Friday, March 11, 2011

LIBYA - Qadhafi reportedly offered to withdraw

"Gaddafi is trying to negotiate", as the pan-Arab daily published in London. According to his information, again by the television channel Al-Jazeera, the Libyan colonel had attempted to negotiate the terms of his departure. He had offered to cede power to the General People's Congress in exchange for the assurance of being able to leave the country with a certain sum of money.

The rebels have denied. The international community, for its part, continues to consider a possible intervention. On 7 March, the Gulf Arab monarchies have favored the imposition of a UN no-fly zone over Libya, to protect civilians from any bombardment by the forces favorable to Gaddafi.

A Palestinian family share their house in East Jerusalem with Jewish settlers

Jerusalem .- Hamdallah The Arab family has to share his home in the occupied Palestinian territories of East Jerusalem, with Jewish settlers who claim ownership, reports the Israeli newspaper Haaretz today. A court has granted the settlers the right to use one of the rooms and the front yard of the home, located in the enclave of Maaleh Zeitim within the Arab neighborhood of Ras al Amud and living a hundred Jewish settlers.

Berlusconi, ready to defend himself in court ... but only on Mondays

The head of the Italian Government, Silvio Berlusconi, implicated in several processes, including one called 'Ruby case', which is charged with child prostitution, said Thursday it is willing to go to defend himself in court Milan, on condition that develop audiences on Monday. Friday resumed tools other processes (called 'case Mills'), Il Cavaliere has announced reforms "that will make time" in the Italian judicial system.

WORLD'S CNN Untold Stories - In Kenya, the mentally ill are left to their own

According to various non-government sources, about three million people in Kenya suffer from mental illness. But the amenities are virtually nonexistent, as shown in the investigation of journalist David McKenzie.

The Queen of England calls for consultations to his son Andrew after latest scandal

The Queen and the Duke of York met Thursday at Buckingham Palace. Has not leaked the content of the meeting. But the British media assume that mother and son have evaluated the impact of the scandals that have beaten the Duke in recent days and have jeopardized its responsibilities as a sales representative in the UK and abroad.

The position of Prince Andrew is not a paid position or an official responsibility. But keeping everyone more or less satisfied. The Prince kept the busy Windsor, the ministers cited the example of the benefits of the monarchy and the business earned a voice that greased its dealings in countries where only one member of royalty can be negotiated.

DENMARK - Farewell Christiania, the last free city in Europe

Founded in 1971 by a group of hippies who squatted an abandoned naval base in Copenhagen, Christiania has become a global phenomenon. For experts, it is a legend of alternative culture, the enclave's most famous in Europe and the last activity. After the Little Mermaid and Tivoli amusement park is also the third most visited place in the Danish capital.

One million tourists visit each year to wander between the barracks frescoed psychedelic and obtain cannabis illegally in Pusher Street. Christiania, which proclaimed itself a free city, has its own anthem (I kan ikke sla ihjel bone, which means "you can not kill us," a protest song by the rock group Bifrost), flag (three yellow dots on red background), its own currency and its own rules and practices.

Condemn a group of gang members for the murder of Christian Poveda

San Salvador .- A special court in San Salvador today convicted 11 gang members involved in the assassination of Franco-Spanish journalist Christian Poveda barely 4 to 30 years imprisonment, court sources said. El Centro Judicial Isidro Menendez explained in a statement that the Special Court of Judgement condemned to Luis Vasquez and Jose Alejandro Melara to 30 years in prison for the crime of "aggravated homicide" and "incitement and conspiracy the crime of aggravated homicide" , respectively.

Japan's prime minister acknowledges receipt of illegal donations but does not resign

Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, has admitted receiving political donations from a contributor South Korea, which is illegal in Japan, but said he had no intention of resigning. The head of Japan's Government has informed his Cabinet that one of its political funds received these donations without proof that he had came from a foreign resident, according to Kyodo.

Seiji Maehara resigned on Sunday as foreign minister of Japan for having received an illegal donation from a South Korean taxpayers, which he estimated at 50,000 yen (435 euros) while the opposition increased to 200,000 yen (1,735 euros). The Funds Control Law of Japan keeps Political donations from individuals or foreign companies Nippon representatives to prevent them from influencing local politics.

