Tuesday, March 15, 2011

France and Britain proposed a resolution on no-fly zone

United Nations. .- France and Britain submitted a draft resolution to Security Council UN to declare an exclusion zone area in Libya, although Russia still has doubts about how it would carry out the measure, diplomats said today. That was the outcome of the meeting that the fifteen members of the highest international security held today to consider the request that took him last weekend that the Arab League imposed an air exclusion zone in Libya.

Americans, why do not you are going to Afghanistan?

"During the first two years of the Government of [Hamid] Karzai's security in the country was good, but after each time has gotten worse. American, why do not you are going to Afghanistan?" Maybe because if you do, I accuse you of failing, "asks a listener to American troops in Wardak province, west of Kabul.

Once a week, the American lieutenant Charles Flanagan has the courage to get to the microphone Karwan radio station, which broadcasts in the province of Wardak, to answer questions from listeners, most of them are nothing nice, not to say that they are clearly hostile to U.S. forces. "What have you done in Wardak, beyond destroying everything and will make things worse?" Asks another listener.

Ivory Coast: Heavy fighting in Abidjan

Burning barricades in the Abobo district in the economic capital Abidjan paralyzed by a political stalemate in the Ivory Coast, the camp of the internationally recognized president Alassane Ouattara was obviously a military decision. For days, the economic capital Abidjan scene of nightly battles between government troops, who had been voted the President Laurent Gbagbo are Muslims, and rebels from the north of the country, fighting for Ouattara.

State of emergency imposed: military takes control in Bahrain

In Bahrain escalates the conflict between the government and its opponents. The government on Tuesday imposed a state of emergency. On the instructions of the king will the military for three months to take control of the island nation, said in a Tuesday statement read out on state television. It should "all necessary measures are taken to ensure the security of the country and its citizens" to protect.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Ouattara allowed in chief of the African Union

The Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara, formally elected November 28th, was hosted by Head of State on March 9 in the Ethiopian capital. He was responding to the invitation of the panel of five heads of state established by the African Union (AU) to end the crisis created by challenging the results of the election.

He will attend the meeting of the Council for Peace and Security of the AU, on 10 March. Outgoing President Gbagbo, who was absent, had sent two emissaries, March 9 at night, had not appeared.

U.S. its military away from the coast of Japan to detect radioactivity in 17 soldiers

Washington .- The Pentagon reported today that 17 soldiers involved in relief efforts in Japan have tested positive for "low levels" of radioactivity and ordered temporarily ward off the Japanese coast ships of the Seventh Fleet based in Yokosuka . Efe reported an officer in the Navy, the military are in good condition and to be a minimum level of contamination affected staff could eliminate the radioactivity with soap and water.

Japan's government warned of the potential health risks

The nuclear crisis that Japan lives after the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami of last Friday's level increases after the new explosion in the reactor has two containment vessel damaged a government spokesman said Japan has acknowledged that the level of radioactivity measured in Fukushima plant is considered dangerous to health.

"Contrary to what had happened until now, no doubt that the radioactivity levels can affect human health," said Yukio Edan at a news conference. According to data provided by the Executive have identified 30 microsiervets between the two reactor and the reactor three, 400 microsiervets in three and 100 microsiervets reactor at number four.

EGYPT - New clashes in the neighborhood of Cairo

"The sectarian strife is thirteen dead and leave a neighborhood in ruins," as the Egyptian daily (English version). March 9, clashes continued between Copts and Muslims Mokattam district of Cairo. The witnesses in this predominantly Christian suburb, tell that the attack was obviously fundamentalists planned and coordinated, apparently entrusted to habitual criminals.

Molotov cocktails were thrown against houses and warehouses, and shots have sounded. The clashes marked an escalation of sectarian tensions, very lively since a suicide bombing that had killed twenty-one in Alexandria the night of the new year. Also, clashes erupted Tahrir Square in central Cairo, where hundreds of opposition demonstrators were attacked with sticks and knives.

