Monday, April 25, 2011

Over 500 killed in election violence in northern Nigeria

Lagos. .- More than 500 people have died in violence in northern Nigeria sparked after learning of the victory of President Goodluck Jonathan in the presidential elections on 16 April, as reported by the Civil Rights Congress (CRC English acronym), a Nigerian human rights advocacy. The riots were concentrated in the north, mostly Muslim, caused by the victory of Jonathan, a native of southern Christian majority over his main rival, Muhammadu Buhari, a former dictator's native north.

Fujimori, Humala leads in first poll

The nationalist Ollanta Humala takes out six percentage points in voting intentions to the right Keiko Fujimori in the absence of 41 days for the second round of Peruvian presidential elections, according to a first national survey firm Ipsos Apoyo. Humala has 42 percent support, versus 36 of Fujimori.

A 12 percent likely to vote said blank, while 10 percent undecided. The questions allowed us to detect most of those who voted in the first round by Pedro Pablo Kucyznski liberal and conservative Luis Castaneda, who were third and fifth, respectively, began to lean toward the right candidate, while those who did by the centrist Alejandro Toledo, fourth, go left.

Bangladesh - Grameen Bank: Yunus loses last appeal

The Dhaka daily devoted its front page to a new judicial setbacks of the founder of Grameen Bank, the bank pioneer of microcredit. "The Supreme Court yesterday rejected the request of the Nobel Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus, against a decision of the High Court upholding his dismissal from the direction of the Grameen Bank - which he founded thirty years ago." According to the newspaper, Nicolas Sarkozy expressed his support for Yunus and said his government would discuss the matter with the Bangladeshi authorities.

5 soldiers killed and 2 gunmen in an ambush in southern Yemen

Sana'a. .- At least five soldiers and two Yemeni tribesmen were killed in an ambush against a military convoy Lahech province, in southern Yemen, sources told Efe security services. The clash erupted after the attackers fired automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades at the troops on a road in the area Yafe mountain, near the port city of Aden.

The attackers tried to take over, according to sources, food supplies and fuel that the convoy moved to a camp of the Republican Guard deployed in the mountains of Al Aar. For their part, several locals claimed that a military truck, a tank was destroyed and damaged during the attack. Last Friday, four soldiers were killed and nineteen others injured in a similar clash occurred in Marib province, northeast of Sanaa.

Pope calls for immigrant European fold

Under an overcast sky, Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Easter Mass at the Vatican, marking the climax of the Catholic Easter, with a call to end hatred and violence and to those fleeing from these evils. "In heaven all is peace and joy. But on Earth is unfortunately not the case," Benedict XVI said some 150,000 faithful gathered in St.

Peter's Square, festively decorated with flowers from Holland. The joy of the resurrection of Christ is opposed "to the suffering, hunger, disease, war and violence," he added. The message of Christ must come first to those who are affected by suffering. The Pope called for an end to the violence of civil war weapons in Libya.

ECUADOR - Quito demand the departure of the ambassador of the United States

The Ecuadorian government announced April 5 that he considered persona non grata Heather Hodges, U.S. ambassador in Quito, after the publication of a telegram by Wikileaks in which she states that President Rafael Correa had appointed a Chief Police knew he was corrupt. This document is reproduced in the pages of the newspaper, which said it will propose in the coming weeks the contents of 343 U.S.

More than 10,000 people demonstrated in Casablanca to demand reforms

Rabat. .- Thousands of Moroccans today turned out peacefully to the streets to demand profound social and political reforms and demanding the release of prisoners, although King Mohammed VI announced a constitutional remodeling and granted pardons last week to 190 inmates. "No secret detention centers" was the wording of one of the banners that read in the manifestation of Casablanca, which could prove Efe as 5,000 people attended, representing a much smaller share than that recorded in March when 15,000 came from Morocco.

Gaddafi turns to attack Misrata

Libyan rebels call "trap" the withdrawal of troops from the town gadafistas Misrata, the only western enclave controlled by the revolutionaries and victims of a siege that lasted two months. The opponents of the regime in Tripoli complain that the city was again bombed and in reality the forces of Colonel retreated to launch new attacks.

