Monday, April 18, 2011

A total of 65 detainees in Baku to participate in unauthorized rally

Baku. .- A total of 65 people were detained today in the Azerbaijani capital while attempting to hold an unauthorized rally by the city, police said in a press release. "Forty of those arrested were records and their cases will be brought to justice," added the official statement, which states that the remaining 25 were released after being warned.

Baku police said, about one hundred and fifty opponents tried to demonstrate in the park Sahil, but were dispersed by the police. The City Council had refused permission to hold the rally in the park as requested by the Public Chamber, which acts as a coordinator of several opposition formations.

Cuban dissidents, pessimistic about the VI Congress of the Communist Party

Cuba's peaceful opposition in fact notes with face discussions of the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party, who started at 4 pm on April 16 at the Palace of Conventions in Havana. For the doctor dissident Oscar Elias Biscet, recently released after twelve years in prison total, the meeting of the Communists may be interesting reading.

"But as always in Cuba, it will take to complete. Giving a forecast, as well as being risky, could be wrong. The government of Raul Castro is moving in a line of indecipherable code. I am cautious. I'd rather see what goes on Congress. Although I am not optimistic at all, "said Biscet. Dimas Castellanos independent analyst thinks that some chips will move in the partisan appointment.

ITALY - A new law tailored for Berlusconi

Just when Silvio Berlusconi was making his triumphant tour in Lampedusa, March 30, held a stormy debate in the House of Deputies on the law said the "trial court" that reduces the duration of the limitation of trial. If she is beautiful and well approved, it will be neither more nor less than "thirty-eighth law on measuring the Berlusconi era," La Repubblica recorded.

It will include the president of Italy to escape a conviction for corruption in the trial Mills, named after his former lawyer. Upon leaving the House, several members of government were booed by protesters.

The general clock

Raúl Castro does not care if you take pictures when looking at the clock. There is a very curious where it appears looking at the time while raising the arm with Hugo Chavez. It did the day he convened the Sixth Party Congress in November. A month later, the Cuban president said that the conclave "must be, by law of life, the last of most of us in the Generation History (the case of put the media)." He added: "The time remaining is short, the task gigantic." Time.

Tunisians, caught in the fight

A few yards from an invisible line where Italy meets France, a bright sign welcomes travelers' Ventimiglia, the gateway to Italy, where beauty has no boundaries. " But hundreds of Tunisian immigrants waiting to cross to France are more interested in leaving the city in northern Italy, where they have been caught in a dispute between Paris and Rome highlighting tensions over immigration to Europe.

PHILIPPINES - Islands mourns its three "mules" are executed in China

Nothing has been able to bend the Chinese authorities nor the renunciation of President Aquino to travel to the award of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, or the diplomatic ballet in Beijing, or even the millions of prayers and candles in Philippine churches. March 30, Ordinario Mylene Villanueva, Ramon and Elizabeth Creed Batain were executed for smuggling drugs to China, reports the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

France suspended trains from Italy to curb immigration

Rome .- France has temporarily suspended the entry into its territory from Italy train through the town of Mentone, located on the border between the two countries to curb the influx of immigrants, media reported Tuesday Italian media. According to sources from the Italian border police quoted by the press in this country, no train can actually come from Italy through Mentone.

The decision came a day after the Italian media announced that some of Tunisian immigrants to Rome that the Government had granted a temporary residence permit in the Italian town of Ventimiglia had crossed the French border. The granting of temporary residence permits to the Tunisians, so they can travel to countries in the Schengen area of free movement of citizens is one of the measures taken by Italy to tackle the immigration wave received from North Africa since began rioting in the area earlier this year.

Ouattara will be asked to investigate the inner circle Gbagbo crimes

The Ivorian Minister of Justice, Government of Alassane Ouattara, Jeannot Kouadio Ahoussou, ask the prosecutor in Abidjan to open an investigation against members of the former regime of Laurent Gbagbo, on suspicion of having committed crimes, as reported to afp. A report by the UN High commissioner for human rights said that the human rights violations in Côte d'Ivoire after the end of November elections could constitute "crimes against humanity" that should be "severely punished." In particular, said he asked to investigate those members of the former regime capable of committing "crimes of blood," "purchase of arms" or "misappropriation of money." The minister said this could lead in particular to "government members" of Gbagbo, who was arrested Monday at his residence in the capital.

SYRIA - Same Old Song

From a technical point of view and visual speech Bashar Al-Assad (the dictator of the moment in trouble) was rather successful: clarity rhetoric (as opposed to gibberish Gaddafi), and good command of the image and tools communication. At the most melodramatic speech, the cameras zoom in with a sense of staging almost perfect on MPs protesting loudly their deference and support to Bashar Al-Assad.

