Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CANADA - back to normal "Journal de Montreal"?

A newspaper without journalists, so it's possible. Le Journal de Montreal proven for over two years. Population contrefout it royally and still consume (this is the right word) this source of information maganée [ailing], without shame or remorse. The draw for the Journal de Montreal has even increased during the twenty-five-month labor dispute.

[A study of the database on the readership of daily newspapers published in October 2010, Le Journal de Montreal remains the most widely read newspaper in Montreal, with a total weekly readership (print and online) about 1.3 million readers, 41% of the regional population.] It is often said that a company has the media it deserves.

Berlusconi calls for "very cautious" about a possible exile Gaddafi

Rome. .- The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, calls for "very cautious" about the possibility of exile of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi as a hypothetical solution to the crisis of Libya, as the situation in the North African country is "evolving" . In an interview published today in the Rome daily Il Messaggero, Berlusconi also said that all decisions that the Government takes with regard to the regime of Muammar Gaddafi will be in "close harmony" with the European Union (EU), NATO and United Nations .

Guerrillas disguised as soldiers assaulted a helicopter and kill six people

FARC guerrillas disguised as soldiers attacked on Tuesday a transport helicopter that had just landed flows in the town of Caloto in Cauca department (southwest), leaving six people dead in an unusual mode that mocked the high military presence in that region. Four of the victims are policemen and two were civilians.

"After landing the helicopter service makes Banco Agrario de Colombia, criminals gunned down the commander of the station, a deputy and two more soldiers, as well as for receiving remittances and a woman who received some wounds and later died "Efe reported the governor of the department of Cauca, Guillermo Alberto Gonzalez.

CHINA - Great Wave of arrests

The concern of Chinese authorities faced calls to emulate the "jasmine revolution" continues to grow. One hundred people have been arrested or placed under house arrest without having necessarily a link with the calls made on a site abroad. Five individuals, Ran Yunfei, Ding Mao, Hua Chunhui, Wei Chen and Liang Haiya, have been charged with breach of state security and incitement to subversion.

Obama is necessary "to prevent further violence" in Libya

Washington. .- The President of the United States, Barack Obama, and Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, have agreed on the need to stop "further violence" of the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, to protect the population and and to establish responsibility for the violation of human rights.

In a telephone conversation, Obama praised the readiness of Canada to join international sanctions against the Libyan Government, as well as humanitarian relief efforts to alleviate the needs of the population. The two leaders "agreed to consider other options, if necessary," according to the statement released by the White House.

Natascha Kampusch asks a million euros to the state as compensation

"If the police and the authorities have acted more quickly, Natascha Kampusch had been rescued earlier and would have had to endure for 10 years imprisonment and abuse." With this argument is heading to court the young Austrian was only 10 when he was kidnapped on March 2, 1998, in his usual way to go to school, and seeks damages of one million euros to the state.

His lawyer, Gerald Ganzer, confirmed Wednesday a report published by a newspaper free of Vienna, 'Heute', and explained that the proceedings were filed for damages in early February. "Once completed the process of psychological rehabilitation of the victim and, given that the offender can not expect compensation, since he committed suicide after fleeing victim, who is to demand accountability is to the State" said Ganzer when they turn 13 years of kidnapping.

FRANCE - The year starts badly for Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy has finally rid of his foreign minister, Michele Alliot-Marie. But this comes too late eviction. The MAM ball turned into bomb repeatedly, each day bringing its share of ministerial denials immediately contradicted by the facts. The damages are considerable, not only outside of France where the diplomacy of the Elysee has lost much of its credibility, but also inside.

In preparation for the 2012 presidential election, Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to use the French presidency of the G20 to perfect the look of a great chief of state and thus part to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, its eventual rival. It missed. Any competence - real - the new Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, is not sufficient to restore the charred diplomacy.

U.S. displaces air and naval forces to Libya

Tripoli. (Writing and agencies) .- U.S.. UU. has ordered its naval and air forces moving to the outskirts of Libya. The measure, preventive cutting is another form of pressure on Gaddafi to end the conflict against his own people. The U.S. ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, said that Gaddafi is "disconnected from reality" and accused him of being "massacring its own people" and is unfit to lead.

