Friday, May 27, 2011

Mladic a mason of 69 years who lived in a quiet part of Serbia

Belgrade Serbia .- The press said today that Serbian war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic, was arrested yesterday in northern Serbia, worked as a mason in the province of Vojvodina, where he had hidden in the house of a cousin. The Blic daily interview with a student, who claims to have worked last year with Mladic, 69, a construction site in Zrenjanin, 85 miles north of Belgrade, reports EFE.

"It was like a worker either. We worked together and I am shocked. I can not believe that is actually Komandic Milorad Ratko Mladic," said the young man, identified by the newspaper only as RR Some Serbian media claim that Mladic had a false identity, which The authorities have denied and, although it is possible that the exmilitar simply identified with another name.

NATO accuses Gadhafi regime of anti-personnel mines placed near Misrata

NATO has now found a field of landmines planted by the regime of Muammar Gaddafi about Misrata, said Canadian Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, head of the military mission in Libya in a war that lasted four months. "The report this morning shows that has been laid a minefield in the area of Misrata, landmines against international law, placed in a strategic area, preventing movement of the population," Bouchard said in a press conference .

NUCLEAR - Fukushima, a test for Japan

This is manifested in the attitude in times of crisis we often perceive the true nature of being human. Since the nuclear accident in Fukushima Daiichi, it seems that Japan is now showing its true face. After the Chernobyl disaster (1986), the Soviet Union had mobilized cohorts of soldiers, firefighters and private citizens to respond to the scene of the explosion without informing them sufficiently of the dangers they would incur.

Mladic faces a court that did not condemn their political masters

Ratko Mladic, a former general of the Bosnian Serbs accused of committing major war crimes and massacres against civilians in the war in the former Yugoslavia in the nineties at 69 has a long judicial process that can be ordered in by life in prison. Doctors at Belgrade must decide whether Ratko Mladic is able to attend and testify at a preliminary hearing to extradite him to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague.

The Russian Government takes the capture of Mladic to attack and blame the West

Following the arrest of Ratko Mladic, Russia has decided to step forward and be on the front line so that the future of Serbia is concerned. In the last hours Moscow has distanced himself and demanded the dismantling of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), considering that, with the arrest of Mladic, its role is meaningless.

In addition, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, has found it necessary to claim a fair trial for the butcher of Srebrenica. "We hope that the future process of Ratko Mladic is fair and impartial and will not be used to fishtail and artificially prolong the activity of the ICTY," said the politician.

Peter Bergen, a biographer of Osama bin Laden - Casanier

NATO accuses the Gaddafi regime to lay mines in Misrata

.- Brussels today, NATO has encountered a field of landmines planted by the regime of Muammar Gaddafi about Misrata, said Canadian Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, head of the military mission in Libya. "The report this morning shows that has been laid a minefield in the area of Misrata, landmines against international law, placed in a strategic area, preventing movement of the population," Bouchard said in a press conference .

Obama will visit Poland in a country due to this since last year

Obama arrives in Warsaw this afternoon ready to repair the camp last year, when the ashes of an Icelandic volcano prevented him from attending the state funeral of President Kaczynski and the rest of the hundred victims of the crash of Smolensk. Cancellation of attendance at the funeral coincided with a high-profile controversy that divided between those who considered the Polish Kaczynski justified a place in the pantheon of Founding Fathers, Krakow, and those who would ground their teeth just think, with U.S.

Roukhchona Safarova, editor of VIPzone first celebrity magazine Tajikistan - Too class

G8 leaders agree to help the new democracies Arab investments

Deauville (France) (Editorial / Agencies) .- The leaders of the eight richest countries in the world today closed its two-day summit with a commitment to provide practical help to consolidate the reforms of the "Arab spring." After discussing the situation in the countries of North Africa and Middle East at a dinner last night, the G8 will discuss this morning concrete steps to consolidate the reform process, in a debate that will be attended by the president of the Arab League Amr Moussa and representatives of Egypt and Tunisia, reports EFE.

UK confirms that send attack helicopters to Libya

United Kingdom has confirmed that Apache helicopters sent to Libya after the British executive has approved on Thursday the deployment of such equipment to cope with the onslaught of Muammar Gaddafi regime and attack small targets more easily, especially in urban settings . British confirmation comes a few days after Foreign Minister Gallo, Alain Juppe, said that both France and other countries in the NATO-led coalition planned to use helicopter gunships in Libya.

Noam Chomsky, American intellectual left - Imaginative

"One might ask what would we react if Iraqi commandos had landed in the ownership of George W. Bush had then murdered had swayed his body in the Atlantic. "

Amnesty International shows a video of Syrian repression 'shoot to kill'

London .- A video extracted illegally from Syria and received by Amnesty International (AI) clearly indicates that the security forces in the country employ a policy of "shoot to kill" against those calling for reforms. The video shows protesters beaten and shot by security forces soldiers conducting a nighttime raid in the Omari mosque in Dera and a funeral mass Israa assistance.

