Monday, June 13, 2011

Offensive of the Army: Syrian army occupied Jisr al Schoghur

A television image from Sunday shows Syrian soldiers in Jisr al Schoghur 13th June 2011 2011-06-13 11:14:10 The Syrian army is engaged on Sunday with more than 150 tanks in the town of Jisr al Schughur. Previously, allegedly fled every 50 000 inhabitants. On Monday, the number of refugees who arrived in Turkey in 5000 to more than 6800th In the Syrian-Turkish border region to more than 10,000 Syrian camp to quickly in case of danger to bring across the border to safety.

Detected high levels of strontium in sea water near Fukushima

However, NISA announced it will host a comprehensive monitoring control of fish and shellfish found in the affected area. Last May, the Japanese Ministry of Science an analysis which detected no radioactive substance in the seabed, with samples collected at 50 kilometers south of the plant and 200 miles north of Tokyo.

Alarm in China and Taiwan to detect a carcinogen in foods

Beijing .- Chinese health authorities found eight types of food produced in the country the chemical DEHP potentially carcinogenic and that in recent weeks has caused a major health scare in neighboring Taiwan, reported the independent daily newspaper South China Morning Post. The substance DEHP (di-2-etilhexilftalato), generally used to soften plastics, but that apparently has been used in the food industry to improve the appearance of the products was found in products manufactured by three factories in Guangdong province ( southern China) and one in Zhejiang (East), said the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

Iran: Clashes and arrests in Tehran

In the Iranian capital Tehran on the edge of peaceful demonstrations appeared to have come to clashes with security forces. According to opposition figures shall be several demonstrators were arrested. Witnesses said members of the notorious Basij militia were equipped with sticks.

The opposition had the second anniversary of the controversial re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday called for a "silent protest". Opposition reported on websites, many people had followed the call. At the same relative number of police and security forces position, as it was called.

More than 600 lead poisoning, including 103 children, in eastern China

More than 600 people working in a plant processing sheet metal, including 103 children of the workers suffering from lead poisoning in the blood, in east China's Zhejiang province, reported the official news agency Xinhua. Some 25 families of plant workers Yangxunqiao metals, including their children, the analysis showed dangerous levels of lead in their blood, according to local health authorities said.

Two bombs kill at least 70 dead and over 100 injured in Peshawar

Two explosions in a commercial area of the city of Peshawar (northwestern Pakistan) has left at least 70 dead and 104 wounded, as have police and witnesses said. The supermarket is surrounded by dormitories and a hotel. Police said the first explosion caused several casualties. "Then when people came to help, there was another explosion stronger.

That was the one that caused the most damage," the source said. The bomb was attached to a motorcycle parked near a restaurant. Were about ten kilos of explosive material was detonated by remote control, said a police spokesman. The market is in a military zone in the city of Peshawar in northwest Pakistan, an area not far from the U.S.

First images of Congresswoman Giffords after the shooting of Tucson

Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has gone public on his Facebook page the first pictures since he was shot in the head in a mass shooting in Tucson about five months ago in which six people died and 13 were wounds. Both images show the congressman outside with very short hair, smiling faces and no signs of scarring on the head.

Giffords has been in a rehabilitation center in Houston two weeks ago. Since suffering the attack, the only time he has been seen in public was on April 27 when he flew to Florida to attend the launch of the spacecraft that flew her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly launch into space. At that time, images of poor quality, showed that the congressman wearing a helmet to protect his head.

The ash cloud from the volcano in Chile caused cancellations in Australia

The arrival in Australia of the ash cloud produced by the eruption of Puyehue-Cordón Chilean Caulle land now left thousands of passengers affected by canceled flights in the region. Australian airline Qantas and Jetstar announced the temporary suspension of flights between Melbourne and the island of Tasmania, and the connection between Sydney and Gold Coast.

Moreover, the two airlines canceled flights from Australia to New Zealand and vice versa, while Jetstar, said in a statement that the move was also for its domestic flights in New Zealand and those bound for Fiji in the Pacific. The ash cloud from the volcano Puyehue-Cordón Caulle has been dragged by strong winds over 9,400 miles to ocean the two countries.

Hoda Saber Iranian dissident dies after ten days on hunger strike

Iranian dissident and journalist Hoda Saber reads died today of a heart attack while on a hunger strike, reported news agency ISNA. Saber, 54, was on hunger strike for ten days to protest the suspicious death of another dissident, his partner Haleh Sahabi, during the funeral of his father Ezatollah Sahabi earlier this month.

Learn died in a Tehran hospital where he was transferred from Evin prison after suffering the attack. Her sister Hoda Saber Firuzeh confirmed his death after identifying the body, said ISNA. Knowing he was a member of a nationalist movement and was imprisoned after the June presidential elections in 2009, of which two years ago today, and opposition protests denouncing electoral fraud.