The government froze the assets today that the Libyan regime has in Spain

The Spanish Government will proceed on Wednesday to freeze all assets that the Libyan regime has in our country, as reported by diplomatic sources. This includes the estate of over 6,000 hectares dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi has in Benahavis, a suburb of Marbella (Málaga), and where I intended to build almost 2,000 homes.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance will investigate whether bank accounts are located Libyan regime in our country. The measures will take place this Wednesday, when the European Community issued a regulation, rule binding on all member states-from a list drawn up by the UN in which details all the names of individuals, businesses and associations that Qaddafi's regime used to place property and money in foreign countries.

CUBA - A dissident in the pay of government

Carlos Serpa Maceira was previously known to be a freelance journalist: he was director of the Free Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPLC) and spokesman of the movement Ladies in White who show dressed in white every Sunday to demand the release of their husbands political prisoners. But on Feb. 26, the Cuban Interior Ministry has decided to reveal his real identity during a television special.

U.S. mobilizes troops in the region around Libya

Washington. - U.S. media have reported movements of U.S. troops in the region of Libya, where Muammar laoposición at the Gaddafi regime has taken different ciudadesdel country. Citing Pentagon sources, the media reported that Hayun Navy and Air Force troops involved in estosmovimientos. The move is intended to achieve more flexibility to take "a wide range of options," said a Pentagon spokesman citadopor ABC Internet.

Defense Minister Resigns German after his doctoral thesis plagiarism

German Defense Minister, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, has decided to resign from all public office because of accusations of plagiarism in his doctoral thesis. German Chancellor Angela Merkel regretted "profoundly" irrevocable resignation by the minister, who enjoyed the greatest popularity rates in Germany and was a key figure in the regional election year course.

The thesis adopted cum laude in 2007 from the University of Bayreuth, was written by Guttenberg as a deputy. The allegations first arose on various blogs for a couple of weeks, and the newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" published allegations of law professor, Andreas Fischer-Lescano, for whom several parts of the thesis are "blatant plagiarism" and a "hoax "because they were virtually identical to those published previously by other authors but these were mentioned.

BURKINA FASO - Violent repression against students

Following the death of a student in Koudougou, a town 80 km south of Ouagadougou, the capital, several localities in the country were the scene of violent clashes between police and students on Tuesday and Wednesday. These and the deceased's family accused the police of being responsible for her death and demanding "justice, truth and equality", reports the Daily Observer Paalga.

The student who was beaten died a few days after being summoned to the police. Initially confined to Koudougou demonstrations have won the country's central west, Ouahigouya city of northwest and the capital Ouagadougou. Several government buildings were torched and ransacked. Police opened fire on demonstrators killing and wounding dozens.

Arab revolutions views from UAE

On 26 January, just a day after the demonstrations began in Tahrir Square in Cairo, the Egyptian poet Hisham Al Gakh appeared on television in the program 'Prince of Poets', a kind of Pop Idol organized by the government Abu Dhabi in the competing poets from all over the Arab world. With his controversial poem "Al Ta'asheera (Visa), Hisham shocked the public to express their desire to travel freely between all Arab countries because Arabs are all brothers and all Arab countries are considered our home.

No trace of the Swiss twins one month after his disappearance

Researchers from three countries, dozens of testimonials and many hypotheses are still around, one month after the disappearance of the Swiss twins. Alessia's case and Livia is the most complex from that of Madeleine McCann in May 2007. Small 6 years were last seen Jan. 30 at his father in the Swiss town of Saint-Sulpice, but there is no accurate information on what happened between that day and on 3 February when it Matthias Schepp took to the railroad tracks in Cerignola (southern Italy).

SENEGAL - Severance of diplomatic relations with Iran

Since February 23, the Senegalese authorities have decided to cease all diplomatic order relation with the Islamic Republic. The decision came when they discovered that Iran was arming the rebel Casamance secessionist movement, says Observer Paalga. However, economic projects between the two countries which both belong to the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) should not be called into question the image of the Iranian car assembly plant located in Senegal, always service.
. - Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said that "my people love me and die to protect" in an interview with journalist Christiane Amanpour U.S. network ABC. Dressed in a brown robe, of which usually wear, and sunglasses to prevent eye directly assures him: "I love it. All my people (is) me, I want." "My people would die to protect." The interview, which also involved a reporter from the BBC and one from the Times newspaper, was in the restaurant of a hotel on the Libyan coast.

