Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The daughter of bin Laden mourns the death of the leader of Al Qaeda

Zana Bin Laden, the terrorist number one daughter, told the Vanguard, hours after the announcement in the U.S. operation "are not easy times for the whole family living in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia." The brothers and cousins of Osama bin Laden broke with him after the attacks on U.S. 11-S. A little over a month, in an interview to La Vanguardia, the son Omar Bin Laden 30 years, stated that his father abandoned months before the 11 S, after his men trained together for several years.

One of the top aides of Osama, he warned that "something big is being prepared and many of us will die. So it is better that you leave here." The leader of Al Qaeda gave the green light to Omar and that he joined his family in Jeddah. ¨ September 11, 2001, was sleeping in my grandmother's house when one of my uncles saw the Twin Towers burning and shouted, "your father has destroyed the family." Zana's wife yesterday said that since then no member of the wealthy Saudi family, again referred openly to the leader of Al Qaeda.

Zana (Jane) is a British 56 years, and was married 5 times, and she met her husband while on horseback in the pyramids of Egypt. They live part time in Qatar, and the other in Jeddah, with the Bin Laden family. Like their cousins trying to develop construction projects. Across the Middle East killing of Osama Bin-Laden is a huge earthquake.

According to this reporter has learned, bin Laden wrote a will in which he asked forgiveness from their children by having sacrificed his role as father in the name of jihad, holy war. Moreover, his men left specific orders on how to avenge his murder. Bin Laden is writing that does not fear death, as this will become a "Shahid, a martyr who came to paradise.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority have reacted with satisfaction to the killing of Osama Bin-Laden. Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, declared that it is a historic day and a victory for justice and freedom. ANP spokesman, Rasan Khatib, meanwhile, affirmed the death of the leader of Al-Qaeda "is good for the cause of peace." In contrast, the Islamists of Hamas, could not hide his surprise at the news while maintaining an official silence of several hours.

6 hours after the publication of the notice, the Islamist prime minister, Ismail Haniya, condemned the murder and identified bin Laden as a "sacred Arab fighter."

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