Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The dual message of Tomahawk

Who would not rejoice to see the end of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi? Apart from some Iranian and Venezuelan allies, few people. Yet Western intervention initiated March 19 is full of ambiguities and may end in a dismissal. Let the wire. Between March 2, the start of the dictator's reprisal against rebellion, and March 17, the day the Security Council adopted resolution 1973, he spent two weeks allowed Qadhafi to catch his breath and to prepare.

The ICC ponders investigate violence in Ivory Coast

The Hague. (Reuters) .- The Attorney General of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo, has revealed he is gathering information about the increasing violence in Ivory Coast with the opening of any inquiry, for which require the cooperation of some member countries. "What we're doing is gathering information in order to open an investigation there.

We are concerned about the recent information on the massive atrocities in western Ivory Coast and we are trying to define exactly what happened," said Moreno- Ocampo. As part of this work, has said it is liaising with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and France to any of these countries, as members of the ICC, refer the case of post-election violence Ivory Coast international body.

Witnesses reported new deaths of protesters shot in Yemen

One protester died on Tuesday night by gunfire and 30 others injured in a clash between protesters and security forces in Taiz, south of Sanaa, the Yemeni capital. On Tuesday, Amnesty International reported the death of 94 people by the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh from the beginning of the protests that have hit Yemen over the past two months.

The organization, observing events from outside, now asks the international community to play a more responsible role in investigating the death of those who have spoken out against the regime.

BRAZIL - deforestation to better preserve the Amazon

Roberto Waack likes to take risks. This biologist training has abandoned a promising career in the pharmaceutical industry to venture into the forest, without knowing anything about it. He joined a company producing certified wood [which traceability is proven] that he then chaired before creating Amata six years later, his own company.

Today, the work of Roberto Waack is to cut down trees to protect the Amazon forest. At first glance, the two goals seem impossible to reconcile. But sustainable development of the Amazon is through the enhancement of its biodiversity. Balancing gains and preservation of nature is the only way to guarantee the survival of forests in the long term.

Fukushima stop the dumping of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean

Tokyo. .- The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced on Wednesday that the discharge of radioactive water from nuclear plant in Fukushima-1 to the Pacific Ocean has stopped by injecting sodium silicate to the well where the leak was detected . In an attempt to stop the spill, workers have pumped about 1,500 gallons of this chemical in the borehole where the water has leaked from the plant, located in the vicinity of reactor number two.

Sudan accuses Israel of being behind the attack yesterday which caused two deaths

The Sudanese authorities have accused Israel of having carried out the airstrike on a car that caused two deaths Tuesday night in Port Sudan in the East. "We have evidence indicating that the attack was perpetrated by Israel. We're absolutely sure. But know the reason," said Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti, during a press conference in Khartoum.

Asked about the identity of the two victims, the minister replied: "We do not know who they were. They were just Sudanese citizens who came to the airport." Israeli newspapers on Wednesday blamed the attack on the Jewish state's army.

MALAYSIA - Sex, politics and video

If you want to kill a politician in the Malaysian way, aim below the belt. That apparently is the goal of the campaign against Anwar Ibrahim since it must be emphasized, September 1998 [date of his fall from power when he was seen previously as the dolphin's Prime Minister Mahathir]. If you think soap operas, these sentimental soap operas, have a limited life, you do not know the Malaysian version, which itself is indestructible.

France removed within a month found the bodies of the Rio-Paris flight, 2009

Madrid .- The recovery of bodies and the removal of the wreckage found the A330-200 will begin "from three weeks to one month", as indicated by the French Minister of Environment and Transport, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. According to BBC News, Kosciusko-Morizet reported being made the necessary processes for future identification of bodies, while noted that family members will soon be informed about the progress of the operation.

Towards the resurrection of the Fascist Party in Italy?

Advocacy of fascism and even resurrect the old fascist party could soon be entirely possible in Italy. Especially if it thrives bill introduced by a group of senators from the party of Silvio Berlusconi to abolish the article of the Italian Constitution explicitly prohibits advocacy of fascism and "the reorganization in any form, of the dissolved Fascist Party." The proposal was submitted on March 29 by a group of five senators of the People of Freedom, the Berlusconi-led training with Senator Cristano De Eccher to the head.

TURKEY - Prime Minister, wake up!

