensive in the Krajina region in the that the Serbs had proclaimed an independent state recognized internationally.

Gaddafi's troops attack and cause Misrata eight dead and seven injured

At least 22 people were killed and 50 wounded in attacks against forces gadafistas Misrata city, according to the Qatari television channel Al Jazeera. According to rebel sources quoted by Al Jazeera, Gaddafi's forces bombed the city with Grad missiles, artillery and tanks. A resident in the city, besieged for more than two months by gadafistas, told the Qatari channel series of bombings that began last night and continued this morning.

A Syrian dictator suspended

Syria seemed immune to the convulsions of the Arab world. Dictatorial and corrupt, the Baathist regime skillfully played on ethnic and religious population. Reconciled with Obama's America, he was courted by France of Sarkozy and feared by its neighbors. But the wind of freedom blowing through the Arab world has not spared.

And demonstrations against President Bashar al-Assad (see photo above) intensified since the beginning of March.

The violence in Mexico does not stop: found ten bodies in a pit of Durango

Mexico City .- Security officers have found ten complete bodies, three heads and four skulls in a pit located in the state capital of Durango (north), has informed the DPP. Specifically, the remains were in the Colonial Order of the City of Durango. Staff moved to the site of the Office for the removal of the bodies concerned.

These are already in the Forensic Medical Service for anthropological study, given the advanced state of putrefaction that were found. The objective is to ascertain the identity of the victims. The finding has led the police to mount a heavy security in the northwest of the town center of Durango, reports the newspaper 'El Universal'.

Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron: Libya is a failed state if Gaddafi will not

The allies continue military operations in Libya until Qaddafi departs, they have secured a joint article in the U.S. and French presidents, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron. In addition, the leaders warned that Libya will be "a failed state 'if Gaddafi will not leave.

In the article, published in Friday's edition of the daily 'The Times' London, 'Le Figaro' in Paris, the U.S. 'International Herald Tribune' and the pan-Arabic 'Al Hayat', the three leaders point out that Gadhafi "must go, and go forever," so that Libya can form a new government. "While Gaddafi continue in power, NATO and coalition partners will maintain their operations so as to protect civilians and increase pressure on the regime," he explained.

GEORGIA - Tbilisi accuses Moscow eaten into the Abkhazian

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia challenging the establishment by Russia of a commission for the delimitation of the Russian-Abkhaz border [between southern Russia and the breakaway region of Abkhazia proclaimed] that started this work on March 28. "There is no border between Russia and Abkhazia.

There has however

Obama, Sarkozy and Qaddafi Cameron will continue attacking until he leaves office

Tripoli (Writing / Agencies) - The leaders of Britain, France and the United States pledged to keep its military campaign in Libya Muammar Gaddafi until he left office and the rebels said government forces attacked the town of Misrata with missiles, Reuters reports. In an article published on both sides of the Atlantic for The Times (UK), The International Herald Tribune, The Washington Post (USA), Le Figaro and Le Monde (France) and Al Hayat (Arabic World) and written by British Prime Minister, David Cameron, the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy and U.S.

TEPCO will pay 8,240 euros to each family evacuated by the crisis in Fukushima

The Japanese government today approved the plan of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) to pay an initial compensation of one million yen (8240 euros) to families evacuated by the Fukushima nuclear crisis, local agency Kyodo reported. Managed by the central TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi will pay 1 million yen per household in damages on a provisional basis, since it is expected to have to face a much larger volume of offsets in the future by the worst nuclear accident Japanese history.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Abidjan soon under control Ouattara

Republican Forces of Côte d'Ivoire (FRCI) support Alassane Ouattara launched on March 28 a simultaneous attack in three parts of the country reports the Ivorian daily Soir Info. On all these fronts, they conquered the respective towns of Duekoue, Daloa and Abengourou. They are now closer to economic capital, Abidjan, which promises to be a tough battle.

A column is already moving towards the lagoon city, where President Laurent Gbagbo, recruiting and arming thousands of young volunteers. An intermediate target is the FRCI Gagnoa, Gbagbo's home town to the south of the recent conquests.

Islamist radicals killed an activist in Gaza Italian

Jerusalem. .- The Hamas movement has condemned the "heinous" murder of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, whose body was found this morning in an abandoned house in the Gaza Strip, hours after being kidnapped by a jihadist group linked to al Qaeda. "The government of Gaza condemns this heinous crime, which does not reflect our values, our religion and our customs and traditions," reads a statement released by the Ministry of Interior, collected by the Palestinian news agency Maan.