RUSSIA - Ramzan Kadyrov re-elected head of Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov, 35, was re-elected for four years, March 4, at the head of the republic of Chechnya. The 41 members of the Chechen parliament has unanimously reappointed to his post he had abandoned in 2010 as "president" of the Chechen republic while asserting that "there was only one president, the president of Russia ".

The Chechen leader, who is head of the region since the death of his father Mufti Akhmed Kadyrov, assassinated in 2004, pledged that Chechnya "remains part of Russia and the Chechen people to continue be the champion, "reported the Russian newspaper Kommersant. "Chechnya will fully justify the confidence the country's leadership has placed in it," he said.

The Dalai Lama will be the political leader of Tibet

Dharamsala (India) (Editorial / Agencies) .- The Dalai Lama, the Buddhist spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and all those who embrace this way of life, has announced its intention to stop being the political leader of the Tibetan government in exile. "Already in 1960, pointed out that Tibet needs a leader chosen freely by the people, we have now reached the point of putting this into practice", said during a speech to mark the 52 anniversary of the insurrection in Tibet against China.

Cuba frees Oscar Elias Biscet and nine other political prisoners

The Cuban Catholic Church on Thursday announced the upcoming release of opposition Oscar Elias Biscet, belonging to the group of the Group of 75 and a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. Biscet, who was serving a sentence of 25 years for acts against the independence and territorial integrity of the state, is one of the jailed opposition has rejected the condition of exile to his release from prison.

AFGHANISTAN - Demonstration against the military blunders

While the Minister of Defense Robert Gates traveled to Kabul on March 7 in order to ease tensions with the Afghan government, the people are restless cons burrs which are responsible for the international forces. March 6, an important event took place in the streets of the capital in protest against the military attacks of the last 2 weeks were 80 civilian casualties.

Obama's apology was not enough to calm the anger of Karzai and the Afghans. "We never forgive the deaths of innocent people killed by NATO forces," said one protester. "We are not Americans, we do not want the Taliban, we want peace". The Frontier Post said that civilian casualties increased by 20% in 2010 and amounted to 6215 deaths during the first 10 months of 2010.

A team of BBC journalists is abused by the soldiers of Gaddafi

London. . - A team of journalists from the British broadcaster BBC has been mistreated by soldiers of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, said last night the station in place on line. The three reporters were arrested on Monday evening trying to reach the city of Zawiya in western Libya. The British broadcaster partners were deprived of freedom in an army checkpoint, where they had identified.

Sarkozy and Cameron: Gadhafi and his cronies must go

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on Thursday publicly called for Libyan leader Muammar "Qadhafi and his clique" to leave the country, while showing their support for the opposition to constitute a government "representative and accountable." "Muammar Gaddafi and his entourage should leave," claimed in a letter to European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy.

FRANCE - Why Marine Le Pen will not enter the Elysee

According to a survey [released March 7 by Le Parisien], if the president were held today in France, Marine Le Pen, candidate of the extreme right, would turn heads in the first round. The information is not worthless, but it should not be overestimated. Indeed, the poll assumed that Martine Aubry represent the Socialists.

However, these have not yet nominated their candidate. And, according to other surveys, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who currently stands and has the support of voters. Therefore, if he ran, the scenario was quite different. Moreover, in current circumstances, it would be harder to win the primaries as socialists win the presidency.

El Baradei confirmed his intention to run for president Egyptian

Cairo. .- The former president of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei confirmed in an interview to an Egyptian private TV channel of its intention to stand for presidential elections when they are summoned. As reported by Al Jazeera in an interview with television channel OnTV reformist leader confirmed his desire to be in the Egyptian presidential candidate.

The Baradeei has been a recurring names in the pools for a political transition in Egypt and during popular revolts that ousted from power Hosni Mubarak defended the need for reform with Egyptian revolutionaries.

The regime in Tripoli announced a major offensive to crush the rebellion

Libya is preparing a large-scale military action to crush a rebellion and will not give up though the western powers to intervene in the dispute, said Thursday the most prominent son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam. "This is the time of release. It is time to act. We are moving now," he said in an interview in English.