"They have not really gone," said Colonel Omar Bani, a spokesman for the National Transition Council, the governing body of the rebels in Benghazi. The revolutionary claim that "the situation in Misrata is very dangerous," because "troops Muammar Gaddafi reanundaron heavy bombardment in the morning on Sunday, hitting the downtown and three residential areas." According to Bani, the regime wanted the world to believe that the tribes of Misrata remain loyal to Tripoli.

COTE D'IVOIRE - Laurent Gbagbo is negotiating his departure

Even if he refuses to recognize the victory of Alassane Ouattara's presidential, incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo seems ready to relinquish power. The newspaper of Burkina Faso, he sent on April 5, his foreign minister, Alcide Djedje, residence of the Ambassador of France to demand a cease-fire, when the forces pro-Ouattara were about to attack the presidential residence.

The minister said that Gbagbo was there with his family and some members of his government.

At least one person dies from police gunfire in Syria

Cairo. .- At least one person died today because of the shots fired by the Syrian security forces in the town of Yèbles, northwest of the country, according to several activist groups opposed to the regime in Damascus. The group's Revolution against Bashar al-Assad Syria first reported the death of a young man identified as Abdel Menem Ebied in this town, near the coastal city of Latakia, and rose after the death toll to three, but this figure has been confirmed by other sources.

Japan and the U.S. put away 25,000 military

Japan and the U.S. military will begin tomorrow a new joint search operation to try to find the bodies of nearly 12,000 missing in northeast China by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, NHK reported. The operation will last two days and will involve some 25,000 U.S. and Japanese military, as well as 90 aircraft, ships and fifty troops from the Police Coast Guard and Japan.

The search will focus on the coast of the provinces of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, the three most affected by the disaster, which left 14,300 dead and 11,999 missing, according to police last count. You will track the region's coastal waters, including for the first time, which are within a radius of 30 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear plant, which were not surveyed in previous operations, according to NHK.

INDONESIA - The Merapi volcano has a new guardian

The new "gatekeeper" of the Merapi volcano "has just been appointed by the Sultan of Yogyakarta after a long selection, reports the Kompas daily. The winner is the youngest son of Mbah Maridjan, the former guard who died in the eruption of October 2010 when he refused to leave, resulting in his death more than thirty villagers who remained faithful and confident his side.

This time, the appointment took a turn less mystical and more scientific. The new keeper of the volcano, unlike his father, not a peasant but an administrative employee of an Islamic university. He pledged to cooperate with local authorities and the center of Volcanology and Geological Disaster Prevention.

At least 55 killed in a clash between the army and militias sursudanés

Juba. .- A violent clash between the Army of the future independent state of Southern Sudan and Jonglei group of militants has left at least 55 guerrillas dead and wounded nearly a hundred soldiers and civilians caught in the conflict, according to this dominigo the Information Minister of the state of Upper Nile, Peter Lam Both.

The clash took place during what was supposed to be in a peaceful ceremony of integration between the army and militia led by renegade General Gabriel Tang, one of many that abound in the region. "We understand that there were 55 deaths among the ranks of Tang, including five generals," according to the minister, citing sursudanés Army (SPLA).

Paris reiterates that it may suspend Schengen

The French owner of European Affairs, Laurent Wauquiez, justified the proposal for Paris to suspend the Schengen agreement in cases of "grave crisis" but insisted that the solution to illegal immigration is a "more integrated" community. In an interview published on Sunday 'Le Journal du Dimanche', Gallo minister tries to clear the concern that has prompted the proposal of the Government.

Ensure that what France wants to "withdraw from Schengen is not" because "that would not make sense." The goal is "working on a new clause." Specifically, "France wants to study the possibility of restoring border controls in the event of a large flow in the gates of the Union," said Wauquiez, justifying the closure of the border by rail from the Italian town of Ventimiglia and Menton French last week, in an attempt to prevent the entry of Tunisian immigrants arrived from the island of Lampedusa and Rome gave papers to circulate freely in the Schengen countries.

NORWAY - enemies but friends, it's not cinema!

Schops Horst, a German of 99 years, recently made the trip to Norway to attend the filming of 'Comrade', which tells its history, a history of more than 60 years after a dogfight, two warplanes make a forced landing in the mountains of southern Norway - we are in 1940, recalls the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Passengers - 3 Germans on one side, 2 Britons on the other - take refuge in the same cabin, sharing what little food they have left, spent 48 hours together before going back, each in turn, make war. Another time, another place, but even camaraderie point: at Christmas 1914, German soldiers, British and French had time to become friends one evening - an episode raised by the film "Merry Christmas" (2005).