Hasan Cemal, a famous columnist of the liberal daily Milliyet, said today its total rejection of nuclear as he had never stated his views on the matter. "I appeal to the Prime Minister to desist forthwith to the proposed nuclear plant in Akkuyu," he wrote. I even think that after what happened in Japan, could persist in this way amount to a crime against humanity.

Nuclear power is not essential. It is neither cheap nor safe. For years we have been told anything about this. " Sahin Alpay, in the moderate Islamic Zaman newspaper, go to the same effect. "Because of intense lobbying in favor of nuclear power, an overwhelming majority of the Turkish public is ignorant of the risks inherent in this energy.

Israel warns of "error" to negotiate with the Palestinians with preconditions

Jerusalem .- The Israeli Deputy Prime Minister, Dan Meridor, said Tuesday the Mideast Quartet-EE. UU., EU, UN and Russia that would be a "mistake" to delineate a framework of peace negotiations with the Palestinians in their next meeting in Berlin on 15. "I think it is to get the house through the roof.

The final details and parameters of an agreement must be negotiated, not pre-set as conditions for negotiations," he said in a meeting with journalists and diplomats in Jerusalem. "The paradigm is clear, we have accepted: a two-state solution, Israel and Palestine. That's what we agreed.

The German Minister of Health will happen to the FDP Westerwelle

Federal Health Minister, Philipp Rösler, announced his candidacy for president of the Liberal Party (FDP) as the successor of the Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, who on Sunday gave the leadership of its formation with the recent electoral disaster. Rösler, 38 years old and of Vietnamese origin, has announced his candidacy to reporters after a meeting of regional leaders and the parliamentary group in the Bundestag of the Liberals to resolve the vacancy Westerwelle.

SYRIA - Climbing deadliest Deraa

"The security forces have killed five people in Dera", as the pan-Arab daily published in London. Thousands of Syrians from nearby villages have started coming to the rescue of people in Deraa blockaded, the paper said. Deraa, a city in southern Syria, is the scene for several days of demonstrations against the government.

According to witnesses, the police raided a mosque on March 23 that served as headquarters to the protesters, killing at least fifteen people. But the plan ahead to another version, it accused an armed gang, who allegedly hid ammunition in the mosque, shooting at an ambulance and police.

NATO destroys one third of the Gadhafi forces

Brussels .- The forces under NATO command in Libya have been released on Tuesday 14 attacks, "many" of them against "air defense systems, tanks and other armored vehicles" of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Misrata and against "a shuttle Rocket "and" an ammunition dump "in Brega, as confirmed in a press conference the head of operations of the military headquarters of the Alliance Brigadier General Mark Van Uhm.

Israel kills Palestinian on Gaza border

The Israeli army fired on Tuesday against a group of Palestinians who were near the northern border between Gaza and Israel, leaving one dead and two wounded, Palestinian medical sources confirmed and the Israeli Army. According to military sources, the group moved toward the security zone disregarding the orders of Israeli soldiers and one of them was armed.

The army spokesman confirmed the Israeli tank attack and death of a man who rises to 19 the number of Palestinians killed in the last three weeks of escalating violence between Gaza and Israel. Immediately after the Israeli strike, Palestinian militants fired three mortar shells into Israel without causing casualties or damage.

JAPAN - The north-east of the island opened up

Thirteen days after the earthquake that devastated the Tohoku region, the roads leading to it are now accessible to all vehicles, the business daily announced on 24 March. This will help ensure supply. Also, watering the plant reactors in Fukushima resumed after being halted on March 23 because of black smoke at reactor No.

3. After dispersion, the work to restore service cooling systems were able to resume.

The Italian parliament does not want Berlusconi to be tried 'case Ruby'

Rome .- The Italian Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday finally decided to bring before the Constitutional Court the existence of a conflict of competence against the Court of Milan in the judicial process by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the so-called 'Ruby case. " By only 12 votes behind, full of the Lower House decided manner assist the initiative of Berlusconi's party, the People of Freedom (PDL), and other groups of the government majority to raise a conflict of authority in the case.

A third of the military power of Muammar Qadhafi regime has been destroyed

Attacks being carried out West since the March 27, appear to be weakening the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. "The assessment is that we ended up with 30 percent of Gaddafi's military capability," said Brigadier General Mark van Uhm, a senior NATO official in a meeting with reporters on Tuesday. These data include the results of the attacks carried out both by the coalition led by Britain, France and the United States, who initiated the action, as NATO itself, which took command of the mission.