Assad sends tanks to crush the revolt in the Jisr Shughour

Syrian army tanks have entered the town of Jisr to Shughour, near the border with Turkey in the last movement to crush the revolts against the country's president, Bashar al-Assad. A total of 2,792 had crossed into Syria on Friday morning the Turkish border to escape the repression of the security forces of Al Asad.

"The tanks have arrived since the random shooting south of the city. People are still fleeing north," said one resident. The town is located in a strategic location in the mountains that link the city of Aleppo with the port of Latakia. The Syrian army began a military operation for days in the town, according to state television itself.

Elections in Turkey: Erdogan wins, but is not plebiscite

Turkish parliament changes considerably compared with earlier projections. 99% of the ballots counted the AKP, the moderate Islamic Party for Justice and Development led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, won 50.1% of the votes but was penalized by the opposition in the acquisition of seats that are now the lowest ever ever achieved, ie 326, just enough to bring avatars to constitutional reforms.

Hamas refuses to Prime Minister Fayyad is a Palestinian unity government

Gaza. .- The Islamist movement Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, Wednesday rejected to accept the current prime minister, Salam Fayad, as the next head of government of national unity to be formed soon with the nationalist Fatah. "We will not accept Salam Fayad, who chairs the illegal government in Ramallah, as Executive technocrat prime minister.

Do not accept even as a minister in the unity government", declared the capital of the Palestinian Gaza Hamas leader Salah to Bardawil. Fayad was appointed at a meeting in Ramallah last night as a candidate for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to lead the next cabinet unit, whose next training should end four years of political division between the main Palestinian factions.

VENEZUELA - Caracas denounced U.S. sanctions against the oil company PDVSA

The United States has imposed on May 24 for new sanctions against seven "foreign entities" as part of their effort to contain the nuclear program of Iran and deter companies from around the world to do business with Tehran. Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) is part of the companies mentioned. For Nicolás Maduro, Foreign Minister of Venezuela, these sanctions are "unilateral" and "unfair." He said that his country was studying how to report them to the United Nations.

VIETNAM - A high-risk street trading

In Kim Lien, a village near the city of Danang [750 km south of Hanoi], no one remembers when these acrobatics began. But in spite of fatal accidents, one thing remains certain: jump on the train is the only way that these women have found to make a living. Tran Thi Cuc, an old woman with a face tanned by the sun and covered with scars starts by boarding trains for the last twenty-five years.

EU-USA - With Obama, love is blind

In his book The Audacity of Hope (Presses de la Cité, 2008), Barack Obama describes himself as a Rorschach test, this well-known psychological experiment where we present a series of inkblots to subjects who should say what they see. There is no right answer. Every answer to his particular way, is supposed to reveal the obsessions and anxieties of the patient.

"I'm the screen on which people of many political tendencies entirely different project their own ideas," he said. As such, I can only disappoint some, if not all. "But one of the most curious things , about those who support Obama, they are not disappointed - considering they had placed great hopes in him was inevitable - but they still devote his fervent devotion despite these disappointments.

MUSIC - Dylan had the chance to see the birth of rock'n roll

Bob Dylan May 23 celebrates the 70 years and still does not allow her to hang up his guitar and harmonica. The pioneer of the protest song has this year launched a world tour for his 50 year career which has notably led by China and Vietnam. In the columns of The New York Times music critic David Hajdu is also to wish a happy birthday this iconic singer.

But he recalls that Dylan was part of an exceptional generation of artists born around 1940 who all had the same snap music: "They had 14 years in 1955 or 1956, when rock 'n' roll made its appearance "Hajdu writes, recalling that the first songs of Elvis Presley were beginning to be disseminated.

CAUCASUS - Tbilisi recognizes the genocide of Circassians

On 20 May, the Georgian parliament has unanimously recognized the genocide of Circassians, mountain people of North Caucasus, the Russian Empire between 1763 and 1864 during the Russo-Caucasian. At the request of the Circassian diaspora [installed in Turkey, Syria, Jordan], and after a "scientific and historical analysis," Georgian MPs have held that "forced displacement and the physical extermination of 90% of the Circassians" constituted an act genocidal.

CHILE - Salvador Allende, a death that remains to be explained

Both funerals of former President Salvador Allende [died September 11, 1973] and the various steps taken so far towards the identification of the bodies were not made in the rules. On September 11, 1973, military coup leaders ordered in haste to report to the Brigada de Homicidios [Criminal Police] on the death of Allende and a necropsy was performed at the Military Hospital.

The relevant documents have several inconsistencies. The exhumation of the remains of Allende, May 23, aims to address gaps and highlight the direct cause of death: single suicide? assisted suicide? strafing? In the afternoon of September 11, 1973, three soldiers and several firefighters were outside the Palacio de la Moneda [the seat of the presidency], carrying a bundle wrapped in a blanket with stripes, the undersigned Alina Morales had offered to Allende for his last birthday.