United Kingdom ban the export of chemicals for executions

United Kingdom ban the export of substances used in the United States to execute prisoners sentenced to death, according to the British Minister for Enterprise, Vince Cable. According to Liberal Democrat politician in a few days, the government will present to Parliament a bill prohibiting the export of pentobarbital, pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride.

"We are against the death penalty in all circumstances and it is absolutely clear that they should not use substances manufactured in the UK in lethal injections," said Cable, according to The Guardian. According to a parliamentary report published in February, British companies have been sold to the U.S.

FOOTBALL - Rogerio Ceni, goalkeeper with 100 goals

It was a game among many others. Certainly, a meeting between São Paulo and [rival] Corinthians never friendly and without challenge. But the state championship, the competition where opposing teams of the same State, Brazil is a federal country, is hardly a preparation before the national championship where the main courses are awaiting test early May and serious business, even if no one spits on a title paulista.

TEPCO will pay about 8,000 euros for each family evacuated in Fukushima

Tokyo. .- The Japanese government today approved the plan of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) to pay an initial compensation of one million yen (8240 euros) to families evacuated by the Fukushima nuclear crisis, local news agency Kyodo. TEPCO, which operates the plant in Fukushima Daiichi will pay 1 million yen per household in damages on a provisional basis, since it is expected to have to face a much larger volume of offsets in the future by the worst nuclear accident Japan's history.

Sentenced to life imprisonment former Argentine dictator Reynaldo Bignone

Argentina A court on Thursday sentenced to life imprisonment Reynaldo Bignone former dictator for crimes against humanity at the expense of ten victims of the last military regime (1976-1983), judicial sources said. The penalty was imposed by the Federal Court in January of the locality of San Martín, in 2010 and was sentenced to Bignone to 25 years in prison for crimes of repression committed in the military garrison of Campo de Mayo, which housed four centers torture and motherhood.

CHILE - The "33 de Atacama", a highly anticipated film

"The film 'Los de Atacama 33' ('The 33 Atacama') waits his turn to get out," says the popular daily La Cuarta. This film chronicles the lives of 33 miners trapped deep in Chilean mine for 69 days. Directed by Argentine filmmaker Antonio Recio, it has already been shown in film festivals, including Berlin.

However, Chileans still can not see, sorry to the newspaper, stating that the rights of the film belong to Chile television Channel 13. The film, shot and edited in just four months, brings together players from several South American countries. Other projects are underway. The daily La Tercera, 33 miners were assigned to a prestigious law firm in Chile, Carey and Co., the defense of their image rights.

Driver asleep

The decisive incident happened early on Wednesday in the Reno-Tahoe International Airport in the western state of Nevada. The only air traffic controller on duty went to sleep while a medical plane carrying a sick person trying to land. The pilot attempted to contact seven times with the tower but no one answered.

At the end landed with the help of a controller for a radar center in neighboring California. Noer the first case of sleeping drivers. In 2011, there have been five. The most notorious example occurred in March at the Ronald Reagan Washington Airport. The driver fell asleep while on duty two planes with a total of 165 passengers and crew tried to land.

Found another 23 bodies in mass graves in northeastern Mexico

Mexican police on Thursday found another 23 bodies in mass graves in the municipality of San Fernando, in the state of Tamaulipas, northeastern Mexico, bringing the total to 145 bodies located there since last week, an official said. The excavation works are carried out by ministry staff supported by other authorities, said a spokesman for the Office of Tamaulipas.

The 23 victims were found in 12 mass graves and the first reports of the autopsy revealed that the crimes were committed in the past two months. The discovery began last week, when soldiers who were investigating the kidnapping of several people traveling in passenger buses were the mass graves, finding 59 bodies initially.

INDONESIA - The middle class is expanding

Libyan transformation (2)

When Italy was defeated in World War II, the victorious allies met to decide what to do with Libya. United States wanted to leave the matter to the United Nations and the Soviet Union called for a solution to opt for a trust, while France was inclined to return Libya to the Italians, who in turn wished to be returned.

The Russians, who harbored the hope that the Communists took power in Italy, they changed their stance and signed the Italian choice. When the Cold War began to weigh on the minds of the Western powers and the thrust of the Italian Communists showed signs of abating, the British moved to the French plan to return Libya to Italy.

A shopping network to sell children in Latin America to German pedophiles

The child traffickers bought the children in Latin America and brought them to Germany with false documents, which were sold to pedophiles for large sums of money, as explained a spokesman for Berlin police. For now there are two detainees and the investigation remains open. These two men stopped at Munich airport, they tried to enter the country from Costa Rica about 10 years Brazilian falsified documentation.