Warner pulls out of theaters in Japan the new Clint Eastwood film the scenes of tsunami

Barcelona (Editorial) .- The new Clint Eastwood film Beyond Life has been withdrawn from theaters in Japan after the earthquake that struck the country last Friday and was followed by a tsunami which has caused thousands of deaths. Life Beyond was released in Japan in late February in 180 rooms and Warner Entertainment had planned their projection until late March.

The spokesman for Warner Entertainment Japan Inc., Satoru Otani, has confirmed this and explained that the decision has been taken to find inappropriate some of the scenes of the film, in which one of the three stories he tells begins with images the death of a woman in a tsunami. The disaster in Japan has left nearly 2,000 dead according to the latest official figures, although it is expected that the death toll will rise as the days passed.

Gulf troops enter Bahrain

Bahraini opposition, led by Shiites, on Monday criticized "foreign occupation" that the country is living, after troops of the joint strength of the Gulf countries from entering their territory. The soldiers have come to help restore order, while increasing protests against the Sunni dynasty of the Al Khalifa.

"The people of Bahrain faces a real danger: that of a war against the Bahraini without a declaration of war", have secured the seven core members of the opposition. "We believe the entry of any soldier or military vehicle in the spaces land, air or sea of \u200b\u200bthe Kingdom of Bahrain as a total occupation or plot against the unarmed people of Bahrain, and a violation of international conventions," added the opposition.

SALVADOR - Eleven convicted for the murder of photographer Poveda

A special court sentenced El Salvador, March 9, to sentences ranging from four to thirty years in prison eleven people arrested in connection with the murder of Franco-Spanish photographer Christian Poveda. The body of the author of a documentary about the gang Mara 18 - titled La Vida Loca - had been found with four bullets in the head, September 2, 2009 near San Salvador, the capital.

After this crime, thirty-one suspects, all members of the Mara 18, with the exception of a policeman, were arrested.

The 27 approved a plan to analyze the strength of the European nuclear

Brussels. (EFE) .- The Ministers of Environment of the European Union today supported the idea proposed by Austria to test for resistance to European nuclear power plants to avoid hazards such as threatening the plants in Japan following the earthquake. "The reaction of the Ministers of the Environment has been very favorable to the proposal of Austria," he said at a press conference the Spanish Secretary of State for Climate Change, Teresa Ribera, who said that all member states, including pro- nuclear, have agreed that "it is important to speed up any possibility of improvement in the security guarantees of the population." Asked about the policy of lengthening the life of the plants that now defends the Spanish government, said Bank is not the time to enter that debate, because the first thing now is the safety of people and draw lessons from what happened .

Second day of falls in the Tokyo Stock Exchange despite the new injection of BOJ

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is in free fall in the second opening day after the earthquake that has devastated one of the country. The Nikkei index has declined on Tuesday to close 1015.34 points, 10.55% to stand at 8605.15 integers. It is the second day in Tokyo's red index, which on Monday lost 6.18% and left the barrier of 10,000 points to settle at 9620.49 units.

The Bank of Japan announced early on Tuesday a new cash injection of 5 billion yen (43.761 million euros), after the 15 trillion yen (131,090 million euros) on Monday sent financial markets to help stabilize the situation. The fear of the impact it will have on the global economic recovery Japan's disaster has affected other markets.

MOROCCO - Mohammed VI announced a reform of the Constitution

March 9, for his first speech since the events of 20 February, the king of Morocco has announced plans to launch "a comprehensive constitutional review." This reform will be "dedicated to strengthening democracy and the rule of law," says the Daily Casablanca linked to power. She plans to give more power to the Prime Minister and establish regionalization.

The Sovereign also announced the establishment of a commission to review the institutions.

Fukushima puts an end to nuclear energy in Germany

Fukushima has put an end to nuclear energy in Germany. Japanese wave has swept away a technology whose theoretical foundations were laid in this country makes a hand siglode Albert Einstein and other scientists, on an axis running from a patent office in Bern at various laboratories in Berlin. The tsunami kills more unpopular decision taken by the coalition government in September: the aging of the 17 nuclear power plants.