Six dead in Algeria by an attack and an ambush

Algiers. .- Five soldiers were killed today in an ambush by suspected terrorists in Kabylia in Algeria, where a policeman was also killed in a bomb attack, local media reported. With these six deaths, amounts to 20 the number of casualties in the Algerian security forces in less than 48 hours in attacks attributed to the terrorist organization Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), very active in Kabylia and specialized in assaults on the structures and members of the Algerian security forces.

The show shot to the Boer

Surrounded by a group of strong men in suits with red ties and armed with repeating rifles. That's the first letter that offered Julius Malema, leader of the ANC Youth League and future candidate for president of South Africa, on arrival at the Court of Justice. A promising start that is having an outcome at the height: speeches through a megaphone to the crowd on the steps of the Supreme Court of the hand of his "mother" Winnie Mandela, mocking songs from around the world and attacks on the plaintiffs' lawyers.

INDONESIA - The President of critical intervention in Libya

Echoing his Foreign Minister, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyo (SBY) said March 29 that Indonesia was ready to send troops to Libya as part of a UN peacekeeping mission, rapporteThe Jakarta Post. He also strongly criticized the military intervention "allies" and unilaterally implement the resolution establishing a no-fly zone.

In his view, two essential points of that resolution 1973 are ignored by allied forces: the immediate establishment of a cease-fire and the establishment of a peaceful resolution of conflict. SBY is under pressure from many Indonesian militants who call for the cessation of this military intervention.

Van Rompuy commitment to maintaining the military pressure

Paris. .- The President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, today called for "maintaining military pressure" on Libya in order to achieve the target output power Muammar Gaddafi. In an interview broadcast by Radio France Internationale (RFI), Van Rompuy said that Gaddafi is "weakened" and was in favor of continuing the intervention in the framework of NATO right up to "abandon" power.

London published a secret document accidentally on nuclear submarines

The British Ministry of Defense has acknowledged that accidentally hung up on their website confidential information about the safety of its fleet of nuclear submarines. A reporter from the tabloid newspaper 'Daily Star' detected the error and alerted the ministry of its Web site that contained a report that paragraphs should be labeled in black were visible in error, said the newspaper.

The report addressed the future of nuclear submarines. Some parts of the text contained expert opinions to the effect that submarines would not be secure enough to cope with an emergency situation. In turn, the text contained information on how to protect U.S. Navy nuclear submarines. The 'Daily Star' in its Sunday edition ensures that the information is accidentally revealed "high interest" to the enemies of the United Kingdom.

INDONESIA - Egypt eager for advice

Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marty Natalegawa, is scheduled to visit Egypt in the month of April to present the successes and failures of Indonesia's transition to democracy, annonceThe Jakarta Globe. The Egyptians have indeed requested advice from the largest Muslim country for the elections and the establishment of regulations on political parties.

"But we must act wisely to avoid giving the impression that we preach to them the gospel, the minister said. If we look back to 1998 [the date of the fall of dictator Suharto], we would not want while other countries dictate what we should do. "

Belgian MPs are urging the Church to compensate victims of sexual abuse

Brussels. .- Several Members Flemish part of the special parliamentary committee that examines sexual abuse within the Catholic Church Belgian, today urged the University to accelerate measures to ensure the earliest possible compensation for victims. The Church had already announced last December as part of the work of this committee, its intention to establish a solidarity fund to compensate victims of sexual abuse in the ecclesiastical and other segments of society who do not receive compensation through the courts.

A former Egyptian prime minister and two ministers will be tried for corruption

Ahmad Nazif, a former Prime Minister during the regime of Hosni Mubarak, who was accused of corruption, will be judged, as well as former Interior Minister Habib el-Adli and Finance, Youssef Boutros Ghali, as confirmed by a judicial source. They are accused of embezzling public funds amounting to some 15.5 million dollars.

Nazif was appointed prime minister in July 2004 and resigned on 29 January. He was replaced by Ahmed Shafiq. The Office has ordered his arrest after he questioned for seven hours. The investigations are related to an order given Nazif, during his term, a certain German company to sell to the Ministry of Interior metal panels, totaling 92 million pounds ($ 16 million), a price that exceeded the tenders were other suppliers.

JAPAN - Sarkozy wants standards for nuclear safety

After their meeting in Tokyo this March 31, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, held a press conference during which they expressed their desire to convene an international conference on security nuclear order that is determined by a standard material. For its part, the head of the Japanese government stated that "Japan is the duty of reporting to the world the painful experience he is going through," said the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

ElBaradei welcomed the arrest of Mubarak

Berlin. .- The Egyptian opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei welcomed the arrest of former President Hosni Mubarak warned against the growing mistrust between the army and population. Mubarak's arrest "our revolution takes another step forward," ElBaradei said in an interview published today by the German weekly Der Spiegel.