TURKEY - President Gül press Kadhafi to resign

"President Abdullah Gul has called Muammar Gaddafi to resign as soon as possible to avoid bloodshed and prevent a repeat of what happened in 2003 in Iraq after the U.S. invasion," reports the Daily Istanbul. Despite the reluctance of France and Turkey, an agreement seemed close to transfer to NATO command of operations in Libya.

On the ground, coalition forces have succeeded in silencing the Libyan leader's anti-aircraft forces.

The head of Bank of Moscow flees the country after being accused of corruption

Moscow .- The director of the Moscow Bank (WB), Andrei Borodin, has fled the country after being accused of illegally granting a loan of several hundred million dollars to the entrepreneur Elena Baturin, wife of the deposed mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov. "Of course," the president said Tuesday the bank Vneshtorgbank (VTB), Mikhail Zadornov, the journalist's question about whether Borodin had fled the country, according to Russian news agencies.

The Israeli security service's father stop Hamas rockets

Last February he was kidnapped in Ukraine Dirar Seessi Abou, head of the Hamas rocket fire against southern Israel. Arrested and presented by the Shin Beth, it is the designer of the projectiles fired from Gaza. "During questioning, the engineer has provided much information on the military wing of Hamas, its structure and the mechanism they use to make decisions," said a spokesman for Shin Beth security service of Israel, told AFP in reference to Islamist movement that rules Gaza.

PORTUGAL - Prime Minister Sócrates resigns

"He lost the battle, but goes to war," as the daily, the most widely read in Portugal. After his austerity budget was rejected by Parliament, the socialist José Sócrates has carried out its threat and resigned March 23. Parliamentary elections will be held by June Outgoing Prime Minister announced that he would be nominated for this election.

He warned that the crisis would affect "extremely serious", while the country deeply in debt, should seek international assistance.

Cuba restores sending postcards to United States

Havana .- Cuba restore from April 6 to send letters to U.S.. UU. to the "flexibility" of the postal security measures applied by Washington, while retaining the restrictions on packages weighing more than half a kilo, said Tuesday the company Correos de Cuba. In an official note released Tuesday indicated that the decision to restore the correspondence "responds to the relaxation of security measures announced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the U.S..

The casket of John Paul II is removed from the grave on April 29 for his beatification

The coffin containing the remains of John Paul II will be removed from his tomb in the Vatican Grottoes, on 29 April and 1 May placed before the Altar of the Confession of St. Peter's Basilica, for the faithful to venerate after be beatified by Benedict XVI. Once out of the tomb, the coffin will be placed on a bier covered with a white cloth in front of the monumental tomb of St.

Peter in the Vatican Grottoes, where it remains until the morning of May 1, hours before the start beatification ceremony, said on Tuesday according to Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi. The Vatican Grottoes (crypt) will be closed to the public on 29 and 30 April and first of May. The coffin containing the remains of Pope Wojtyla, died April 2, 2005 to nearly 85 years (met on May 20) will not be opened or the body exhumed, said Lombardi.

UNITED KINGDOM - As gasoline in the engine of growth

"Britain-you-can drive your car (beep, beep, beep, beep ... yeah!)", Heading the London tabloid, in a nod to the famous song Drive My Car The Beatles. The Minister of Finance, George Osborne, has fulfilled the wishes of the newspaper. His austerity budget, presented to Parliament on March 23, includes a reduction in taxes on gasoline than 1 penny per liter (1.2 cents).

"This is a victory in our crusade to put employment and growth in the heart of economic policy," wrote the daily.

Gbagbo loyalists of the government claim that "the war is over"

Abidjan (Writing and agencies) .- The bloody pulse delivered in Ivory Coast for the presidency after the election last November may have ended, as noted on Tuesday the former Ivorian foreign minister who said Alcide Yeye soldiers Outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo called off the fight. "The war is over," said former foreign minister from the French Embassy, where a refugee, the British broadcaster BBC.

Why had not yet found anything?

Since AF447 disappeared in mid-flight on June 1, 2009, the various companies and countries involved in the accident did not stop to investigate: 228 dead are too many to sit idly. That Air France Airbus A330 en route to Rio de Janeiro and Paris could not, in any way, have vanished into thin air. Realizing that the aircraft had suffered a fatal accident and his remains had to be submerged thousands of feet deep, somewhere between South America and Africa, Brazil went to work at the Air Force and its Navy, France sent to the area on nuclear submarine Emeraude and oceanographic vessel Pourquoi Pas and the Pentagon provided specialists to try to find the wreckage.