The lack of international consensus Gaddafi clears the path to success

The lack of consensus among world powers when a joint response to the conflict in Libya is establishing the advancing forces of dictator Muammar Gaddafi to victory in the battle against the revolution. Several planes of the scheme on Monday bombed rebel positions in a counter move that has contributed to the insurgents 160 miles in the last seven days.

Neither the UN nor the most influential external level reach agreement on coordinated action. "You have to answer fundamental questions, not only do we have to do, but how is that done," said Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, after the 15-member Security Council UN not reach an agreement.

BELGIUM - Brussels reinvents the Penal Colony

"Belgium has reinvented the exile," laments the daily. In February 2010 the Netherlands had surrendered to authorities Tilburg Belgian prison to help them fight against overcrowding. A year later, it was a fiasco: "Tilburg releasable houses 220 inmates whose cases are stuck due to lack of staff, but also because of practical difficulties in preparing a reclassification plan to place hundreds of miles of potential for rehabilitation" , accused the International Observatory of Prisons.

33 people killed in a clash between police and Maoist guerrillas in India

New Delhi. .- At least 30 Maoist guerrillas and three members of the lost Indian security forces today killed in a clash in the central state of Chattisgarh, said a police source. The incident took place in the area of \u200b\u200bconflict Chintalnaar Dantewada district, considered the main guerrilla stronghold, where the rebels ambushed a contingent of 145 policemen, said the deputy general director of operations, Ram Niwas, was quoted as saying PTI.

It's all despair. Only people looking for bodies

Four days ago, was another coastal town Otsuchi over Japan, a destination for surfers and remote beaches. Today, amid a sea of \u200b\u200bdevastation, left standing only a supermarket and a Buddhist temple. Like most of the northeastern Japan, Otsuchi was affected Friday by a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami took everything.

Officials fear more than half the population is 19,000 people buried under rubble. "Otsuchi reminds me of Osaka and Tokyo after World War II," said Tadateru Konoe, president of Red Cross in Japan, while rescue teams were moving over debris, twisted metal and debris, some of them on fire.

South Korea - Pyongyang's blackmail to secure the return of four defectors

"The North Korean relatives in video displays of four defectors," outraged the newspaper in Seoul. In February, a fishing boat North Korea had accidentally crossed the maritime boundary between the two Koreas, with thirty-one people on board. Four of them wished to remain in the South, to the fury of Pyongyang.

To put pressure on them, the regime issued March 9 images of their relatives back in North and begging them to return. This kind of "blackmail" would be a first, stresses the newspaper.

Japan, an example of solidarity with earthquake victims

In Kyoto, the city where I live, the earthquake was 3 Richter scale and was little, but according to some people in certain districts shook tall buildings. Promptly, the city of Kyoto joined the national charity collection to raise funds for the victims, taking out collecting money in department stores, supermarkets.

and also organized charity events. Also, as a response to the need, on Sunday the establishment of the "Volunteer Center disaster of Kyoto" (Kyoto saigai shien vorantia sit) for the two volunteer centers, the city and the prefecture, to act with one voice. The Center seeks to channel the voluntary assistance to regions affected by the earthquake, preferably emergency rescue work, first, and then manage volunteer participation Kyoto debris cleanup, psychological assistance to those affected and so on.

Merkel suspended three months the plan to extend the life of nuclear

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just decreed a before and after for the European atomic energy after the tragedy of Japan. Having extended the life of the 17 German nuclear plants 12 years, until 2040, German Chancellor gives a shift in energy policy and has announced the suspension of the extension and set a new deadline of three months which will involve an kind of lull.

During this period, there will be "further reviews of security with new standards" and these are carried out "without any taboo." "After those three months we will enter a new situation and take the final decisions are necessary," warned Merkel, after inviting the German company to open an "honest debate" on nuclear energy.