"These images were taken extraordinary the Syrians who risked their lives to document insensitive attempts by the authorities to terrorize the pro-reform movement and keep off the streets," said Philip Luther, deputy director of AI's Middle East and North Africa. "In light of these and other stunning images of clear abuse, President Bashar Assad has to order the Syrian security forces to stop shooting at unarmed demonstrators and ensure that the perpetrators (those crimes) respond before the court." The films include, among other scenes the raid at the Omari Mosque, which was being used as field hospital, images of soldiers and civilian gunmen inside the mosque during the operation to shout for joy while filming the corpses, "Filmad.

Israel Army appointed the first woman general in its history

The Israeli Army has awarded for the first time in its history the rank of general to a woman, Orna Barbivay, 49, who takes office in the coming weeks, local media reported Friday. The military, which direct the Human Resources department of the Armed Forces, served until now as manager of that department in the General Staff, a male-dominated establishment.

Married with three children, Barbivay enlisted in 1981 in the Israeli Army in the Corps of Human Resources, having served in ranks to become manager of the Infantry Corps Command. The general range is the second largest in the Israeli military hierarchy and the highest can aspire to a soldier before being appointed Chief of Staff or the Army, who normally receive official appointment in office with the rank of lieutenant general.

JAVIER SICILIA - In Mexico, a poet got up

Faced with a few friends gathered on April 2 in the main square of Cuernavaca [Mexico], reported the weekly Proceso, Javier Sicilia recites a poem dedicated to Juan Francisco, his son murdered. Then he looks up and says: 'The world is not worthy of writing, this is my last poem. I can not write poetry, poetry no longer exists in me '.

"A few days earlier, on March 28 at Temixco, a hundred miles south of Mexico City, police discovered seven bodies bound and gagged in an abandoned car in the street. All showed signs of torture. Among the bodies piled up in the trunk, one the son of Javier Sicilia, poet, writer, scholar and collaborator Procesoainsi that the leftist daily La Jornada.

UK joins France and sent helicopters to fight in Libya

London (Writing / Agencies) .- United Kingdom has confirmed that Apache helicopters sent to Libya after the British executive has approved on Thursday the deployment of such equipment to cope with the onslaught of Muammar Gaddafi regime and attack more ease small targets, especially in urban environments.

British confirmation comes a few days after Foreign Minister Gallo, Alain Juppe, said that both France and other countries in the NATO-led coalition planned to use helicopter gunships in Libya. At that time, a Defense Ministry spokesman denied that Britain had "plans to deploy attack helicopters" in the country.

The monastery of lax morals

This is one of the most important Catholic religious centers in the world, which houses one of the most important relics in Christianity: fragments of the True Cross. Despite such high responsibility, routine in this Cistercian monastery in Rome was anything but dedicated to the contemplative life. As reported by the Italian daily 'La Stampa' and other international media, the monks gave concerts at which he Nobili Sister Anna, a dancer-turned-nun nightclubs, who performed dances with a cross.

EDITORIAL - Our third man in Karachi

Suddenly, Pakistan focuses all eyes. As stated by the writer Hanif Kureishi recently, this country could be compared to Berlin after the war, when the wall did not exist. There, as in Vienna, met two worlds, East and West, who collaborated with armies and s'épiaient a little much: the city was full of spies, double or triple of arms dealers activists and illegal immigrants.

Times are changing, presence in the camps too. The fact remains that Pakistan is at break of both worlds. It includes everything from freedom-loving lawyers that worked for institutions that are not violated (in 2008) and other lawyers who in recent days offer their prayers to Ben Laden.

Hillary Clinton surprise visit Pakistan

Islamabad .- The Secretary of State, United States, Hillary Clinton, reached early this morning in Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, on a surprise visit that coincides with the moment of tension that the relationship between the two countries are going through after Osama bin Laden died in an operation carried out by the U.S.

rate. The U.S. diplomat will meet in Islamabad with President Asif Ali Zardari, Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, the powerful head of the Pakistani army, and Ahmad Shuja Pasha, head of the country's intelligence services (ISI). During his visit, Clinton will be accompanied at all times by the U.S. chief of staff, Mike Mullen.

Thousands of people marched in Lima to ask: Dignity, Fujimori never

Thousands of people marched in downtown Lima to the rallying cry of "Fujimori anymore." The National Coordinator of Human Rights and the Collective "Fujimori Never Again ', which brings together 79 social organizations, called on Thursday to Peruvians not to vote on 5 June for the seventh daughter of the world's most corrupt president.

Relatives of the disappeared, killed, tortured and raped and mass sterilization of the two decades of civil war led the march. Once again, his neck hung the pictures of their loved ones and took to the streets of Lima to demand dignity. "For us Fujimori animals," says ELMUNDO. Khaki is Doris, president of an umbrella association to 20,000 families of victims of political violence.