British forces prepared to take over the Libyan mustard gas and sarin

The British Army special forces are prepared to take over the deposits of mustard gas and other chemical weapons that the government of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi may have hidden in the Libyan desert. According to the newspaper 'The Daily Telegraph, citing U.S. sources, is likely to be used by Special Air Service (SAS), the main strength of the British Army for such operations in order to gain control of up to 10 tons of mustard gas and sarin gas that is believed stored in three locations inside Libya.

NICARAGUA - New penknife in the Constitution

"I declare it illegal," under the Nicaraguan newspaper, showing about the Archbishop Silvio José Báez, the auxiliary bishop of Managua. Declaring speak on behalf of the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua, it has denounced the new constitution brought to tear by President Daniel Ortega. February 26, Ortega has been nominated for president in November by his party, the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

Iran arrests and imprisons the main opposition leaders and their wives

Tehran. .- The Attorney General of Iran's judiciary spokesman, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei, confirmed today that police have isolated the opposition leaders and reformist Mehdi Mir Hussein Mousavi Karroubi, respectively. Was quoted by state news agency Irna, the cleric also warned the population that the security forces will act against those who go in the coming days to the streets to protest.

A tanker explodes near the residence of Kadhafi

A tanker truck exploded Wednesday in the center of Tripoli, near the residence of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi without causing casualties or material damage, reports France Presse. The vehicle caught fire following the explosion, and formed a huge column of smoke. For now, you know the origin of this event, although some sources claim that could be an accident.

Hundreds of supporters of the Libyan leader gathered around the truck to express their loyalty to Qaddafi, closely watched by the security forces. The capital remains under the control of the dictator, as the rebels try to gain positions. For now, Benghazi, the second largest city, lies in the hands of insurgents.

DRC - An attempted coup foiled in Kinshasa

On 27 February, the official residence of the President of the Republic of Congo (DRC), Joseph Kabila, was attacked by a group of heavily armed men who have not yet been identified. The assailants were repelled by the presidential guard and could not access the home. The fighting that followed have been six or seven deaths among the attackers, one serious injury and resulted in several arrests.

Clinton, faced with the Human Rights Council of the UN: "Gaddafi must go now"

Barcelona. (Writing / AP) .- The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has told the Human Rights Council United Nations that it is time that Gaddafi goes: "Now, without violence and without further delay "Clinton has ruled in one of the strongest interventions has made U.S.. UU. since the beginning of the revolution in Libya.

Clinton warned that all options are on the table to overthrow the Libyan leader, by the violent repression carried out against the riots in his country. "We continue to explore all possible actions. Nothing is excluded from the table," Clinton said in his speech, which called on countries to adopt measures to join those already approved by the Security Council of the UN, as arms embargo and the freezing of assets of the Libyan leader.

The Ultimate Fighter of World War I still living 110 years meets

Claude 'Chuckles' Choules, the last surviving veteran of World War I, celebrates its 110 years Thursday at his home in Perth (Australia), as declared by his son, who describes him as a celebrity who hates war. Born in Britain in 1901, Mr. Choules lied about his age to enlist in 1916 in the Royal Navy.

During World War II, he fought as an officer in the Australian Navy, after emigrating to Australia in 1926. "He is deaf and blind, but we are very close to him, we cry and he understands us," says his son Adrian, 76. "You know who we are. I do not think the head has lost more than you or me," he adds.

Frankfurt Airport, attack to a U.S. military bus: two killed

A Kosovar boy shot on Wednesday afternoon against a bus carrying a group of American soldiers at Frankfurt airport. The attack occurred in front of Terminal 2. The victims are the bus driver and one of the soldiers. It is unclear whether the other two injured persons are American soldiers.

The alleged murderess 21 years old. The dynamics of the attack the bus has not yet been reconstructed exactly, but as he said the police spokesman Juergen Linker, German news agency DPA, "everything seems to have happened inside the bus." It is certain that at the time of the shooting, about 15:20, the bus was parked in front of the terminal number 2 of Frankfurt Airport.