GERMANY - Meet the man who wants to save Libya

A journalist from Berlin met at Al-Baida, in eastern Libya, the leader of the National Transitional Council (CNT), to prepare an alternative to the power of Colonel Gaddafi. The opponent Abdeljalil Moustapha says bluntly: the international community must impose an exclusion zone in the airspace of Libya, "Kadhafi otherwise destroy the country" in the bombing.

The head of the former Minister of Justice has been priced by Gaddafi, who promised 410,000 dollars (297,000 euros) to which it will deliver.

At least 42 dead in clashes between rebels and the army in southern Sudan

Khartoum .- At least 42 people, including two soldiers, were killed Saturday in a shootout between the military and rebel troops in the town of Malakal in southern Sudan, official sources said. The military spokesman of the autonomous region of south Pillip Aguer, told reporters that the rebels authors of the attack on the city of Malakal in Upper Nile province, took refuge in an orphanage and held 130 children hostage Although they were released shortly afterwards without any hurt.

17 U.S. soldiers are positive for low levels of radioactivity

The Pentagon reported Monday that 17 military officers involved in relief efforts in Japan have tested positive for "low levels" of radioactivity and ordered away temporarily from the Japanese coast ships of the Seventh Fleet based in Yokosuka. As reported by an officer of the Navy, the military are in good condition and to be a minimum level of contamination affected staff could eliminate the radioactivity with soap and water.

Gaddafi will crush the last stronghold of resistance in Benghazi?

The Libyan dictator Gaddafi is completely isolated diplomatically. The Western powers demanding his immediate resignation and the Arab League has suspended the membership of Libya, and advocated a no-fly zone. But Gaddafi's troops are on the rise.

Paradox is that in Paris and London initially expressed willingness to take military action right now striking decreases. We understand: Paris wanted to grind out the gap, it has become politically defeated in the times of surveys in Tunisia and Egypt itself. And the British, the Lockerbie terrorist attack have not yet forgotten.

Arabellion: Gulf states to send soldiers appeared to Bahrain

Opponents have erected roadblocks in some bahr's capital, Manama, the Gulf Arab States, according to the military in the region, soldiers sent to Bahrain to assist the beleaguered opponents of the regime's royal family. A military spokesman in the Gulf region, said the news agency dpa, the first officers and soldiers were landed on Monday at the airport in Bahrain.

More troops would be put on the land of Hafr al-Baten in Saudi Arabia from moving. The spokesman said, bringing the soldiers to help should now have the situation under control in Bahrain, belonged to the Peninsula Shield force, a rapid reaction force of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Gaddafi condemns the request of fly zone of the Arab League

Cairo. .- The Libyan government said today in a statement on state television that the decision of the Arab League to request a no-fly zone over the country is based on "false allegations and a clear distortion of the realities of what happens on the ground. " "We have asked several times to send inquiry committees and would have been better than the counsel of the League sent a committee to research first, instead of issuing a decision based on lies," said the statement released by the General People's Committee for Foreign Communication and International Cooperation.

More than 30 killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan

At least 33 people were killed Monday when a suicide bomber detonated the explosive charge he was carrying an army recruitment center in the city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan, a government spokesman of the homonymous province. The spokesman, Mahboobullah Sayedi, said about 40 others were wounded in the attack in the center of Kunduz.

On Thursday, another suicide attack in the same city had killed the police chief of the province, Abdul Rahman Sayedjili, and two of his bodyguards.

Mubarak: an ego XXXXXXL

A striped jacket is a jacket with stripes. Although ... A closer look at this picture of the costume of the former Egyptian president, what do we see? Each line consists of Latin characters, who repeatedly stated the name of the deposed leader: Hosni Mubarak, Hosni Mubarak, Hosni Mubarak, Hosni Mubarak, Hosni Mubarak.

The psychiatrist has deciphered Egyptian Ahmad Okasha this interesting flirtation February 25 on Channel Egypt ON TV - an interview resumed and translated by Memri. org: Ahmad OkashaJe'd never have expected such a thing ... The présentateurNous have noticed that by making a plan expanded on his face ...