CANNES 2011 - To Carla and Nicolas, the reality goes beyond fiction sometimes

Confuse reality and fiction with regard to their political leaders, the British are accustomed since the days of Shakespeare. But the experience is new for the French, all excited at the prospect of discovering the first biopic ever made on a contemporary politician. The Conquest [Xavier Durringer movie with Denis Podalydès in the role of the French president, to be presented out of competition May 18] tells the story of Nicolas Sarkozy in wedges, which plot to become president, his obsession size, and uses flowery language to describe his opponents.

The ironies of life

The experience in recent wars shows that there is nothing worse than a conflict that cyst. If it is to overthrow a dictator, the ideal is to do it quickly, lest the situation be extended indefinitely if the international legal machinery is started and creates no-fly zones. A long war brings many casualties and much economic cost.

As the Libyan revolt is much slower than anticipated, French and British helicopters have agreed on a massive scale. This allows the soldiers do not have to step on Libyan soil, because they rise from ships off the coast of North Africa, carried out attacks and return accurate. Cristin Black, renowned consultant on terrorism and espionage, told The First Post that the attack set the French use and Tiger helicopters, the British, Apache helicopters, the first rise since Tonnere and second boat from HMS Ocean.

Mladic: No money can pay me

What is the link between the Nazi butchers, murderers Hutu genocide Rwanda or the Bosnian Serbs? Historian Hannah Arendt, who studied the behavior of the Adolf Eichmann SS-called father of the 'Final Solution' against the Jews during his trial in Israel, then identifies a feature that has been repeated in other war criminals, the "banality of wrong.

" It is a sort of vulgarity of the evil that allows you to do terrible things without hesitation, just because they make such orders or patriotic duty. In his book 'Do not kill even a fly, "the writer Slavenka Drakulic analyzed the motivations of the perpetrators of massacres and mass killings in the former Yugoslavia.

EUROPEAN UNION - Sofia is in no hurry to enter the Schengen

When is that Bulgaria will finally join the Schengen area? For the Bulgarian Commissioner, Kristalina Georgieva this question does not really make sense. According to her, which is more important now to Sofia is that membership is not done in haste. And it is in the interest of the Bulgarians not to focus too much on this agenda.

"As countries strengthen their border controls and where Europe is threatened by a wave of immigrants, our interest that our accession to the Schengen area is done step by step, because we have greater responsibilities, "said Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management that was visiting Sofia on May 9 last.

Suspend the examination of Ratko Mladic for their "physical weakness"

Belgrade. - The first interrogation he was subjected to the serbobosnioRatko war crimes suspect Mladic was arrested today in Serbia after years of being a fugitive, had to be suspended by the "physical weakness" of the detainee, his lawyer said Milos Saljic in Belgrade. Mladic, 68, could not communicate.

There was not even able to confirm their biographical data. The former general and former Bosnian Serb military chief speaks incoherently, the lawyer said Milan Dilparic. The judges are expected to resume the questioning tomorrow. Today, the prisoner would still be subjected to medical examination.

Clinton's surprise visit to Pakistan in crisis between the U.S. and Islamabad

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reached early this morning in Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, on a surprise visit that coincides with the moment of tension that the relationship between the two countries are going through after the death of Osama bin Laden in an operation carried out by the U.S. rate.

Clinton had no qualms in saying that "someone, somewhere" was supporting Bin Laden in Pakistan before he was discovered by the U.S.. Also wanted to influence how absurd it is, in his view, the hatred of his country: "Pakistan must understand that anti-Americanism and conspiracy theories will not help to solve their problems." The U.S.

JAPAN - Nuclear: a step in the right direction

Prime Minister Naoto Kan told the group Chubu Electric [supplier of the central part of Honshu Island] that it would close the Hamaoka nuclear power plant, located just above the fault earthquake could trigger a major earthquake in the near future. He asked the operator to stop the reactor No. 4 and No.

5 and not to restart the reactor No. 3, stopped for a routine check. After the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant following the earthquake of 11 March 2011, it was difficult to provide the international community a compelling enough reason to continue in service Hamaoka power plant, while the latter is regarded by experts as the most dangerous plants Japanese.

Helicopters to Iran came from the Israeli army surplus

Madrid. .- The nine military helicopters to a network dismantled in Madrid and Sabadell intended to export illegally to Iran in violation of international conventions, were acquired as surplus from the Israeli army moved tanks to Spain, where they were repaired and put up for sale. This has been secured to research Efe, who explained that this trade in military equipment is obsolete "frequent" in Spain, although it is legal to request authorization is required by the Joint Board of Trade Regulations Defense Material and Dual-Use addition, international agreements signed by Spain and the United Nations resolutions prohibiting the export of war materiel to Iran.