Asked if the Government was prepared to intensify its military campaign, he emphasized: "The time is now. It is time to act (...) We gave them two weeks (for negotiations)." "Never, ever surrender. We will never surrender. This is our country. We are fighting here in Libya. The Libyan people, we never will be welcomed into NATO, never again will welcome the Americans here." Libya is not easy, 're Mickey Mouse.

CHINA - Warning to stirrers

At the opening of the annual parliamentary session, which coincides with the second week of the movement of "jasmine revolution", where the Chinese are expected to gather peacefully in the city center, the official Chinese media acknowledges for the first time influence on Chinese politics of the Arab revolution, and makes a strong warning to those tempted to follow suit.

The newspaper Beijing Ribao Beijing invites Chinese citizens to "scrupulously defend the stability and harmony of society". "Since late last year, some Middle East and North Africa have experienced upheaval, agitation brought great disasters to the peoples of these countries. Everyone knows that happiness is stability, and that chaos is a disaster.

Kenny promises to bring back the pride of Ireland

The Irish politics and society have traditionally had three main pillars: the Catholic church, the Fianna Fáil-dominant party since independence nine decades ago, and the Gaelic Football Association, the favorite sport and a symbol of national identity. The first time it collapsed following a series of scandals that reduced his influence, the latter has collapsed in elections two weeks ago because of financial disaster, and the country now relies only on the third.

The U.S. intelligence chief says rebels win Gaddafi

The U.S. director of national intelligence, James Clapper, has caused a scandal in testimony before a Senate committee in Washington that Gaddafi's troops are going to win. During his appearance before the Committee of the Senate Armed Clapper said that "the regime will succeed" because of its advantage in regard to weapons and financial resources.

Clapper, a retired Air Force, Admiral Dennis Blair replaced as national intelligence director a little over a year. His position was created after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, brings together all the intelligence agencies of the United States, as the CIA, DIA, FBI and the intelligence branches of the armed forces.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Gbagbo opts for politics of the worst

Like any good dictator who sees his days were numbered at the palace, Laurent Gbagbo stop massacring over the Ivorian people yet he claimed to love her whole being. As the day always catches the night, the time has come to reveal the ugly face of the dictator who prefers to go to hell rather than yield power peacefully to his new keeper, Alassane Ouattara.

So, not satisfied with his political and diplomatic humiliation resulting in an inability to recognize his signature and his word by the international community, it has forced the clan Ouattara to impose a financial asphyxiation strangle the point of paying wages today in dribs and drabs, something never seen in Côte d'Ivoire.

The 'new' Marine Le Pen FN overflows Sarkozy and socialist

A strong wind whips past few days the French policy. His name is Marine, Marine Le Pen. And the storm, a presidential election year threatening to cause serious damage. The new president of the far-right National Front (FN), with its image and its old recipe, has managed to bring the political debate to its field and has begun to escalate at a dizzying rate in opinion polls.

Some seasoned analysts, including veteran Alain Duhamel, I had predicted when the daughter of the founder of FN furious, Jean-Marie Le Pen, took over from his father last January: "It's just as hard, but more fearful "he said. Has begun to show. The thrust of the new National Front, which has replaced its old anti-Semitic tics a campaign against immigration and Islam-ably stained-defense of the secular state, has overwhelmed the great parties of the right and left, not knowing how to respond.

Libyan Rebels: Who is part of the National Council?

While continuing the offensive forces Gaddafi, the rebels continue to hold on to major cities "conquered", refusing to surrender. These are organized, for weeks, the National Council called Libyan. The training, which aims to "lead to Libya to democracy" meant to represent the rebels fighting Gaddafi also serve as a center of military and political organization of all opponents of the regime.

MOROCCO - "The only file that is democratic tolls on the highway"

This sounds like a battle cry. Or Marsupilami. "And yet it does not mean anything," laughs Reda Allali, singer Casablanca Hoba Hoba Spirit. Training, born in 1998, is known for his vitriolic texts, punctuated with music mixing rock, reggae and rap. Its niche: the country's ills. Illiteracy, sleeping masses, terrorism, unemployment and corruption, everything is scrutinized.