The rebel · rolled Finnish dreta i will esquerra

Appears suspicious lover Nantes

A woman who claims to be the lover of Ligonnès Xavier Dupont, the prime suspect of murdering his wife and four children in Nantes, has left home because he fears for his life. According to French newspaper Le Point, the woman appeared spontaneously on 21 April in a police station in Hauts-de-Seine and said he knew the suspect, international search, as he had had intimate relations with him.

To test the latter, the woman showed text messages and a letter dated 10 days prior to their appearance. The newspaper cited reports that the woman "fears for his life" and had left home to seek refuge in each of a friend. The prosecutor Xavier Ronsin has confirmed that the suspect is indebted to her for about 50,000 euros.

Poland - And now, all in Germany!

May 1 will mark the end of quotas restricting access to the German labor market for workers from several former Communist countries. While a large wave of Polish workforce is feared in Germany, Polish side, we are assured that this immigration will benefit the German economy, writes the weekly Polityka.

Resumed the bombing Gaddafi after announcing his retirement Misrata

Tripoli Libyan .- The rebels have reported that Gaddafi's forces have returned to bomb the city Sunday Misrata despite yesterday withdrew its ground troops from the perimeter. "The situation is very dangerous," said rebel spokesman Abdelsaman. "Gaddafi brigades have begun to indiscriminately bomb the city this morning and the attack still continues.

Its goal is the center of the city, especially the street Tripoli, and three residential areas," he added. The spokesman was unaware that these attacks have caused human deaths. Yes that reported the presence of NATO aircraft patrolling the area but was not aware that they were prepared to carry out air strikes against gadafistas.

The secret police terror in Damascus imposes

The secret police raided houses overnight near Damascus, said Sunday human rights activists, while growing popular opposition to authoritarian President Bashar Assad after a bloody crackdown on protesters in favor of democracy. Security agents in civilian clothes carrying assault rifles entered the homes of Harasta suburb shortly after midnight, at dawn on Sunday, arresting activists from the area, known as Ghouta, or old garden district of the capital .

RESPONSE - The wrong choice of weapons

At the electoral coup of Laurent Gbagbo, Alassane Ouattara has opposed a military coup. His rebels have thus spoiled his international victory with the blood of Ivorians. The battle of Abidjan is the beginning of a new war. Considering the results of the international mission of inquiry and mediation made by the African Union, we are forced to admit that the installation of Laurent Gbagbo in the presidential chair was the result of a holdup Council Ivorian constitutional.

Manu Brabo contact with his family by telephone from Libya

Madrid .- The Spanish photographer Manu Brabo has first contacted his family since his disappearance in Libya and has confirmed that this is "good" and is held in a military prison along with journalists from various media. Brabo's family had three weeks without news of her son, in particular, since last Tuesday, 5 April.

According to the photographer's father, Manuel Varela, Brabo held a telephone conversation in which he denied having suffered "ill treatment or any other problem." "I asked if he had ill-treated or a problem and he said no, that was in a military prison where there were more journalists and discussions were established between them, giving encouragement to each other.

Bashar Assad, in the name of the Father

"Control Syria from his grave," he confessed in a Baath party meeting Syrian President Bashar Assad allude to his father and predecessor, Hafez Assad. The old fox had everything so well tied up and controlled who knew what they were saying about him in the Mosque of Hama, in the port of Latakia or in the fields near Deraa.

And if the views were critical of the regime are silenced silently. They have never missed confident in the regime of fear. There is no shortage now, but unlike the past, has gone a vital element: the fear to protest, speak out and demonstrate. Bashar The student has not reached the levels of cruelty and intelligence of the teacher Hafez but in the last month trying to show he has learned the lesson well: military siege of two cities, such as night raids this morning in a suburb of Damascus, infiltrate demonstrations, shoot to kill protesters and attending funerals, torture, censorship of information, etc.

SWEDEN - Phone No car

Sweden is one of the last European countries to ban the phone while driving, reports the Dagens Nyheter. The use of GPS, Internet and sending text messages will also be prohibited. The law will come into force on 1 January 2012, the newspaper said.