" The Nobel Peace Prize, however, that Mubarak felt should have been arrested in order to shoot demonstrators who ended up causing the fall of the regime. The fact that the arrest was delayed further, he warned, Mubarak gave "the opportunity to hide anything that was incriminating." In the interview, the former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was also concerned by the fact that the Army has used force against a new wave of protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Yemeni opposition designed with Gulf ministers Saleh output

Opposition leaders in Yemen will meet in Riyadh on Sunday with the foreign ministers of the Arabian Gulf and unveil their conditions before starting formal negotiations for the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. After three months of protests to demand the end of the term 32-year-Saleh, earlier this month the Gulf States offered to mediate a transition of power, but talks were delayed by issues such as immunity to stand trial Saleh and timing of the transfer.

Wine antiradiation

Moldovans are not ungrateful. They decided to send 28 000 bottles of wine to the Japanese struck by the drama of Fukushima. "Quality wines," said Nelly Sonic boss cellars Lion Gri, Merlot, Sauvignon, of Cahors, the sapevaris, pinot noirs ". The Japanese have funded several major projects to Chisinau.

The gesture of recognition of Moldovans is from an old Soviet tradition. The crew of Russian submarines drank at least one glass of red wine daily to protect against radiation. Read the original article on Timpul. md

New attacks by NATO aircraft south of Tripoli

Algiers. .- The NATO fighter-bombers carried out more airstrikes today in M'hira region, about 50 miles south of Tripoli, according to Libyan state television channel TV. The network, citing military sources, reported that the attacks of "colonial crusader enemy" were made late in the morning but did not specify the nature of the targets or what damage they inflicted.

M'hira region and was the target yesterday of NATO air attacks, which also bombed targets in Sirte, the hometown of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Assad pledges not silence the desire for freedom of the Syrians

A day after Syrian President Bashar Assad finally put date to lift emergency law, the protesters have gone out into the streets to demand freedom. In the city of Suweida, south of the country have taken the conclusion of the so-called "Evacuation Day" which commemorates the departure of the French soldiers last 65 years and the proclamation of Syrian independence.

Asad's followers were also present to show their loyalty to the president. Five people were injured during the dispersal of the protest, attended by about 400 people, according to opponents. In the afternoon, some 2,000 people in Duma, 15 km north of Damascus, have staged a sit-in to demand the release of demonstrators who were arrested on Saturday, said the president of the League of Syrian Human Rights, Abdel Karim Rihaoui.

Côte d'Ivoire - Ouattara to conquer Abidjan

Tiebissou, the administrative capital Yamoussoukro, Gagnoa hometown of President Gbagbo, Lakota, Soubre Meagui, entrance doors of the port city of San Pedro, where the largest cocoa port of export, fell. As they passed, the soldiers pro-Ouattara open prisons, spilling the bandits and other detainees in the streets of occupied cities.

Nothing seems to stop them in their advance on Abidjan, where the rival Alassane Ouattara Laurent Gbagbo, who asked the international community to relinquish power for four months without success. How will it contain the onslaught of the pro-Ouattara, as forces loyal to his regime, the Defence Forces and Security (FDS) appear to have lowered their weapons? It must be said plainly, the situation in Côte d'Ivoire is explosive.

Pope denounces the man wants to be today "like God"

Rome. .- Benedict XVI celebrated Palm Sunday Mass in the Plaza de San Pedro and recalled in his homily that "today more than ever" men "are filled with the desire to be like God," to achieve "the same height of God. " "We have the ability to fly, we can meet, listen and talk from one end to another of the world," explained the Pontiff.

However, he warned that with "human capabilities, has grown only good" but "also have increased the possibilities of evil" is presented "as threatening storms of history." Moreover, Benedict XVI underlined that "we also remain limits" of human beings and recalled "the catastrophes that have afflicted in recent months and continue to afflict humanity." Before thousands of pilgrims gathered in St.

Two Palestinians arrested for the murder of an Israeli family in the West Bank

Since Friday, March 11, Ehud Fogel (36), his wife Ruth (35) and his sons Yoav (11), Elad (4) and Hadas (three months) were killed at his home in the Itamar settlement in the northern West Bank, Israeli security agencies conducted an extensive investigation that included searches, arrests and interrogations of nearly 300 Palestinians.