The red line? "There are three, is the national motto: God, King and Country," said Reda Allali, his eternal cap on his head. The group has never been censored, but it was reported that some sentences did not like. Two of its members were arrested for Satanism in 2003 because they played or listened to metal.

Wall Street closes down 0.01%

New York. (EFE) .- The New York Stock Exchange closed in negative territory today and the Dow Jones industrials, its main index, ended with a minimal decrease of 0.01% despite the decline that occurred this day the price of Texas crude . According to provisional data at the close, the index, which brings together thirty of the largest U.S.

public companies played down 1.29 points to finish at 12,213.09 points, or selective S & P 500 gave up 0.14% and the Nasdaq composite index lost 0.51%.

Young February 20 suspicious of reforms and continue to manifest

No turning back. Youth Movement of February 20 are not budge despite the constitutional reform announced by Mohamed VI. And keep calling the Moroccan people to demonstrate in the 'long march' to be convened within ten days to continue raising his voice in favor of a "true democracy" in Morocco, said on the phone to a spokesman of the group, Nizar Benamate.

In his address to the nation, the monarch Alawi set the roadmap for reform of the Magna Carta and added that "consecrate the appointment of the Prime Minister presented by the political party which has obtained the best results in elections to the House of Deputies "(now is the monarch who appointed him), and" assume fully the responsibility of government and public administration, in addition to direct and implement the government program.

MYANMAR - From quaint wage increases

If the rumors circulating in recent days have confirmed, Burmese officials in April will see their salaries increase by 380% and even 520% for the Department of Defense, reports the webzine The Irrawaddy. An official of basic remuneration and will go from 21 000 to 100 000 kyat [16.5 to 80 euros]. The objective of power is to align the Burmese pay scales on those in other ASEAN countries.

But the rumor has caused a few days of soaring prices of basic foodstuffs and essences'inquiète The Irrawaddy.

Mohamed VI amends the Constitution and gives more power to parliament

Rabat. .- The King Mohamed VI of Morocco announced a major reform of the Constitution which includes, among other changes, the upgrading of the prime minister as "president of effective executive power" and expand the powers of Parliament. In a televised address to the nation, the monarch said he has entrusted the revision of the Constitution to a constitutional commission headed by Abdellatif Mennouni, which is due in June the results of their work, and then hold a referendum to approve the reform.

Socrates than his sixth no-confidence vote with the abstention conservative

Portugal's prime minister, socialist Jose Socrates, passed on Thursday, thanks to the expected conservative opposition abstained, the motion of censure tabled by the Marxist left to the economic and social crisis facing the country. The main opposition party, the Social Democrats (PSD, center-right) and the Democrats of the CDS-PP, third formation of Parliament, with abstention prevented the fall of the Government of Socrates in the second vote of no confidence faced since losing absolute majority in elections in September 2009.

UNITED KINGDOM - The government rolls out the red carpet at Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch has still got what he wanted. Once again, politicians have bent over backwards to encourage the commercial ambitions of News Corp.. Once again, nobody had a say in this sordid little bargaining between the most powerful magnate of the British press and a government so eager for the blessing of the great man he is prepared to circumvent the law to facilitate his things.

There is always the possibility of obtaining a legal remedy, or that the consultation period of 15 days so generously allocated by the government results in a reversal, although this is unlikely. It is even possible that BSkyB's shareholders reject the offer from News Corp. as too low [the purchase price of 60.9% of the shares to other shareholders will probably be increased substantially to reflect rising of course since the launch of the operation in June 2010].

Obama appoints ambassador in Beijing to Chinese American Gary Locke

Washington. .- The President of the United States, Barack Obama, today named Gary Locke, of Chinese descent and until then Secretary of Commerce, as the new ambassador to China, in a ceremony at the White House. "I can not think of anyone more qualified than Gary Locke. More than a hundred years, Gary's grandfather left China on a steamer headed for America.

A century later his grandson returns to China as foreign minister" U.S. that country, "Obama said. Obama highlighted the work of Locke, who was in charge of the Secretariat of Commerce since 2009, as "business lawyer and U.S. exports worldwide." For his part, Locke welcomed the appointment and said he was "honored" by his new position.

