Wednesday, May 4, 2011

14 killed in Sudan

A military convoy of the Sudanese regular army, heavily armed, had entered the province of Abyei, leading to several clashes with local police. The clashes have caused 14 deaths according to several officials of the district and the UN. Fighting erupted on Sunday when a northern army commander entered by force in the territory of Abyei ignoring several attempts by local police stop convoy of more than 200 soldiers and six armored vehicles with machine guns, Deng explained Arop Kuol a witness.

"They killed a sergeant in the SPLA (Popular Army for the Liberation of Sudan). The UN has recovered eleven dead. It was a very violent confrontation," added the head of the district appointed by the government of the south, in Kadugli. The SPLA been held for months for ex-rebels of the Sudan, which are now visible head of the army in the south.

A spokesman for the force of peacekeepers from the UN has confirmed the deaths, stating further that one of their patrols had found 14 dead bodies. "One of our patrols on Monday found 14 bodies, 11 of them with local police uniform joint (north and south) and three civilians," stated Kouider Zerrouk.

Kuol Arop Deng, UN official has described as "illegal" presence in Abyei of northern troops. "Under the Abyei protocol, these soldiers would not have to be in this territory. Had an invasion plan ", he explained, referring to the peace agreement signed in 2005 and ended more than 20 years of civil war between north and south.

According Kuol, northern troops are in Goli, the north of Abyei, so still within the district. The border between north and south, rich in oil, experienced a surge in violence since the referendum of self determination for southern Sudan in January, in which overwhelmingly voted for secession in the region.

The North-South negotiations on the future of this province have not improved. The referendum would also take place in January to allow the city of Abyei choose their accession to the North or south, but was postponed indefinitely, partly due to a dispute over the vote Misseriya, a tribe of Arab nomads.

Last week, Mr. Bashir said his government will not recognize the statehood of Southern Sudan if claiming the disputed province of Abyei. Its UN ambassador warned that any unilateral initiative in southern Sudan in Abyei could unleash a new war.

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