Ratko Mladic appears before a Belgrade court in poor physical condition

The war criminal Ratko Mladic, was arrested Thursday in Serbia, there is still the way to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague. A prosecution spokesman Serban, Bruno Vekaric, said the extradition process includes an appeal period of three days. Earlier, Serbian state television RTS reported that the former Serb general was already on board a special flight on the way to the headquarters of the ICTY.

BURKINA FASO - After the Ivory Coast, Burkina?

The ingredients are combined and the beginnings are already visible. A Burkina Faso in total chaos, like that of Côte d'Ivoire, we are facing. The courtiers of the regime have fallen asleep the vigilance of their masters, necessary to establish a climate of true peace. What does one have heard? "Burkina is not to compare with any country", "disorders that occur in other countries can not happen in Burkina" or "we are a nation of peace." However, recent events show us that we live in a precarious, which can not cope any longer for apparent solutions on the fly.

Two dead in a string of attacks in a city in southeast China

A string of three explosions at government agencies this morning caused two deaths and at least six wounded in the city of Fuzhou, Jiangxi province in eastern China, according to the official news agency of China. One of those killed died instantly within government offices, and the second was made later in a local hospital, according to Xinhua.

The blasts, the agency said quoting official sources, resulted from a farmer angry with the way in which the legal authorities of the province were operating a personal dispute. According to the story of a provincial government spokesman surnamed Zhang, the first blast occurred shortly after 9 am (3 am Spanish) in a car parked in the basement of the municipal prosecutor's office, followed by two other every 10 minutes.

GERMANY - Succession to the ECB: Berlin balks and dithers

The inside pages of the popular German newspaper published a picture of Italy's Mario Draghi, wearing a Prussian helmet. "The [future] new head of the European Central Bank (ECB) is also German as that," he quips. Citing government sources, the newspaper said that Angela Merkel would not submit a German candidate to succeed Jean-Claude Trichet.

The Chancery was immediately denied, but the idea does make its way from the withdrawal of Axel Weber, head of the Bundesbank.

Serbia confirms arrest of war criminal Ratko Mladic

Belgrade (Writing / AP) .- The Serb former general Ratko Mladic, alleged war criminal most wanted war in the former Yugoslavia, was arrested by Serbian police in Belgrade confirmed the president of Serbia, Boris Tadic. Mladic was arrested under a false name of "Milorad Komadic" in a village near the town of Zrenjanin in northern Serbia.

"Today we have closed a difficult chapter in our recent history," said the Serbian president told reporters . Serbian secret services have also confirmed the arrest of Ratko Mladic, the former Serbian general fugitive from justice on charges of genocide and war crimes against civilians in the war in the former Yugoslavia in the early nineties, according to local Serbs.

A dozen dead plane crash near New Delhi

At least ten people were killed and one was injured in the crash of a plane that crashed into two houses in a residential area near New Delhi, official sources reported on Thursday. The accident happened last night due to bad weather in the town of Faridabad, a dormitory town for the capital of India, told IANS India agency police sources and aviation in India.

The dead are the seven occupants, including two pilots, the aircraft that was carrying a critically ill patient to a hospital in India's capital, and three people who were at the crash site, told the agency commissioner PK Aggarwal police. The plane, a model single-engine Pilatus PC-12, was traveling between the city of Patna (north) and Delhi, and crashed minutes before its scheduled landing.

CHINA - Wen Jiabao reached a peak of ambiguity

Repression of dissidents and praise of freedom of thought: the Hong Kong just to see clearly in the game of Wen Jiabao. Traveling in Malaysia, the Chinese premier said China needed criticism and dissenting opinions. "Our country will be invincible if our 1.3 billion countrymen can be creative and think independently," he declared.

Strange, while Beijing, as stated in the newspaper, recently increased its crackdown on opponents.

A triple bombing of a peasant unrest in China caused two deaths

A triple bombing in the vicinity of three government buildings has killed two people and injured to varying degrees in four others this morning in the city of Fuzhou in Jiangxi Province in southeastern China, according to the official news agency Xinhua. The author would be a farmer who had subsequently absconded, according to provincial government sources.

The first of three explosions, recorded between nine and ten o'clock, took place near the seat of county government Linchuan. Police said the attack killed two and wounded six others. One of them later died, the way to hospital. Several witnesses said the bomb exploded in the parking lot, located one hundred meters from the eight-story government building, whose windows were damaged.

U.S. wants to store data from European passengers for 15 years

The personal data of millions of passengers flying between the U.S. and Europe, including phone numbers, addresses and credit card may be stored up to 15 years by the Department of Homeland Security U.S., according to a draft agreement between Washington and Brussels. The draft, seen by the newspaper 'The Guardian' opens a channel for the data provided to airlines in the check-in can be analyzed by the U.S.