NATO will strengthen its naval presence off the coast of Libya

NATO will send more naval units to the central Mediterranean to monitor the arms embargo on Libya, approved by the UN, said Thursday the secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The meeting of allied defense ministers also agreed to instruct the military authorities to urgently draw up detailed plans to implement active measures to implement the arms embargo and to send humanitarian aid to Libya, said Rasmussen.

STRATOSPHERE - To us the space for 400 euros!

An off-price travel up to 37 km altitude: Two British students have sent a camera into the stratosphere with a balloon inflated with helium. This cheap equipment has withstood freezing temperatures and allowed to bring back spectacular images of Earth from space [visible on www. youtube. com / watch? v = gfgOYsWnisk].

Things have gone through a frosty morning [December 2010], at sunrise, Derbyshire: first, Alex Baker and Chris Rose, two doctoral students at the University of Sheffield, have inflated their balloons with helium . The rubber envelope filled up slowly and then rose slowly, carrying a camera placed in a Styrofoam container.

Problems Gaddafi's sons

London / Los Angeles. .- The sons of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, until not too respected, feted and pampered in the Western world, have lost as a result of the Jamahiriya crisis, the aura of untouchability that accompanied them. Saif Gaddafi has been seen as an anarchist group in London was at his house, while Saadi Gaddafi, it hired eight years ago to Barcelona to play a friendly with no history, sees his film production company, based in Los Angeles, he canceled a project after another.

France and Germany require that we recognize the rebels as the legitimate government

The large EU countries are prepared to recognize Libyan opposition as legitimate interlocutors while ensuring that Moammar Gadhafi's regime is "finished." French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, said his country and Germany agree to ask their colleagues to engage with the Twenty-seven "new Libyan officials." French and German, Guido Westerwelle, have raised at an extraordinary meeting today in a diplomatic marathon between the EU and NATO.

Morocco: Mohammed VI. provides new constitution in prospect

Far-reaching democratic reforms, the Moroccan king Mohammed VI. on Wednesday evening announced in a televised address. It was the first time since the mass protests of 20 February that the king went directly to his subjects. Mohammed VI. introduced a new constitution in prospect, which Morocco could pave the way for a parliamentary monarchy.

The rights of Parliament and political parties should be strengthened. Prime Minister, as Chief Executive will grant the king more powers in future. The majority party should be able to determine the head of government. So far it is the king, which selects the prime minister and tasked with forming a government.

Sarkozy to EU: 'bomb Libya "Scaroni: soon to stop Libyan peterolio

The West may soon move against Qaddafi. French President Nicolas Sarkozy will propose it to the partners of the European Union "targeted bombing" in Libya. This is what sources close to the dossier report, explaining that the head of the Élysée want to also encrypt the transmission systems of the command of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

UNITED STATES - unemployment down

The unemployment rate finally fell below 9%, welcomes the Washington Post. Job creation, stagnant since the beginning of economic recovery finally seems to be at the rendezvous. According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Labor, U.S. employers have in effect created 192,000 new jobs in February, a record since the start of the recession there are more than three years.

The daily Washington sees this as an encouraging sign, "showing that economic recovery is accelerating."

Sign, fleeing and receiving diets

If it were a movie, would borrow the title of a Woody Allen comedy, 'Take the Money and Run. " MEP for the West Midlands, Nikki Sinclaire, denounces in the News of the World the custom of many MEPs, signing and flee to accept payment. In an investigation conducted by the British daily routine reveals some Friday in Brussels and Strasbourg.

MPs arrive, chips and within half an hour is planted at the airport to catch a flight. For example, Jolanta Hibner he rolled his suitcase in parliament shortly before eight o'clock in the morning of January 21 and was photographed at the Brussels airport 22 minutes later, ready to return to his native Poland.

Yemeni President announces a new constitution and a parliamentary system

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has promised on Thursday to hold a referendum this year on a new constitution, which would open the way for a parliamentary regime demanded by the opposition. Abdullah Saleh has, in turn, appealed to prepare a national unity government, with an eye on the new constitution.

Saleh has also committed to "continue to protect" the protesters, both supporters and opponents of the regime, among which there were three dead in clashes. Since the beginning of the protest movement in late January against Saleh's regime, in power for 32 years, about thirty people have been killed, according to Amnesty International (which goes beyond the Yemeni official figures) .