Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prevent a plane landing in Malta where Gadhafi's daughter was traveling

Malta had refused to receive the daughter of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to try to land on the island this afternoon. About 16 hours a plane of the Libyan national airline entered the Maltese airspace and requested permission to land, as it was not a planned flight, the request was rejected and the airport went on alert.

Since the airport deployed soldiers to occupy and secure their tracks, the plane was not allowed to ignore the order and land directly. After spending at least an hour circling over the island the plane was forced to return to Tripoli to keep a critical amount of fuel. This morning a Libyan private plane carrying a daughter of Libyan leader did not get permission to land yesterday in Beirut, reported the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

In the aircraft carrying the wife of Hannibal Gadhafi, the youngest of eight sons of Libyan leader, and although the station did not provide their identity, it would be of Lebanese former model Aline. The apparatus also traveled other family members Gaddafi. As-Safir newspaper reported yesterday that a plane was to leave from Tripoli at midnight on Monday with 10 people on board tried to travel to Beirut, but noted that the Lebanese authorities did not authorize the landing if not identified the occupants.

The Voice of Lebanon today confirmed that it was the daughter Al-Gaddafi and other Libyan leader's relatives. The news comes amid political protests that erupted in Libya for over a week against the Qaddafi regime that has already caused hundreds of deaths. Hannibal Gaddafi and his wife Aline were arrested in Switzerland in July 2008, two days after being accused of mistreating two domestic employees.

They were released on bail while his detention sparked a crisis between Libya and the Swiss country that lasted over a year.

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