ALGERIA - Violent riots in the suburbs of Algiers

It is the destruction of thirty-three shacks built illegally, which would set fire to the powder. Violent riots erupted March 23 in Climate-de-France, in the Algiers neighborhood of Bab El-Oued. They have twenty-two wounded, twenty and a policeman. "The question that remains unanswered is, where were the authorities when these buildings rose up in broad daylight," the newspaper said.

Residents said the mayor had authorized these shacks as an interim solution to the housing crisis.

Anarchist groups threaten the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton

The real link between Prince William and Kate Middleton, to be held on April 29 in London, will undoubtedly be one of the media events of the year. Literally around the world will look to the capital of United Kingdom that day, a well known fact that the so-called British anarchist groups, which threaten to boycott the wedding.

Charlie Veitch is one of the faces visible and known of this group. The incidents of so-called 'Battle of Trafalgar' from March 26 to launch boats or paint the official car of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles earlier this year are two "actions" that bear his imprint. Veitch, for years the bank worker in the City of London, who was fired during the financial crisis that began in 2007, now says the bbc.

Growing tensions between southern Sudanese to three months after its independence

Tensions between the southern Sudanese are multiplied to three months of gaining independence, scheduled for July. "North is possibly supplying weapons to the rebels and wants to kill us, but we should also realize that we have many problems between us," said the former soldier Akok Jal in Juba, Sudan.

Ever since the referendum in January on the independence of southern Sudan, many people have been killed, including civilians, following fighting between the Sudanese army and rebels. In addition, it is estimated that more than 16,000 people have fled their homes. The vote almost unanimously attributed the victory to the separatist option and so far the process had taken place peacefully.

ISRAEL - A death in a bomb attack in Jerusalem

This had not happened since 2004. On 23 March, a bomb killed one and thirty-nine wounded in Jerusalem. A backpack containing the bomb exploded at a bus stop. "The Secret Service investigating whether the bomber came from the West Bank," reported the Israeli daily. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel would respond in a "strong, responsible and prudent." The country has also been the target of Grad rocket attacks, claimed by the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad.

Two killed by the accidental explosion of a bomb in Beirut

Beirut. .- Two people died at his home in southern Beirut as a result of the accidental explosion of a bomb, according to security sources. Ali Jaber, a member of the Shiite Amal party, and his wife died after the husband did accidentally detonate a bomb at his home, located in a southern suburb of Beirut.

Their son was injured.

Radioiodine are 7.5 million times more than allowed in Fukushima

The company TEPCO has reported that in marine waters near the Fukushima nuclear plant has found a level of radioactive iodine 7.5 million times the legal limit (a first analysis aimed at 5 million), while cesium- 137 exceeds the 1.1 million times. A sample taken early on Monday 4 April in a sea area near the reactor 2 Fukushima revealed a concentration of iodine-131, 200 000 becquerels per cubic centimeter.

Debt Crisis - Portugal has left for Greece to be the next

On the eve of European Council of 24 and 25 March, the Portuguese Parliament is preparing to reject the new austerity plan of Prime Minister Jose Socrates. This will cause the resignation of the minority government and early elections, warns a columnist Público, would lead the country towards a fate similar to that of Greece.

A new clash between supporters and opponents of Saleh in Yemen kills one

Sana'a, April 5 .- At least one person was killed and 13 others injured in a clash between soldiers opponents in Sana'a and a delegation from the tribe of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who sought to mediate with protesters camped in the center the capital. They alleged that several witnesses to Efe, tribesmen shabu, to which he belongs Saleh, accompanied by armed bodyguards tried to access the Plaza "Al Tagir" ("change" in Arabic), where thousands of protesters, to mediate the conflict between the regime and the opposition.

Secret documents reveal torture of British administration of the Mau Mau rebels

Documents that had remained hidden until now reveal the systematic use of torture and brutality by the British administration against Mau Mau rebels in Kenya between 1952 and 1960. Those papers, which document the efforts of the colonial power to suppress the insurrection, were taken at the time of Kenya and remained hidden in secret archives of the Government for half a century, reports The Times today.