The popular and controversial Indian guru Sai Baba dies at 84

New Delhi .- Millions of people in India and abroad mourn the death Sunday of Sathya Sai Baba, a popular and controversial holy man who built a financial empire and conquered the hippie movement with its aesthetics and its alleged miracles. Sai Baba, 84 and self-proclaimed god, this morning suffered cardiorespiratory failure at the hospital that he built in his hometown, the southern Puttaparthi, and which had entered since late March with heart problems.

The tattoo of a gang crime reveals

Police in the Californian city of Pico Rivera worked for years to solve a murder in 2004, until he found the chest of a gang a detailed picture of crime that eventually incriminate him. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, detectives from Pico Rivera, a largely Hispanic city, could not believe their eyes when asked Anthony Garcia, a gang member Rivera 13 to be shirtless to routinely take some pictures .

CULTURE - Vaclav Havel directed by "an amusing"

RESPEKT The authors of plays do not usually bring their own instruments on stage. Let alone the movies. What this very personal she captivated you? Vaclav Havel A play is a product made by everyone treats her desires and abilities. The director has a total liability. And I, as a writer, I can only watch from afar the result, sometimes with great satisfaction, sometimes jaw clenched.

When the idea to shoot this movie after my last play appeared for the first time, she never left me. And I finally convinced me to carry this interpretation myself and try to achieve. How did you feel about this new role? It was a particular adventure, informative but also fun. It was well worth it, although I have no intention of repeating the experience.

TEPCO made the first detailed measurements of radiation in Fukushima

Tokyo .- Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), operator of the Fukushima nuclear power, made the first detailed measurements of radiation inside the plant, almost a month and a half after the devastating tsunami of 11 March, the agency reported Sunday Kyodo local. For this the company has developed a map showing the radiation at 150 points around Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the plant, TEPCO workers seeking to stabilize after the tsunami spoil your cooling system.

The bodies of five women in Acapulco

The bodies of five women were found brutally murdered on Saturday in Acapulco, officials said. Two women and a child under 14 years were found beheaded, demidesnudas and tied hand and foot inside a beauty salon in the city on the Pacific coast in the early morning hours, police said. The bodies of the other two women were later found in different locations in Acapulco, also slaughtered.

Local media said the two women also worked in the same beauty salon downtown. There were no reports of a motive for the killings. Acapulco, famous mid-century to be a destination for Hollywood celebrities, is now a popular beach destination for Mexicans. But struggles for control of drug trafficking between rival drug gangs have led to increased violence.

INDONESIA - Wives and jihad terrorists

When in 1991 he landed in the military training camp Moro in Mindanao, southern Philippines, Ali Zein Hisyam Bawazier has a dream: to find a woman-loving jihad. Our man has just returned from military training in Afghanistan. There, he was known by the name Abu Syeikh. Hisyam passes by Raub, in the State of Pahang in Malaysia Negara Bagian, before being called by Nasir Abbas.

At that time, Nasir [now the most famous terrorist repented of Indonesia, working with the police since his arrest in 2003], leads a commando Jemaah Islamiyah regional and mounted the Hudaibiyah military camp in Mindanao. He recruited Hisyam changing again identity and calls himself Umar Patek.

Yemen's president agrees to relinquish power in exchange for immunity

Sana'a. .- Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has formally accepted a proposal by the Gulf countries to give up power, but did not stop today continued protests against his regime in various parts of the country. Deputy Information Minister Abdo El Guindi Efe reported that "the president has given final approval to the whole initiative of the Gulf (Persian) without conditions and under the U.S.

Saleh, Yemen joined the dictator against him

Three months of protests just over three decades in power. Ali Abdullah Saleh (Bait Al Ahmar, Yemen, 1942), military occupation, was Yemeni president since 1978, former North Yemen since 1990, the reunified Republic of Yemen. Saleh had participated with other officers in the bloodless coup that toppled the Council of the Republic headed by Abdul Rahman Al Kadi Iryani in June 1974.

Four years later, he joined the Provisional Presidential Council was formed in June 1978 following the assassination of the president, Ahmed Hussain al Grashim. On 18 July the same year was elected president of the Yemen Arab Republic and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, a position he held until 1990.

FOOTBALL - Match Switzerland-Qatar at the head of FIFA

The official statement is very succinct. Even laconic, as if the apex body of football did not want anything to interfere with the cockfighting announced: "The FIFA general secretariat has received two nominations for the chairmanship of FIFA to the statutory deadline [1 April 2011] in accordance with Article 24 paragraph 1 of the FIFA statutes.