Killed with 30 shots the minister for minorities, the Christian Shahbaz Bhatti

The Minister for Issues of minorities in Pakistan, Shahbaz Bhatti, a Catholic, was killed by an armed commando in an attack in Islamabad. Riddled with 30 shots, Bhatti, 35, had just been confirmed in the following a government reshuffle, despite pressure from Islamic fundamentalist groups.

CHINA - The Arab spring puts authorities on high alert

"The authorities have engaged nerve February 27 at a show of force in major cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in particular, to address any gathering inspiration from the" jasmine revolution ", while a mysterious call peaceful protest had been launched on the Internet for the second Sunday in a row, "chronicles the daily lives of Hong Kong.

Hundreds of police were deployed, but no demonstration was finally held, the newspaper said.

Yemeni President announces its readiness to form unity government

Sana'a. .- The President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, under heavy political pressure from a month ago, today held out his hand to the opposition to form a national unity government, although it reserved the most important portfolios. In vain did the offer, because the opposition rejected any possibility of joining a firm of Saleh, and, instead, insisted on staying "off the street people and their demands." According to sources quoted by SABA Yemeni presidency, the ruling was going to arrive "in the coming hours," his offer to share the government to the opposition platform organizer of the revolt against the Yemeni regime "Encounter shared." But from that alliance, which brings together the five main opposition parties, the answer was clear.

The UN General Assembly expelled to Libya Human Rights Council

The UN General Assembly has removed Libya from the Human Rights Council, the international body for the brutal repression of protests by the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. The resolution orders the indefinite suspension of Tripoli's human rights body in Geneva was adopted by consensus by 192 countries in the multilateral organization.

The decision was made on the recommendation of the Human Rights Council requested that the Arab country was suspended from membership of the body. It is the first time that a country is suspended from the Council. The resolution was formally presented the Lebanese diplomat at the UN, Nawaf Salam, which he did on behalf of the Arab League and African Union.

FRANCE - Juppe is back at the Quai d'Orsay

February 27, Nicolas Sarkozy held a cabinet reshuffle, appointing Alain Juppe and other foreign affairs, a position it had occupied from 1993 to 1995, under Jacques Chirac. Juppe replaces Michele Alliot-Marie, who, entangled in its affairs Tunisian, was forced to resign. "The shock wave reached Europe in the Arab heart," as the newspaper of Brussels: "The wind of democratic revolt that blows over the past two months has made her first 'collateral damage'," he observes.

Gaddafi orders the chief of foreign intelligence services to negotiate with rebels

..- Algiers Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, has instructed the responsible for foreign intelligence services, Buzid Durda, that dialogue with rebel leaders in eastern DRC, according to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera. According to a correspondent of the chain, Gadhafi has tried to open channels of contact with the heads of the tribes, but they have refused to negotiate with him.

The channel said, quoting opposition sources, the Libyan leader still has replaced the number two foreign intelligence services, Colonel Abdullah Senusi, who commanded his loyal forces and was removed from today's power-Mansur Dau The Qahsi. Senusi, Gaddafi's brother to be married to his sister, Safia, was convicted in absentia for life for involvement in the downing of a Pan Am airliner over the Scottish town of Lockerbie.

More than 300 people have died in eastern Libya during the riots

More than 300 people have died in major cities in eastern Libya in the past two weeks due to the suppression of the security forces against demonstrators protesting against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. According to medical sources, the death toll in this part of Libya, now in the hands of the rebels between 15 and 28 February between the 317 and 347.

Doctors in three hospitals in Benghazi during a press conference stated that only in that locality, the second in the country, died between 220 and 250 people and injured 1,932 others. Dr. Yabril Haweidi, Yala hospital in Benghazi, said that in addition to the dead and wounded in Benghazi, Al Baida 64 people died in Derna 26, Tobruk Ajdabiya four and three.

INDIA - The government expects 9% growth for 2011-2012

On 28 February, Pranab Mukherjee, Minister of Finance, presented to Parliament the 2011-2012 Budget of the Indian Union. He said among other things an increase of 17% of the budget devoted to social spending. He recognized that inflation, particularly that of food prices, remained "a concern". However, he hoped to see it fall during the year, while he expects an economic growth of 9%, also higher than before the financial crisis.