On Sunday, Israel has lifted part of a gag to report that last week arrested those responsible for the stabbing of the entire family in an attack that shocked the nation and provoked condemnation from Palestinian leaders. This is Amjad Ahmed Awad (19) and Mazen Hakim Awad (18), the Palestinian village of Awarta, adjacent to the settlement of Itamar.

CANADA - Who needs Quebec?

Poor Quebec! In five years, the province which was the spoiled child of the Conservatives became the black sheep of Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to allocate federal funds to build a new arena in Quebec City [a project championed by local authorities to prepare for the eventual return of a professional hockey team in town].

The budget tabled on March 22 by the Conservative government does not provide any measures to please the voters in Quebec, except for what repair two bridges in Montreal and support the local forest industry. [The budget submitted by the minority government of Stephen Harper was already considered a platform.

France believes that the war in Libya can be extended more than expected

Paris. .- The military intervention in Libya "can last," said French Defence Minister, Gerard Longuet, in an interview published today by the daily Le Parisien. The minister, who visited troops in Afghanistan to France, said that there is a "risk" that the conflict will be prolonged because Muammar al-Gaddafi and Libya "are not entirely predictable" and said the intervention is "long and complicated." Longuet said the international coalition forces, which involved France, have the capacity to destroy all the "logistical supplies Gadhafi troops moving towards the east (of Libya) in the open." The air strikes in that country pose a daily basis "about 150 air sorties per day, of which France says between 20 and 25%," he said.

Fidel Castro: I felt pain when he saw that I looked but I can not go to the Plaza

Fidel Castro, the great absentee from the parade of the Revolution yesterday took to the streets of Havana, has wanted to join the celebration of his people with a written message, as it has done regularly since a serious illness removed him from power. In a new installment of "Reflections" contained in the official website "Cubadebate" the Cuban president described as "impressive" and popular military parade and expressed his regret at not having been present.

MYANMAR - The Myanmar Times Australian publisher released on bail

After a month behind bars at the notorious prison in Rangoon Insein, Ross Dunkley, editor and founder of the Myanmar Times, was freed March 29 after paying bail of 10 million kyat (8000 euros approximately), reported the Mizzima News website. If he is officially accused of having violated the immigration laws and of assault on a woman is, in the opinion of many, a power struggle at the head of the publication that has prompted his arrest.

Tepco expected to cool in three months Fukushima reactor

Tokyo. .- Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said today that the steady cooling of the damaged nuclear reactor in Fukushima plant will be restored in three months, but the total shutdown of these units will take six to nine months. The honorary president of TEPCO, Tsunehisa Katsumata, today unveiled its plan to end the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant, three of whose reactors were left without cooling by the devastating tsunami of 11 March.

Parades and revolutionary pachangas

Dolphin, an engineer of 28 years, would have preferred this Saturday, April 16 have been on a beach east of Havana. What I had expected. A quart of rum, half a dozen cans of beer with friends, drinking and trying to conquer some of the young singles who work with him. But Cuba is in Congress. And the relaxed weekend of dwarf coconut trees and sun was cut short in a two-hour march in the Plaza of the Revolution.

Take its place

The basic state pension, not a penny more ... and too bad for the gardener and the "high social status." Swiss court refused to put butter in the spinach to one of its nationals, who runs his retirement in a Thai resort. The man, who has lived since 1991 in Pattaya, had requested the assistance of the Swiss Confederation for the ailing living abroad, reports Le Matin.

The pensioner, aged 66, had said he could no longer fund all its expenses - including his gardener - with his pension of 1 150 Swiss francs (890 euros) per month. He also said that his position as an expatriate Swiss citizen and forced him, as "someone socially higher," to accept certain obligations and make expenditures for the "neighborhood".

Gbagbo's party calls for end to fighting in Ivory Coast

Abidjan. .- The party of deposed president of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, the Popular Front of Ivory Coast (FPI), has demanded an end to the fighting between armed groups of both factions, as reported by the BBC. The president of FPI, Affi N'Guesan said that "war" must come to an end for the reconstruction of the country.

"The FPI is ravaged by the chaotic situation prevailing in the country and presents its condolences to the families of the deceased," said N'Guesan. It has also demanded an end to the surge of violence. " "In the name of peace, let us end the war," he said. "Let us put an end to all forms of belligerence and confrontation.

The Finns go to the polls with ultra protagonists

The strong progress of the group populist True Finns and the European rescue of Portugal have marked the campaign for the general election on Sunday in Finland, where the Conservative Party as a slight favorite Kokoomus part, according to recent polls. As happened in other Nordic countries, Finland has used the far right in recent months, discontent over the economic crisis and voter dissatisfaction with the traditional parties to gain ground.