The names of the candidates are: Joseph S. Blatter (Switzerland), Mohamed Bin Hammam (Qatar). The election of the President of FIFA in Zurich on hold 1 June 2011, during the 61st congress of FIFA. " Point. For the rest, please refer to this future meeting of the 208 national federations and six continental federations that make up the beating heart of the Federation Internationale de Football Association.

Fighting continues on the border between Thailand and Cambodia

Bangkok - For the third consecutive day, Thai and Cambodian troops clashed Sunday in the area near the Hindu temple complex of Ta Krabei or Ta Kwai in Thailand. Both armies used the new artillery, sources in Cambodia. The fighting has killed six Cambodian soldiers and wounded 13 others, according to government spokesman Phay Siphan.

Thailand military reported four dead and 24 wounded. Thousands of civilians have fled border villages. Much of the 798-mile border between the two countries are in dispute. Thailand and Cambodia blame each other for starting the fighting. The stage is located in Oddar Meanchey province, about 100 miles southwest of the famous temple of Preah Vihear, which both countries claim in years.

Ban Ki-moon criticized the Syrian recurrent violence

The bloody suppression of demonstrations by the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad has drawn criticism from many countries. The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, has called for "an independent, transparent and effective implementation of the massacres." According to the statement released by the United Nations, its secretary general condemned the "recurrent violence" against "peaceful protesters in Syria, which has killed too many people," while urging the regime in Damascus to "immediate end" to this repression.

ROMANIA - The Royal Court Cioaba

Conflict between Roma will désormaisêtre considered in Sibiu, in a room specially designed for the "stabor (Gypsy justice), not plusau home parties, as before. The first Hall of Justice was inaugurated at the end rom Febru-ary, in order, with bombastic speeches and ribbon, just opposite the palace of King Cioaba, the former European Capital of Culture, Sibiu, on the streets of Wheat .

"We do not want to set up a parallel institution to those of the Romanian state. The "stabor" is justice for Roma and has worked for hundreds of years. Ilreprésente, if you want a mediator. We have over 40 young Roma graduates in law and who will specialize to become authorized mediators, "said the king Florin Cioaba.

One Israeli was killed and four wounded in West Bank shooting

Tel Aviv .- Palestinian gunmen killed this morning in the northern West Bank an Israeli and wounding four others, belonging to a Jewish religious group that moved to the Biblical Joseph's Tomb, near the city of Nablus, a military spokesman said Israel in Tel Aviv. The source added that the ultra-Orthodox Jews traveled without authorization to the place where tradition is biblical Joseph's tomb, located in Palestinian territory.

MYANMAR - In the capital, prostitution is well underway

"Two weeks after the entry into force of rules aimed at eradicating prostitution and karaoke parlors, beauty, music bars and massage parlors in the capital Naypyidaw, the sex industry in the district Pyinmanar full swing as if usual, "wrote the dissident website The Irrawaddy on March 30, the day of the formal handover of the junta to a civilian government.

It is actually not difficult to buy the complacency of the police. The owner of a karaoke on Razahtarni Road - dubbed "Massage Htarni" Road - says pay between 600,000 and 700,000 kyat [between 490 and 570 euros] per month to various administrative authorities. Trade began to flourish in 2006, several months after the removal of the capital from Rangoon.

Spiral of death and repression in Syria

Dance the coffins on the crowd. The fragile coffins resting on his shoulders, puffed by the upright arms of the locals, moving to the cemetery. Suddenly, agents of the security forces snipers on rooftops in the neighborhood of Ezeh, who opened fire on the crowd at the funeral. Ezeh was in at that Deraa village near the border with Jordan, where there were more deaths on Friday, twelve of the hundred civilians were killed in that bloody day because the bullets of police pickets.

Saleh agrees to hold the power in a month

The Yemeni president leaves after three months of unprecedented protests and after more than three decades in power. His party, the General People's Congress, has informed the neighbors that Ali Abdullah Saleh accepts his proposal to close the crisis in the country. That is, to cede power. "The ruling party has informed the foreign ministers of the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] of its acceptance of the initiative to complete Gulf," said party spokesman Tariq Shami, this Saturday, the day that the Yemeni were called to a day of general strike against the autocrat.