Kurdish guerrillas broke the unilateral ceasefire in Turkey

Ankara. .- The armed Kurdish Workers' Party of Kurdistan (PKK) announced the end of the unilateral ceasefire it had declared on 13 August to make way for negotiations with the Turkish government. The PKK said in a statement, carried by the Firat news agency, to "defend a much more active", but in principle refrain from attacking "Turkish targets." "Our guerrillas have strictly observed the cease-fire, but the government lost the opportunity with his attitude," says the PKK, which blames the Executive moderate Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan's lack of willingness to solve "the conflict." The PKK, listed as terrorist by the U.S.

The revolution has already trained 10,000 volunteers for the army of liberation

Control authorities of Libya's second city, Benghazi, announced today that it has already trained nearly 10,000 volunteers who would integrate the new armed forces of the revolution along with the remnants of the former army colonel explained Sheji Faraj, one of the responsible for accelerated courses of military training.

More than a hundred people of all ages, from adults over 50 years almost underage kids had been lined up in the school district Salmani while commanding Sheji instructors learned running a anti-aircraft machine gun. "We must avoid the barrels get hot! Remember, you have an effective range of just over a mile! Not shoot like crazy! You can throw more than 500 bullets in seconds!", Claimed by a Speaker one of the military.

IRELAND - Voters choose the rupture

"The electorate voted coldly angry to remove Fianna Fáil," as the daily. The Fine Gael Party (Christian Democrats) led by its leader, Enda Kenny, has won over 36% of the votes in parliamentary elections on 25 February, according to partial results yet. Beating the Fianna Fáil, the party of outgoing Prime Minister Brian Cowen, who have won 17% of the vote.

According to the newspaper, contacts should be established on 28 February between the Fine Gael and Labour, to form a coalition government.

He resigned last member of the Tunisian Government appointed Ben Ali

Madrid. .- The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation of Tunisia, Mohamed Nuri Juini, has submitted his resignation Monday, which have already left the interim government the ministers who were appointed by the ousted President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali. The Tunisian news agency, TAP, has reported the resignation of Juini, in addition to that presented the interim Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, also named Ben Ali, who has been replaced by Béji Sebsi Caid.

Two inches of the Olympic Games

If at any time did use the term jumps in the pool, never before, Portsmouth authorities think that after building a water complex of five million pounds (six million or so) discovered, meter in hand, that the 'jewel in the crown', the pool described as 'Olympic', is two inches shorter (5.08 cm) from the official measure.

Invalidate the installation steps for a major international event. Not just Olympic, for which in any case would be used, but for higher level competitions, which had reported "at least he denounced the opposition huge profits to the town in the future. The importance of the two-inch stems from a technical aspect.

Belarus helps Gaddafi: Minsk sends 40 tons of weapons to Libya

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, offers the Gaddafi clan seems to asylum. Belarus Libya has delivered in recent weeks, 40 tons of weapons. This is clear from the statement made by an employee of the Stockholm Peace Research Institute in the Swedish radio, appealed to the international news agencies on Wednesday.

Accordingly, in mid-February an Ilyushin 62 of the Belarusian military base near Baranovichi was flown to the Libyan Sabha. In Baranovichi was stored mainly weapons and ammunition, and from there will also Belarusian arms trade unwound, while Sabha serve the Libyan military as a logistics center.

Germany Guttenberg has resigned

German Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, a rising star of the CDU has resigned after the so-called copygate. The news had been anticipated in the on-line Bild. The newspaper states that the minister has already handed his resignation to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The story came from the sweep that the defense minister had copied much of his doctoral thesis. On the issue was addressed again the president of the Bundestag, the conservative Norbert Lammert (CDU), which in recent days had already been critical of Guttenberg: the case, said Monday the newspaper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, is a "nail in the coffin confidence in our democracy.

Troop movements in the Mediterranean: Americans tighten the pressure on Gaddafi

The Pentagon transferred three warships in the vicinity of the Libyan Mediterranean coast. Thus the leadership in Washington wants to the needs of aggravated humanitarian crisis response and may be able to enforce a ban. As American media report, citing information from the Ministry of Defence, the guided missile destroyer USS Stout "and the helicopter carrier USS Kearsarge from the Red Sea moved further into the Mediterranean.