How does nuclear radiation to health?

Madrid. .- The radiation "or see or smell, but its effects are long term and will damage the health and the environment for years," and describes the consequences of a nuclear accident in central Japan, Eduard Rodríguez-Farré, radiation biologist Superior Council for Scientific Research. In an interview with EFE, Rodríguez-Farré, Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona, \u200b\u200bhas said that fellow scientists have already measured pollutants such as iodine and cesium in the radiation released in Fukushima, which already has partial melting of two of their reactors to the lack of refrigeration caused by the earthquake and tsunami that have hit the country.

Wen Jiabao calls for gradual political reform for China

The Chinese premier said Monday that his country must carry out political reforms with a "gradual progress" to be equivalent to the reforms in economic, but offered no explicit signal that the communist government wants to expand the current system of elections elections reduced to very controlled by the party to elect the leaders of small populations.

Any transition to a more democratic system will be done "under the leadership of the Communist Party," said Wen Jiabao. "Without political reform, economic reform can not succeed, and the achievements we have made could be lost," he said during closure in China's capital of China's parliament annual session.

LIBYA - The Bulgarian expertise in the service of Europe?

"My friend, There Is No opposition in Libya". So begins the interview with Seif al-Islam, a son of Muammar Gaddafi, obtained exclusively by the popular daily Trud - "the first in the European press since the start of the Libyan revolt" is boasts the newspaper. For the second son of Gaddafi clan, the National Council set up by the insurgents is composed of a dozen people "who represent only themselves." Asked about a possible U.S.

Nearly 600,000 evacuated in Japan for earthquake, tsunami and nuclear threat

Geneva. .- The Office of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said today that about 600,000 people have been evacuated in the last three days in Japan, after the earthquake, the tsunami that followed and the current nuclear threat. According to latest figures, 380,000 people were evacuated from areas affected by both natural disasters, while 210,000 have been evacuated from the area of \u200b\u200b20 km around the Fukushima nuclear power plant where an explosion occurred after the earthquake.

Gaddafi's troops continue their advance and take up positions around Benghazi

Libyan rebels are desperately trying to resist the advance of troops loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi between the towns of Brega and Ajdabiya, about 80 miles east, the main communications hub in the east. In the past four days, militants have lost more than the 110 kilometers stretch between Brega and Ras Lanuf oil enclave, an area they had gained gadafistas brigades.

Troops loyal to Qadhafi continue its unstoppable advance and come to Benghazi, the symbol of popular uprising against the Libyan colonel and seat of government formed by the rebel side and chaired by a former minister of Gaddafi. According to reports by Reuters, Gaddafi's troops secure shown to achieve the conquest of the city of Benghazi.

RUSSIA - Washington launches campaign Russian

President Medvedev receives today, 9 March, the Kremlin, the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. This is a visit "working" officially dedicated at the entrance of Russia to the World Trade Organization and economic cooperation between the two countries. But Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the visit would be a signal of encouragement to the candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev to présidentelle 2012, in a context where no one knows which option to choose the "tandem" Medvedev-Putin.

Benin celebrates the first round of the presidential big problems Census

Cotonou. .- Benin today held the first round of presidential elections, with many problems of organization, especially in the census, which complicated the process to elect a new head of state from among the fourteen candidates standing. The voting, which was scheduled to begin at seven o'clock (0600 GMT) was delayed at least an hour in most of the 13,152 polling stations throughout the country, responsible for the absence of tables and especially the lack of material that should have distributed the Army.

Medvedev prohibits Gaddafi and his family the entry and transit through Russia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, has prohibited by order entry and transit through the country the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, and members of his family and his surroundings, as reported by the Kremlin. The presidential decree, signed in compliance with the sanctions adopted by the Security Council of the UN against Gadhafi's regime, including a list of 15 "natural persons that are prohibited entry into the territory of Russia and transit through of it.