Thursday, July 7, 2011

The UK repatriated 500 soldiers in Afghanistan by the end of 2012

The UK is going to repatriate troops from Afghanistan "by the end of 2012," said Wednesday the British prime minister, David Cameron, two weeks after the announcement of a significant reduction of American troops deployed in this country.

Millions of AIDS patients could die if India restricts the production of generic drugs

Millions of AIDS patients "very poor" would die if India restricts the production of generic drugs against this sickness under the trade agreement with the European Union is currently negotiating , warned on Tuesday as the Joint United Nations Program for HIV-AIDS (UNAIDS).

In an interview with Reuters, the executive director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibe, has warned that "millions will die if India can not produce" such cheap drugs and pointed to Africa "as the most affected" by this decision. The fact that about 86 percent of individuals treated for receiving AIDS drugs manufactured in India, says, makes this issue "in a matter of life or death." Therefore, Sidibé has explained, "India must resist to eliminate any flexibility, since any trade agreement that could lead to India" to limit their production capacity, will have "dire" consequences "for the rest of the world." India and EU are trading at today, a free trade agreement.

Killed 33 policemen and five civilians in an attack by Taliban in Afghanistan

After two days of fighting in eastern Afghanistan, 33 policemen and five civilians died after several Taliban offensives against several police stations, as announced on Wednesday the governor of Nuristan province. Moreover, at least 40 insurgents have died, as explained by Badr Jamaluddin, who said the fighting had occurred in Kamdesh district, bordering Pakistan.

"According to several reports in the area 33 border policemen and five civilians, including two women, have died," said the governor of Nuristan. According to the Interior Ministry, "terrorists coming across the Pakistani border have been attacked several police stations in the district of Kamdesh" border with Pakistan.

Obama responds to Twitter users from the White House

The U.S. president, Barack Obama responded Wednesday to questions from Twitter users. Obama has done from the East Room of the White House, under the watchful eyes of some users choose to attend as an audience. The event has been called Townhall Inspired by encounters between politicians and citizens in municipalities, and has eased one of the founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

Users of the social network of 140 characters have previously been able to ask the U.S. president using the hashtag # askobama. The White House (@ whitehouse) announced the news on Twitter a few weeks ago and suggested users to send their questions about the economy and employment.

Cameron calls for an investigation into wiretaps of 'News of the World'

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, argued Wednesday before the Parliament opened an investigation into the alleged wiretaps conducted by the newspaper sensacionalistaNews of the World, owned by businessman Rupert Murdoch. "We must carry out an investigation, possibly several inquiries about what has happened," said Prime Minister to the House of Commons.

"Everyone in this Chamber and in this country, has been outraged by what he has heard and seen on their television screens," he continued. The British Parliament on Wednesday celebrated an extraordinary debate on the scandal of the wiretaps, which has been known that the newspaper agravadotras been able to access voice mail messages to several victims of crimes, including Milly Dowler, a 13 years old who was kidnapped and later murdered.